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26 April 2019

Rummy has been enjoyed as a social gathering card game. It has played the role of being a binding agent if one talks about the impact it has on the groups playing it. Indians have been playing various forms of this skill-based card game which seems to have come naturally to them. However, going back to the introduction of this game to our subcontinent, we have acquired the skills through the course of time.

Master of All That’s Rummy!

It is not the end of the world if one has never played rummy in their lives. If one does not possess the required knowledge, he/she can visit’s How to Play webpage to give a kick-start to an enthralling gaming experience.

We support the saying that practice makes a man perfect. So, to polish one’s rummy skills a player can simply join our free online rummy games and win not less but big money on the way. Aiming to be the best free online rummy gaming website in India, RummyBaazi will be hosting Free Entry Tournaments which would empower the players who are less confident about their skills. Be a master and not a jack in free online rummy games!

Bridging the Gap: A Few Online Rummy Card Game Tips : 

Rummy Tips

The following points can make your freeroll online rummy experience worth your while:

  • Try to create a process: Get yourself your pure sequence first and then proceed ahead in the game.
  • Use the jokers judiciously: If a player is done with their pure sequence, then the second priority for him/her is to meld a non-pure sequence using the joker as soon as possible.
  • Do not retain for long: Try to discard cards which carry high value. Do not linger for long with a specific card. On the other hand, look for smart cards, such as a 7 or an 8 which can be melded with different cards. A 7 can be melded in sequences 7-8-9, 6-7-8 or 5-6-7.
  • Try to keep mid-value cards: Due to their value, these cards can be melded into several combinations of sets and sequences. Another reason is that since your opponents will be discarding high-value cards, it will be easier for you to build melds in such a situation. 
  • Opt for fishing: This might be a slightly tricky aspect of the game, but if a player manages to master this technique, it could make him/her a pro. All one has to do is discard the card which one needs. For example, a player needs a 10 and discards the same. So, the opponent might think that it is safe to discard a 10.

The above points might help a player if they feel they lack the knowledge of the game. Although free online rummy requires the use of sharp memory, observation skills and deep involvement of a player, we can say this with the assurance that practice can do wonders.

Search for the best free online rummy gaming website in India could now come to an end as offers games for all kinds of players. Currently, RummyBaazi offers several formats and variants of 13 cards rummy with prizes as HIGH as INR 10,000 in a single game.

Our class-leading loyalty rewards program, Baazi Rewards is also something our Baazigars love. Join as many cash games as you can, climb up the Baazi Reward levels and claim awesome prizes.

 Here are some of the irresistible prizes you wouldn’t want to miss on Baazi Rewards:

Rummy Game Price

  • 1,300 Real Cash Bonus on Level 9 with 400 points.
  • Amazon Fire Stick on Level 13 with 1500 points.
  • Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa on Level 15 with 2500 points.
  • ₹25,000 real money on Level 17 with 10000 points. 
  • Goa package for 3 days/4 nights on Level 18 with 20000 points.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 on Level 19 with 30000 points.
  • ₹2,00,000 real money on Level 20 with 50000 points. 

India’s most rewarding website, RummyBaazi awaits your arrival. Join the tables to win MASSIVE!

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