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27 September 2019

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There is always someone whom you idolize. From an actor to a fictional character, you relate to them and see yourself in their shoes. You try to be like them in every walk of life. We have been lucky enough to find a resemblance between some of the renowned characters in the world and rummy players, who, with their style of playing have shown the same traits as these famous individuals. In this blog, we have picked the top 4 gravatars of rummy players. Drop a comment if you think you are one of them.

Batman / Batgirl

A vigilante, he/she makes sure that even if there’s a little thing that’s wrong or unjust, it does not go unnoticed. They are extra careful about ensuring that people play the game with honesty and keep the integrity of the game intact. 

Sherlock Holmes

The sharpest of the lot, they use their brains and are very observant of each and every player’s moves. If anyone thinks that they can act smart with them, they are destined to be taken for a ride.


Such players are really good at heart, but it doesn’t mean that they can be easily messed with. If they lose once, they are going to come back stronger and give a tough fight, no matter how better their opponents are.  


The one and the only boss of the game, they can do the most impossible of things to turn the game in their favour. Always carrying a winner’s attitude, they make their presence felt, as soon as they arrive at the table.

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