Rummy Lovers, Rejoice! India’s Most Rewarding Online Rummy Website, Rummybaazi Is Here

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18 June 2019

India’s Most Rewarding Online Rummy Website India’s Most Rewarding Online Rummy Website

 As ardent fans of online gaming that gives you a chance to win money and also the most renowned and trusted inceptors, we at Baazi Games, are about to change the face of Online Rummy with our latest platform, RummyBaazi.

 What’s in it for me?

 Well, we are glad that you asked. We are equally passionate for the game and have come up with RummyBaazi because we weren’t finding what we really needed to experience Rummy at its best. For your loyalty to the game, there are guaranteed Baazi Rewards which operates on Loyalty Reward Points (LRP) which have no expiry date. This program promises prizes worth ₹4 Lakhs!  


 Ooh, ₹4 Lakh! Tell me more about it.

 The Baazi Reward loyalty program functions with the simple logic of “passion must be rewarded.” This is something that we love to do for people who are dedicated to the game. The more you play, the more you get our attention; and just to honour you, we might even (read definitely) go above and beyond the said ₹4 Lakh mark.

 Okay. Still, why should I switch to RummyBaazi?

 Because we mean it when we say that RummyBaazi is India’s most rewarding online Rummy website. We understand the game inside out, hence have made the interface extremely user-friendly and free from distracting whistles and bells, advertisements and pop-ups. Within 5 minutes of installing the app, you will get the hang of it as the interface is so seamless. The only difference that you will notice is that you are going to win more, right from the moment you signup.

 What are your USPs?

 Our USPs begin, end and are centred around YOU, the lovers of the game. Our highly-rewarding incentives are extended across the following categories:

  • Signup and Deposit Bonus
  • ₹4 Lakh worth Baazi Rewards
  • Referral Awards 
  • No Expiry on Reward Points

 At every step, you have a chance to make the most of your money, unlike other websites.

Trust and Security – The Name of the Game

 Baazi Games is synonymous with breaking new ground in the field of online gaming. We are the oldest and most rapidly-expanding platform in the country right now, credited with offering a holistic experience to fans of online gaming with an extensive portfolio which includes Poker, Fantasy Cricket and now Rummy. 

Combining all our verticals, we have been backed by the trust of 30 Million+ people and are putting India on the map with our disruptive ideas. We offer secure payment gateways and the prize money is cent per cent real.

 Never Miss Out on a Chance to WIN

 We provide you real-time updates on any competition/game that we are hosting on our platform. To maximize the advantage and offer you maximum value for your time, money, data and phone space, we offer:

  • Cash Games
  • Online Tournaments
  • Game Variations – Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deal Rummy
  • Blazing-fast Withdrawals 
  • Multi-layered Customer Support 

With RummyBaazi, Neither the Fun Stops, Nor the Rewards

 It’s game time now. So pick up your phone, install the app and get on winning ways with India’s most rewarding online Rummy website, RummyBaazi.  

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