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Traits of a Successful Pro Rummy Player

Since ancient times, people have found that playing card games is the ideal way to unwind. The appeal of playing cards has never waned since they were first invented. Due to continually evolving technology, many individuals play Online Rummy games in groups of friends and individually across the world nowadays. And we can anticipate that Indian card rummy games will soon rule the internet gaming industry as best real money games.

Tremendous card games have been introduced to date. However, the publicity of Indian Card Rummy games has prevailed to an amazing extent in not only India but the whole world now. 13 Card Rummy is played with zeal and enthusiasm all over the world, that is why RummyBaazi, India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site, with a variety of specialties and improvisations are released. The perk of playing Rummy online is that players have a better chance of winning here.

Traits to Become a Successful Rummy Player: 

There are several effective strategies to play Rummy and win interesting prizes. These tactics are also known as Rummy Success Traits, and they can help you improve your ability to win these card games. The following are some of the easily achievable mantras for being a good rummy player:

● Be Passionate About your Game

Passion is everything when it comes to being successful in any field. Without passion & determination, nothing can be achieved easily by anyone. That is why if you wish to become a successful Indian card Rummy player, you must have a great deal of enthusiasm for the game. When you put your heart and soul into playing 13 card Rummy, you will undoubtedly be successful and will not have to worry about falling behind.

● Practice Makes a Person Perfect

Practice always makes a person perfect in whatever he/she is doing. That is why, if you want to be a good Indian Card Rummy player, you need to put in a lot of practise time and never give up. However, your practise should contain more than just hard effort; it should also include smart work.  Without smart work, your hard work, as well as practice, goes in vain. So, practise smartly and you will become a successful Rummy player.

● Have Patience and Faith in the Process

Every process takes time and does not take place rapidly. Every procedure takes time and is not instantaneous. If you keep getting awful cards or not getting the cards you want in Rummy Card games, it's possible that you'll lose your temper.  And when you try to speed up a process by using shortcuts, you wind up deceiving yourself and failing in the end. Being an expert in the game of Rummy is similar. If you think you have what it takes to be a successful rummy player, take your time and don't rush anything while playing Indian card Rummy games

All of the aforementioned traits will undoubtedly help you become a successful Rummy player on our RummyBaazi app. You will be able to win at any real money games like 13 Card Rummy, whether they are played online or offline. As a result, if you wish to master the game of rummy, these traits are essential.

Final Words

Mastering the game of 13 Card Rummy and winning lucrative prizes is not simple as it seems to be. Even the finest gaming techniques might sometimes fail to produce favourable outcomes, but it doesn't mean, the Indian Rummy game is over. To become a pro rummy player on RummyBaazi, you must exhibit the qualities listed above that can help you achieve huge benefits and the best part, you can claim so many rewards here by joining the Baazi Rewards Loyalty program. We also offer you an unlimited number of free practise games to help you develop your skills.

Therefore, with all the amazing facilities and varieties of the 13 card Rummy game online & by following all the strategies properly, anyone can become a successful Rummy player. No extra specialities or qualifications are required for the same at all. 

Go ahead and download the RummyBaazi app now to claim BIGGER!

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13 Card Rummy Strategy To Win Even With a Gutter Hand

When we play 13 Card Rummy games with our pals, we sometimes get awful hands, and almost every rummy player faces this precarious situation at some point. In that case, either we blame the dealer or we lament our fate for getting these cards.

Don’t let your heart sink when you get a gutter hand in the game. How can we turn the tables and make it a winner hand?

Rummy is a skill-based game, and to win big, you'll need to have a lot of skills and consistently develop your methodology. This blog will provide you with tips and tactics to help you succeed in your next rummy game even with a gutter hand. The basic tenet of being a professional player of games like these is that the more you play, stay alert, or immerse yourself in the game, the better you get at it. Nonetheless, our tips will help you keep a step ahead of your opponents today.

Unique Rummy Tips & Techniques to Win a Rummy Game

When you play 13 card rummy games, the most basic rummy tips is to mastermind the cards in hands in order to avoid becoming perplexed when disposing of cards. The most ideal way is to sort out related cards of sequential requests together and random ones at another side. Then there are the Joker cards, which you should set side for the time being so you don't mix them up with other cards.

Get with your needs and priorities so that you do not have to shuffle in between when you play 13 card Rummy games. Post this, you can begin to focus on 13 card rummy strategy.

