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Prime Time Fun with OTT Platforms or Online Cash Games on RummyBaazi?

The lockdown got us all cooped up inside our homes and inevitably led us to explore the wonders of the online realm so that we could escape boredom and maybe even looming depression! 2020 has not been easy for most of us, however, since every new situation gives birth to brand new original trends, 2020 pandemic too saw a stunning development in two key behavioral trends in India.

Over the top (OTT) platforms and Online cash games. 

These two sources of entertainment have dominated the year of 2020 on an unprecedented level. While the biggest sectors and industries globally suffered appalling setbacks, things have looked up for real money rummy apps and OTT platforms. With theatres closed, gyms shut and live events coming to an abrupt halt, the brunt is on the millennial couple to keep audience engaged with fresh and original online content.

The audience has now sampled both kinds and enjoyed sufficient relief and respite from the stressful pandemic. Now, it’s verdict time. Which one did the job better? 

If you think about it, it’s awesome to chill with Netflix or Amazon Prime but things go only as far after a while. You cannot afford to spill in chunks of hours on streaming platforms mindlessly, you need a break when the drama takes a toll, that’s where real rummy money apps come into play.

Every platform is locking horns for your attention and OTT platforms have surely got their steady stream of content, but how about learning a new skill and earn real cash with online rummy cash games?

In this blog, we tell you why real money rummy apps could offer much more than just entertainment, entertainment and entertainment! 

Rummy is Better than Netflix

Why the Latter is Better?

  1. OTT platforms can surely help you kill time but online rummy cash games allow players to learn and hone a new skill helping to keep those neurons busy and keep up the excitement even for those whose WFM routine has turned monotonous by now.

  2. You pay to watch your favorite series but in real money rummy apps, you play to win real cash every time! RummyBaazi is a free app and comes with an instant play button too! Simply hit the lobby and play rummy games according to your bankroll. On our platform, you pay for exactly what you play for and in return, you get rewarded with cash prizes and exciting gifts every time! Could you say the same for OTTs?

  3. Consuming TV shows and movies are a passive source of entertainment but playing online rummy cash games demand your active involvement. Online cash games are live entertainment with a profound sense of competition. The thrill of playing a live match or a tournament with players from around the country is unmatched even when compared to the fun offered by online rummy online OTT platforms.

  4. One doesn’t have the amount of time needed for a movie watch every day, but a game of online rummy doesn’t take more than 5 minutes! A quick run and you are fresh as a daisy. Simply hit the cash tables, pick a game of your preferred stakes and win a game in less than 5 minutes!

  5. Any OTT platform requires a continuous monthly subscription fee in order to enjoy uninterrupted content. It doesn’t matter whether you watched a single move or 10 movies in a month, or if you managed to finish the entire season of your current TV series, your subscription ends abruptly without compromise. 

  6. Real money rummy apps come with no conditions. No registration fee, nothing at all! Conversely, if you choose RummyBaazi, you shall get rewarded on your first deposit! The latter the better all the way!

  7. Be it Netflix or Amazon Prime, new users can enjoy free content only for a month! On RummyBaazi, you have the freedom to play free online rummy games as long as you want. No one’s going to force you to play online cash games until you are ready and confident with your skills.

Any smart group of audience will prefer playing rummy online cash games and choose to get rewarded more than spending endless time on OTT platforms. If you think the reasons we cited above blend with yours, do give our platform a try today and explore a brand new world of entertainment, competition and unlimited rewards only on India’s Most rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi!

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Most Popular Online Games in India Since the 1990s

If we take a look at the world of entertainment, online games are a big reason people like to spend time on their smartphones as they have been amazing stress busters in our taxing lives. Their popularity has soared like never before in the 21st century, truly transforming India into an online gaming hub. The easy access of playing popular online games on smartphones have been a catalyst for their growth and success and as new AI and technological updates continue to enhance the experience of most popular online games, there are some that stood out from the crowd.

In here, we are going to talk about some of the best and most popular online games in India that have taken the online gaming world by storm in the current decade and beyond.

Type of Online Games

If we had to categorize all the world’s popular online games, we could segregate them into two distinct kinds- action and skill based online games. Indubitably, the whole online gaming world is now invested in these two realms like never before. If you closely look at it, hard core gamers and adrenaline seekers are drawn to action based popular online games while casual players who play for recreation and some to earn money, play popular skill based online games immensely. Based on the length of growth and fandom, we will list the world’s best and most popular online games for PC as well as Android phones that are easily available in India.

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG)


If any online game deserves credit for craze towards Battle Royale games, it’s got to be PUBG. The most acceptable reason for this game to be one of the best and most famous online games has to be its 100 player set up and realism. It’s popularity in India is also due to the fact that it's a free android game unlike its PC version and millions of users can access it without spending any real money.

A game of ultimate survival, with awesome graphics, unique game play and exciting weaponry that conjures into jaw dropping action, PUBG’ is the ultimate adrenaline packed game for millennials. An interesting reason that only gamers will tell you is that since every match is a fresh game in itself, PUBG acts as the perfect stressbuster after a long day at work or college.

Counter Strike

Counter Strike

Counter Strike is another one of the best and popular online games for PC but only ardent gamers with the patience to master their skills and withstand the emotional thrill can sustain in this game. The skill ceiling for this first person shooter game is incredibly high so players must spend dedicated hours to navigate the myriad challenges of the game and work hard on their speed, reflexes and teamwork.

The fact that Counter Strike makes it to the top 10 online games list can be credited to the fact that over its four releases, it has developed beautifully with its core gameplay and philosophy intact.

With a long standing competitive online gaming community since its first release in 2000 and low system requirements and regular release of updates, Counter Strike still retains its mass appeal and a loyal, steady fan base and remains till date, one of the most popular online PC free games. Its fourth installment, Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been one of the most successful online games in its video game series.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty

From World War II to the Cold War to futuristic worlds and outer space, Call of Duty (COD) has managed to conquer the inner and outer realms of the universe and turned itself into an online gaming icon among competitive gamers. Since its inception in 2003, Call of Duty Modern Warfare trilogy and the Black Ops duology have been extremely popular. Due to its simplistic nature and action packed gameplay, it ranks as  one of the most famous and popular online games without difficulty.

Epic storylines, beautiful settings,co-op gameplay as well as it’s recent futuristic settings are an instant favorite among millennials. The Call of Duty franchise still manages to be one of the best free online games for PC with sufficient memorable events to hinge on for a long time. Its recent launch in the mobile gaming world with amazing fun campaigns has further maintained its relevance till date.



Maybe you haven’t played any of the online games for PC above, but as a casual gamer, you must have played FIFA. Originally introduced in 1993 by Electronic Arts, this video game has been a favorite among 90s kids that managed to enhance our knowledge on soccer and spike the interest and popularity of the sport even among non football fans globally. FIFA mimics the anticipation and excitement of liveplay and is a great game for beginners even now who are just getting started.

Its latest installments may have faced some criticism but football fans still love to get their doses of nostalgia with online games of FIFA even today.

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is the new kind of sport that currently dominates the real money online games sector in India. Ardent fans of cricket have found a new way to engage with cricket by using their knowledge of their cricket stars and the game itself and also earn real money. 

What makes it to the top 10 popular online games in India? Its unique gameplay and scoring system. Every player can form their own fantasy team of the best in form players including the captain and vice captain from both teams and get scored on their performance on the field in any ongoing match.

Indeed, your team results actually depend on the live performance of the chosen players in the field. The higher points you score, the higher are your real money returns. 

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

If there’s one online game that has found home in almost every smartphone globally, it has to be 8 Ball Pool. An ultimate unwinder, 8 Ball Pool is your go to home game whenever you wish to relax or loosen up after a taxing day. While there are many variations to the game, 8 Ball Pool is one of the most famous games that ranks among the top 10 online games due to its simpler gameplay and the scope to explore with different tactics and shot strategies, thus keeping the fun alive.

Due to the involvement of various technical skills and game physics such as skill, spin, angle and cue ball path, 8 ball pool is actually harder than it seems. However, with the advent of popular online pool games, players love to compete with each other in the online realm and blow off steam.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is another one of the most popular online mobile games for Android and iOs users. The graphics are great for a free game and don't consume much space on your smartphone. If you love strategy cum adventure games with cartoonish graphics and timely improvements to keep you hooked, Clash of Clans could easily be your jam during your off time. 

Although, some may debate its popularity over years due to some cons in terms of real money, deletion of global chat and timely upgrades, but all in all, with a million plus active user base, ardent clashers still manage to keep it in the top 10 famous online games list.



Perhaps, one of the most played online games among the masses, this skill game requires absolutely zero introduction. We can all agree that Ludo will never get old and will live for many more generations to come. Although the charm of playing it on a board can’t be rivalled, the online adaptation has in a way revived the interest of the board game that has proved to be a major thrill for nostalgia seekers. The option to play popular online Ludo games with friends keeps the game relevant and a great choice in parties and get-togethers when you are missing a real board.



Poker is a globally popular skill based sport and as the best action packed online games run amok in the internet today, online poker has swiftly plunged to the top 10 popular online games list in India to many’s surprise. Earlier an alien game to the Indian audience, it was Facebook that brought online poker in the late 2000s to the limelight. 

Poker is a skill based game of cards where players must match their hole cards with the community cards to make the best five card hand combination to win a hand along with the chips players put in the pot to wager according to the strength of their hands.

The online poker trend started with Zynga poker in 2007 and soon gathered mass on Facebook and witnessing the online game’s climb into popularity among Indian players, online poker sites soon began to crop up at home. 

With the advent of real money poker sites in the 2nd decade of the 2000s, the Indian poker circuit has entered into the second phase of the game ushering in a new era of professional Indian poker players that the world must watch out for. Without contest, poker is one of the fastest growing popular online games among all age groups in the country today.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti

If Indians have a favorite in online games of cards, Teen Patti has to top the charts. It is the simpler version of poker that Indians like to play for real money and instead of two hole cards like in the Texas Hold’em variant, players are dealt three hole cards face down and depending on the strength of their hands, players put in money in the pot. The player with the strongest hand wins the pot. 

The fandom of Teen Patti dates back to decades and now that it has captured the online audience, it is safe to assume that this adrenaline packed game will stay in the best top 10 online games list in India for years to come.

Spider Solitaire 

Spider Solitaire

Those of us who have had a PC in our childhood, card games like Spider Solitaire have a special place in our hearts. A legacy handed down by Windows from the 90s, Spider Solitaire is yet another card based game that has lived on for decades simply due to its simpler gameplay and the mind tricks that makes it truly engaging.

Problem solving has been a core human skill and Spider Solitaire is the perfect decluttering game that has ever been designed for the human mind. The smooth transition to online games has passed the legacy to millennials who quickly savoured the game’s innate appeal and as such remains one of the most unrivalled best online games of the 21st century.



Rummy is more of a tradition than just a card game in India. Any Indian who has had a penchant for card games knows rummy by heart. It is perhaps the most played game of the 20th and the 21st century combined by all card players. Its 60+ variations is a standing testament of its global appeal. A simple game with even simpler rules, rummy continues to widen its audience and now that the game has taken solid roots in the online world with real money as a relevant incentive, rummy tops the list of best and most played online games in India.

Online games of rummy are even more popular among the younger generation due to many rummy variations, new features and game formats and evidently, the introduction of real money tournaments and cash rummy games brings in an entirely unique dimension.

So, now that we have summed up the top 10 most played online games, we will leave you some awesome games to fiddle with that allow maximum entertainment and opportunities to win real money online as well.

