5 New Opportunities to Play Online Rummy for Real Money on RummyBaazi

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19 October 2020

5 Reasons to Play Real Money Online Rummy 5 Reasons to Play Real Money Online Rummy

Real money online rummy games have become the centre of action for online gamers all over the country. With LACS to win from and multiple variants and formats to enjoy, the Indian online rummy industry is the place to be!

India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi is one of the main operators offering unbeatable online rummy promotions. Our Baazigars enjoy special access to our outstanding monthly online rummy promotions for all cash game players, tournament players and free entry tournament players.

Here’s what India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi has in store for you during the #RummyBaaziOctoberFest!

Reasons to Play Real Money Online Rummy

Cash Dash 2.0 Worth 24 LAC

Online rummy promotions like this one easily becomes the show stopper of the month. You are all going to be richer than ever if you are up for some cash gaming. 4 weekly Leaderboards are scheduled to go live between 4th October and 31st October promising a GTD prize pool worth 24 LAC for those who love to play online rummy cash games.

These Leaderboards will run on mid and high stake cash games with mid category giving away 2 LAC each and high category giving away 4 LAC each. So, play online rummy cash games relentlessly and win relentlessly! 

Super Rummy Deposit Codes

This is an exclusive online rummy offer to our players only since it is based on their current tier level namely bronze, silver, gold, diamond and platinum. Together, they offer a total of 7.5K locked bonus to all players. 

Here’s where you can know more about this phenomenal online rummy offer: Monthly Promotions

Daily 10K RP Tournament

It’s a party all over the rummy tables on RummyBaazi for all mid stakes players. This one-of-a-kind rummy tournament needs only 10 Reward Points (RP) for you to enter the competition and win from a massive prize worth INR 10,000! The tourney rolls out from Monday to Saturday at 8 PM every week. So, hit the tables and win real money without even spending a penny!

New 1K RP Tournament

This one is for our beginner-level players or low stakes players. All you need is just 1 Reward Point to enter this tournament and win from INR 1,000 without spending a single rupee! The 1K online rummy tournaments are held throughout the week at 5 PM. So calling out all low stakers for an action-packed gaming session!

25K Depositors Freeroll

Do you have a thing for mid stakes online rummy tournaments? If yes, hit the 25K Depositors Freeroll as the action is going to heighten every day there! Make a deposit of INR 200 using code ‘Daily25K’ and book your spot at the tables to win from that massive cash prize of INR 25,000!

Apart from the above mentioned five opportunities, we have also got free entry online rummy tournaments rolling every day. These promise 3K and 5K prizes and go live EVERY DAY at 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM and 6PM. 

Well, we have said enough. We think it’s time for some action at the rummy tables. See you there!

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