How can Helper Mode help you Avoid Invalid Declarations in Online Rummy

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15 March 2021

Helper Mode Online Rummy Helper Mode Online Rummy

You’ve counted your cards well and are about to make a declaration. You believe you’ve got the adequate sequences & sets and decide to place the remaining card in the finish slot to declare the game. But, oops, it’s an invalid declaration and you lose by 80 points. You feel sad. What could have been a potential win, has turned into one of the biggest losses for you. How many of you Baazigars can relate to this?

You all know that online rummy is a game of skill and requires analytical and logical ability to make quick decisions. However, at times, due to the pace of the game, it could get difficult to calculate the points and make a valid declaration at the same time. This is where “Helper Mode” can be of immense help.

Launched in November 2020, Helper Mode has made online rummy gaming on India’s most rewarding rummy platform, “RummyBaazi”, more entertaining & rewarding. The function lets you see the total points in hand & ungrouped cards.

Note: If you’ve bad hands, it’s better to opt for First Drop. You would only lose by 20 points.

How to Opt for Helper Mode?

Don’t worry, we got you covered, Baazigars. All you need to do is join a game of online rummy. You can choose to play a Free Entry Tournament or participate in the practice games, or join any cash table on RummyBaazi.

Once you’re on the table, without wasting any more time, tap on the settings menu to toggle on the Helper mode. Once the Helper Mode is on, you would be able to view all the invalid sets and the total count of the cards in hand.

While this step wouldn’t guarantee winning as it depends on a lot of other factors like skills, practice, good hands, among other things, however, using Helper Mode can help you avoid invalid declarations.

We, at RummyBaazi, believe in fair gameplay & Helper Mode is one of our many ways of thanking ya’ll for choosing our platform to play online rummy.

So, what are you waiting for? Join your favourite online rummy game, turn on the helper mode, make a valid declaration to win big, only on RummyBaazi!

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