3 Unique Tips to Perform Better at Online Rummy

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08 April 2021

Unique Tips for Online Rummy Unique Tips for Online Rummy

Have you been playing online rummy for a while and believe something is missing? This resonates prominently among the new players. Worry not, it's quite common in a game of rummy. This is where we can help you. Just 3 Unique tips can put you ahead of your competitors at Online Rummy. 

1. Analyse the Open Deck

Analyse Open Deck in Online Rummy

One of the best tricks deployed by Pro Online Rummy Players is keeping a constant watch on the open deck, also called discarded section. The discarded card section will become your guide & help you analyze your opponent's moves. When you keep practicing the 13 card rummy game, you gain invaluable analytical insights which can be used to win online rummy games. For instance, after playing a few rounds, you would get an idea of what cards the other players might have, so you may only discard the cards that are not just useful to you but him too, making it difficult for him/ her to form sets or sequences. 

2. Alternate the Colours, Avoid Confusion

Alternate Colours in Online Rummy to Avoid Confusion

Arrange your cards in a red-black-red or black-red-black colour combination. This can help you assess the situation better.

Note: You can use the Helper Mode during the gameplay to calculate the total number of cards in hand. Also, it will help you avoid making invalid declarations.

3. Discard Cards Close to Joker

Discard Cards Close to Joker in Online Rummy

Another classic Indian Rummy tip that can be followed is to discard cards close to the joker. So, if Q is the joker card, discard high-value cards like 9 or 10. This will ensure that the opponent doesn't pick up your cards from the discarded section.

Hope these 3 ingenious online rummy tips help you win more games. If you want to learn more & don't want to stop until you become a pro then check out our page, Rummy Tips & Tricks.

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