Play Rummy Online on RummyBaazi and Win Real Money Online!

At RummyBaazi, we do things a tad bit differently. Rummy fans can play online rummy games of all different kinds with widened possibilities to win lots of exciting rewards and cash prizes of superlative guarantees. Here’s a list of the best online games of rummy that you can play all time on our app. 

Online Rummy Games- At the Cash Tables

Play three exciting variants of online rummy on the app namely, Pool Rummy, Points Rummy and Deals Rummy and win cash prizes every day. The stakes start as low as INR 1, so literally anyone can play them and win real money.

Loyalty Rewards

The perks of playing the most popular online games out here is that you get to win incredible prizes from time to time without spending a dime. All cash games of online rummy are dressed with a fantabulous Loyalty Rewards program unrivalled in the rummy industry.

The program is locked and loaded with 24 different levels of rewards that players can unlock by playing popular online games of rummy at the cash tables of any stake. Cash games generate Reward Points and collecting enough can help you unlock this entire chest of Rewards for free.

Loyalty Rewards feature a dazzling collection such as PlayStation 5, iPhone 12, One Plus 8, Holiday Trips and cash prizes worth up to 2LAC!

Tournaments for Players of All Levels

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro at online games of rummy, playing popular games online has its definite perks on RummyBaazi. The range of tournaments plus the guarantees offered are good enough to encourage anybody to attempt pro shots and climb the ladder of skill and greatness. 

From free entry rummy tournaments to depositor’s freerolls to some lucrative novel tourneys that only loyal rummy fans can dare to take on, we have little bit of everything to keep the entertainment coming.

We say, you wash your doubts away and fire up things at the tables by playing the most popular online games online and bring some fun and goodness into your life!

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How Should You Shift to Real Money Rummy Games?

Free rummy games are damn fun but are you planning to make the switch to cash rummy games any time soon? Are you worried you are going to lose money if you play with real money?

While some of you might be worried if your skills are enough to beat the pros or if you are going to get good returns or any other worries regarding the game itself, we will wash them all away in this blog.

Are you aware of the following?

This blog is for everyone who wants to press the button on cash rummy games and promote themselves to the level of a professional. Soon, we are going to tell you the best way forward with the following questions.

Do You Know the Features & Formats of Cash Games?

It is mandatory that any player who is used to the free genre of online rummy games must acquaint themselves with the format of cash rummy games and tournaments. While real money rummy games at the cash tables emulate the same features of practice games on the RummyBaazi app, things vary a lot in tournaments.

Tournaments are of different kinds and formats, so you need to explore and understand them and play them individually to know which format suits their skill and style. On RummyBaazi, you can play tourneys of different formats such as Free Entry, Knockout, Depositor’s Freeroll and Reward Points tournament.

All these tournaments feature different entry fees, winning criteria and change of gameplay wherever necessary. You have to study them all when you decide to play real money rummy games on online rummy sites.

Have You Mastered the Free Games on RummyBaazi?

Free online rummy games are there for a reason. If you wish to make an error free switch to real money rummy games, you must conquer the free zone. If your prefer to glide to the cash tables, practice games should be your jam and if you intend to compete with the pros, free entry tournaments are your blessings in disguise. 

Free entry tournaments are the perfect stepping stone because they allow beginners in online rummy games to familiarize themselves with the competition, game format and style and various situations and conditions in rummy tournaments that players must face en-route the road to victory.

Players who perform well are placed in leaderboards and receive Real Chip Bonus (RCB) in these tourneys as per their standings. What’s more? They are free to use the RCB winnings to sit on the cash tables and win real money without spending a dime from their own pockets!

Are You Using The Right Promotions?

If you want to make profit in real money online rummy games, you got to take advantage of the right promotions that can boost your chances of winning real money in cash rummy games and tournaments. 

RummyBaazi adores its players and we prefer that you retire to bed with a happy heart. Be it cash rummy games or tournaments, we have promotions that shall tweak all real money rummy games so that you never return empty headed from the tables.

This month, if you hit the cash tables, you will earn Double Reward Points during Happy Hours and fast track your run to unlocking those mega prizes! The Loyalty Rewards program have added some fresh gifts such as One Plus 8 and Play Station 5 in its collection, so keep hitting the cash tables and grab them for free!

If you are looking to enter the tourney zone of online rummy cash games, we have promotions and exciting deposit codes that can help you double your money and play tournaments for the cheapest buy-ins. Check our monthly promotions page to stay tuned with the latest.

Last but not the least, you will also get bonus up to 3000 on your first deposit. So, make your first deposit and double up your earnings for free!

Once you believe you have done your due research on all three pointers above, feel free to take the plunge and notch up the fever by joining the cash tables today. See you soon!

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Are you stuck between choosing skill-based games or action games? Is the debate in your mind not coming to a conclusion? Well, we are here to make that decision easier for you by laying all the benefits of both gaming genres for you to choose from. 

What are Skill Based and Action Games?

Start with the most rewarding source of entertainment coming from the online real money rummy industry of India, RummyBaazi! From free entry rummy tournaments to skill based cash rummy games and rummy tournaments of all stakes and exciting variants, you’ve got them all on a platter. Come join the rummy tables to ramp up the action and your skills and win real money in rummy online EVERY DAY!

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Is Real Money Rummy Scam or Within the Legit territory in India?

Real money rummy games are viewed by a certain community with skepticism. With no fault of their own, this is largely due to ignorance of the basic facts on part of the intrigued player. You may be interested in playing skill based real money games which is why you are here but have been hesitant due to these rumours and apprehensions. 

This blog is dedicated to kill these rumours for good and bring forth the truth to all you curious Benjamins right here and now so that you may take an informed decision and bring your game face to the tables without second thoughts.

If you are wondering if real money online rummy sites are scam and intend to rob you of your money, review these facts below and think again. Make sure the real money rummy site in question has earmarked these features on their website and we can assure you, your money will be right where it belongs, with you.

Real Money Rummy Gaming Facts

Real Money Rummy Gaming Facts


In order to function without any challenge, real money rummy game sites in India must follow the government rules and regulations in the country and the individual states in question. To state the facts, rummy has been declared a skill based game by the honourable Supreme Court of India and hence, can be legally played in the country.

However, states such as Assam, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Odisha prohibit any form of money based games, therefore, real money rummy games must follow suit as well. So, as long as you do not reside in these states, feel free to play rummy online for real money.

RummyBaazi too, doesn’t offer real money rummy games in these states but you can still play free online rummy games on the app anytime you want and keep the entertainment coming.

SSL Encryption

SSL encryption is a standard security technology that encrypts the data shared between the server and the client and keeps it secure and private. It is an essential internet security protocol that every website must implement so that any form of private data shared by the client, say a user’s credit card information remains visible only to the website with whom you shared it.

RummyBaazi implements this SSL technology in the website to keep your online transactions to play real money online rummy games absolutely safe and secure from any third party apps.

RNG Certification

Probably, this third element will put your apprehensions to rest permanently. RNG is an abbreviation for Random Number Generator, a software that shuffles and distributes cards in a gaming app in no particular order keeping the element of unpredictability and fair gaming intact at all times. To verify whether online rummy apps implement this software on their app, we advise you to check the official online rummy website. This certification is a valid proof that the website where you play online rummy for real money practices fair gaming and is rig-proof.

Customer Care Support

Customer care support is essential to maintain trust and a working relationship with the players who like to play online rummy games for real money. This is helpful for a user any hour of the day in case they have a query or issue or a complaint that needs immediate redressal. 

RummyBaazi also offers 24*7 customer support to all users and players on RummyBaazi. Do not worry if your transactions get stuck or you have any confusion or query regarding any game, we will resolve them in a jiffy! You can reach us through email or directly on facebook anytime.

So, next time if someone hits you with any apprehensions, feel free to share these facts and relieve them of their worries and maybe even invite them to join our trusted online rummy community!

See you at the tables!

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Win Brand New Loyalty Rewards on Online Cash Rummy Games

RummyBaazi, India’s Most Rewarding Rummy site has set a national benchmark in the online gaming industry with its top of the line, Loyalty Rewards program. These exclusive Rewards have been our way of thanking you for your love and commitment to the game by offering prizes and rewards of different kind at regular intervals during your online rummy journey.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Loyalty Rewards program is RummyBaazi’s lifetime Rewards program that rewards cash players of all stakes and calibre. We encourage you to play cash rummy games of your favorite rummy variant and stakes that suit your bankroll and collect premium prizes from the treasure chest of Rewards anytime you want.

Three Different Variants

There are several perks of playing cash rummy games on RummyBaazi. For starters, you get play three different variants of Indian rummy on our app. We say you try them all and who knows, you might end up finding a favorite this New Year!

Players on our app can play cash rummy games of Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy. All three variants have their own exclusive features and gameplay that sets them apart from one another and requires strategic gaming to thrive in these different variants.

You can play them for stakes as low as one rupee and steer your way into winning some exciting prizes for free. So, there you go, you got absolutely nothing to worry about except winning freebies.

Brand New Rewards

The New Year calls demands us to enjoy something new and explore new territories, so why not follow the same with 2021’s online rummy promotions? If those Rewards seem to get old, cheer up because RummyBaazi has breathe in new life to this stellar program by adding some drool-worthy prizes to its exclusive collection.

Now, cash rummy gamers can stand to win rewards such as iPhone 12, One Plus 8 and Play Station 5 all of three for FREE! Just keep hitting the cash tables and unlock these reward solely on the backing of your skills, not by spending extra money. With Rewards like these, players can dive into the tech-savvy world and explore and dominate the gaming world without any liabilities.

Time it Right with Happy Hours 2021 Edition

No matter how 2020 turned out, we are committed to break away from the pandemic shackles and bring forth more reasons to smile and mobilize your run to unlock Baazi Rewards much faster! The celebration is running full throttle on the cash tables with our Happy Hours online rummy promotions even now!

Log in to the RB app during these following time slots and double up those Reward Points (RP) to cut short the wait and unlock those rewards quicker than ever!

Happy Hours 2021

  • Play between 01:00AM- 09:00AM to earn 2x Reward Points
  • Play between 05:00PM- 09:00PM to earn 1.5x Reward Points
  • Happy Hours shall run till 31st January, midnight

So, hit the tables of cash rummy games without thinking twice and collect rewards and gifts of your choice! The levels have been renewed and extended up to 24 big ones, meaning you have more rewards to choose from and maximum opportunities to explore your potential to win big on RummyBaazi.

So, what’s there to dawdle? Join the tables, notch up the action and collect your favorite rewards this New Year!

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RummyBaazi’s Best of 2020: Throwback Moments, Blockbuster Rummy Promotions & More

We know this year turned out to be a bummer in more ways than one but it has also made us realize what’s important and things we could possibly do without. Many of us also realized the magnitude of entertainment during the lockdown and how important it is to keep the fun in our lives no matter how the cards are dealt to us. Having said that, we hope you had some good times with us but we still have some awesomeness left for you to finish 2020 on an incredible note!

We shall also share some throwback moments of 2020 that have really turned the tide for the RummyBaazi family. Let’s dive right in!

Brand New Rewards!

The cash tables have never been hotter on RummyBaazi because its 12 hours of relentless fun with online rummy cash games. Play any variant of online rummy cash games on our app and earn free Reward Points as a part of our Loyalty Program to collect premium rewards from the Baazi Rewards kitty. The Loyalty Rewards now feature some brand new prizes such as Play Station 5, One Plus 8 and iPhone 12. The race to the grand rewards is fierce than ever!

