Which Kind of Hand Can Make or Break Your Game in Online Rummy Games?

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21 September 2020

Hands in Online Rummy Games Hands in Online Rummy Games

In online rummy games, it is extremely crucial to understand where you stand in the game based on the hand you are dealt with. A perfect, winning hand doesn’t just fall into your lap, you need to have a set of superior rummy skills to read your hand correctly and act accordingly. 

While it is extremely important that you are dealt good hands, the ability to calculate the odds of winning is also significant. A good player needs to calculate the probability, look for the possible permutation and combinations and then make their moves.

Types of Hands in Online Rummy Games

Types of Hands in Online Rummy Game

Unbeatable hand: 2 Pure Sequences + 1 or more Sequence + 1 Set

Most players dream of hitting an invincible hand like this one in online rummy tournaments! If you find yourself holding this hand, you are surely beating your opponent with a huge margin from which they cannot recover. Two or three moves and you could take a massive jump to higher ranks while playing online rummy tournaments and cash games. You hit this hand and there will be no other player who could beat you!

Strong Hand: 1 Pure Sequence + 1 or more Sequences + 1 or more Set

Although this hand is not as strong as the hand we discussed about above, you can affectively beat your opponents within three of four moves. A player just needs the right online rummy strategy to go ahead with. If you hit such a strong hand, you just need to focus on making another pure or impure sequence and meld the rest of the cards with the help of jokers. 

Good Hand: 1 Pure Sequence + 1 or more Sets

All online rummy experts say that there is no harm is sticking around for a couple of hands if you already have a pure sequence in the beginning of the game. So that would be the smartest strategic move to make if you hit a hand which already has a pure sequence. 

Here’s a helpful link about online rummy strategy tips.

Decent or Average Hand: 1 Sequence + No Sets

Handling such cards gets tricky on the online rummy tournaments and cash games. It’s difficult to decide when to drop and when to stick around. An expert advice as a part of online rummy strategy tips would be if you don’t have a pure sequence, stay for a couple of rounds and drop out if don’t see any significant improvement in your hand. 

Gutter Hand: No Sequence + No Set

Dropping the game right away should not be your first option even if you hit a muck hand. Staying around for one or two hands have the potential to make the game go topsy-turvy for your opponents. 

However, the right thing to do is to drop if that doesn’t happen anytime soon. In this case, you should simply attempt disaster management in order to decrease the impact of your loss. 

Here’s a helpful link on deciding when to drop in online rummy games.

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