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21 September 2019

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RummyBaazi has aimed to stand out in the Indian online rummy industry. Offering rummy variants and formats for every kind of player – recreational or professional – we have made it a point to make the game more interesting for everyone.

The Fun Factor on the RummyBaazi App

To spice up your gaming experience on RB, we have added more than 15 avatars which you can choose from, like the serious Brahmin, Batman, Batwoman, Sherlock Holmes, Salman Khan, Willy Wonka and many more. Another fun element is our live chatbox which includes several funny emojis.

Here are some moments that you can enjoy while playing real money games on RummyBaazi:

When you manage to get a joker to complete a set.

Wink Emoji

If you think, you have a gutter hand, you can send ‘angry emoji’.

Angry Emoji

When the game started a while ago and you haven’t made your pure sequence.

Sarcastic Emoji

That moment when you discarded the wrong card.

Tongue Out Emoji

If someone melded before you could, you can send the sad emoji.

Sad Emoji

When you hit your second sequence with your opponent’s discarded card.

Laugh Emoji

That moment when you were waiting for your opponent to discard a particular card but they didn’t.

Angry Emoji

Rummy was already ours and your favourite card game, but now there’s fun right, left and all around the game only on

So make way to the tables and enjoy playing our newly introduced tournaments – 100 GTD Micro Tournaments – for the tiniest buy-in of ₹1!

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