The best part is whenever you hit the mark on any of the Loyalty Rewards you have been aiming for, you can redeem them immediately. Loyalty Rewards is RummyBaazi’s lifetime Rewards program and is valid on all online rummy cash games of any stakes and any variant. You can play three variants of 13 card rummy on our app and be eligible for our Rewards Program all year long.

Happy Hours

Happy Hours is where you want to be this time of the year. We want you to pocket as many earnings as possible and log out with bigger winnings and prizes than ever before. So, if you are awake during those late hours and want to double the fun this holiday season, hit the cash tables every night to enjoy these online rummy promotions and double up those Reward Points and unlock your favorite Rewards much faster!

Here are the timings:

  • Play between 1AM-9AM to earn 2X Reward Points
  • Play between 5PM-9PM to earn 1.5 Reward Points
  • Unlock those gifts before 2020 ends!

A gentle reminder for those who aren’t aware of what’s inside the Rewards chest. All of you can win latest gadgets (PS 5), smartphones (One Plus 8T), domestic and international holiday trips and lakhs of cash prizes all in your kitty for free!

Rummybaazi Brand New Rewards

2020’s New Face of RummyBaazi

On the 1st Anniversary of RummyBaazi on April 8th, 2020, Olympics Bronze medalist and professional boxing champ, Vijender Singh shook hands with us as our 1st ever brand Ambassador. The champ observed, “It gives me immense pleasure to associate myself with RummyBaazi that’s giving a big push to sports in India. Since 2018, I have been associated with PokerBaazi and now by taking my association with Baazi Games further, I am excited to begin our second phase of collaboration.”

With meaningful associations such as these and a fast growing community of 500k+ rummy fans, we are excited to take things to the next level in 2021 in the online gaming world. 

Sunday Special Hits!

One of our major highlights of 2020 has indubitably been the 1LAC Sunday Special tournament. One of the most lucrative online rummy tournaments with the highest guarantee ever, the Sunday Special has seen unprecedented engagement since its inception. 

Due to the popularity of the weekend blockbuster, we recently slashed the buy-ins into half and now you can play the Sunday Special online rummy tournaments for a direct buy-in of INR 500. There’s another lucrative option that players can opt in though. Simply make a deposit of INR 2500 using online rummy promo code, “SunLakhpati” and get a free ticket to the online rummy tournament.

The better part of the deal is you can use the deposit amount to play tournaments and cash games anytime on the RummyBaazi app. Yup, it’s a win-win. The tournament goes live every Sunday at 8PM, so if you haven’t hit this one yet, do it this weekend!

The RP Tournament

The RP Tournament is one of RummyBaazi’s most stand out online rummy tournaments that have been the most profitable especially for our cash players. Cash players are eligible for our Loyalty Rewards Program wherein they can earn Reward Points on all cash tables for free and redeem them for exciting prizes whenever they hit the required points.

While they are lying dormant in your kitty, you can use a few a few points to play this novelty and win real cash for free! Currently, there are two RP tournaments running live on the app, the 1K RP tournament and the 10K RP tournament. More such online rummy promotions coming your way! Hit the app lobby to check them out.

Baazi Rewards Claims

Another one of specialties of being with us is the claims that you can make from us time to time! 2020 has been incredible because scores of players have hit the targets and enjoyed some stupendous claims from our most popular online rummy promotions, Loyalty Rewards.

The list of claimers is long which makes us proud, so hit us in the comments below if your name has made the list! If you are inches closer, even better because now you can claim brand new stuff!



Reward Claimed


Govind Ram

One Plus 7T


Deepu Mohanan

One Plus 7T


Govardhan Buridi

One Plus 7T


Sunil Kumar

One Plus 7T


Kishor R Jagtap

One Plus 7T


Purusothaman Pandian

One Plus 7T


Kishor R Jagtap

One Plus 7T


Nitha Sunil

One Plus 7T


Rajkumar Ranjit Singh

One Plus 7T


Hanumatharao K

One Plus 7T


Rajkumar Ranjit Singh

Vivo smartphone worth 15K


Govardhan Buridi

Vivo smartphone worth 15K


Deepu Mohanan

Vivo smartphone worth 15K


Sonatan Halder

Vivo smartphone worth 15K


Ankit Goyal

Vivo smartphone worth 15K


Sathasivam K

Vivo smartphone worth 15K


Chandni Bothra

Vivo smartphone worth 15K


Rajkumar Ranjit Singh

Vivo smartphone worth 15K


Ankit Goyal

Vivo smartphone worth 15K


Surendra Begarh

Vivo smartphone worth 15K


Rahul Kalia

Vivo smartphone worth 15K


Sunil Kumar

Smartphone worth 12K


Basava Raj

Smartphone worth 12K


Sathasivam K

Smartphone worth 12K


Ramakanta Sahoo

Smartphone worth 12K


Sunil Kumar

Smartphone worth 12K


Jitender Dube

Smartphone worth 12K


Kishor R Jagtap

Smartphone worth 12K


Umesh Pachchigar

Smartphone worth 12K


Ramakanta Sahoo

Smartphone worth 12K


Obbinedi Suresh

Smartphone worth 12K


Lichhama Devi

Smartphone worth 12K


Sushma Grg

Smartphone worth 12K


Rahul Mehta

Smartphone worth 12K


Ravindra Chauhan

Smartphone worth 12K


Ramesh Mantravadi

JBL Buetooth Speaker


Kishor R Jagtap

JBL Buetooth Speaker


Sushma Grg

JBL Buetooth Speaker


Ravi Kumar

JBL Buetooth Speaker


Ravindra Chauhan

JBL Buetooth Speaker


Kunal Bari

JBL Buetooth Speaker


Natha Karande

JBL Buetooth Speaker


Ramesh Mantravadi

JBL Buetooth Speaker


Rahul Mehta

JBL Buetooth Speaker


Jyoti Tiwari

JBL Buetooth Speaker


Firoz khan

JBL Buetooth Speaker


Venkatesh Konjeti

JBL Buetooth Speaker



JBL Buetooth Speaker


Sanjib Biswas

JBL Buetooth Speaker


Ashok Kumar Yadav

JBL Buetooth Speaker



JBL Buetooth Speaker


Excited for 2021, are we? Let the holidays begin!

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We Indians love our card games and since rummy has taken the online avatar, things are getting exciting by the day! With online rummy also comes the prospect of winning real money just playing your favourite card game, the card game has taken over the gaming arena by a storm! 

With an array of online rummy variants and the most rewarding games to enjoy, RummyBaazi brings to you the best-in-class gaming experience. The games run round the clock across all stakes so you can make the best of your rewards and real money winnings!

Keeping you from your hard earned winnings does not happen on India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site in India, RummyBaazi. We work 24x7 so you can get your online rummy real cash winnings right away. Here are three simple steps on how to withdraw your winnings on RummyBaazi: 

  • Click on “My Account” once you login on the mobile app or desktop app. 
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Click on the “Withdraw” Button. Rest assured as your bank account will be credited within 24 hours!


Considering you have never played online rummy cash games on RummyBaazi, here are three easy steps on how you can deposit or add cash to your RummyBaazi account:

  • Click on “Add Cash” button once you login.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. 
  • Click on the “Add” button and your RummyBaazi account balance will be updated instantly. 

Adding and withdrawing winnings on RummyBaazi is as easy as pie!

steps to withdraw cash


You can also choose from over three deposit code offers while making a deposit to get INSTANT BONUS or FREE TICKETS.

Check out some amazing online rummy deposit codes that you can use to avail huge bonus offers and free tickets!

  • WELCOMERB: Use this code on your first deposit and get INSTANT bonus up to 3000!
  • SIGN UP BONUS: Also, get sign up bonus of 25 rupees and use it play online rummy cash games of any variant on RummyBaazi.
  • Daily20K: Get a free ticket to the 20K Daily Depositor’s Freeroll. Use this code a minimum deposit of INR 200. One special perk with these deposit codes is that you can play other rummy tournaments or cash games of all online rummy variants using the amount you deposit.
  • WED50K: Get free entry to the Wednesday 50K GTD using this code. You just have to make a minimum deposit of INR 1000. Alternatively, you can play this tourney for a direct buy-in of 250 Rupees.

See you at the tables!

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Cash Dash 2.0, 1LAC Sunday Special, Freerolls & More Online Rummy Promotions only on RummyBaazi

Welcome to a brand new month full of fresh online rummy promotions that shall wow you from all sides. RummyBaazi invites you to combine your skills and learning to earn more value with each tournament and cash game live on the tables this October.

So, let’s not beat around the bush and simply focus on what’s up for grabs this October on your favorite online rummy site.

Cash Dash 2.0 Worth 24LAC

The #RummyBaaziOctoberFest is released to make all you online rummy fans richer than ever. The Cash Dash 2.0 carries 4 weekly leaderboards going live 4th October onwards. Each leaderboard is valid for mid and high category tables only.

All four leaderboards shall run during these following dates.

Leaderboard 1

4th-10th October

Leaderboard 1

4th-10th October

Leaderboard 2

11th-17th October

Leaderboard 3

18th-24th October

Leaderboard 4

25th-31st October


  • Every leaderboard carries prizes worth 2 Lac for mid category tables & 4 Lac for high category tables. Here’s how you can win BIG in this online rummy promotion at twice the speed every week
  • Download the RummyBaazi app and sign up/login to your account.

  • Play rummy cash games in the mid and high category

  • Generate coins as you play cash games regularly throughout the October month

  • For eg, if the total coins generated in high category are 2,00,000 and a player generates 200 coins, the dynamic prize percentage is 0.1%. Since the total leaderboard prize is 4,00,000, the player in question will receive 0.1% of 4 LAC i.e. 400.

  • Stand to win from a total prize pool of 24LAC.

Super Rummy Deposit Codes for Super Baazigars

This October, RummyBaazi is offering another one of interesting online rummy promotions, our super rummy deposit codes to all online rummy players. These rummy deposit codes offer locked bonuses up to 7.5K based on a player’s current tier level.

Few noteworthy points:

    • The bonus money will expire 5 days from the day of activation

    • The bonus money can be used up to 10 times throughout the month of October

    • As per the criteria, Re.1 bonus will be awarded for every 8 coins generated by the player




10% UP TO 1K


20% UP TO 2K


30% UP TO 5K


40% UP TO 7K


50% UP TO 7.5K


1LAC Sunday Special tournaments

The Weekends continue to see sparks on the tables of the 1LAC Sunday Special every Sunday at 8pm. The buy-ins have been halved to INR 500, however, the prize pool stays bigger! So, simply find your way to the online rummy tournament through a direct buy-in of INR 500 or use rummy deposit code, “Sunlakhpati” to make a deposit of INR 2500 and win a free ticket to the tournament. Like always, feel free to use the deposit money to play cash games on our portal. It’s a win-win guys!

25K Depositor’s Freeroll

Mid-stakers can have all the fun with our super famous and highly profitable 25K Daily Depositor every single day of the month. Simply make a deposit of INR 200 using rummy deposit code, “Daily25K” to get a free ticket to the online rummy tournament and kick in your sleuth-like moves every evening at 10PM sharp to win from this generous prize pool.

Daily 10K RP Tournament

Another fun tournament for mid-stakers to turn your Reward Points into real cash from Monday-Saturday at 8pm. Participating in this unique online rummy tournament shall only cost you 10 Reward Points from your kitty and you may re-enter the tournament for just INR 100 rupees in case you are eliminated.

