5 Things To Do To Earn Real Cash in Online Rummy at RummyBaazi

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14 September 2020

The online rummy industry in Indiais growing by leaps and bounds. With players earning massive amounts of real money to rewards like iPhone 11, a paid trip to Goa, JBL Bluetooth Speakers and more, there’s a relentless flow of action at the online rummy tables!

Want to join and win huge real money prizes? Don’t worry, you are not late to the party! Here’s what you can do to kick-start your real money online rummy winning streak on RummyBaazi.

5 Online Rummy Tips to Start Your Winning Journey

Online Rummy

Acquire Thorough Knowledge of the Sport

Every battle can be won with a sharp mind and the same applies to your run at the online rummy tables! Learn the intricacies to play online rummy in India and develop an invincible armour to be an attacker at the online rummy tables. Unless you know about the basic rules of online rummy and strategy, then you won’t be able to play against different types of players at the tables. 

Here’s where you can learn the details of the game: How to Play Online Rummy

Fire-up the Analytical Side of Your Brain

Online rummy is all about reads and analysis and constant efforts on making your hand better. A good online rummy player has to be quick on their feet. Play online rummy to sharpen your cognitive skills and take your opponents by the horns!

Pick Your Variant Wisely

While we offer an array of online rummy variants, we suggest all players should try all of them and stick to the one they are good at. So, study the variants properly to ace it and seal a steady flow of winnings!

Develop a Dynamic Set of Strategies

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome! Online rummy tables offer a dynamic environment to play online rummy against live opponents. You need to sit down and formulate an unbeatable online rummy strategy to take down all kinds of opponents. Learn online rummy from your opponents’ shortcomings and their smart moves. Observe them and be open to evolving your strategy. 

Learn When to Drop

Sometimes dropping out of a game is the best help you can offer to yourself, however, you need to get better at reading your cards. Whether they are a gutter hand that cannot restore your game or they just need one or two rounds which can be revived. 

If you are not able to meld a pure sequence when you play online rummy after two or three rounds or when you don’t have a joker to make a set or a sequence, drop the game. 

Here’s a helpful link to learn online rummy in depth and when to drop: When to Drop in Your Favour

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