The following are some core 13 card rummy tips every Rummy player should be aware of:

  • Study the Cards:

When the dealer hands you a card, understand the different moves and sets you can make. Simply seek for a technique to put together one flawless grouping that will ensure your victory. Also be prepared and aware of what the other players are doing. Concentrate on the cards they'll be using. This way you generally realize the right card to hold or dispose of.

  • Get Rid of High Value Cards:

Attempt to discard cards with a higher point worth on a frequent basis, otherwise you will suffer a significant loss in 13 card rummy. As everyone's scores are totalled at the end of the game, dropping high cards is a crucial stage towards minimizing the losses.

  • Make Use of the Middle cards

An interesting rummy strategy is to keep an eye on the middle or "game changer" cards at all times. Sequences are simple to make with these cards, and they may be easily merged into a run. For instance, 7 of any suit may be grouped with 5 and 6 of a similar card suit, and therefore, work with 8 and 9 of a similar card suit, which is difficult to accomplish with high value cards like Aces.

  • Practice, Practice and Practice

Keep practicing rummy games on RummyBaazi to sharpen your skills. Once you've mastered the 13 card Rummy strategy with these rummy tips, you may enjoy our rummy cash games and big rummy tournaments to compete for larger cash rewards. Always remember, Rummy isn't a game of chance; it's a game of skill and dexterity. So, keep practicing! 

  • Don’t Rely on Jokers

Most players use jokers as part of their 13 card rummy strategy. Joker cards are always important, and you must make effective use of them. Its all right to attempt to utilize gaming altering cards, like as the joker card, on a regular basis. Jokers can be used to conclude a run or a series of higher esteem focuses. If you don't have a Joker though, there's no need to be concerned. You always have a probability of getting one from the deck.

  • Don’t Hold Cards

Never try to hold cards for an extended period of time as part of your 13 Card Rummy strategy. The best rummy tips you can take to the tables is to continue to remove cards that aren't being utilised as frequently until they're significant or major cards.

The Bottom Line

We assure you these 13 card rummy tips and techniques, if used right, can elevate your game and soon you can join the big guns and play to win BIG even with a gutter hand.

If you haven’t got our app on your phone already, get it right away and apply these 13 Card Rummy tips and strategy and play for real money when ready. While at it, do not forget to enjoy our rummy promotions wholeheartedly and retire home with huge returns.

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Online Rummy Vs Solitaire Game - Is It About Skill or Luck?

Card games are a constructive form of entertainment that can keep us engrossed for hours. There are many other card games available nowadays, but 13 Card Rummy and Solitaire game are the two most popular ones for decades now that revolve around skills. These are both card games played with a 52 deck of cards, yet they are relatively different when it comes to rules and skill-set. Some of us may have grown up by playing one of these games when we were younger.

To clarify how to play these two classic card games, we are sharing all you need to know about them: 

13 Card Rummy - Rules and The Game Play 

Indian rummy is a fun game that can be played by 2 to 6 people. The number of card decks used in this game is determined by the number of participants; generally, one or two normal rummy decks with jokers are used. In 13 card Rummy, the Joker is well-known as a game changer that can be used to build crucial combinations.

This game is more of a calculating and estimation game, with cards ranked from low to high, such as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

Each player is dealt 13 cards at the start of the 13 Card Rummy game, and the goal is to build the proper combinations with all of the cards. To make a valid declaration, one must combine the 2 sequences one of which must be a pure sequence.

As the Indian Card Rummy game begins, each player takes and discards cards one by one at their turn. The card can be taken from the open pile and closed decks and can be discarded to the open deck.  The sequence is a group of three or four sequential cards. A rummy pure sequence is created without the use of joker,  joker is used to replace a missing card in any sequence. A valid declaration can be made by creating at least one pure sequence in your rummy hand, and the pure sequence is mandatory to avoid penalty points.

Solitaire Game - Rules and The Game Play

Solitaire is a card game played on a tabletop with a standard 52-card deck. In this game, the Joker isn't utilized. The card rankings in this game are as follows: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King.

The Solitaire game consists of Tableau, Foundations, Stockpile and Talon. In this game, the cards can be placed from one tableau column on another card. The empty spot in the tableau can be filled only by the king.