For all those who are new to our platform, do try our Free entry tournaments every day at 9AM, 12PM, 3PM and 6PM and win from a monthly prize pool of 3,60,000.

Have fun!

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This September, Win Cash Prizes Worth Upto 30 LAC On The Tables of Rummy Cash Games

Hi folks!

As the season turns around, RummyBaazi is ready to echo the changing colours of the season with a fresh string of cash rewards and prizes through its brand new promotions. The cash tables are jam packed as the online rummy room lights up the tables with exciting leaderboards carrying rewards worth up to 30LAC and incredible rummy deposit codes that offer extra bounce to players this September with opportunities to adieu each day with filled pockets!

So, commit yourself to the game right on if you wish to retire this month full and satisfied. Combine your learning and experience to gain much more value on online cash games only on RummyBaazi. Remember, all online rummy cash games shall continue to be backed by the Baazi Loyalty Rewards program all year long. So, there’s that.

Here’s the Biggest Promotion of the Month!

September Cash Dash Worth Upto 30LAC 

The September Cash Dash is here to fill your pockets with many riches on the tables of online rummy cash games making you all richer than ever. It is a unique promotion where in the cash tables shall feature two exclusive leaderboards and players can play rummy cash games and climb these leaderboards to win from a total prize pool of 30LAC this month!

September Cash Dash Highlights

  • The Cash Dash carries two Leaderboards that runs in two phases consecutively from 1st-15th Sept and 16th-30th Sept, 2020.
  • Both Leaderboards will run for mid & high category for all variants of online rummy cash games.
  • Players will receive cash prizes based on the percentage of coins generated from the total coins generated in that particular segment during the validity of each Leaderboard.
  • For example, if you generate a total of 13,45,285 coins in the mid category, you generate 25,865 coins. This mounts to 1.9% of total coins generated. So, since the leaderboard prize is 10,00,000, you will receive 1.9% of 10L = 19000.
  • Prize for High Leaderboards: 10Lx2= 20L
  • Prize for Mid Leaderboards: 5Lx2 = 10L
  • All in all, all rummy players to win from a collective prize pool of 30LAC!

So, step in the cash dash race to achieve the biggest collection of cash prizes this month of September. Wait, there’s more!

Special Rummy Deposit Codes

Besides the leaderboard prizes, we have glazed the September Cash Dash with special rummy deposit codes that run exclusively for each leaderboard. You can apply these rummy deposit codes twice during the validity period to win instant bonus offers worth up to 20,000 four times! Standard withdrawal criteria shall be applied at checkout.

Here are the rummy deposit codes attached to their leaderboards.








20% Instant Bonus


1st-15th SEPT



20% Instant Bonus




Besides the Cash Dash fest, feel free to check out our latest string of online rummy tournaments. Play some for free, play some for Reward Points (again for free) and play the exclusive 1LAC Sunday Special for buy-ins slashed into half!  Visit our monthly promotions page to check them all.

So, ditch the fact that you only love cash rummy games or tournaments and split them love this time around to make those scoreboards look rad! All the best!

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How Does RummyBaazi Stand Tall in the Indian Real Gaming Industry?

Hey folks, how's it going?

We hope you are having a great time with our online rummy games and as we can see, some of you are on your way to supercharge your achievements this month. We have plenty of promotions for you to delve upon for sure but we wish to make sure that each one of you are making the most of our promotions every single time.

It’s been heartwarming to see the lot of you pouring your love and passion for online rummy on our portal especially during these tough times when each one of us seems to be struggling in one way or another. We would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm your faith in us and highlight some of our best features that makes RummyBaazi stand taller among its competitors.

Making Most of RummyBaazi

Baazi Loyalty Rewards

We begin with the Baazi Loyalty Rewards because we know it’s your favorite. Those of you who haven’t taken advantage of our program, its high time you get on it. The Baazi Rewards program is our lifetime promotion wherein you can play rummy online cash games for an explosive range of stakes and unlock a set of premium level oriented rewards. Rewards include the likes of holiday packages, flagship smartphones such as iPhone 11 Pro, trending gadgets and real cash prizes worth 2LAC.

So, hop onboard the Rewards train and start playing online rummy cash games to claim your share of rewards starting today.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming has been our core motto since inception of our platform and provided we are a real money gaming service, we believe it is the need of the hour. The online rummy site follows some distinct precautionary measures to safeguard the interest of rummy fans on their portal. Here’s how.

  • RummyBaazi restricts players below 18 years of age from creating an account on the platform.
  • We prohibit underage real money gaming by restricting players below 18 years of age to play online rummy cash games.
  • We execute round the clock monitoring of all online rummy games to detect any suspicious or unfair practices.
  • We employ strict anti-collusion techniques to detect and ban any kind of secret operations and inappropriate practices on our platform.
  • RummyBaazi further allows players to set limits on their deposits and withdrawals to discourage obsession of any kind.
  • We also allow users to conduct financial transactions 24*7 wherein they can deposit or withdraw money at any point of time, therefore, allowing unhindered progress in your game.
  • The online rummy site also shields the financial and personal information of all users on their platform through highly encrypted security software making it a safe zone for all.

Smooth UI and Faster Gaming

RummyBaazi prides itself for delivering a smooth gaming experience that comes with a pleasing user friendly interface. It features a clean and fresh look and is a lightweight app that’s less on battery and high on performance.

The RummyBaazi app also features some interesting set of features such as private tables, in app avatars and a hilarious bunch of emojis that makes online rummy much more fun. Players can also chat with fellow players during the game which allows an added advantage to players to interact and possibly find out more information from opponents about their game.

Promotions To Wow Your Game

Promotions on RummyBaazi have been one of the key reasons for our players to stay in the game for longer periods of time. From innovative online rummy tournaments to instant whopping bonuses to stunning rewards, RummyBaazi takes the cake by introducing a fresh bunch of promotions for online rummy fans every month.

This month around, watch out for some nail biting competition in our new series of tournaments and the thrilling August Cash Fest specially carved for online rummy cash players. There’s still time, so, those of you who are lagging behind, join the cash tables during this Rummy promotion to win from a monster prize pool of 7LAC!

So, keep calm as we continue to uphold your faith in us and play online rummy in India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site and continue to collect a massive string of rewards every month on RummyBaazi.

Break a leg!

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What Type of Online Rummy Player Are You?

We all carry some distinct traits and attributes as individuals and as a fervent admirer of online card games like rummy, players are bound to display a set of interesting and diverse traits that distinguish them from one another as a player. If you are curious to know which type of player you really are, browse through this diverse online rummy player community to figure out where you fit in and maybe make few changes to place yourself among the best kind.

Distinct Rummy Player Personality Types

It is common to find a varied range of players in online games and rummy is no exception to this trend. Players bring their own distinct styles of play and this is what helps us categorize them into certain types. Profiling them also helps you target your opponent’s game, play them better and beat the odds.

Let’s explore some of the most prevalent type of players in online rummy games today.

Rummy Player Types

The Novice

The novice kind probably consists the largest pool of players in online rummy as more online gamers continue to be attracted to try the game and play rummy online, some carrying serious interest while others just trying to kill time for recreation. Such players can be typically found in free entry tournaments of online rummy games or practice games.

The Wild One

This type of players are also pretty popular in their own right. They love the thrill of playing rummy online and you will find them both on the cash tables and micro/low stakes tournaments. This kind loves to make bold moves and showcase random aggression whenever they play rummy online. They aren’t quite serious about the game but simply play for thrill’s sake and making money!

The Cunning One

In online rummy cash games, the cunning kind are one of the smartest lot you can find when you play rummy online. Such players are very alert and like to keep a strict check on their opponent’s game by checking their moves and keeping a tab of the thrown cards on the discard section. They are very aware of their opponent’s game at all times. Some even like to initiate conversations in the chat window to collect hints from fellow players at the table.

The Cheater

Well, and then we have the quintessential player, the cheater. The reality is in every type of card game, you will find a cheater who doesn’t like to wreck brains but always look for shortcuts to win the game. The truth is you can never cheat in online rummy games, it is indeed, impossible. The wise move would be to simply play by the rules and gain experience to enjoy steady wins.

Now that you know what kind of players you are up against and maybe even figured out where you fit in, let’s move ahead because it’s play time on RummyBaazi. Without wasting time, we present to you a compact list of RummyBaazi’s most exciting online rummy tournaments that’s making all the roar this August.

From free tournaments to those with mega prize pools, the best of online rummy cash games for the running month have been listed below.





20K Depositor’s Freeroll

INR 200, Deposit Code, Daily20K


Every Evening at 10PM

1LAC Sunday Special



Every Sunday, 8PM

Value 600 GTD

INR 10


Every Morning, 10AM

10K RP Tournament

10 Reward Points( can be earned at the cash tables)


Every Saturday, 8PM

1K RP Tournament

1 Reward Point


Every Evening 5PM

Free Entry tournaments


3K & 5K

Every day at 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM

It is evident that RummyBaazi continues to break the standard norms of online gaming by presenting relentless opportunities to interested players of all stakes and encouraging them take the plunge and win real money even more so during the global pandemic. So, what are you waiting for?

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5 Personality Traits Of An Online Rummy Player Everyone Should Emulate

Online rummy is a fast-paced, skill and strategy-based game which makes regular rummy players unique. In order to beat your race against time with appropriate decision making and the right online rummy strategy for each hand, players of online rummy have to be at their feet all the time.

However, Rome was not built in a day and so wasn’t any great online rummy player. It takes months and years of practice to improve your rummy skills and be at the top of your game.

5 Incredible Characteristics of a Good Online Rummy Player

Rummy Players


This is an inherent online rummy strategy. Being positive at the rummy tables plays a crucial role because that decides how long you will stay in a game holding a tricky hand. Knowing your game also means knowing it so well that you can potentially turn it to your favour despite having a bad hand. The pros who play rummy online have the right amount of optimism to beat the odds!


A good 13 card online rummy player needs all the determination and perseverance to be at the top of their game. To be able to sail through some tough waters needs all the grit and an incredible amount of resilience in mind.


Another amazing trait of online rummy players is the need to be confident about the decisions they make at the tables. When you play rummy online, you need to be able to dominate your opponents and translate your moves into impressive winnings and that requires a fair amount of confidence.

Presence of Mind

In order to follow a proper 13 card online rummy strategy and make quick decisions, a good player needs to be sharp and alert. All card games have several permutations and combinations with which players can win or lose a game, so being sharp and having a good presence of mind makes them unique.


Each online rummy game comes with new challenges and probability of winning or losing. Different players, new cards and the number of melds those cards can be used for, makes each game create a unique gaming environment to play in. So the ability to adapt in the changing circumstances and turn it into a favourable one makes all rummy pros stand out from the horde.

When you play rummy online with the right attitude and an effective online rummy strategy you may almost certainly win heaps of real cash but you also become a better being, personally and professionally. Playing rummy online regularly helps you be the best version of yourself.

If you are starting off and looking to learn how to play rummy online, RummyBaazi can bring the most rewarding promotions. Kick-start your online rummy journey and learn to play rummy online with our free entry tournaments that go live every day. We host 5K and 3K Free Entry Tournaments twice a day all through the week for our new players.

Here’s a helpful link on online rummy strategy and tips: How to play 13 card online rummy!

Be the best version of yourself. Become a great online rummy player at, India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Website!

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Is 13 Card Online Rummy a Game of Skill or Luck?

Let us address the first concern of any new 13 card online rummy player when they get introduced to the sport. Let us clear all your doubts about whether rummy is a skill-based game or a game of luck. Don’t let your doubts make you stay away from some fun and sweet real cash winnings!

