Play Worry-free With RummyBaazi’s RNG Certified Online Rummy App

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13 October 2020

play_worry_free_with_rummybaazi's_rng_certified_app play_worry_free_with_rummybaazi's_rng_certified_app

Are you worried about whether is it safe to play online rummy cash games in India? Is it stopping you from starting your winning journey on RummyBaazi? Well, let us introduce you to RummyBaazi’s Random Number Generator (RNG) software which ensures that there are no chances of bias towards any particular player. This software enables cards dealt in all rummy games on RummyBaazi are picked randomly. 

Like our sister company PokerBaazi, we also offer state-of-the-art internationally certified app. This app helps us to offer the best gaming experience to online rummy players by ensuring a 100% safe and secure zone to players of all measures. 

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How does an RNG software work? 

Firstly, let us specify what exactly a random number generator is! It is a mathematical construct that generates random numbers without the possibility of predictability or recognizable patterns. A classic example would be a dice which we use to play ludo or snake and ladders. 

When there is a big number involved, a random number generator comes into the picture which runs on an algorithm. This algorithm works on a computer program.

By employing this software, there are no chances of predicting any number or value at the online rummy tables. Therefore, the cards that the players are dealt are a product of mere odds. 

Is RummyBaazi an RNG certified app?

As aforementioned, just like our sister concern PokerBaazi, RummyBaazi is an internationally certified app by iTech Labs from Australia. The mathematical program which runs the software ensures 100% fairness by dealing randomly picking and dealing cards to online rummy players. It makes sure that the pattern of the value of cards remains absolutely unpredictable when you play online rummy cash games

So, kick out all the worries from your mind and play online rummy to win in LACS!

Start your Online Rummy Journey with Cash Dash 2.0!

Win from INR 24 LAC throughout this month at the online rummy cash game tables. Cash Dash 2.0 is a leaderboard based online rummy promotion that will feature four leaderboards (LB). Each of these will be valid for mid and high stake tables. The inherent rule is, the more you play, the more you win!  

Following is the schedule of Cash Dash 2.0:

Leaderboard 1: 4 – 10 October

Leaderboard 2: 11 – 17 October 

Leaderboard 3: 18 – 24 October

Leaderboard 4: 25 – 31 October

In this online rummy promotion, each mid category LB is worth 2 LAC and each high category LB is worth 4 LAC.  Here’s how you can win at 2x the speed, every week:

  • Play online rummy cash games at mid and high category.
  • Generate coins.
  • Prizes will be decided dynamically based on the coins generated.
  • Win from a prize pool of INR 24 LAC!

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Join the safest and the most rewarding online rummy platform in India, RummyBaazi now and win from huge prizes worth LACS!

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