Smart Habits of a Winning Player in Online Rummy

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26 June 2020

The growth and popularity of 13 card online rummy games have been tremendous in India since it hit the online gaming space. This century old card game has captured young minds due to its various elements that not just makes the play around exciting but lets you evolve into a smarter being with time.

Indeed, regular rummy players have developed some core habits over time that sets them apart from the occasional bees hovering on the tables. So, if you want to be a winning player in online rummy games, these are the habits of players who take the game seriously in order to secure a consistent run.

Key Habits of A Winner

Develop Hawk Eyed Vision

In order to thrive in online rummy games and tournaments, you need to constantly keep a hawk eye on your opponents as to what cards they are picking and discarding from the open deck. This gives you an informational edge over your opponents on what sets and sequences they are attempting so that you do not throw away any cards blindly that could fill the gaps in their game.

This demands an increased level of concentration at the table which means players should not try to juggle between multiple things at a time and enjoy minor distractions but concentrate their efforts solely on the table. In short, all eyes on the table!

Know When to Drop

When you play rummy online for real money, knowing when to drop is an essential element of the game that pros take into consideration every time they hit the tables. There arises different circumstances in which dropping the game in time is a way to exercise damage control. If you do not drop in time, you will end up incurring a hefty penalty score that reflects poorly on your bankroll.

Since dropping the game at different stages of the game costs you different number of points, you must calculate the odds of winning the game at the very beginning by taking note of your cards and drop in time in case you hit a gutter hand.

Online Rummy Winner's Habits

Become a Smart Planner

Anyone who plays rummy online must understand the importance of planning one’s moves very carefully at every turn of the game. Sorting the cards real quick and clean in order of better probability of securing quick and easy combinations is key to becoming a winner in online rummy games.

To be in better control of your game, pros constantly re-arrange their cards according to changing circumstances. In a skill game like online rummy, you always need to be one step ahead of your opponents and as such, continually need to evaluate your game to take the winner’s seat. Hence, it’s a given that playing rummy online definitely makes you a better planner.

Know When to Quit

A key habit of every professional online rummy player is to know when to call it a day. Every player, even a pro has his bad days in a game. So, if you happen to lose a couple of games today, it is always better you take a break and visit the tables another day.

It is very important that you play rummy online with a fresh bent of mind when your brain is operating to its full strength. Pursuing losses in any game of skill is a foolish move and will only end up hurting your bankroll.

Adopt these habits the next time you play rummy online and you shall become a winning player in no time. Meanwhile begin your pro run with our latest rummy tournaments and enjoy your favorite game in all its glory.

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