As per the Hon. Supreme Court of India, 13 card rummy game online comes under the category of game of skills as it is based on various core concepts of game theory and mathematics.

Reasons 13 Card Rummy Game is a Game of Skill:

Rummy Skill game

  • A player needs to make a strategy to keep winning. To be consistently good and continuously win big, a player needs to develop a strategy based on the type of opponents you are playing against and the cards you are holding.
  • A player needs months to learn the nitty-gritty of the game. Anyone can learn the basic 13 card rummy rules, however, one needs determination to actually know how to act in a volatile game.
  • An unbeatable player practices to meld sets and sequences in a limited period of time. 13 card online rummy game is a fast-paced sport. It is literally a constant race against time. So, in order to make a valid declaration, you need to meld your sets and sequences before you run out of time.
  • One should know when to use or discard a joker. A joker plays a crucial role in 13 card rummy game. Too many or too less or jokers can make or break your game. Dealing with your jokers right comes with months and years of practice.

Here’s a helpful strategy blog on how to play 13 card rummy game online: How to Handle Jokers.

Knowing when to drop from a game is also crucial. Only a good 13 card rummy game player knows when to drop a game and when to continue in case the cards are not rolling in their favour at the moment.

Here are some tips on 13 card online rummy game drop strategy: When to Drop a Game.

Now that you have gotten your doubts cleared, let us introduce you to the most rewarding rummy promotions:

  • 1 LAC Sunday Special: Get your Sunday sorted with 13 card online rummy tourney game for a buy-in of INR 1,000 or use code SUNLAPKHPATI on a deposit of INR 2,500 or more and get your ticket. The tournament rolls out every Sunday at 8PM.
  • Bonus worth up to 20,000 twice this month: Use code MIDJUL on a deposit of INR 1,000 or more and bonus worth up to 20,000, twice this July!
  • 10K RP Tournament: Earn 10 Reward Points (RP) at the 13 card rummy cash game tables and that’s your entry fee. Join between Monday and Saturday at 8PM to win from 10,000!
  • 20K Daily Depositor Freeroll: Make a deposit of INR 200 or more using code DAILY20K and get your ticket. The tourney happens every night at 10PM. Join now to win from 20K every day!
  • 15 LAC Leaderboard Prizes: Our third leaderboard has just kicked-off. Join cash games, rank high on the leaderboard and claim your prizes!

The cash tables at India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi are waiting for you. Hit them now!

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Fun Facts about Rummy Games You Probably Didn’t Know

When it comes to learning more about your online favorite game, online rummy has got some fun facts too. A century old game, this skill based card game has got some cool facts to share if you care to flip through its history pages. So, let’s take a break from the humdrum of all the tournament jazz and get to know the history of this ever so globally popular game of cards.

Check Some Fun Rummy Facts Here -

The Poker Connection

Did you know some historians say that rummy games derived its origin from a game called Whiskey Poker? Famous card magician John Scarne had studied about origins of card games in length and came to understand the game of rummy was derived from a former variant of poker called Whiskey Poker that evolved to Rum Poker and then later on was named Rummy. Some also believe that rummy originated from French poker.

60 Different Variations

No one except history buffs care about the origin of online rummy games but do you happen to know one of the coolest online rummy facts? Indeed, the rummy card game was so popular across the world that it went on to split into 60 different variations!

To name a few-

Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, Rummy 500, Three Thirteen, Block Rummy, Round the Corner rummy, Bing Rummy, Shanghai Rum, Knock Rummy, Speed Rummy, Tong-its, Contract Rummy & 13 Card Rummy are some popular rummy variations played in different regions and corners of the world over a long period of time.

Mind Reader

Believe it or not, playing online rummy games regularly could almost certainly turn you into a mind reader. Those who play online rummy game regularly, often tend to adapt the ability to read their opponent’s minds over a significant period of time. As the card game demands you to be acutely observant of your opponent’s moves and predict their possible moves and combinations. Practicing this habit regularly definitely makes you a mind reader in the long run.

Rummy Facts

Gin Rummy as Popular as Poker

Here’s one of the most interesting rummy facts of all time. Gin Rummy was one of the most popular variants of the rummy game in the United States that it gave birth to several commercial versions of the game. In fact, the game was so popular that it found its way to several television shows and movies in the 1960s and 70s as much as poker.

Some blockbuster movies that feature this exciting rummy variant are Goldfinger (1964), the Apartment (1960), The Gin Game (1976) and many more.

Since the 1970s

Another rummy game fact for you. Since the beginning of 1970's till this very day, Rummy has been one of the top three games that rule residential gambling along with poker and sports betting. Although, over the course of time, rummy and poker has been recognized as a game of skill and since the Supreme Court legalized the game in India in 1967, rummy has captured wide spread attention from all sections of the Indian community.

The Changing Landscape

Millenials have been introduced to a new era of online gaming that includes skill based card games like online rummy and poker. More than ever, this changing landscape has allowed these skill based games to break away from the shackles of mere gambling and legit acknowledgement of the skill set required gives online rummy the much needed boost for its popularity and growth today.

So, keep playing and continue to spread the love for this excellent game by validating your skills in the biggest online rummy games and tournaments of the century only on RummyBaazi.

See you at the tables!

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How To Calculate Your Score in 13 Card Online Rummy Game

Are you someone who knows the ins and outs of 13 card online rummy games? Are you someone who can send your opponents on a run for their money but fall short when it comes to figuring out your scores? Well, you have landed on the perfect webpage.

Today we’ll be discussing about how scoring takes place on RummyBaazi, India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site. Let’s dive right in!

  • As per 13 card online rummy game rules, J, Q, K, and A of any suit carry 10 points each. So try not to hold on to the high value cards unless you are drawing to a set or sequence. 
  • All numbered cards carry the same points as their number. An 8 of any suit carries 8 points and 4 of any suit carries 4 points.
  • Both printed and wild jokers carry zero points. 
  • Once the game has ended, the losing player’s score is calculated as per the cards he/she is holding. When you play 13 card rummy games online , the total are added as per the bet size of the table and the amount he/she lost is credited to the winner’s account.
    However, all the points are counted if the losing player haven’t built a pure sequence. If he/she has built a pure sequence, the rest of the cards are taken into consideration. 
  • In 13 card rummy games online, the maximum points a player can lose is 80. 
  • In case a player does a ‘no show’ until three consecutive turns, it will be counted as a middle drop. He/she will be facing the grunt of not showing up and will be losing 40 points. 
  • A player is declared a winner when they make a valid declaration with 0 points in his/her kitty in 13 card online rummy games. 

13 card rummy tips

Knowing the nitty-gritties of the 13 card rummy game scoring system can help you become an invincible opponent at the rummy tables when tied with your skills and knowledge.

Let’s where you can practice and win real cash all along:

  • Leaderboard prizes worth 15 LAC all July. You can join cash games of all 13 card rummy game online variants and formats on RummyBaazi, climb the ladder and win your share!
  • Win from 10K from Monday to Saturday at 10PM with Monsoon Season Special, 10K RP Tournament. You can join this online rummy tournament for just 10 Reward Points.
  • Get your Sundays sorted with the 1 LAC Sunday Special at 8PM. Deposit INR 1000 using code SUNLAKHPATI and get a ticket to the tournament.
  • Say hooray every day on RummyBaazi with the 20K Daily Depositor Freeroll. Make a deposit of INR 200 or more using code DAILY20K and get your ticket to the tourney happening every day at 10 PM.
  • BONUS: Get 20% instant bonus this month. Use code JULYISHERE on a minimum deposit of INR 1000 to avail your bonus.

Here’s a helpful link on how to play 13 card online rummy card game tournaments: Master Guide on High Value Online Tournaments.

You’ve got the game all cleared. It’s time to hit the rummy tables right away!

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Online Cash Games: How to Be Prepared to Get in the Real Game

Looking to make your quarantine days better? Are you searching for a great pastime that could earn you money? Well, you’ve landed on the right page! Get started with online cash games of rummy only on India’s most trusted and rewarding rummy site, RummyBaazi.

You don’t have to worry if you’re a recreational online rummy player. We have got your back and we are ready with a road map today to help you learn how to play online rummy games.

Learn to Win Real Money via Online Cash Games on RummyBaazi

Know the Difference between Cash Games and Tournaments

If you are new to online rummy tournaments and cash games, this is key information because it determines the style of the play at once at the felts. While online rummy tournaments can be joined for a buy-in, a set amount of money/chips, in cash games, players spend as per the bet size of the table.

Online rummy tournaments must be joined at a predetermined date and time while in online cash games, players can join and leave the game whenever they feel like. So if you have more time to spare, choose tournaments otherwise you are better off playing rummy cash games for a quick session or two.

Learn How to Sort Your Cards 

In order to make a valid declaration in all kinds of free and cash rummy games, players need to build two sequences and two sets or sequences.

To know the details on how to sort your cards right, click: basic rules of 13 cards online rummy

Play as Many Practice Games as You Can

To be good at something that you can earn real money from, you need to practice to develop superior skills. To be a fierce, unbeatable opponent you need to play as many practice games as you can. This way you can up your game at the online rummy tables without losing real money in your initial stages.

Online cash Games

Enjoy Free Bonus Through Free Entry Tournaments

Once you have gathered enough experience and knowledge about the nitty-gritties of free and cash rummy games, you can start playing free entry tournaments. Simply enter for free and win real cash bonus. This way you can boost your confidence and incentivise yourself with real cash bonus which you can use to play more online rummy cash games.

Start off Small to Switch to Bigger Prizes with Micro Tournaments

Take your game a notch ahead with our Micro Tournaments. These online rummy cash tournaments can be joined for buy-ins as low as ₹1 or ₹2 and in return win from guarantees worth ₹100 and ₹200.

Play and practice for a good amount of time and swiftly switch to online rummy cash games where there is no limit to winnings! Play for how many hours you want after choosing your preferable bet size and get gaming!

Currently, RummyBaazi offers three variants of 13 card online rummy: Pool Rummy, Points Rummy and Deal Rummy. These variants further have several sub-formats from which you can choose from and enjoy the best of online rummy. So what’s the delay? Get rummy-ing now!

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What’s Your 13 Card Online Rummy Game Strategy – Passive or Aggressive?

A few years before, online rummy wasn’t even a real thing. It was only a part of family gatherings or a house party among college friends. Now, our favourite 13 card rummy game is just a click away, thanks to leap in technology. With big real money prizes and gadgets to win through 13 card online rummy games, it has become one of the most sought after source of entertainment for online gamers.

If you want to beat the boredom, then 13 card online rummy games can offer some respite to all players.  This popular variation of online rummy is one that keeps you on your toes throughout the game. To emerge as a winner in a 13 card rummy game, a player has to declare that he/she has melded valid sets and sequences first among all. However, it is easier said than done. A player should be clear on the 13 card rummy game strategy front to outwit one’s opponents.

Must Check : How to Play 13 Card Rummy

Let’s dive in!

Aggressive Play

If you are planning to choose the aggressive 13 card online rummy game strategy, then you should be ready to be at your best at the rummy tables. Become a schemer, plan on attacking your opponent at each move you make. To make that possible, you need to have sufficient experience on your side and regular practice.

Keeping an eye on what your opponent is discarding or picking from the discard pile is the key here, discarding your cards based on that observation are some of the moves you need to use to badger your opponents. 

