Why is Hand Analysis a Useful Strategy in Online Rummy?

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14 May 2021

Online Rummy Hand Analysis Strategy Online Rummy Hand Analysis Strategy

You’ve joined your favourite cash table & the cards are randomly distributed amongst you & the other players. Without waiting any further, you tap on the sort button & analyse your hand, thereby enhancing your chances of winning the game. How many of you can relate to this situation? Hand Analysis is a common strategy employed by the players in an online rummy game. One can calculate the probability of winning the game even before the first card is played. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t know how to analyse the hand well, then this article is exclusively for you.

1. The Winning Hand -

How well does it feel when one gets the winning hand? It consists of all the favourable cards & the game can be wrapped up within two minutes. Although the probability of getting such a hand is on the lower side, ready-made sequences & sets are what many aspire to get at the start of every game. Here you just need to use the Helper Mode, evaluate your existing points, quickly look for help in the closed/ open deck & declare the game in the first possible chance ever. So, if you get the winning hand, make it count.

2. The Good Hand -

A game can’t be won without forming at least a pure sequence & almost every other player looks to form it in the beginning. But it’s the joker cards that can be the game-changer in a game of rummy. Jokers in rummy are used to replacing a missing card in a combination. For example- If you have 5, 6, 8 of clubs but unable to find 7 of clubs to complete a set, then a joker card can be handy in furnishing an impure sequence. The more the jokers in the 13-card set, the more a hand can be considered to be good.

3. The Difficult Hand -

Well, while it’s nice to discuss the winning & good hand, it’s also important to realise the other side in an online rummy game. Sometimes you would also have to deal with the difficult hand. To win here, one should be thorough with rummy rules & strategies. One needs to be well-versed with the rules of online rummy. It’s better to play practice games & Free Entry Tourneys first. Once you’ve mastered the game of rummy, you can hit your favourite cash tables. That said, a wise rummy player or a mastermind may try different strategies to meld the cards. 

So, do you agree & understand the importance of hand analysis to win at online rummy? Think about different situations, play more practice games to improve your hand analysis skills. Download the RummyBaazi app now & get up to ₹10000 on your 1st Deposit. Code- WELCOMERB.

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