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21 January 2020

The latest technology has gifted us a new version of our favourite childhood game, 13 card rummy and it has become a rage in the Indian online rummy community! Rummy lovers across the country are enjoying their favourite card game and winning real money.

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Here’s A Quick Introduction to the Basic Rules of 13 Cards Rummy:

  • In 13 card rummy, each player is dealt with 13 cards each and a random card is picked as the wild joker or joker for the game.
  • A player needs to arrange these cards in sets and sequences, also called a meld.
  • During each turn, a player needs to pick a card either from the discard pile or the closed pile.
  • Upon arranging these cards, the player needs to discard a card into the discard pile. This is done to ensure that at the end of each hand, a player is left with 13 cards only.
  • To win the game, a player must meld a pure sequence (without a joker) and the remaining in valid sets and sequences.
  • As per the Indian rummy rules, the player who manages to declare his/her hand first upon melding valid sets and sequences is declared the winner!

Now that you know the basic rules of rummy, let’s get you introduced to the exciting online rummy variations!

Rummy Variations

1. Points Rummy

Points Rummy also called the ’80 Points Rummy’ is one of the most played variation of online rummy. In this rummy variation, a player plays for points for an already defined value.  It rides on the primary rummy rule of that the points have to come down to zero for any player to win a game.

Currently, RummyBaazi runs several cash games and tournaments under the same format with promised winnings in Lakhs!

2. Deals Rummy

This variant of rummy is played with chips that carry a value. At the beginning of each game, all the players are given equal number of chips. In Deals Rummy, the winner of the game gets the chips of the losing players. At the end, whoever possesses the highest number of chips is declared the winner!

3. Pool Rummy

This variant of rummy is played when all the players chip in or ‘pool in’ to start the game. There are two further variants of Pool Rummy: 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. In this format, a game ends when all the players but one, are eliminated by reaching the 101 or 201 points.

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