Online Rummy Bankroll: Management Skills & Tips for Every Rummy Player

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16 November 2020

Online rummy games when played for real money just happen to double the thrill and fun for every rummy fan. However, the fun can only sustain if you know how to manage your funds. So, in order to keep your run consistent and not end up broke when playing rummy for real money, players need to pay attention to rummy bankroll management.

At RummyBaazi, we are going to tell you not just how to keep the money flowing but also share some insider tips that will help you boost your win rate too! To begin with, the amount of money that you dedicate to play online rummy games is called bankroll.

Bankroll Management Tips

Rummy Bankroll Management Tips

We have already established the fact that rummy is a fun skilled based game whose popularity has spiked due to the introduction of winning real money. Players at RummyBaazi can not only enjoy the game for the sake of fun and entertainment but also because they can earn money on the go. However, the excitement must not get the better of you because playing online rummy cash games means business. 

So, here are some crucial tips that will keep you in the game for the long haul.

Change Your Approach

Players need to be very careful with their bankroll management practices when playing online rummy cash games right from the start. The concept of bankroll management in online rummy games is essentially to max your investment through your knowledge and skills in the game. Most amateurs keep adding money in their bankroll when they lose a game or two. That’s a wrong approach.

The correct way to build your online rummy bankroll is to focus and work on your rummy skills and then use your skills to multiply your money and avoid starting from zero every time. Skills are the only certain element that can boost your rummy bankroll from scratch. So, don’t lose patience and seek immediate monetary gains, rather focus on your game and your rummy bankroll shall automatically see a healthy boost in due course of time.

Even when you win a certain amount of money in any online rummy tournament, we suggest keep a certain portion in your bankroll and use it to play your next big tournament you have had your eyes on. This way. You won’t have to put in additional money in future rummy cash games and tournaments.

Pick Your Game Wisely

You got to be smarter than the rest when you play rummy cash games because you are just one among hundreds and thousands. In order to do so, you have to be selective regarding the tournaments you pick if you really want to win more cash games and subsequently, protect your online rummy bankroll.

The golden rule here is to select those rummy tournaments that are not a stretch on your online rummy bankroll and allow you to play with the amount of pressure you can possibly handle according to your skillset. Once you fare better at the current stakes, you can always take it up a notch.

Use RummyBaazi Promotions

RummyBaazi’s all online game promotions are privy to all rummy players playing on our app and all of them are player-driven. Be it our Diwali Cash Fest or tournament options available for the widest range of stakes, explore them with care and pick the one that not always offers the highest prize pool but the one that resonates with your skillset, guarantees maximum value for your money and helps you exercise better rummy bankroll management.

The options are plenty! Let us jot down a few for your clarity.

For new players

Free entry tournaments, play them for free, learn the tricks of the trade, understand the nuances of tournaments and have fun.

For new real money players

Play our micro stakes tournaments for minimum risk as low as one rupee and get a hang of the nature of real money tournaments. Micro 100 GTD, Value 500 GTD are few options you could try today.

For transitioning players

Play low stakes tournaments such as Baazi 2K and Prime 4K for buy-ins ranging between 50-100 rupees and win real money to build up a decent rummy bankroll from scratch. 

For mid stakes players

For those who play in the mid stakes zone, we have some exciting options this month. Play the 20K Daily Depositor or the Wednesday 50K GTD for buy-ins ranging from 200 to 500 rupees.

For the Pros

Play for glory and earn huge winnings with our 1LAC Sunday Special every Sunday for slashed buy-ins of just 500 rupees and size up your online rummy bankroll like never before!

We are certain now that you will make the right investments on RummyBaazi and create a winning streak you can be proud of. See you at the tables!

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