Why Online Rummy Is An Edge of A Seat Entertainer

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29 April 2021

Whether it’s watching a favourite movie or staying glued to our seats during the final over of a cricket match, we have always been fond of entertainment. Entertainment brings out a mix of emotions in us- joy, excitement, & thrill, just to name a few. But you would be surprised to know that the same or perhaps more entertainment awaits you on online rummy.

You must have read it everywhere that Rummy is a Game of Skill but what many miss out on sharing is that it’s an absolute edge of a seat entertainer. From getting a good card to seeing people drop, it offers an unprecedented adrenaline rush. Let’s look at some of the ways in detail-

It’s a Thrilling Experience

From the moment the cards are dealt & a wild joker is chosen, you’re on to something special. You quickly want to form a Pure Sequence & other sequences and sets. The passion of making a valid declaration & claiming the biggest prize help you stay focused, energised & part of a thrilling experience

It’s a Rollercoaster of Emotions

While playing rummy, you’re so emotionally engaged with the gameplay that sometimes you lose track of time. Like your favourite movie, Online rummy also takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions. You win some, you lose some. The best way to stay focused is to keep your calm, make a strategy, follow rummy rules and take a stride forward.

Calculation, Calculation, Calculation!

Online rummy is one of the most challenging & analytical games out there. One has to be watchful of their moves and also observe the opponents’ moves keenly. Problem solving is one of the most vital aspects of playing rummy. You’ve been randomly given a set of cards. It’s your challenge to form sets & sequences in quick time for a valid declaration. Doing so also helps you in real-life situations as you become more calculative and observant of things around you.

So, do you agree that Online Rummy is an edge of a seat entertainer??

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