How Safe Is It To Play Online Rummy On RummyBaazi?

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28 August 2020

The Indian online rummy industry has been working to provide a fair and safe gaming environment for players nationwide. Ensuring a secure gaming space has therefore, been a constant endeavour for RummyBaazi. Apart from using a certified software, RummyBaazi has introduced some strict guidelines to offer the most rewarding online rummy experience to its players.

To evict all chances of unusual activities on our online rummy platform, we keep monitoring our players and their activities round-the-clock. To restrict unfair practices, we prohibit any two players to play online rummy from the same IP address on RummyBaazi.

The following are the filters that are applicable on all player profiles on our online rummy platform. We advise all players to follow these guidelines to enjoy responsible and fair gaming on RummyBaazi.

Responsible Gaming Guidelines

Safe Online Rummy

1. Age Verification

All RummyBaazi players are required to produce a valid proof of their age before they play real money online rummy cash games. We strictly restrict under-age gaming and in case, our team comes across any dishonest or fraudulent behavior, the player’s account and winnings will be forfeited immediately and he/she might face criminal prosecution.

2. Setting Limits on Your Real Money Deposits

We encourage our players to monitor their budget sensibly. Our online rummy platform allows players to restrict their weekly and/or monthly real money rummy deposit limits.

Setting these limits acts against the development of obsessive and/or compulsive behavior in a player and helps you become a responsible and sensible player that can, in turn, also further your wins when you play online rummy on RummyBaazi.

3. Stop Fraudulent and Criminal Behaviour

Any registered RummyBaazi player suspected of collusion is permanently blocked from playing all games of rummy online on our platform with immediate effect without prior notice.

Strict anti-money laundering policies and procedures are in place as per the law-enforcement agencies to ensure that you play your favorite card game within the ambit of Indian laws.

 4. Prompt and Accurate Customer Payments

All payments and transactions made by our online rummy players are carried through via a secure and 256 bit encrypted medium to ensure safer transactions and keep your precious money secure in your account.

We make every possible effort to make RummyBaazi the safest online rummy platform wherein you can, not just learn, play rummy online but also be rest assured that your wins are strictly yours and there shall be no discrepancy in the delivery of your dues! The online rummy portal has a dedicated space to manage your funds and rewards. 

 5. Fair and Certified Code

RummyBaazi has a safe and secure software certified by a third party vendor that’s further certified as per international rules and norms. This technology enables the cards to be picked randomly when you play rummy online and nothing can be handled manually on our website and/or apps.

RummyBaazi employs an algorithm called Public Domain RNG Algorithm for our gaming platforms which is certified by BMM Testlabs. This algorithm is created as per international rules and norms to ascertain fair play under all circumstances.

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6. TDS Policy

TDS in winnings is deducted as per the Income Tax Act 1961. We have a dedicated page explaining the common tax policy of all real money rummy games for our online players on RummyBaazi.

Special Tips for Our Players:

  • Treat online rummy games just as any other game you like to play passionately.
  • Make sure that your passion for the game doesn’t hinder your daily activities and personal and professional lives.
  • Monitor your time spent on playing online rummy games and take sufficient time to learn how to play rummy with the help of our Free Entry tournaments and play money games.
  • Make your weekly and/or monthly online rummy budget and strictly adhere to it.
  • Approach online rummy games from an optimistic viewpoint.
  • Take a break if you are facing a major tilt situation. 

Now, that we’ve kicked all your worries out of the window, learn and play rummy online only on India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi now!

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