Childhood Games like Rummy that We All Played and Loved

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30 July 2019

Childhood Games- Rummy Childhood Games- Rummy

As children, we really looked forward to Summer Vacations. We slept till we wished, played until dark and then played some more. As the summer vacations are on, let’s revisit those good old days by remembering the childhood games that we all played and loved.


Who isn’t familiar with this strategy board game? Played by two to four players, each player had to race his/her tokens (four) as per the dice rolls, before the other players.


Played by two teams with any number of members, a pile of flat stones had to be hit with a ball and then re-stacked as the keeper from the other team went to fetch the ball and tried to hit the guy (who hit the pile) or his/her team members to earn a point, before he/she re-stacked the pile. 

Chain Chor

Recess wasn’t meant for the midday meal. It was our time to play Chain Chor. The game had a ‘denner’ who had to catch people. As soon as he caught one person, the denner and that person had to form a chain and then catch other players. As they kept on catching people, the chain grew longer. 

Raja, Mantri, Chor, Sipahi

In the back benches, during recess, the game ‘Raja, Mantri, Chor, Sipahi’, brings back some of the fondest memories. A simple chit game with four players, each player had to pick a chit to know which character they were. Only the Raja (King - 1000  points) and Sipahi (Soldier - 500 points) were allowed to reveal who they were. The Raja used to ask the Sipahi (Soldier) to find the Chor (Thief - 0 points). If the Sipahi guessed it right, he/she got his/her allotted 500 points and the wrong guess would give the points to the Chor (Thief). Mantri was probably the luckiest person as he/she definitely got their 800 points. 


The one card game that we have all played in our childhood, which introduced us to the world of cards was Rummy. Adults and kids loved the game alike because it brought all of us together for a gala time. 

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