5 Things to do If You Feel Challenged at Online Rummy Cash Tables

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31 October 2020

Things to do at Rummy Cash Tables Things to do at Rummy Cash Tables

What fun there is than facing a challenge and handling it like a pro! A game of online rummy is all about facing challenges and overcoming them with your unbeatable skills. However, no matter how good your online rummy skills are, the games would not turn out to be in your favour each time. This is when one of the most pressing question comes in the forefront: What should a player do if they are facing difficulties at the online rummy cash tables? 

Before discussing the remedy of your problem, let us first narrow down the list of common rummy mistakes most often commit at the tables.

  • After winning several hands in online rummy cash games consecutively, many players tend to play relentlessly, hoping to win. However, it does not work like that. Even the biggest, unbeatable players lose several games in their lifetime.
  • Players don’t pay attention on what their opponents are up to.

  • Players don’t shuffle their melded hands.

  • Players don’t know when to drop out of the game.

  • Playing can’t strike a balance between their family time and gaming time.

How we can Resolve these Common Rummy Mistakes

How to resolve common rummy mistakes

Switch to a Smaller Table

If you find yourself losing several games, switch to smaller stake tables. This will reduce some burden for you and you can continue to enjoy the sport.

Take a Break from Online Rummy

If you still find yourself losing huge amounts of money even after switching to smaller online rummy cash tables, take a break. This is a clear sign of fatigue and it is always better to freshen up from time to time. 

Take Out Time for your Family/Friends

Try to have a balanced life between playing online rummy cash games and spending time with your family and friends. Keep a check on yourself and try to fulfil all your responsibilities towards your family.

Set Limits on your Deposits

You can limit your time and money you spend on the online rummy cash tables. With a special feature on the RummyBaazi app, you can set limits on your deposit under our responsible gaming initiative. You can easily set limits on a weekly or monthly basis so that you don’t spend more than your pocket allows.

Switch to Free Games for Sometime

Players can always take some time off from online rummy cash games. Play free online rummy games, get your skills sharpened and you can always come back to rummy real cash games. 

Take the Smart Route to the National Rummy League!

Well, now if you face a challenging situation at online rummy cash game tables, you know what to do next. RummyBaazi is turning up the fever at the tournament zone with the National Rummy League (NRL) that goes live on 8th November! 

Play the Baazi 2K or the Prime 4K daily and if you climb to the top 5 or the top 10 of these respective online rummy tournaments, you win a free ticket to the NRL. So, if the mundane cash games are getting at you, take the safe route to bigger winnings!

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