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12 February 2021

Songs Capture Truest Emotions at Online Rummy Tables Songs Capture Truest Emotions at Online Rummy Tables

We Indians love our music and when we mix it up with our favourite card game, the combination gets lethal! Perhaps, this has been a go to combo for a big chunk of 13 card rummy game lovers during lockdown because music and games can turn around any situation and make your otherwise dull and boring week-days fun!

So let us try an interesting activity today and see if we were to express our feelings while playing 13 card games online on RummyBaazi, what would be your playlist to describe your truest emotions during the game? 

Let’s go through some of the situations that you often face at the tables of 13 card rummy games online and tickle our funny bones!

  1. When you got out-bluffed by your opponent at a rummy table

Kuch na kaho kuch bhi na kaho

  1. When you were about to declare & your internet goes wonky

Chan se toote koi sapna

  1. When you needed a joker to complete a sequence & declare and it pops in the open deck

DJ wale babu mera gaana bajado

  1. You, one night before your favourite online rummy tournament going live

Mujhe neend na aaye mujhe chain na aaye

  1. When the exact same card you needed comes up from the closed deck

Aaj me upar aasman niche

  1. When you get the worst hand possible & you’re torn between dropping the game or give it a try

Kya kare kya na kare ye kaisi mushkil haaye

  1. When you successfully pulled off a bluff against your opponent

Mujhko pehchan lo me hu don

Which of the above songs do you think were the most appropriate as per the situations given?

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This February, Go Crazy!

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