Check out some helpful 13 card rummy game strategy tips here:13 card online rummy game tips

13 card Rummy Tips

Passive Play

Adopting this 13 card online rummy game strategy is letting your guard down. It is more like letting your opponent make the decisions for you by setting the pace of the game. This style or strategy of playing 13 card online rummy games in India is usually adopted when you have no other way left to go ahead. 

Typically, players do not adopt this 13 card game strategy because the nature of rummy game requires you to be offensive at the tables. 

So, if you have your arsenal of great cards on your side, going aggressive should be definitely your game strategy for 13 card online rummy. Become submissive, only when you think you have irredeemable cards.

Here are some tournaments where you can use your clever 13 card rummy game moves to hit the sweet spot and win real cash prizes:

Special 10K GTD

Har din, 10 hazaar in! Enjoy winnings from a guarantee of INR 10,000 from Monday to Saturday at 8PM with this online rummy tournament. Make a buy-in of INR 300 and claim your share from that attractive prize money of INR 10,000!

30K Daily Depositor Freeroll

Win from 30K, every day at 9PM! Yes, you heard that right. Take your daily shot, rap up your game and win from a massive guarantee worth 30,000 every day only on RummyBaazi. All you need to do is make a quick deposit of INR 300 using RummyBaazi promo code: Daily30K and win big DAILY!

1 LAC GTD Sunday Special Freeroll

One of our best-selling online rummy promotions, 1 LAC GTD Sunday Special tournament is back with bigger guarantees for all you rummy lovers! After a fantastic run during Aprilthis online rummy tournament continues to roll so that you get to bag bigger winnings every Sunday. 

All you have to do is make a deposit of INR 2500 or more using RummyBaazi promo code: SunLakhpati. Another option to play the Sunday Special is through a direct buy-in of just INR 1000! There you go, take this opportunity to max your money up to 1000x times!

You’ve got your 13 card game strategy plan ready and several opportunities on your plate to win big real cash prizes only on India’s most trusted and rewarding rummy site. RummyBaazi. Hit the tables now!

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Play 3 Different Rummy Variations to Triple Up Your Winnings with Instant Bonuses and Coveted Rewards!

This month, RummyBaazi is committed to offer more bounce for every ounce to all online rummy cash game players every single time you decide to hit the cash tables. With the instant bonus offers on a rolling spree all 30 days of the month, it’s time to kick it up a notch and declare war on the tables if you are hell bent on doubling your income on RummyBaazi.

Having said that, a wise thing to do this month would be to learn about the different rummy variations offered on the portal so, that you do not limit your choices in your race to earn unlimited real money and exclusive bonus offers. 

Remember, it’s not just instant bonuses but plenty more is at stake! The Weekly Coins Leaderboard shall continue to speed up your race to earning up to 10,000 coins that in turn shall help you translate them into some coveted Rewards from our Loyalty Rewards program.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the different online rummy game variations you can play on the cash tables of RB.

Rummy Variations: All You Need to Know

RummyBaazi has been featuring three exciting Rummy variations of online rummy games so as to maximize your opportunities to play rummy online and earn real money! Please note each variation calls for a different style of play and game strategy in order to win the game.

We say you try them all and find out which rummy variations speaks to you the most. Who knows, you might just be great at all of them, in which case it’s an absolute win-win with triple the rewards! Plus, it could be the right cure to your quarantine spell. 

Let’s find out right away.

  1. Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is the most mature rummy variation of all! We say so because it’s played with an allotted set of chips and attracts an entry fees! All chips carry equal points and the primary aim is to win all or most chips from your opponents that will result in their elimination from the game.

However, there comes a catch. Unlike other rummy variations, you can play online rummy for real money in this variant for a pre-decided number of rounds or deals. 

Best of 2/3 Deals 

Like it says, any player in the game who scores the least no. of points after playing two/three deals, wins the game. Moreover, the winner also receives the number of chip points of all losing opponents.

  1. Points Rummy

Points Rummy is the most widely featured and played rummy variations of all. It is also the fasted variant of all as each game lasts for only one deal which makes it popular among those who play rummy online for real money. 

Any player who makes a valid declaration of their cards first among all wins the game. All losing players are scored penalty points according to the value of their redundant cards. The winner scores zero points.

Deal Rummy

  1. Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy is an interesting rummy variation wherein it features a cut-off point at which players who reach that point get eliminated and exits the competition. In addition, all players pool in an entry fees that forms the total prize pool.  The cut-off point divides this variant further into two kinds. 

101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy

In 101/201 Pool Rummy, the cut-off point for elimination is 101/201 points. In this variant, any player who scores 101/201 points due to his/her failure to make valid sets and sequences gets eliminated and is chucked out of the competition. The winning player is the one who makes all valid declarations with all 13 cards in the least possible time compared to his/her opponents and is awarded 0 points.

Drop System in Pool Rummy

In Pool Rummy, every player has the option to drop during the game in case you think you don’t have a great set of cards. However, selecting this option shall cost you penalty points.

In 101 Pool Rummy, the 1st drop will cost you 20 points, a Middle drop will cost you 40 points and a Full Drop will cost you a total of 80 points!

In 201 Pool Rummy, the 1st Drop will cost you 25 points, a Middle Drop will cost you 50 points and a Full Drop shall penalize you a maximum of 80 penalty points!

This is pretty much all the info you need to know in order to play different rummy variations featured on RummyBaazi. Play them all or simply pick your favorite online rummy game to play for real money and double up your profits with our exclusive promotions in real time!

That’s all folks!

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Kill Time and Win Real Money with 13 Card Rummy Games Only on RummyBaazi!

Online games are proving to be a great pastime to break the unending boredom for everyone during these difficult times. The finish line might seem far away, but we can try and keep our spirits up by acquiring new skills, bonding over coffee or chai with our families and learning how to play new games.

What RummyBaazi offers is our good old 13 card online rummy games which is making our Baazigars’ lives a bit easier. Since we have all the time in the world to sit back, why not learn how to play 13 card rummy games online in India and win real money!

Before starting with the basic rules of 13 rummy game online, let us introduce you to the terminology of the game.

Terminology of 13 Card Rummy Game:

Rummy Terminology

A Sequence - A sequence is a group of 3 or more cards of the same suit arranged in a consecutive order.

A Pure Sequence - Any sequence without a joker becomes a pure sequence. Note - if a wild card joker sits in a proper sequence of the same suit, it will be a pure sequence.

An Impure Sequence - A sequence with one or more Joker card is called an Impure sequence.

A Set - A set is a group of 3 or 4 cards of different suits but of the same value or rank. One can use any kind of joker (wild or printed) to replace any card in the set.

Basic 13 Card Online Rummy Rules:

  • In a 13 card rummy game, each player is dealt 13 cards and a random card is selected as a wild joker or joker card of the game.
  • The 13 cards need to be arranged in sets and sequences, otherwise called a meld. 
  • In every turn, a player must pick from the draw pile or the top most card from the discard pile. 
  • On rearranging the cards, a player must then discard one into the draw pile. At the end of a turn, one can only have 13 cards. 
  • To win a 13 card rummy game, one must have a pure sequence (without a joker) and the remaining cards in valid sets and sequences. 
  • As per the Indian 13 card Rummy Rules, the player who declares his/her hand first after melding all 13 cards in valid sets and sequences is the winner!

Now that you have learned how to play 13 card rummy games online, here’s some strategy tips for you to start your Rummy journey like a pro! 

 1. Keep a Close Eye on Discarded Cards

For Example: Your opponent discards a Jh (hearts), this means you can discard cards closer to the cards he/she is disposing such as Qh or 10h. Be a smart player and bank on all your observances!

2. Face Cards are not That of a Big News

For Example: You are holding a Kc (clubs) and a Jc, you can wait for at least two turns for your opponent to discard the awaited Qc. Use this 13 card online rummy game tip and you’ll start enjoying your time at the rummy tables!

3. Duplicate Cards are a Blessing in Disguise

For Example: You are holding 6h (heart), 6h, and 8h. You just need 7h to hit a pure sequence.

In this situation, if you discard 6h, you will mislead your opponent into discarding a 7h or a 9h without any worries. A smart move to add in your 13 card game strategy.

Final Thoughts

A change of this magnitude is a bit problematic to handle, but rest assured as this too shall pass. Till then, keep your spirits high and play 13 card rummy games at India’s most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi and increase your winnings every single day!

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13 Card Online Rummy Game Tips: When to Drop in Your Favour

Learning how to play a snappy card game like 13 card rummy should probably take just a few games with friends but mastering the felts online among a pool of unknown players takes ages just like aging wine. Assuming you have decent experience in playing online 13 card rummy games, you must have used certain tactics occasionally to outsmart your opponents.

However, this blog is going to change your game forever. Today, we are going a step further and talk about some advanced online rummy tips that can save you from going to the deep end.

Knowing when to drop is a superior rummy skill every player should learn and not fall prey to every time the cards refuse to side with you. Let’s figure this one out right away and see if strategizing your drop moves can work in your favour in a 13 card rummy game.

How Does Each Drop Influence The Point System In A 13 Card Rummy Game?

In a 13 card rummy game, keeping your points low and mitigating the gravity of your loss are some important skills that you need to learn in order to lead the Leaderboard. In this regard, knowing exactly when to drop is a cool 13 card game strategy in online rummy tournaments and cash games.

Let’s start by understanding the different Dropping stages and its consequences in a 13 card rummy game:

●  First Drop

As per 13 card rummy rules, a player can choose to drop even during the first turn upon which he/she will receive 20 points.

 ●  Second Drop

If a player chooses to drop in the second or third turn in a 13 card rummy game, he/she will get 40 points.

Now that you know how dropping affects the points system in 13 card rummy game, let’s shift to the strategic side of this action.

When Exactly Should You Drop The Game?

1. When you don’t have a Pure sequence

Building a pure sequence is the utmost need for a valid meld. If you haven’t hit a pure sequence in the first three turns, dropping would be a smart move.

 2. When you don’t have a joker but very high cards

Playing online rummy card games is fun for sure, however, if you’re unfortunately stuck with very high cards such as Kings or Queens with nothing to turn them into valid sets or sequences, drop the game.

3.  When you don’t have sequential or close cards to a sequence

In 13 card rummy game strategy, having a rainbow hand which means a hand with cards with no correlation to each other can be a tricky place to be in 13 card online rummy games. Drop out if you have such a hand even after two or three turns.

4. When you have low cards, but no sequence or joker

If you have hit such a hand in a 13 card online rummy game, don’t be fooled by the low points. It’s a mirage and you should be smart enough to not get trapped by it. Redeeming your hand from such a tricky situation could consume more time than usual as you will have to wait for several turns. Dropping out of the game should be a wise move.

5. When you have a gutter hand but are in the middle of the game

If you think you are merely adding up points sitting with a gutter hand in a 13 card rummy game, choose to drop. If it is a middle drop, check how many points you have at the moment. If it is less than 15 points, drop the game without having second thoughts.

While such online 13 card rummy game strategy makes sense mostly, they are not fool proof moves in all possible situations. Stay tuned as we are about to reveal awesome bonus rummy promotions where you may use this strategy and fuel your winnings up to 3x times.

Use Your Alpha 13 card Rummy Game Strategy

The most rewarding online rummy site in India, RummyBaazi has designed an amazing line-up of rummy cash games and tournaments with amazing offers this February.

  1. Happy Hours 2.0

This awesome online rummy promotion is going to get you glued to the rummy tables of RB for longer sessions this month. Now play online rummy card games during brand new time slots to earn more Reward Points way faster and level up your game to claim some really cool Baazi Rewards.

