Avoid These 5 Mistakes to Level up Your Online Rummy Game Today

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07 July 2020

We all know practice surely makes you perfect and that proves true in the case of online rummy. To be an unbeatable rummy player, you need to sharpen your skills and be determined at it. We believe every person can learn how to play online rummy but not all players are really GOOD at it.

Let’s upgrade your skills by pointing out all the erroneous moves online rummy players make on the tables. Here are some interesting online rummy tips and common mistakes that we can rule out to up your game.

General Mistakes To Avoid in Game of Online Rummy

Wrong Declaration

Players need to follow the rules of melding a valid hand. First you need to build a pure sequence, and then valid sets and sequences to make a valid declaration.

To know the basic rules of online rummy, click here: How to Play Online Rummy.

Using Cards from the Discard Pile

Another common online rummy mistake is to pick cards from a discard pile. It’s a huge tell you give away if you choose to do this. Now your opponents have a solid idea about which set or sequence you are aiming to build. So try not to pick cards from the discard pile, unless you are just a single card away from melding a set or a sequence.

Not Focusing on Building Your First Sequence

This one is a classic rookie online rummy player’s mistake. Melding a pure sequence should be your priority however, several new players tend to forget this. One of very important online rummy tips is to first do away with your pure sequence and then go ahead in the game. This way, you would not make a wrong declaration.

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Not Serving Your Opponent Enough

Even the best online players ignore these top of the line online rummy tips and commit this rookie mistake. It’s mostly because of the nature and pace of online rummy cash games and tournaments that keeps you on your toes all the time. You need to make quick decisions on which card to discard and which one to keep in seconds all the while keeping an eye at your opponent’s game.

Hoarding too Many Jokers

It is a natural trait in all online rummy players to stock as many jokers as they can to make it easy to meld valid sets and sequences. However, it can become the reason of your doom as well. Any smart online rummy player would make the pure sequence their first priority and avoid wasting time juggling their jokers to experiment with their combinations.

Learn these online rummy tips and take it to your grave and bring them to the felts to crack your opponent’s game.

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