Did You Know You Can Win From 7.3 Lakhs on RummyBaazi!

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21 August 2019


In order to commemorate the 73rd year of our Independence, we are hosting several Free Entry Tournaments throughout the month of August. These tournaments will feature a combined guaranteed prize money worth a massive ₹7.3 Lakhs!

Play & Win for Free

Come celebrate the month of freedom by playing your favourite online rummy game and win from lakhs for FREE. Each week we are hosting 8 free entry tournaments from Monday to Saturday for a guaranteed prize of ₹1000 each.

On Sundays, we have increased the prize money to ₹2000 each for those tournaments throughout the day. So use your rummy skills to claim from ₹8000 worth of free prizes every day this month, which doubles up on Sundays!

Being a new rummy operator in the industry, we are delighted to see our RummyBaazi family grow bigger each day. We are delighted to announce that the events we hosted under an initiative to raise funds to sponsor the education of young girls in collaboration with KHUSHII, an NGO (working towards the empowerment of women) rolled out successfully.

Don’t Forget About Baazi Rewards

Our loyalty rewards program, Baazi Rewards offers a unique system which works on the fundamental: ‘more play, more rewards’. The more cash games you play on RummyBaazi, the bigger the rewards you claim.

Here are some amazing rewards that we offer on our loyalty rewards program:

  • At level 4, you can claim Adichai Rainbow Fidget Spinner with 75 reward points.
  • At Level 13, you can avail Amazon Fire Stick with 1500 reward points.
  • At Level 15, you can avail Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa with 2500 reward points.
  • At Level 17, you can claim real cash prize worth ₹25,000 with 10000 reward points.
  • At Level 18, you can avail a Goa Package for 3 days/4 nights with 20000 reward points.

There’s nothing to lose on RummyBaazi- India’s most rewarding rummy website. Register for our Free Entry Tournaments and stand a chance to win from ₹7.3 Lakhs!

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