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RummyBaazi Announces ‘June Cash Bonanza’ with Leaderboard Prizes worth up to 12,00,000!

RummyBaazi is all manned and ready to announce a flurry of good news this month of June with some stellar promotions. The biggest of them all, the ultimate “June Cash Bonanza” has been rolled out for all online rummy cash game fans in India with Leaderboard prizes that touch the sky.

Gigantic cash prizes up to a massive total of 12 LAC are being offered in the month long June Cash Bonanza that shall run in two phases- June 1st-15th and 16th-30th June. Both phases are featuring two exclusive Leaderboards with prizes worth 6 LAC each across mid and high categories for all rummy online cash gamers.

It’s time to hit the cash tables this month and begin a relentless run for winning BIG.

Players can join our online cash game tables and play three different variants of online cash rummy games aka, Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy and earn a humongous number of coins all the way up to 2,20,000 and 3,80,000 in the Mid and High categories respectively twice this month!

Here’s the Leaderboard Prizes featured in the June Cash Bonanza. Please note there will be two Leaderboards like the one depicted below that shall run in two phases as said above. 


Weekly Leaderboard


Game Categories


1 to 5

50 & 100

100 & 200


10 to 40

200 & Above

500 to 2000


So, online rummy cash gamers are up for a grand celebration of an exclusive coin collection throughout June with chances to double up their total winnings up to 12,00,000!

Now, some of you who are new to RummyBaazi may ask, what are these coins worth? The answer is actually multi-layered as the rewards unfold in more than one way. Here’s a step by step approach to playing online rummy cash games on RummyBaazi and winning BIG every month.

Your Freeway to Win Baazi Loyalty Rewards

  • Play as many online cash games, rank in the Leaderboard, and win unlimited coins.
  • Every 15 coins generate 1 Reward Point.
  • Rank in the Leaderboards to fast track your Reward Points collection to unlock the treasure chest of Baazi Loyalty Rewards.
  • Unlock up to 20 different levels of Baazi Rewards and collect premium prizes.
  • Win holiday packages, flagship smartphones, latest gadgets and real cash prizes worth up to 2 LAC!

So, utilize the stay at home period to play online rummy cash games in India at the comfort of your four walls to enjoy non-stop fun and win cash prizes and premium rewards for absolutely free!

How to Play Online Cash Games on RummyBaazi?

  • Simply download the RummyBaazi app from our website.
  • Discover the cash tables of any of the three available online cash game variants namely Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy on the app lobby.
  • Select the Game Type in the lobby.
  • Join any table of your preferred stakes and start playing online cash games on RummyBaazi.
  • Cash table bets start as low as 0.5 and you can play them for buy-ins as low as INR 4.

As you can see, the stakes are minuscule when compared to the winnings, so hit the tables right away and build your winning streak to hit a grand slam this month on India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi.

For more such latest promotions, keep visiting our Promotions section

Break a Leg!!!

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Vacations, Gadgets and Real Money Just Some Online Cash Games Away!

Picture this: You basking in the sun on the beaches of Goa and clicking stunning pictures with your brand new iPhone 11 Pro while your feet tap to your favorite tunes on brand new JBL speakers? Now, how about making this scene alive by playing online cash games of rummy?

Well, your vacay mode can be switched on real fast with our Loyalty Rewards Program, Baazi Rewards. Get your groove on to the beats of online rummy cash games with RummyBaazi and claim your favourite Baazi Rewards.

What are Baazi Rewards?

If you’re mad over rummy, then it’s going to be a cakewalk for you. You might ask why? It is because Baazi Rewards reward you solely for your love for rummy.

Browse through to know some of the amazing treats from the Baazi Rewards collection:



Level 12

JBL Speaker

Level 15

Vivo smartphone

Level 16

OnePlus 7T

Level 18

Goa trip worth 70K

Level 19

iPhone 11 Pro

 How does it work:

  • Play as many online rummy cash games as you can.
  • As you play you will earn coins which help you generate Reward Points (RP). For each 15 coins, you will earn 1 RP.
  • Climb higher on the Baazi Rewards ladder and claim your favourite prizes.

The best part?

Win rewards and cash prizes with microscopic spends as low as INR 0.05! If you don’t believe us, check out our online rummy cash games on the app right away. We surely don’t kid when we say we’re the most rewarding rummy site in India.

Happy Hours 2.0 – Climb the Baazi Rewards Ladder up to 3X Faster!

Its cash games season on RummyBaazi with the 2nd edition of Happy Hours rolling out equally successful as the first. We have specific time slots during which players shall earn Reward Points much faster.

Online cash game tables par coins kamao, Happy Hours 2.0 mein 3x tak Reward Points pao!

Here is the detailed configuration of Happy Hours 2.0 time slots:

  1. 00:00 Hrs. to 03:00 Hrs.: 2x Reward points
  2. 03:00 Hrs. to 10:00 Hrs.: 3x Reward points
  3. 12:00 Hrs. to 15:00 Hrs.: 1.5x Reward points
  4. 17:00 Hrs. to 20:00 Hrs.: 1.5x Reward points

Weekly Coins Leaderboard: Generate Coins, Win Real Cash Bonus

Get ready to get glued to online rummy cash tables this February as we present you another reason to play online rummy for cash – Weekly Coins Leaderboard.

Players will be positioned on this Leaderboard under categories: Low, Medium, High based on the number of Reward points they generate on the tables. Ranking in these categories can make you win worth over 1 LAC Real Cash Bonus this month!

Here’s how the categories work:


Earning real money on RummyBaazi can never get boring. We’ve got several rummy variants for you to enjoy: Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deal Rummy.

Here’s a catch: if you play during Happy Hours 2.0, you can make bigger jumps on the Baazi Rewards ladder and claim your favourite reward faster! 

