Get Rewarded Like Never Before This Festive Season

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21 October 2019

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Are you a competitive person? Does winning at everything is what you’re known for? If yes, then we’ve got online rummy games that will let you win Real Cash Prizes! RummyBaazi is currently playing host to more than 5 LAC registered players and the numbers are increasing rapidly.

Our Baazigars are winning big on RummyBaazi with some of them taking home LACS. It seems like the festive season is here for sure!

Dussehra has been a lit affair on RummyBaazi with our Baazigars winning from INR 2 LAC for FREE. Another awesome promotion that waltzed into our app was 5 LAC Depositor Free Entry Tournament promising a staggering amount of ₹5 LAC in prize money.

Check out what our Baazigars won on RummyBaazi so far in the last few weeks:

2 LAC Depositor Free Entry Tournament

This tourney sent home richer rummy lovers on 30th September. Here are the top 10 winners:

  1. Sivakumar “YogaHarini” Mani (₹50,000)
  2. Bibhas “robib03” Biswas(₹28,999)
  3. Suraj Patil a.k.a. “Suraj1205” (₹18,500)
  4. “Deshmukh” (₹13,500)
  5. Jeetendra “jeetuboss” Pratap Singh (₹11,500)
  6. Dinakara “vdreddy2004” Reddy Venati (₹9,500)
  7. Vineesh Mathew a.k.a. “Manjuna” (₹7500)
  8. Pijush Baroi a.k.a. “Pijush1067” (₹5,500)
  9. Selvi (“Selvik1”) Koilraj (₹3,500)
  10. Shashikant (“Shashi2244”) Patil (₹2,500)

5 LAC Depositor Free Entry Tournament

Held on 29th September, the participants left with deep pockets. Check out the top 10 winner’s list here:

  1. (₹1,25,000)
  2. Surendra (Surendra5161) Meghwal (₹75,000)
  3. Tara (“Tarli15”) Nambiar (₹47,500)
  4. Manoj (“Manu659”) Patil (₹35,000)
  5. DABBIRU (“rummy007”) SATEESH KUMAR (₹30,000)
  6. Indranil (koontal72”) Chakraborty (₹25,000)
  7. JAHFAR (“gulan41”) MUZHIYANMOHAMMAD (₹20,000)
  8. ChaithanyaKumarReddy (“Chaithu1neha “) Siddapareddy (₹15,000)
  9. Jitendra (“Medhajain”) Kasliwal (₹8,750)
  10. Deeparam (“RAKESH111”) Panwar (₹6,250)

2 LAC Dussehra Special Depositor Free Entry Tournament

Here are the players who made Dussehra memorable for themselves:

  1. LILAVATHI (“jesuslee”) Kuppan (₹50,000)
  2. Tina (“Tina82”) Chakraborty (₹28,000)
  3. (“Jai8410”) (₹18,000)
  4. P (“Periya4332”) Periyasamy (₹13,000)
  5. Lokesh (“Lokisevanti”) Moger Moger (₹11,000)
  6. Shaiju (“Shaijucp”) CP (₹9,000)
  7. Azad (“Adjohn123456 “) Ansari (₹7,000)
  8. Bonam (“satish189”) Satyanarayana (₹5,000)
  10. Laxman (“Laxo6428”) Gaonkar (₹2,000)

Want to join the winners and make Diwali more memorable? Welcome laxmi by doing what we love the most- playing rummy! Join our 2 LAC Diwali Special Depositor Free Entry Tournament by using code ‘LUCKXMI200’ on a deposit of INR 200.

The month hasn’t ended yet and nor have big winnings. RummyBaazi has got an action-filled game play scheduled exclusively for you. Play from free entry tournaments to cash games and depositor free entry tourneys. You’ve got it all- play and win from massive real cash prizes!

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