One can win the Solitaire game once he/she has transferred all the cards from the tableau to the four foundation piles in ascending order from Ace to King. If a player has no moves left and the foundation piles remain incomplete, then one can lose the Solitaire game.

Difference Between Online Rummy and Solitaire


Indian Card Rummy


Number of players

2 to 6 players

It's a single player game


One or two standard decks of 52 cards are used

Employ a one standard deck of 52 cards

Ranking of cards

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace

Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King


Each player dealt with 13 cards in which a player has to form the combinations to make a valid declaration

Solitaire game is all about sorting cards onto the foundation piles in ascending order from Ace to King.

To summarise, Solitaire games and Online Rummy are both skill games that you may enjoy in your spare time with your family or a group of friends. You can mix it up by switching between both. However, on RummyBaazi, you can turn it up a notch.

Did you know that playing rummy online can also win you real money? On RummyBaazi, you can play the best rummy variants of 13 card rummy and win cash prizes and exciting Loyalty Rewards! You can also play an innovative range of rummy tournaments, skill up and take up the role of a pro and create history with an impressive winning streak and win instant rewards. Check out our rummy Promotions tab to get gaming today.

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Here’s How You Can Spot a Seasoned Rummy Player!

Experts say anyone can learn how to play rummy, but it takes determination and hard work to develop the pro-level skills. One of those skills is to pick reads from your opponent’s play and that can be a tricky task.  Rest assured because we are here to make the transition of you turning a pro from a newbie buttery smooth! 

Knowing your competition can put you ahead in the game right from the beginning. Let us introduce you to the mind of an experienced rummy player. Here we go!

They have a Hawk’s Eye on their Opponents

No matter how smart you try to outplay your opponent they are going to pick tells from your gameplay since you are fairly new to the game. Just like you, they are also aware of the tricks players use to outwit their opponents. As a consequence, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the game if you make the mistake of being naïve and not notice their superior rummy skills

Here’s what you can do instead! Simply pull off a bluff that doesn’t affect your game badly and see how they react. 

Being Decisive is their Biggest Strength

All competitive players who want to stick around for a long time do their due diligence. They are always prepared with skills that cannot be beaten by any new player at the rummy tables. Therefore, with the ammunition of those invincible skills, they tend to develop the quality of being highly decisive. 

An expert online rummy player makes the quickest decisions which you can easily observe when they pick and discard cards during a game.

Bigger Fishes Play on Higher Stakes Tables

With years of knowledge, experienced rummy players tend to play on higher stakes tables where they can win bigger prizes. As they can count on their expertise, they take the risk of playing for bigger bet-values. Therefore, if you are new to online rummy start playing smaller stakes tables in order to avoid the bigger fishes in the river. 

Each Move comes with a Trick

Seasoned rummy players always have a perfect strategic plan in place the moment they read the other players on the table. As a result, each move they make has a lot going on in the background. So you have to play as many games as you can to efficiently read their tells and become an undefeatable player the Indian circuit of rummy has ever seen!

BONUS TIP: Players can also check out their opponent’s balance on RummyBaazi. You can use this information to your advantage.

Now that you are well-versed in terms how to check your opponent’s proficiency level, we have a parting gift for you – 100% bonus on your first deposit!  Use code WELCOMERB to enjoy the bonus. 

Go hit the rummy tables now and claim your dominance!

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Done with practice games, Ready to Join Cash games in Online Rummy?

You signed up on RummyBaazi, played a lot of practice games to hone your skills and are ready to hit the real cash tables. Are you someone who belongs to this category? If yes, then this informational & helpful article is for you.

Whenever we get to do something new, often we struggle and may end up on a losing side. However, when it comes to Online rummy, practice games help us avert such a situation. With nothing in account, one can play the most rewarding online rummy games & gain the requisite skill set. But no matter how well you practice, it’s not the same as the real adventures of cash games.

There would be a time when you would have to switch to playing rummy cash games & this transition is what makes you a Baazigar. Cash games make RummyBaazi thrilling & enjoyable. You can begin by adding a minimum of ₹25 to enter the cash tourneys. If it’s your first time then you’re also eligible for a 100% Bonus, up to ₹10000. So, if you, let’s say deposit, ₹10000 in your RummyBaazi wallet, we will give you another ₹10000. So, you can join cash games worth ₹20000 & win huge money & exciting rewards like iPhone 12, One Plus 8, PS5 & more.


