Awesome Hacks to Double Your Win Rate in Online Rummy Games

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20 May 2020

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Have you been struggling at the tables of online rummy off late? With so much going on in our lives right now, it’s not surprising if some of you have been finding difficulty meeting your rummy goals. Do not worry, today, we have some awesome hacks for you to nail our top of the line online rummy tournaments and make the most all our RummyBaazi promotions without struggle.

We have a fine list of online rummy hacks and tips to improve your game and crack any level of competition in online rummy games every single time you hit our tables. 

Key Hacks in Your Online Rummy Strategy 

We know the stakes are high especially during the lockdown and the competition is getting steep due to an increased number of players in this period. However, our guarantees are bigger too, so don’t pull yourselves down because it’s time to apply some stellar hacks in your online rummy strategy to outwit your opponents and climb to the leaderboard top.

  • Aim to Make a Pure Sequence

Assuming you already know the importance of forming a pure sequence when you play online rummy games for real money, we wish to further stress that you make it a top priority right from the start because it’s your lifeline. 

Making a pure sequence successfully in the very beginning not only guarantees you a valid declaration but also reduces your penalty points in the scoreboard. Furthermore, it also allows you sufficient space hereon to make quick decisive moves, change your game when needed by using instant tricks on any turn.

  • Keep an Eagle Eye to Dominate the Game

Don’t worry, we are not asking you to magnify your vision with some weird set of eagle glasses. We are simply asking you to keep a very close eye on the moves made by your opponents so that you can stay a couple of steps ahead of them. 

You will gain a fair idea on what cards other players are looking for and you won’t be throwing away any from your hand that can fill the missing pieces in your opponent’s game. Use the same hack to only discard cards to your immediate opponents that will serve them no good and hence possibly delay them by another turn.

If this seems like a risky venture for you, start off with some practice sessions and then play online rummy for real money and hit the big guns.

  • Identical Cards are Trash

Yes, identical cards are simply of no use in any kind of rummy tournament or a cash game. It’s redundant, as you can neither use them to form either a set or a sequence. They will only add up more points in your scoreboard. So, when you sort your cards in the beginning, look closely if you got any and discard them immediately.

  • Use Hole Cards to Form Quick Sequences

This is one of the pro online rummy tips no one will tell you but the smart pants use it nevertheless. Hole cards like 4,5,6 have more odds on both ends then high value cards like J,Q,K. So, use them to form quick and bigger sequences. 

If you got a 4 and 5, you can use 2,3,6 and 7 to make a big sequence and reduce your idle cards in hand. In case, there is a missing piece in a bigger sequence, use the Joker to complete it!

Rummy Hacks

  • High Value Cards Could Be Your Key

Another one of online rummy tips straight from the pros playbook. High value cards often give rookie players the first impression of high penalty in the scoreboard and hence, tend to throw them away at the initial turns. However, there’s another way to play these cards to your favour in certain situations. 

For example, if you got at least two consecutive high value cards such as K and Q, and knowing that your opponent will most likely throw away his/her high value cards at the first couple of turns, pick theirs right away to form a quick sequence of your own. 

Mind you, this online rummy strategy is typically not advisable if you do not receive the needed cards post two turns, in which case, you get rid of them the first chance you get. 

We hope you apply these hacks as a part of your current online rummy tips and strategy and trust us, you will see significant improvement in your next game. Visit our monthly promotions to find the complete list of tournaments for the month and play online rummy for real money and size up your winnings big time!

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