The Battle of The Superior Form - Online Rummy or LIVE Rummy?

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19 June 2019

Online Rummy or LIVE Rummy Online Rummy or LIVE Rummy

For some it might be just another card game. But for passionate players out there, Rummy is a serious obsession. Baazi Games recognized their urge to play and designed an online platform for their convenience. Offering an uncannily similar experience of playing with friends and family when people are together, RummyBaazi is also a notch-above when it comes to keeping the passion for the game alive, in comparison to other online Rummy websites. Here’s why India’s most rewarding Rummy website score’s a major win over LIVE Rummy.

 Play 24x7

Now you won’t have to wait for festivals or weekends to host up an exclusive card party, meet your friends and have the satisfaction of playing Rummy! Just ask for availability, join a game, and start winning. Even if your gang isn’t free, you can find thousands of Rummy fans like you and play with them, anytime, anywhere. From free games to exciting paid games, you’ve got a world of options to choose from!

Instant Withdrawals

Hate those three cursed words – “Pay you later”? If you win, you have all the rights in the world over that money; and we understand that so only with RummyBaazi, will you be able to withdraw your money instantly. Play. WIN. Withdraw. Take that, Live Rummy.

From instant, we mean that you get your winnings in your bank account even on Sundays and public holidays!

You can WIN for FREE

No money to play? No problem. We host a free tournament every hour with a guaranteed cash prize of ₹1000. You say, “is that the best you can do?” we say, definitely not. A world of Baazi Rewards with 3N/4D Goa Trip, Samsung S10, cash winnings up to ₹2 Lakhs, and much more waits for you to be explored.

So don’t get bothered if you are out of cash because we’ve got your back. Simply log on to RummyBaazi and start your winning streak!

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