Things to Do Besides Online Rummy to Stay in High Spirits During Lockdown

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26 March 2020

7 Thing To Do During Lock Down 7 Thing To Do During Lock Down

Since organizations are allowing their employees to work from home to maintain social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s some spare time to let in some positivity during this crisis. Firstly, let’s acknowledge the fact that none of us are used to being at home for such a long period of time. This is why we need to look for some great pastimes like binge-watching movies, play online cash games of rummy or even childhood board games to let in some good old fun vibes.

We have some awesome online rummy games for you but we have saved the best for the last. So, to begin, here are some fun things you can do during the quarantine spell besides online cash games of rummy.

7 Fun Things to Do :

Binge watch series/movies

Now is the perfect time to check some headers from your binge-watch list which was just getting longer every day. Hit those streaming apps, grab some nachos or some other snack and gear up for some ‘me time’.

Nurture some greens

Well, the spring season is here and nature is claiming mother earth once again so why not decorate your kitchen garden with some seasonal plants. Dust off those gardening tools and get started.

Go back to your forgotten hobbies

This will surely help you in reliving your childhood days. Hitting those sketch pencils or paint colors will surely bring back some good memories and kill some time for you.

Spend some quality time with family

At the risk of sounding utopian, family time can be a whole lot of fun. Bring back those board games, Monopoly, Scrabble or even your childhood favorite, carrom or ludo.. Reconnect with your precious ones over game time or evening tea time.

Movie/Series Marathon

We all love our Harry Potters, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Gangs of Wasseypurs, Sacred Games and more. Well, what better time than this to become a movie nerd again. Time to brush up those fictional facts, mate!

Indoor workouts

We’ve all been there, planning a workout session starting from next week. The present times are just the perfect time to chisel those muscles, welcome your healthy self and counter the physical lockdown mode.

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All of this within the comfort of your four walls!

So let’s pump in some good vibes into our lives by making every day count. Try to do as many productive things as you can. Work on your health, develop taste for a new hobby, learn how to play an online game and most important of all, maintain social distance.

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