So, bookmark our online rummy cash games app lobby and get the cash rolling for you. Cash game lovers, this is the best ever season for online rummy games in India right here right now!

Win from 40K for free every day!

New to rummy? Play online rummy for free and win real cash prizes with our 10K Free Entry Tournaments. Yes, polish your online rummy skills and get rewarded along the way. Currently, we are hosting 10K Free Entry Tournaments at 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM and 7 PM every day. This means, you can play online rummy for free and win real cash prizes worth up to INR 40,000 EVERY DAY!

The RummyBaazi cash tables await your killer moves, chop chop!  

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Upgrade to New & Exciting Baazi Rewards

 Your favourite thing about India’s most rewarding rummy site, RummyBaazi just got a makeover! Yes, we’re talking about our loyalty rewards program, Baazi Rewards. Your passion for cash rummy games will now be rewarded like never before with new prizes added to the reward list.

Here’s The New Baazi Reward List:







Real Cash Bonus



Real Cash Bonus



Locked Bonus



Real Cash Bonus+Locked Bonus



Real Cash Prize



Real Cash Bonus



Locked Bonus



Real Cash Bonus



Real Cash Bonus+Locked Bonus



Locked Bonus



Real Cash Bonus+Locked Bonus


JBL Speaker




Locked Bonus



Real Cash Prize


Vivo smartphone worth 15k







Real Cash Prize


Goa Travel Package worth 70k

Travel Package


iPhone 11 Pro




Real Cash Prize


Now enjoy exciting, new rewards only on RummyBaazi’s online cash games. Not a great fan of Points Rummy? Don’t worry, we have a solution to your problem. Visit our game lobby and find rummy cash games with different formats and variants. You can also enjoy 101 Pool Rummy, 201 Pool Rummy and Deal Rummy and win real cash prizes!

The action is heating on the online rummy cash game tables on RummyBaazi. Our Baazigars are loving the new additions. A week before, two of the RummyBaazi players claimed:


Prize Claimed


JBL Speaker


Vivo Smartphone


Join the passionate rummy gamer’s league! Play online rummy games for cash and win in LAKHS every day!

How Baazi Rewards work?

  1. Play as many cash games as you can.
  2. As you play, you will generate coins regardless of whether you lose or win.
  3. Earn reward points.
  4. Claim your favourite Baazi Rewards.

Claim Rewards Faster than Ever During Happy Hours!

Love rummy cash games? Well, playing online rummy for cash just got more fun with Happy Hours on all cash tables. Choose games from an array of rummy variants offered on RummyBaazi during Happy Hours and climb Baazi Reward levels faster than ever!

Happy Hours

A treat for all the night owls and early birds – it’s party time, Baazigars! Play online cash games during the following hours and win reward points up to 3 times faster! 

Play Between

Earn Extra Reward Points

5 PM - 8 PM

1.5 times

12 AM - 3 AM

2 times

3 AM - 10 AM

3 times


Win from ₹40,000 Every DAY!

From online rummy cash games to cash tournaments and free rummy games, you’ve got it all. We are currently hosting 10K Free Entry Tournaments at 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM and 7 PM every day! This means, you get to win from ₹40,000 for free EVERY DAY! 

Playing online rummy for no rewards is so 2019! Join the most rewarding rummy site of India, RummyBaazi and start your winning streak. The rummy tables await you!

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Go Claim Your Baazi Reward Now!

RummyBaazi has been blessed with players that find our platform worth coming back on. So in order to make their gaming experience all the more exciting and rewarding, we offer them our unmatchable loyalty rewards – Baazi Rewards!

Spend as much time as you can at the RummyBaazi felts and get rewarded via Baazi Rewards worth a total of ₹4 LAC. This is so, because it rewards you not on the result of the games you play on our platform, but for your loyalty towards the game. The rewards are claimed against the points you earn which comes with a 2 months expiry. This means, you can play, win and claim rewards at your convenience!

Thousands of Rewards Already Claimed

Since RummyBaazi’s inception, our players have loved playing rummy on our platform. Over 500 Amazon Fire Sticks, a 1000 fidget spinners, 200 Amazon Echo Smart Speakers with Alexa have been claimed so far, and the numbers are increasing every day!

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Play More on RummyBaazi to WIN Baazi Rewards Worth ₹2 Lakhs!

Made for the true-blue Rummy lovers, RummyBaazi, from the house of Baazi Games, offers you loyalty rewards worth ₹4 Lakhs! Now you can earn real-money and make the most of your time spent on playing online rummy games.

 About Baazi Rewards

  •  The structure is extremely simple – you just keep playing and we will keep on adding points. A few things to keep in mind:
  •  A cash game buy-in of minimum ₹100 will release 1 redeemable Reward Point (RP) and 15 non-redeemable coins
  • 50% of the RP balance will expire in case you don’t participate in a cash game for a period of 2 months
  • In case of inactivity for 2 straight months, coins will be reduced to the starting point of downgraded level
  • Rewards will be unlocked as you reach a particular RP level required to win those rewards

With so many game variations like cash games, online tournaments, etc., on offer, it becomes rather easy to enjoy and be loyal to the game; and this has been proved within a week of the launch! What’s more, Reward Points come with NO EXPIRY DATE – which means that you can play, win and claim rewards at your convenience!

 To welcome users, we are giving away a signup bonus in form of chips and 100% locked bonus of up to ₹3000. Besides, on referring a friend, both of you will get to unlock an extra bonus of ₹1500. We hope this shall you get you started on your way to winning Baazi Rewards worth ₹4 Lakhs! So install now and get rummying with RummyBaazi, India’s most rewarding online rummy app.   

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