Do you know the best thing? You can join cash games with buy-ins starting from ₹1 and also earn a free entry to the weekly blockbuster tourneys like 1 LAC Sunday Special & 50K Wednesday Tournament with unique deposit codes. To know more, check out this link!

But as much fun as playing the game of rummy, it can get difficult to keep a track of time. So, we highly recommend you to set a monthly & daily deposit limit. We, at RummyBaazi, believe in fairplay & responsible gaming. This feature alerts the players from going overboard as adding money repeatedly could be risky.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your online rummy cash journey with RummyBaazi with the game of your choice & claim the biggest prizes ever.

Keep Playing, Keep Winning, only on RummyBaazi.

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Why is Hand Analysis a Useful Strategy in Online Rummy?

You’ve joined your favourite cash table & the cards are randomly distributed amongst you & the other players. Without waiting any further, you tap on the sort button & analyse your hand, thereby enhancing your chances of winning the game. How many of you can relate to this situation? Hand Analysis is a common strategy employed by the players in an online rummy game. One can calculate the probability of winning the game even before the first card is played. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t know how to analyse the hand well, then this article is exclusively for you.

1. The Winning Hand -

How well does it feel when one gets the winning hand? It consists of all the favourable cards & the game can be wrapped up within two minutes. Although the probability of getting such a hand is on the lower side, ready-made sequences & sets are what many aspire to get at the start of every game. Here you just need to use the Helper Mode, evaluate your existing points, quickly look for help in the closed/ open deck & declare the game in the first possible chance ever. So, if you get the winning hand, make it count.

2. The Good Hand -

A game can’t be won without forming at least a pure sequence & almost every other player looks to form it in the beginning. But it’s the joker cards that can be the game-changer in a game of rummy. Jokers in rummy are used to replacing a missing card in a combination. For example- If you have 5, 6, 8 of clubs but unable to find 7 of clubs to complete a set, then a joker card can be handy in furnishing an impure sequence. The more the jokers in the 13-card set, the more a hand can be considered to be good.

3. The Difficult Hand -

Well, while it’s nice to discuss the winning & good hand, it’s also important to realise the other side in an online rummy game. Sometimes you would also have to deal with the difficult hand. To win here, one should be thorough with rummy rules & strategies. One needs to be well-versed with the rules of online rummy. It’s better to play practice games & Free Entry Tourneys first. Once you’ve mastered the game of rummy, you can hit your favourite cash tables. That said, a wise rummy player or a mastermind may try different strategies to meld the cards. 

So, do you agree & understand the importance of hand analysis to win at online rummy? Think about different situations, play more practice games to improve your hand analysis skills. Download the RummyBaazi app now & get up to ₹10000 on your 1st Deposit. Code- WELCOMERB.

Keep Playing, Keep Winning, only on RummyBaazi.

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Why Online Rummy Is An Edge of A Seat Entertainer

Whether it’s watching a favourite movie or staying glued to our seats during the final over of a cricket match, we have always been fond of entertainment. Entertainment brings out a mix of emotions in us- joy, excitement, & thrill, just to name a few. But you would be surprised to know that the same or perhaps more entertainment awaits you on online rummy.

You must have read it everywhere that Rummy is a Game of Skill but what many miss out on sharing is that it’s an absolute edge of a seat entertainer. From getting a good card to seeing people drop, it offers an unprecedented adrenaline rush. Let’s look at some of the ways in detail-

It’s a Thrilling Experience

From the moment the cards are dealt & a wild joker is chosen, you’re on to something special. You quickly want to form a Pure Sequence & other sequences and sets. The passion of making a valid declaration & claiming the biggest prize help you stay focused, energised & part of a thrilling experience

It’s a Rollercoaster of Emotions

While playing rummy, you’re so emotionally engaged with the gameplay that sometimes you lose track of time. Like your favourite movie, Online rummy also takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions. You win some, you lose some. The best way to stay focused is to keep your calm, make a strategy, follow rummy rules and take a stride forward.

Calculation, Calculation, Calculation!

Online rummy is one of the most challenging & analytical games out there. One has to be watchful of their moves and also observe the opponents’ moves keenly. Problem solving is one of the most vital aspects of playing rummy. You’ve been randomly given a set of cards. It’s your challenge to form sets & sequences in quick time for a valid declaration. Doing so also helps you in real-life situations as you become more calculative and observant of things around you.