Here’s how it will work:

● 00:00 Hrs. to 03:00 Hrs.: 2x Reward points

● 03:00 Hrs. to 10:00 Hrs.: 3x Reward points

● 12:00 Hrs. to 15:00 Hrs.: 1.5x Reward points

● 17:00 Hrs. to 20:00 Hrs.: 1.5x Reward points

Play online 13 rummy card games on the RB app during these time slots and speed up your way towards bigger and better rewards this February. Online cash tables par coins banao, Happy Hours mein 3X tak reward points kamao!

Can’t play online rummy card games during these time slots? Not a problem, you can still earn the standard points of 1x and win BIG every week!

  1. Weekly Coins Leaderboard

Karo ‘hafta’ vasooli with Weekly Coins Leaderboard this February on RummyBaazi. Play online rummy card games for cash every day to find yourself high on the Weekly Coins Leaderboard according to three categories: Low, Medium, High.

Playing 13 card online rummy cash games will generate coins that shall decide your rank on the leaderboard. So, play unlimited cash games to earn more coins and win from over INR 1 LAC this month!

Don’t worry, you won’t be bored playing the same game over and over again. RummyBaazi offers a wide array of rummy variants: Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deal Rummy which have been further broken up into exciting formats.

Don’t know how to play online 13 rummy card games? No problem, begin your day by playing 13 card rummy games for FREE on RummyBaazi and win from a prize pool of INR 40,000 EVERY DAY!

Free Entry Par Haath Jamao, Har Roz 40 hazar Mein se Kamao!

RummyBaazi is here for you if you want to earn real money by playing online rummy card games even without cash. We host 10K Free Entry Tournaments  every day at 9 AM, 12 PM, 3PM and 7 PM respectively throughout the month. Polish your skills with Free Entry Tournaments and collect your winning shares by ranking higher every day.

If you wish to enjoy free and real money online rummy gaming at once at its best, join India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website to get started today.

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Play Online Rummy Cash Games & Grab Baazi Rewards 3x Faster

Playing rummy online for cash couldn’t get more exciting and lucrative as online rummy cash gamers can enjoy their favorite rummy promotions even in February. India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website, RummyBaazi (RB) is ready to pump up your game up to 2x times on cash tables of online rummy.

After a smashing debut of Happy Hours in January, we present you Happy Hours 2.0 that’s even better than before as it offers you additional windows to help you supercharge your progress towards claiming the most coveted Loyalty Rewards of RummyBaazi. Yes, we have added another time slot for you to play online cash games of rummy and speed up at thrice the speed multiple times a day and claim the coolest gadgets, flagship smartphones, holiday packages and lots more from Baazi Rewards collection.

Here are the February Happy Hours slot for online Rummy Cash Games.

●  00:00 Hrs. to 03:00 Hrs.: 2x Reward points
●  03:00 Hrs. to 10:00 Hrs.: 3x Reward points
●  12:00 Hrs. to 15:00 Hrs.: 1.5x Reward points
●  17:00 Hrs. to 20:00 Hrs.: 1.5x Reward points

What are Baazi Rewards and How Do They Work?

Baazi Rewards is our industry-leading Loyalty Rewards program that rewards you for the passion you have towards online rummy. How to claim these Baazi Rewards?

● The standard rummy game rule to become eligible for Baazi Rewards is that you need to play online cash games of rummy to claim them. So, hit as many online rummy cash games as you can.

● Each coin you earn through online cash games of rummy helps you generate Reward points.

● These Reward points let you level up in the Loyalty Rewards Program that swings all the way up to level 20. Each level contains specific rewards that you can unlock through these Reward points. Great News! We have added some brand new rewards to the Baazi Rewards prize list:




Level 12

JBL Speaker

Level 15

Vivo smartphone

Level 16

OnePlus 7T

Level 18

Goa trip worth 70K

Level 19

iPhone 11 Pro


We don’t kid when we say we’re the most rewarding rummy site in India (*wink wink*)!

However, we’re not resting yet. RummyBaazi is giving you one more reason to play online cash rummy games. The Weekly Coins Leaderboard.

Karo ‘Hafta’ Vasooli with Weekly Coins Leaderboard

Play online cash games of rummy and get rewarded like a Baazigar starting today. Boost your bounty bag in abundance this February on our online cash game tables chahe jeeto ya haaro! We’re giving away Leaderboard prizes worth over 1 Lakh to our online rummy cash game players this month.

Here’s how the Weekly Coins Leaderboard works on online rummy cash game tables:

●  You will be positioned in the Weekly Coins Leaderboard across three categories: Low, Medium, High

●   You will earn Reward points according to the coins you wager on a rummy cash game table.

●  Play more, rank high and win from over 30,000 EVERY WEEK and over 1 Lakh this month!

Now, the catch here is that if you play rummy online for cash during the Happy Hours, you can generate coins even faster! However, no stress. Happy Hours or No Happy Hours, you’re definitely going home with huge winnings.

RB Sunday Special: Jeeto 50 Hazaar, Har Ravivaar!

Yes, you heard that right. Play RB Sunday Special online rummy cash tournament and win from a prize pool of INR 50,000 every Sunday at 8 PM. Simply opt-in with our rummy deposit code: 50KSunday on a minimum deposit of INR 2,000 and that’s it. You’re ready to hit the rummy table to win BIG.

The online cash games of rummy are waiting for you to bring your A- game to the felts and collect gigantic winnings. See you there!

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Over 240 Players Rewarded Under Rummybaazi Cash Drive (Nov Edition)

Make cash games your go-to online rummy game because the gaming experience on RummyBaazi is becoming rewarding like never before! November saw over 240 players rewarded more than INR 2.7 LAC LeaderBoard Prizes regardless of winnings or defeats. India’s most rewarding rummy site is making our favourite online game rewarding and fun. Come be a part of the festivities if being a part of any kind of competition gets you going!

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In Conversation with Pundalik Haldankar, Winner of OnePlus 7T Depositor FreeRoll

The unbelievable was made possible on your favourite online rummy app, RummyBaazi when our Baazigar, Pundalik Haldankar spent only ₹70 and won a brand-new OnePlus 7T. Hailing from the suburbs of Goa, Pundalik is a regular online rummy player. He says he stumbled upon RummyBaazi’s app after watching our advertisement on his Facebook and Instagram feeds.

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Cash Drive: More than 40,000 RCB Rewarded to Players in a Week

Did you hear that each day is getting more rewarding on RummyBaazi? Yes, now you will be rewarded with each hand you play on our cash tables. We are making every hand more profitable with our RummyBaazi Cash Drive where you can top the leaderboard and win prizes from INR 2.7 LAC!

A week has gone by and players are getting rewarded each day. So far 40,600 Real Cash Bonus has been given out to players who placed themselves in the top 3 Daily Leaderboard positions. Until now, the 63 of our Baazigars showcased their skills and made it to the top. Here is the list of the achievers:

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Pool Rummy: A Variation for the Adventure Lovers

If you’re an adventure lover then you will love playing this variant of rummy – pool rummy because it keeps you on the edge of your seat! A variant of 13 card rummy, pool rummy requires a fixed fee for a player to enter a game. Players are eliminated if the accumulated points they earn reach 101 in 101 Pool Points and 201 in 201 Pool Points.

The Objective

The objective of pool rummy is to have the least score on the table. If you reach 101/201 points, you are eliminated from the game, the players left behind are declared the winners towards the end.

Let’s dive right into the rules of 101/201 pool rummy:

  1. Players remaining with the least score at the end of the game is declared the winner.
  2. Drop criteria :

1st Drop – 20 points; Middle Drop = 40 points; Full Count = 80 points

  1. In order to win, you require:
  • One pure sequence: Players have to build a sequence without using a joker compulsorily.
  • Another sequence: Players have to build a sequence with/without a joker which is a compulsory requirement.
  • For the remaining two groups of cards, you can either meld sets of 3 or 4 cards each
  1. The players who manage to fulfil the above criteria and declares, gets 0 points and the others get points against the invalid sets and sequences they are holding.
  2. The points are calculated at the end of every deal. A player is eliminated as and when they reach 101/201 or more points in the game.

Rules applied at the beginning of the game

  1. The game requires two packs of 53 cards each with 1 printed joker in each deck.
  2. Each player is dealt 13 cards each using a random number generator algorithm which we have a certification for.
  3. A card is chosen randomly to act as the card joker of the game. If a printed joker gets selected, then Ace of any suit is declared as the joker for that game.
  4. The first card remaining at the top of the deck after the distribution is placed in the open deck slot to mark the beginning of a game.

General gameplay rules

  1. A player shall pick a card from either the closed deck or the open deck when it’s their turn.
  2. A player should make sure they pick and drop the card at their turn within the allotted time.

Note: If he/she does not act within the allotted time, he/she will be automatically dropped.

  1. A player cannot pick a joker from the open deck unless it is the first open card.
  2. In case all the cards in the closed deck have been used, the cards in the open deck are reshuffled using the random number generator algorithm and is placed as the closed deck. The last open card in the open deck remains there.

Pool rummy is filled with high-octane action as you keep playing against the increasing points in the game.

Catch all the rummy action on RummyBaazi during the festive month of October. We are hosting depositor free entry tournaments, the guarantees of the games have been doubled. So head to our rummy tables now!

The free online CSS cleaner allows you to organize style for websites.

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Five Gifts From RummyBaazi For Our Baazigars This Festive Season

The festive season is the time of togetherness. You spend quality time with your family and friends, exchanging gifts. This is the time when your pockets are filled with your grandparents’ and elders’ “love”. You know what we mean! This time around, you can make your pockets deeper on RummyBaazi offering ₹4 Lakh across two tournaments for FREE. Additionally, you can also play cash games with increased prize money and claim bonuses.  

Good news for your wallets this festive season. RummyBaazi – India’s most rewarding rummy site – is gifting you five amazing promotions!

Here are all the details:

2 Lakh Dussehra Special

Now head to the rummy tables this Dussehra at 10 PM for FREE and stand a chance to win from a massive prize money of ₹2 Lakh! Registrations will start at 10 AM on 8th October, so don’t forget to book your seats!

2 Lakh Diwali Depositor FreeRoll

Welcome laxmi this Diwali by doing what we love the most, playing online rummy. Get exclusive access to 2 Lakh Diwali Depositor FreeRoll by making a minimum deposit of ₹200 using code “Luckxmi200”.

30% Instant Real Cash Bonus

Boost your deposit’s value by 30 times. Use code “Luckxmi30” on your deposit and enjoy a 30% instant REAL CASH bonus!

Increased Prize for Cash Games

Cash game lovers, it’s time for some extra fun with increased prize money. Now make way to the cash tables and make your winnings bigger.

Win 10 Times of Your Buy-Ins

We take care of all our Baazigars, even those who have just entered the waters of online rummy. Play micro tournaments for ₹1 and ₹2 and win from ₹100 and ₹200 respectively. So sharpen your skills and win real money along the way.

The month of October is filled with gifts for you to enjoy. Hit the RummyBaazi tables right away! 

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Songs for Different Moments in An Online Rummy Game

When words fail to express, you resort to music. The only different is that when you are sad you listen to the lyrics and when you are happy, you feel the beats. Just like life, an online rummy game is also full of several happy and sad moments. Here are the songs that we think can describe these situations better. Can’t relate? Just let us know in the comments section that which songs, according to you, describe these moments better. 

