The Art of Rummy

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16 October 2019

The Art of Rummy The Art of Rummy

“I’ve Been Hearing A Lot about Rummy and How Rewarding It Is!”

Yes! Playing rummy can be an edge-of-the-seat, hold-your-breath experience if you know how to play your cards right (no pun intended). But if you don’t know your way around rummy, have no worries, because we at RummyBaazi, one of India’s most beloved rummy playing online destination, are here to teach you the ins and outs of the card game.

Playing rummy can be a source of fun and relaxation, and a lot of Indians choose it as their hobby, while some others treat it as a passion. Then, there are those who dedicate their life to the game, building a career out of it and winning big enough to enjoy a life of comfort. But no matter which kind of rummy player you are, being good at rummy gives you a chance to have a good time while also leveling up your life. Provided you have the skill for it, of course.

“Skill? Isn’t Rummy a Game of Chance?”


Or at least The Supreme Court of India doesn’t think so. Clarifying its position of game of rummy, it clearly said that rummy was a “game of skill.” What does that mean? It means that rummy needs a skill set to win, which makes in different from a “game of chance” that a landmark Supreme Court verdict in 1996 said is different from a “game of skill” and that betting and wagering on games of chance is what constitutes “gambling.”

To quote the Supreme Court directly, “The expression `gaming' in the two Acts has to be interpreted in the light of the law laid-down by this Court in the two Chamarbaugwala cases, wherein it has been authoritatively held that a competition which substantially depends on skill is not gambling. Gaming is the act or practice of gambling on a game of chance. It is staking on chance where chance is the controlling factor. `Gaming' in the two Acts would, therefore, mean wagering or betting on games of chance. It would not include games of skill like horse-racing.”

 Under the Constitution of India, ‘Betting and Gambling’ is a subject of the state and consequently, games of skill are not in the realm of the applicability of Indian laws prohibiting betting and gambling in all Indian states, with only a few notable exceptions. Because of ambiguity in the laws, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha and Telangana as of today, are the only six states in India where players are not allowed to play rummy.

The different rulings of the Supreme Court of India and other Gaming Acts of India can therefore be succinctly put in the following three point:

  • That rummy is a game of skill and not a game of chance.
  • That games of skill, even when played for cash are not illegal.
  • That the penal stipulations of the relevant acts do not apply to games of skill.

“Great! So I can play Rummy legally! But


First, let’s get you started with the basics of rummy. The game of rummy is a multiplayer card adventure played between a minimum of two to a maximum of six players. The objective of the game is to defeat every other player at the table by arranging the cards you are dealt into the best possible sequences and sets in the shortest possible time, besting their cards. The optimum route to achieving this goal is holding on to the matching cards that align and give you points, while discarding the unwanted or unmatched cards.

 If it sounds complicated, know that it’s the farthest thing from that! The rules are quite simple and easy to grasp. In fact, you’re just a few practice games away from being practically a pro at the game of rummy!

Rummy can be played with 13 or 21 cards, but the 13 cards variety is the most popular because it is quicker and more action-packed.

  • Every game is a single deal.
  • Points are assigned a fixed value, for which the players compete.
  • The winner receives a rupee value of the point multiplied by the sum of all points accumulated by the opponents.
  • From this amount, the rake is deducted.
  • There are also variations of elimination: After reaching a set number of points, players are eliminated one at a time, and the last player remaining is crowned the victor.
  • The elimination point in this variant could be set at 101 or 201 points.
  • Bonuses and promotional offers let you boost your bankroll and save big while you win bigger

“Awesome! Where do I start playing Rummy?”

 RummyBaazi’s Free Entry Tournaments are a great place to grind and practice your game until you’re ready to put your money where your cards are. Micro tourneys on our platform worth INR 1 & INR 2 are a good testing ground for your game once you get the hang of rummy and want to play extremely small stakes.

 So go ahead and unleash your inner rummy master at RummyBaazi now!

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