Which Online Rummy Variant Suits Your Personality?

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07 September 2020

Picking a variant to stick to has posed as a challenge for almost every online rummy player. A player should first know their strengths and weaknesses while picking their favourite online rummy variant. Get well versed with your personality traits and you are already on the path of making it big at the rummy tables. 

Let’s delve into the intricacies of online rummy variants and how to play online rummy rules!

Types of Online Rummy Games:

Types of Rummy Games

Points Rummy

This variant starts off and ends like an express train but also lets you enjoy every moment throughout the game. Play online rummy and pick this variant if sitting idle is a major pet peeve for you and you consider yourself as a workaholic.

A deal ends super quick in this online rummy variant and you can go ahead and play other games forever without getting bored. Someone who loves to get multiple things done at the same time is most likely to multi-task, so this is their game to conquer!

Pool Rummy

For players who can play long, unending games and have the patience and time to spare should play online pool rummy. It’s a lengthy online rummy variant so somebody who can sit tight and enjoy the non-stop excitement should be at this table. 

This online rummy variant has two further sub-formats: 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. One of the basic rules of pool rummy is that the winner is declared only after all players are eliminated barring one. The last soldier remaining wins the battle! So, if you have grinding abilities and can sit for long lessons, this online rummy variant is for you. 

Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy has a lengthier format and has a set number of deals, unlike online Points rummy. The sub-variations of this online rummy variant are: Best of 2, Best of 3. The how to play deal rummy rule book says that a player has to win more games on an average to beat his/her opponents. 

For instance, Deals Rummy is played with chips and so, the last remaining player who manages to win maximum number of his/her opponent’s chips, wins the game.

The risk of losing even one deal sets you on an excitement-filled game time which can effectively glue you to your gaming seats. However, you should pick this one only if you are an adventure lover and have the spare time to enjoy the game. 

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