How to Win Loyalty Rewards Playing Online Rummy on RummyBaazi?

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21 March 2020

How to Win Loyalty Rewards How to Win Loyalty Rewards

Leading the Indian online rummy industry in several aspects, RummyBaazi is known for rewarding players in an unconventional way. From offering a brand-new OnePlus 7T for just INR 70 to offering real cash prizes worth INR 25K every day, RummyBaazi (RB) has been setting benchmarks for the industry with its trendsetting offerings.

Apart from these monthly promotions, we offer you Baazi Rewards – a class-apart Loyalty Rewards program. Now, spend as much time as you want at the RummyBaazi felts and get rewarded via Baazi Rewards worth a total of INR 4 LAC.

This is really achievable because it rewards you not on the result of the games you play on our platform, but on your pure loyalty for rummy. The rewards are claimed against the points you earn which comes with a 2 month-long expiry period. This means, you can play, win and claim rewards at your convenience!

How Does Baazi Rewards Work?

Baazi Rewards Work

  1. Hit as many online cash games as you can.
  2. Each coin you earn helps you generate Reward Points.
  3. Earn Reward Points and unlock different levels to claim your favourite rewards.

With our latest online rummy cash game promotion - Happy Hours (Special Edition) - you can generate reward points up to 3 times faster!

Following is the time configuration for the Happy Hours:

  1. 03:00 Hrs. to 11:00 Hrs.: 3x Reward points
  2. 11:00 Hrs. to 18:00 Hrs.: 2x Reward points
  3. 18:00 Hrs. to 03:00 Hrs.: 1.5x Reward points

Don’t know how to play rummy online on RummyBaazi? Here’s a helpful link: How to play 13 card online rummy like a pro!

Check out what our beloved Baazigars had to say about their experience with Baazi Rewards:

  1. Jitendra Dube a.k.a “Jitendradube” on getting a JBL Bluetooth Speaker

“I've been playing on RummyBaazi for 6 months and I find their promotions very interesting and exciting. I have always loved rummy and the RummyBaazi app makes it so much more fun! Happy Hours has spiced up the online rummy gaming arena. I was stoked on getting a brand new JBL Speaker!

  1. Govardhan “gogu9639” Buridi on winning a Vivo smartphone worth 15K 

“I love to play online rummy on RummyBaazi, they have the smoothest and fastest withdrawal process. The Happy Hours have proved to be a game changer for players nationwide. Besides, their Customer Support Team is very prompt in clearing any kind of confusion.”

  1. Gaurav “Rickybaliyan” Chaudhary on claiming a JBL Bluetooth Speaker

“My friends and I were thrilled to know that I got a JBL Speaker just by playing online rummy on RB. Playing online rummy on RB is pretty rewarding. They have the best interface to offer that’s clutter-free and super smooth. I don't have to struggle to look for any kind of information.”

  1. Thavathirunesan Jayasankar a.k.a “Kapilta” on getting a JBL Bluetooth Speaker

“Rummy has been my favourite card game of all times and with the recent release of the Happy Hours, I’m loving each game I play. RummyBaazi is a superb gaming platform. I like their interface, it is very smooth, responsive and has great emojis and chat options! It’s 24*7 fun.”

  1. Vaibhav Vishe a.k.a “Vaibhavv” on winning a JBL Bluetooth Speaker

“RummyBaazi is an amazing real money gaming app. Playing rummy on their platform is stimulating and productive. Their withdrawal and deposit process is very simple, quick and easy to understand. Personally, I love Baazi Rewards where I can win phones, vacations and much more and Happy Hours has made it all the more fun!

Apart from JBL Bluetooth Speakers and OnePlus 7T smartphone, Baazi Rewards also offers prizes like iPhone 11 Pro, Vivo smartphone, a trip to Goa, cash prizes worth INR 50,000 and INR 2 LAC!

All you need to do is hit those online rummy cash games only on India’s most trusted and legal website, RummyBaazi to start your winning streak!

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