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16 December 2020

Online Rummy Tables Ignored Options Online Rummy Tables Ignored Options

While you are busy showing off your moves at the online rummy tables, there might be a few options you may have missed during your games. We will reveal those options today so that you get to try some new moves and strategies and surprise your opponents when you play rummy online on RummyBaazi.

Use Drop Button in Three Ways

The Drop Button

When you join a table to play rummy online on RummyBaazi, you will notice a “Drop” button at the bottom corner of the table. Clicking on this option allows you to drop out of the current game. However, there are three different scenarios that occur when you choose this option.

First Drop

A player typically uses the drop button in online rummy games when he/she gets a gutter hand that has minimum possibility to help you win the game. On the occasion you receive an absolutely gutter hand, you can immediately drop out of the game at the first turn without even picking a card. This will cost you 20 penalty points.

Second Drop

When you receive a losing hand and use the Drop button after the first turn of cards, it is called a Second Drop. Hitting a second drop will cost a player twice the first drop, i.e. 40 penalty points.

Consecutive Misses

If a player deliberately misses one turn after another for three consecutive turns in online rummy games, he/she is dropped out of the game altogether.

Leaving the Table

If you decide to leave the game after drawing one card from the closed deck when you play rummy online for real money, it will be accounted as a Middle drop and you incur 40 points. If you drop without drawing any card at all, you will be penalized with 20 points.

Discard Section

The discard section is displayed at the tables beside each player when you play rummy online for real money on RummyBaazi. It shows each and every card that has been thrown into the open pile by all your opponents. Use this option to get an idea of the combinations that your opponents are attempting during the game. This way, you won’t throw any cards by mistake that might help your opponents to finish their game.

Open Pile

Open pile is the section where all players throw away their unwanted cards at the center of the table. Did you know you can pick cards from this pile to make combinations in online rummy games?

When you play rummy online for real money, you can pick cards from the open pile that has been discarded by the opponent who played right before your turn. However, you cannot pick discarded cards that have been thrown by other opponents earlier than the one who played before you.

Therefore, rummy players are advised to keep a sharp eye on the open pile just so you can pick any important card that your opponent throws away for free. It just so happens that sometimes players who are preoccupied with their own hand only often throws away trump cards by mistake! You wouldn’t want to miss on such opportunities especially when you play rummy online for real money.

Bonus Cards

Bonus cards are simply the trump cards you receive when you play rummy online. The fun part is that there is more than one kind which can get confusing and become a missed opportunity in online rummy games. While the printed jokers are obvious and hard to miss, the numbered jokers could be easily missed as an ordinary card.

Numbered bonus cards change in every new deal. Same reason you must note this bonus card at the beginning of each game so that you do not forget it and toss it away accidentally. And before you know it, someone else stole your lucky card right in front of you!

We hope you take these options into consideration next time you hit the online rummy tables on RummyBaazi. Go surprise yourself!

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