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05 December 2020

Rummy Playing Style of 5 Web Series Characters Rummy Playing Style of 5 Web Series Characters

Our lives have changed and the online streaming platforms are helping us throw out the grim one series at a time. And boy, aren’t they doing a phenomenal job? Streaming platforms and our favourite online rummy app, RummyBaazi have made our lives a bit better in these tough times. So why not mix these up a little and have some fun!

Here are some of the most interesting characters from the world of Hindi web series and how they would have behaved at an online rummy table!

Hathiram Chaudhary, The Bookworm

Hathiram Chaudhary, The Bookworm

This one comes from the series that made us think and contemplate apart from being a thriller. This character is the one who swears by the rule book and reads all the material on how to play online rummy ever written. However, he never makes it till the finish line because online rummy is not about rules only. A good rummy player should know how to improvise at the table and change their online rummy strategy accordingly. Nod, if you agree!

Hafiz Ali, The Skeptical

Hafiz Ali, The Skeptical

Playing a terrorist in the crime thriller Special Ops, Hafiz Ali would naturally be a player who keeps a hawk’s eye on his opponents in online rummy tournaments. He is someone who would second guess all the tricks his opponents are using against him. Ali would almost always be one of the players who would end up at the final table of real money rummy games, but he finds his nemesis ready to take him down! 

Harshad Mehta, The Know-it-all

Harshad Mehta, The Know it all

This guy is the street smart one. Someone who doesn’t play by the rules and thinks he knows the nitty-gritty of online rummy tournaments and real money rummy games but fails to reach the end of the game. Mostly because he thought a small bluff, a shortcut would help him beat his opponents. He leaves the tables defeated!

Aarya, The Bluffmaster

Aarya the Bluffmaster

She would be a new online rummy player, someone who studies the games and played free games to sharpen her skills to develop a solid online rummy strategy before playing real money rummy. Even after being a new rummy player, her practice and her instincts help her pull off bluffs seamlessly. She ends within the top three ranks with her remarkable performance. 

Kaleen Bhaiya, The Pro

Kaleen Bhaiya The Pro

Kaleen Bhaiya needs no introduction to all ‘Mirzapur enthusiasts’ in our country. He’s the unbeaten online rummy pro who faces setbacks sometimes, but always comes through stronger. He is the OP online rummy player if we talk in the Gen Z lingo used all over the internet. We think, he is the one at the top and will remain at the top in online rummy tournaments, at least until a new-born enemy comes back for a revenge! 

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