3 Things Every Hostel/College Student Needs on Their Phone

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03 May 2019

3 Things Every Hostel/College Student Needs on Their Phone

They say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So if you are the Jack who needs to de-stress and chill from your hectic study schedule, here are three types of apps that are an absolute must for you to have on your phone.

An App That Helps You Relax

There are enough and more apps that can help you calm down and rejuvenate your senses. Besides using the dose of music, you can opt for an app that helps you in meditation or use one with relaxing sounds/visuals.

 An App That Entertains

There is a need for you to make time for leisure. Other than the pre-installed apps like YouTube, you can go for online movie/web series streaming apps to give wings to your imagination. There are many renowned platforms with great content that can help you see the world, right from your phone.

 An App That Lets You Make Money

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