5 Lessons of Life That You Learn by Playing Online Rummy

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23 July 2019

Lessons of Life Lessons of Life

 Adversities in life never come knocking your door. They just barge in to catch you off-guard. While there is a large pool of literature consisting of the works of great intellectuals, not many people find this way appealing.

Here is an easy way to inculcate a few life lessons by playing a game of rummy.

Be Focused

In rummy, in order to beat your opponent, you have to have a rock-solid focus on your goal. Lethargy, mismanagement brings chaos. You have to set your objectives well in advance and prioritize each move. In life, you have to set your goals, stick to them and review your decisions to meet them.

Observe Others

Rummy demands you to observe your opponent’s move and based on your observation strategize your game. Be alert and attentive. In life, rummy teaches you to be alert and make decisions according to the demands of the situation. Observe others and learn from their shortcomings and their achievements.

Learn to Let Go!

If you are dealt with trash hands, calculate and never foolishly think that you will win the game. Instead, discard all the high-value cards and lose the game with lesser points. Accept your defeat with grace. Therefore, rummy teaches us to leave behind the things that do not add any value in our lives. It also teaches us to accept our shortcomings.

Be a Perfectionist, Organize!  

Holding those 13 cards in our hand can confuse us, so always organize the cards according to their colour. This helps in deciding which card will help in melding a sequence or a set and which ones to discard. The game teaches us to be organized and focused on achieving our goals. Remember, clutter only brings chaos.

Keep Calm and Be Patient

It’s human to lose control of your nerves when games involve real money. When it is a high stakes game and a player is losing, they are expected to be at ease and maintain their calm. In life, rummy teaches us to face everything bravely and patiently.

Be it a game of rummy or a situation in life, we think it’s all sorted! 

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