Can You Cheat in Online Rummy Cash Games?

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29 January 2021

No Cheat Online Rummy Cash Games No Cheat Online Rummy Cash Games

This is a pressing question among online rummy fans nationwide especially for the emerging community of online rummy gamers, in other words, millennials. Online card based games have suffered a heavy cloud of criticism since their internet avatars took on the masses and it so happened, many passionate players of online rummy began to worry about the authenticity and safety of playing rummy online.

So, the question remains, can a player cheat in online rummy games? Do you really need to worry about this? It’s time to get rid of this cloud of perpetual tension once and for all.

If there’s a cheater lurking around, sorry to burst your bubble but the simple answer is NO. 

The RNG Defense Mechanism

We know this is probably over rated for some of you, but the facts doesn’t change and holds solid ground when it comes to online cash rummy games. The RNG aka the Random Number Generator mechanism is a foolproof algorithm that prevents a player from controlling or making any reasonable predictions regarding his/her cards that are going to be dealt when you play rummy online.

This algorithm is actually used across all sort of online games, not just card based games such as rummy or poker. It is responsible for generating different kind of random elements and events in online video games. The RNG algorithm uses specific codes using mathematical algorithms that include divisions, substractions, multiplications and so on to constantly create random sequence of numbers. So, whenever you play online rummy cash games on RummyBaazi, the numbers dealt to any player are random in nature and do not follow any pattern of predictability.

Can You Cheat the RNG?

There have been apprehensions among the internet gaming community and online rummy cash gamers about the authenticity of this algorithm and if it can be hacked. In theory, it could be hacked, yes.

However, this possibility can be thwarted by employing an independent third party that can test and verify your algorithm and certify if the process is fair and not influenced by any external variables such as pay-off sizes, number of credits in play and so on. Therefore, RummyBaazi, as an online company is not responsible for these operations during or after a hand is dealt. 

Our website uses the Public Domain RNG Algorithm for all online gaming applications to establish the veracity of online rummy games and the same is certified by an authorized independent organization called BMM Testlabs as per international rules and norms. 

The Final Truth

To sum up, on RummyBaazi, we assure you of your experience when you play rummy online is anything but fair because the same gets stamped by the independent third party, so cheaters are going to fail miserably. 

We are proud to reiterate that ours is a skill gaming environment and only those with the best gaming technique and strategy can thrive on the tables of RummyBaazi. So, feel free to hit the cash tables and try our highly innovative rummy tournaments any time of the day. Check our rummy promotions page to make the most of the cash rummy games on RummyBaazi.

See You on the Other Side!

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