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Win From INR 2.7 LAC Along With Regular Winnings on Cash Tables

Want to make your favourite card game more rewarding? Looking for online rummy promotions that will fill your bank account to the brim? If yes, then things have worked out for you! RummyBaazi is all set to introduce another interesting event: RummyBaazi Cash Drive. If you're a competitive person, then this will surely be a treat for you.

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Did You Know You Can Win From 7.3 Lakhs on RummyBaazi!

In order to commemorate the 73rd year of our Independence, we are hosting several Free Entry Tournaments throughout the month of August. These tournaments will feature a combined guaranteed prize money worth a massive ₹7.3 Lakhs!

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Childhood Games like Rummy that We All Played and Loved

As children, we really looked forward to Summer Vacations. We slept till we wished, played until dark and then played some more. As the summer vacations are on, let’s revisit those good old days by remembering the childhood games that we all played and loved.


Who isn’t familiar with this strategy board game? Played by two to four players, each player had to race his/her tokens (four) as per the dice rolls, before the other players.


Played by two teams with any number of members, a pile of flat stones had to be hit with a ball and then re-stacked as the keeper from the other team went to fetch the ball and tried to hit the guy (who hit the pile) or his/her team members to earn a point, before he/she re-stacked the pile. 

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Rummybaazi Lets You Play For Free, Win And Redeem Instantly!

Real Cash Prizes for Free!

Fed up of using your amazing rummy skills only for entertainment? Is your exceptionality not receiving the deserved acknowledgment? We think you have landed on the right gaming website/app. Presenting India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website. It’s the place where you will win loads while applying only your skills!

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Why Is Rummy India’s Most Loved Card Game?

India’s fascination with cards dates back a long time! From the age of Kings and Queens till today, Indians have always believed in fate and are more than eager to try out their luck, whatever chance they get. Also, Indians have loved playing games that involve strategizing and anticipating the opponent’s next move. Ever wonder why? If you jog your memory a bit, you’d remember that the epic battle of Kurukshetra was fought with strategy rather than with sheer strength. The stories of the politics involved, and the strategies used have been famous for generations. And that is exactly the kind of thrill rummy provides! While our luck would determine what cards we receive when they are first dealt out, all we have to do is turn a game around by our sheer wit and calculations!

When people start playing rummy, they usually expect to face a game that arouses their marginal interest but find themselves enthralled by the game soon after. Nowadays, it’s so easy to actually play the card game. You don’t have to go to a library or to a board-game store to buy the physical rummy, but rather just search the keywords “play rummy online” and you’ll see how easily you can find some games to play with random people.

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Big Winnings, Instant Withdrawals - Only on RummyBaazi!

Think that you have seen the best of Indian money earning apps? Think again, because you are yet to experience the best ever. Never before have such huge prizes been guaranteed in a free online rummy game - Baazi Games. They are here to #BreakTheIllusion with RummyBaazi, India’s most rewarding online Rummy website

How is RummyBaazi different than other 13 Card Rummy Game Apps? 

From cash games to big ticket online tournaments, there’s no other competitor in the market with so many game variations. Furthermore, we are the only ones to guarantee real money withdrawals, as soon as you win. NO FAKE PROMISES. NO DELAYS. ONLY HARD CASH. 

Sign up now and get bonus promo chips.

Is It Legal? 

RummyBaazi is a cent per cent legal app with the benchmark security and trust of BaaziGames. Our online rummy app is user-friendly, ad-free and easy to understand. 

A Bonus Bonanza

On every deposit, you can get a bonus amount by using a special super code, which will be credited once you have reached a particular VIP level. Here are the bonus percentages allocated to every level, as per the deposits made: 

Bronze - 20% to a maximum of ₹300

Silver - 25% to a maximum of ₹750

Gold - 30% to a maximum of ₹1,350

Diamond - 40% to a maximum of ₹3,600

Platinum - 50% to a maximum of ₹7,500 

In addition to the bonus, a fixed amount of coins will also be credited at different VIP levels. 

Silver - 500 coins

Gold - 2000 coins

Diamond - 10000 coins

Platinum - 50000 coins

For real-time withdrawals and guaranteed winnings, click here to install RummyBaazi’s Android app. Follow us on our social media channels to get more RummyBaazi Bonus and Promo codes. 

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RummyBaazi: The Portal to Play Rummy Online For Real Money in India

Would you like to play rummy online to win real money in India? If so, this is your time to break through the ordinary and switch to India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website to translate your passion for the game into some BIG rewards. We are talking about RummyBaazi (RB), a budding venture of Baazi Games Pvt Ltd., one of the leading online gaming service providers in the country. The latter is the parent concern of online gaming giants called PokerBaazi and BalleBaazi.

RummyBaazi: Pop your game with highly-rewarding experiences!

Being a brainchild of Baazi Group, RB hinges on a class-leading online gaming experience comprising of a secure gaming environment and an exciting loyalty reward structure. These two attributes are explained below:

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