 1. When the KYC gets approved - Apna Time Aaega


2. When you pick a card from the closed deck and it’s a Joker   – Dene Wale Jab Bhi Deta

3. When you discard a useful card by mistake – Jag Soona Soona

 4 When someone makes a wrong show– Bhootni Ke

 5. When all the players drop the game and you end up winning the hand -– Badshah O Badshah


 So you want to feel like a Badshah? That’s really very easy. Sign up on RummyBaazi, India’s most rewarding Rummy website and win and withdraw real cash in real time. From micro tournaments starting from INR 1 to several big and small FREE entry tournaments during the day and then on to mega leagues with guarantees in Lakhs, you can play Rummy 24x7 and WIN big on RummyBaazi. Get a welcome bonus of INR 100 on your first sign up. Use code WELCOMERB.

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Say Bye to Your Morning Blues With RummyBaazi New Games

 Are you bored of your morning routine? Is your daily newspaper becoming a bit stale? Are you looking for something that can help keep you upbeat for the day? If yes, we have a solution to add some freshness with your morning cup of tea or coffee.

RummyBaazi - India’s most rewarding rummy website - is introducing early morning Free Entry Tournaments and Cash Games!

Enjoy hot & crispy bonus chips every morning!

You can log in to RummyBaazi as early as seven o’clock in the morning and win huge bonuses playing different games. The breakfast menu features two formats of the game:

Free Entry Tournaments

Now win some extra bucks as you start your day. Play tournaments between 7 AM and 10 AM daily and stand a chance to win from guaranteed prize money worth ₹1000 and ₹2000.

Cash Games

Why lounge and waste time when you can play cash games starting from only ₹5? It’s the best solution to your boredom because it is your gateway to Baazi Rewards .

Baazi Rewards is our loyalty rewards program which works on the fundamental- “more play, more rewards.” The more cash games you play, the bigger and the better the rewards become!

Check out some of the amazing rewards that you can claim:

        At Level 1, you can claim 150 bonus with 20 reward points.

        At Level 4, you can claim Adichai Rainbow Fidget Spinner for 75 reward points.

        Level 13 lets you win Amazon Fire Stick with 1500 reward points.

        Reach Level 15 and you can claim Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa for 2500 reward points.

        At Level 17, you can be ₹25,000 richer with 10000 reward points.

        With 20000 reward points, you can avail our Goa Package for 3 days/4 nights at Level 18.

        At Level 20, you can claim a massive real cash prize worth ₹2,00,000 with 50000 reward points.

Say goodbye to boredom in the morning by saying hello to our early morning Free Entry Tournaments and Cash Games. See you at the tables! 

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Checklist For Playing Rummy on Your Mobile

Have you caught wind of the world of online rummy and are contemplating downloading the game application on your mobile device? Contemplating the safety of it? Here are some guidelines to help you make this decision. Playing games on smartphones provide time flexibility, improved game-play, and ease of access. 

Device Compatibility

Ensure your device and operating system are compatible with the gaming application. If you intend to access card games on your smartphone, you should select an app that is compatible across various platforms so that when you purchase a new device of another operating system, you will face no issues downloading the same application on the phone and your game progress is saved.

A Secure App

Apart from a rummy game being free to download for android and iOS, you should also verify if the app is secured. Spend time to read the privacy policy, terms and conditions, and access points of the applications before making your decision. 

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Common Mistakes To Avoid on the Rummy Tables!

How Not To Be a Rookie Player!

Practice makes a man perfect proves true in the case of online rummy. To be a seasoned rummy player you have to practice, be patient and determined. Rummy comes easy to most of the people, but if you observe closely you will notice that not many of them are actually good at it.

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Tips To Help You Win In A Game Of Online Rummy

Waiting for your sister and friends to finish their homework, your father to finish the day’s accounts and your mother to finish her chores? Fret not; because India’s favourite card game is now available online with multiple games running all day long!

Rummy Winning Tips - 

Rummy enthusiasts of all ages may now experience the game online and deploy strategies to get the best of their opponents. Having established Rummy to be a skill-based game, you know you can’t leave it all to luck, you need to have a few strategies in play to help you win because mind it the online players are also equally competitive as your grandmother!  Considering there is real money up for grabs, you better be taking notes on these tips that will help minimize your losses. 

Rummy Winning Tips

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A Chance to Have a RUM-TIME

RummyBaazi Announces 25k Guaranteed Cash Tournament

India’s beloved card game, Rummy, has grown leaps and bounds adapting to it’s latest online avatar. Online Rummy platforms have got players’ eyes glistening with the thirst for more. Done with the practice games? Contemplating clocking the real cash in? Want to move up in stakes? Is cash game variance worse than your mood swings? Well, has something in store for you!, India’s most rewarding rummy website, is certainly keeping their word and rewarding their players by announcing their first ever Rs.25000/- Guaranteed Cash Tournament! Why consider a tournament you might ponder, here are the reasons why:

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Know How To Defeat Different Kinds of Rummy Players!

Keep a Close Eye to Win Big!

India’s favourite card game, Rummy is now a thrilling online activity. With online platforms offering lucrative gratifications, the game and its gamers are evolving. Each player has his/her own style of playing the game that they use to outwit their opponents. With skills and strategies being deployed, here’s a look at the different types of Rummy players you encounter online.

The Beginners/ Newbies

Every sport has this kind and rummy is no exception! The beginners or newbies or noobs as you please to call them, have just ventured into the felts and are mostly inexperienced. Easy to spot, beginners are only trying to find their way around the game. They are keen on understanding the rules, variants and different formats. You can frequently spot them in free rummy games, freeroll tournaments and low stakes cash games. Mostly found betting in a conservative fashion, the beginners end up leaving a table after losing the first few hands. Besides, they don’t want to be a sitting duck for skilled and professional players. 

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How To Switch From Free To Cash Rummy Games Online

Sitting on the Fence? Go Take the Plunge!

If you are reading this article, chances are you’ve savored the success of free online rummy. Considering the stigma attached to this card based game and real cash, it’s no surprise there is a hesitation to make the switch from free online rummy to real cash rummy. Whether you choose to play real cash rummy recreational or turn into a professional, here are a few tips that will help you make that transition seamlessly.

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Three Reasons to Choose Rummybaazi, India Most Rewarding Rummy Website

The ‘junglees’ have fallen back, the so-called ‘ace’ is trying to save face because India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website, RummyBaazi is here to change the way online rummy game is played. 

RummyBaazi, from the house of Baazi Games, is something that you have always wanted to experience. By gathering together some of the most-renowned rummy players, we have developed this game for people who share the same passion. Have a look at what the free online rummy game has in store for you.

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Hate Being Cashless At Month Ends? We Have A Solution For You

Are you avoiding partying with your friends or compromising with your habit of catching the Friday night late show due to shortage of cash at month ends? You won’t have to do that anymore. Baazi Games are here to the rescue with RummyBaazi, India’s most rewarding online rummy website that lets you withdraw money instantly.

 WIN Without Putting Anything on The Line 

Besides the sign-up bonus that you can use to WIN more, you can literally WIN without putting anything from your pocket. Just sign-up and get chips along with a welcome bonus of ₹3,000, which should be enough to get you on your winning ways.

Let’s Up The Ante, You Say? You Got It. 

On referring a friend, you both get a bonus of ₹1,500 each. For loyal fans of the game, we have the renowned Baazi Rewards Loyalty Program that gives you a chance to win prizes worth ₹4 Lakhs. This program runs on Loyalty Reward Points (with NO EXPIRY!) which you earn while playing on

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Now Win Bonuses While Enjoying Gaming on!

Why Play Rummy Online For Real Money in India?

Card games are a way of life in a country like India, her history rich with cultures traversing with travelers coming from Persia, Afghanistan, Europe, China and many more countries. However, with card games like rummy going online, the thrill is only a byproduct in the process.

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Rummy- How and Where to Play Online Rummy Cash Games?

Our country is known for being rich in its culture and card games such as rummy going online are one of the part and parcel of this process. With online tutorials being published frequently, Indians have embraced online rummy wholeheartedly.

How to learn online rummy fast and free?

RummyBaazi is Baazi Games’ latest venture which is aiming to cater to the rising love for online rummy. Rummy lovers are now looking to learn Indian rummy and various different forms of the game. Therefore, in order to solve the difficulties faced by the players, we are making it a point to create a holistic educative webpage.

Just like any other skill-based game, online rummy requires skill, smart employment of memory and complete involvement in the game. Learning Indian online rummy is like trying to understand mathematics. It does not come to you without practice.

However, to have a beginning, following are a few tips and tricks to look at before starting a game of rummy:

  • Try to create a process: Get yourself your pure sequence first and then proceed ahead in the game.
  • Do not retain for long: Try to discard cards which carry high value. Do not linger for long with a specific card. On the other hand, look for smart cards, such as 7 or 8 which can be melded with different cards. Such as a 7 can be melded in sequences 7-8-9, 6-7-8 or 5-6-7.
  • Use the jokers judiciously: If a player is done with their pure sequence, then the second priority for him/her is to meld a non-pure sequence using the joker as soon as possible.

While the above points stand as a mere introduction, our website will contain a detailed explanation of how to learn online rummy fast and free.

If an occasional player feels incompetent to play online rummy cash games, then he/she can play freerolls on and practice to sharpen their skills. Following the legacy of, we are aiming to becomeIndia’s best 13 card rummy gaming website. The goal is to be trustworthy and exciting all at the same time. 

To ensure the completion of this task, our wish is to become your primary gaming app. However, this humongous target can be achieved only with the players’ love. To facilitate this process, we are working hard each day to help you learn Indian rummy in an easy manner. Trying to keep up with the exemplary footsteps of, RB’s motive is to become India’s best 13 card rummy website. We rest our case here in anticipation of your support.

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Get access toFree Online Rummy Cash Games at RummyBaazi!

Our country is known for being rich in its culture and card games such as rummy going online arepart and parcel of this process. With online tutorials being published frequently, Indians have embraced online rummy wholeheartedly. There are several interested players who are still hesitant to play and feel that they lack the knowledge. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back!

How to learn online rummy fast and free?

RummyBaazi is Baazi Games’ latest venture which is aiming to cater to the rising love for online rummy. Rummy lovers are now looking to learn Indian rummy and various different forms of the game. Therefore, in order to do away with the worries faced by the players, we are making it a point to create a holistic educative webpage.

Just like any other skill-based game, online rummy requires skill, smart employment of memory and complete involvement in the game. Learning Indian online rummy is like trying to understand mathematics. It does not come to you without practice.

So, to kick-start the process,the following are a few tips and tricks to check out before starting a game of rummy:

  • Try to create a process: Get yourself your pure sequence first and then proceed ahead in the game.
  • Do not retain for long: Try to discard cards which carry high value. Do not linger for long with a specific card. On the other hand, look for smart cards, such as 7 or 8 which can be melded with different cards. Such as a 7 can be melded in sequences 7-8-9, 6-7-8 or 5-6-7.
  • Use the jokers judiciously: If a player is done with their pure sequence, then the second priority for him/her is to meld a non-pure sequence using the joker as soon as possible.

While the above points stand as a brief introduction, our website will contain a detailed explanation of how to learn online rummy fast and free.

If an occasional player feels incompetent to play online rummy cash games, then he/she can play FreeRolls on and practice to sharpen their skills. Following the legacy of, we are aiming to becomeIndia’s best 13 card rummy gaming website. The goal is to be trustworthy and exciting all at the same time. 

However, the humongous target and aim to be your primary gaming app canonly be achieved with your love.We are doing our best to educate people about the game, and will be providing players with the best deals in the country. You could log in and sign up right away to claim your first bonus!

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