Online Rummy in India: The GameChanger in the Internet of Games

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30 July 2020

When we talk about internet gaming, India has been swift in grasping the nuances and evolving dynamics of key factors that influence the gaming nature and trends of the demographic. Online rummy games has been a key player in pushing the Indian gaming sector to newer heights by tapping into the second largest internet population in the world.

In this blog, we shall try and understand the riveting journey of online rummy and how it found a new home in the hearts of people through the digital medium.

Online Rummy in India

  • The Youngest Ever Market

The Indian market is brimming with a steadily growing number of internet users in the 21st century and a great portion of the market pertains to the age group of 18-40. With the affordability of smartphones and convenient data plans, penetrating the market has become easier than before. A recent report by the Economic times stated the number of internet users shall nearly double from 451 million users in 2019 to 829 million by 2021. This gigantic number is a clear indication of the bright future and fastest growth ever in the realm of internet card games like online rummy in India.

  • Digital Payments

Online payments since the time of demonetization have become more prevalent and popular and the number of digital payment users is likely to grow in millions even further in the times to roll. This shall further contribute to the faster expansion of internet real money games like online rummy among Indian users. As the gaming community comes to terms with the changing dynamics, money earning games rapidly continue to become the new norm that has experienced a solid uptick since the pandemic.

  • India’s love for Card games

Indians cannot deny their love for card games like rummy. Who knew this love would be replaced by online rummy card games and place it in the list of highest grossing online games today? Several interlinked factors however are responsible for this tremendous success. Now, people can play the online version of rummy with new features, exciting games and tournaments and contest their skills for real money. Optimized mobile speed combined with seamless gaming, user friendly interface and top of the line rewards further tend to incentive people’s love for online rummy games today.

  • The Lockdown Boon

While the world economies took a major hit during the pandemic and faced recession in many parts of the globe, common citizens being confined within their homes turned to online rummy games and other skill games to kill their boredom during quarantine.

Amid a nationwide lockdown, mobile games have seen a surge in the number of downloads during the pandemic. Gaming operators have utilized these times to acquire a huge chunk of new players through exciting promotions and player-friendly games and tournaments and the new numbers are expected to grow even more in the coming weeks.

The feasibility of playing online rummy on smartphones from the comfort of home and earning real money any given time has been a major driver for acquisition during the lockdown. Even the WHO encouraged people to stay home during the pandemic and play video games.  As such, the average time spent by an online rummy player has also increased during these times. So, user relationships built now can have a great positive impact on the future of online rummy games in India.

  • Responsible Gaming

India has specific laws when it comes to real money online games, so, it becomes vital for gaming operators to apply them to offer legit service and also promote responsible gaming while doing so. RummyBaazi pays special attention to responsible gaming and takes distinct measures to promote a healthy gaming environment to sustain its player base for the long haul.

We employ anti-collusion measures to detect suspicious behavior and conduct round the clock monitoring of all online rummy games to promote a healthy gaming environment. We prohibit under age gaming and offer limits on deposits and withdrawals to discourage any form of obsession for online rummy among our players.

Future of Online Rummy in India look like...

The future of card games like online rummy in India is bright and booming. RummyBaazi continues its attempt to uplift the level of gaming by setting higher standards of gaming every time. Regular software updates, higher number of player centric tournaments, new line of features and our top notch Baazi Loyalty Rewards Program are some key components of our platform that makes RummyBaazi connect truly with the audience in real time.

So, continue to spread the love and carve winning memories of your favorite card game of all times only on India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi.

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