Win 2X Month Baazi Rewards by Playing Rummy on RummyBaazi

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02 June 2021

Play Rummy to Win 2X Baazi Rewards Play Rummy to Win 2X Baazi Rewards

Online rummy has turned out to be a great source of entertainment, cutting across the generations in India. The fast-paced, competitive and rewarding structure of online rummy has been welcomed by many & is a delight if you feel stressed out or want to win some money.

But is that it?

We understand you invest a lot of time into practising games on the tables which later is utilised in playing cash tourneys or scheduled rummy tournaments. But as you know that online rummy is a game of skill, you would need to initially play a lot. However, once you do so, you might win some surprises along the way. Additionally, there is always the possibility of gaining unmatched analytical capabilities which can also be used in other aspects of your life.

That said, our team thought it just wasn’t enough. We needed to further reward our Baazigars for their time & efforts. So, besides introducing new most-rewarding tournaments of rummy, we have also integrated a feature where you can claim Baazi Rewards twice a month.

Yes, you heard it right! You don’t have to wait till the 1st of every month as you can claim a new Baazi reward every 15 days. Just hit your favourite cash tables or tourneys and win games following our unique rummy tips & tricks. Claim rewards like Smartphones, PS5, iPhone 12, One Plus 8, 2 Lac Cash prize, among others.

Imagine winning an iPhone 12 & the 2 LAC Cash Prize in the same month. You can travel to a new place with a brand new iPhone 12 in your pocket.

Well, you might have guessed it right, it wouldn’t be as easy as it looks. You require a lot of practice and determination to win some games from nowhere. But once you master the art of rummy, no one can stop you from reaching your goals.

Also, if you’re a newbie, rest assured, you can follow our social media pages for some amazing tips & tricks and play a few practice games. Once you get your basics right, start hitting the cash tables. We are certain you can be the next Pro Baazigar!

Keep Playing, Keep Winning, only on RummyBaazi.

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