Here’s How You Can Spot a Seasoned Rummy Player!

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02 July 2021

Spot Seasoned Rummy Player Spot Seasoned Rummy Player

Experts say anyone can learn how to play rummy, but it takes determination and hard work to develop the pro-level skills. One of those skills is to pick reads from your opponent’s play and that can be a tricky task.  Rest assured because we are here to make the transition of you turning a pro from a newbie buttery smooth! 

Knowing your competition can put you ahead in the game right from the beginning. Let us introduce you to the mind of an experienced rummy player. Here we go!

They have a Hawk’s Eye on their Opponents

No matter how smart you try to outplay your opponent they are going to pick tells from your gameplay since you are fairly new to the game. Just like you, they are also aware of the tricks players use to outwit their opponents. As a consequence, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the game if you make the mistake of being naïve and not notice their superior rummy skills

Here’s what you can do instead! Simply pull off a bluff that doesn’t affect your game badly and see how they react. 

Being Decisive is their Biggest Strength

All competitive players who want to stick around for a long time do their due diligence. They are always prepared with skills that cannot be beaten by any new player at the rummy tables. Therefore, with the ammunition of those invincible skills, they tend to develop the quality of being highly decisive. 

An expert online rummy player makes the quickest decisions which you can easily observe when they pick and discard cards during a game.

Bigger Fishes Play on Higher Stakes Tables

With years of knowledge, experienced rummy players tend to play on higher stakes tables where they can win bigger prizes. As they can count on their expertise, they take the risk of playing for bigger bet-values. Therefore, if you are new to online rummy start playing smaller stakes tables in order to avoid the bigger fishes in the river. 

Each Move comes with a Trick

Seasoned rummy players always have a perfect strategic plan in place the moment they read the other players on the table. As a result, each move they make has a lot going on in the background. So you have to play as many games as you can to efficiently read their tells and become an undefeatable player the Indian circuit of rummy has ever seen!

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Go hit the rummy tables now and claim your dominance!

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