So, do you agree that Online Rummy is an edge of a seat entertainer??

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5 Helpful Tips to Become a Responsible Online Rummy Player

From winning Cash tournaments to inching closer to your favourite Baazi Rewards’ level, playing online rummy promises to be an ultimate ride. Besides, Rummy is considered to be a game of logical & analytical reasoning, thus helping you sharpen your memory. Yet like with any entertainment mediums, be it playing sports or watching your favourite series, online gaming shouldn’t affect your daily tasks.

Here is How You Can Become a Responsible Gamer:

i) You Must be 18 & Above to Play Online Rummy -

If you’re under 18 then this game is not for you. However, if you’re 18 & above, you can enjoy the gameplay at online rummy while being a responsible gamer at the same time. You can keep the credentials safe & not let any minors at home or any other place use the RummyBaazi app.

ii) Keep a Track of Time -

Oftentimes, when you play online rummy, you lose track of time. Although, you may be having the time of your life yet it’s important to attend to daily tasks. Anything when done in moderation is good. So, keep a track of time, it will help you stay focused.

iii) Set a Daily Deposit Limit -

We recommend you to manage your budget sensibly. For starters, you can set a daily deposit budget on our platform. This step can help you keep a track of real cash Rummy prizes. Secondly, if you lose multiple games at once, we suggest you take a break and come back after strongly. Not only would this help you revitalise but also take better decisions in the game.

iv) If you’re Stressed Out, Take a Break -

“Sharing is Caring” might be applicable in other aspects of life but when it comes to online rummy, it’s a big no-no. We urge you to keep your data intact & safe. You can change your Online Rummy is one of the best stress buster games out there. However, it’s best not to play the game when your mind is occupied with something else. The game, as you know, is quite fast paced & requires your complete focus. Additionally, if you’re facing continuous problems, our team can help you connect with one of the Baazi Care experts. To know more about it, click here.

v) Keep your Data Confidential -

Password occasionally to avoid its misuse by someone who uses the same computer or mobile.

Lastly, at RummyBaazi, it is our constant endeavour to help you play rummy games responsibly. We employ a fair and certified code of conduct to ensure fair and responsible gaming at all times & continue to work towards making your gaming experience better and secure. We are sure you’re likely to adopt these responsible practices when you hit the rummy tables next time.

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3 Unique Tips to Perform Better at Online Rummy

Have you been playing online rummy for a while and believe something is missing? This resonates prominently among the new players. Worry not, it's quite common in a game of rummy. This is where we can help you. Just 3 Unique tips can put you ahead of your competitors at Online Rummy. 

1. Analyse the Open Deck

Analyse Open Deck in Online Rummy

One of the best tricks deployed by Pro Online Rummy Players is keeping a constant watch on the open deck, also called discarded section. The discarded card section will become your guide & help you analyze your opponent's moves. When you keep practicing the 13 card rummy game, you gain invaluable analytical insights which can be used to win online rummy games. For instance, after playing a few rounds, you would get an idea of what cards the other players might have, so you may only discard the cards that are not just useful to you but him too, making it difficult for him/ her to form sets or sequences. 

2. Alternate the Colours, Avoid Confusion

Alternate Colours in Online Rummy to Avoid Confusion

Arrange your cards in a red-black-red or black-red-black colour combination. This can help you assess the situation better.

Note: You can use the Helper Mode during the gameplay to calculate the total number of cards in hand. Also, it will help you avoid making invalid declarations.

3. Discard Cards Close to Joker

Discard Cards Close to Joker in Online Rummy

Another classic Indian Rummy tip that can be followed is to discard cards close to the joker. So, if Q is the joker card, discard high-value cards like 9 or 10. This will ensure that the opponent doesn't pick up your cards from the discarded section.

Hope these 3 ingenious online rummy tips help you win more games. If you want to learn more & don't want to stop until you become a pro then check out our page, Rummy Tips & Tricks.

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Stressed Out? Did you Know Playing Online Rummy Can Fix That!

We all live in a fast moving world where every minute of our lives become valuable. Prioritising the work becomes so important that we overlook other aspects of our lives, making us feel stressed out by the end of the day. 

How long can one go with such a lifestyle? Are you somebody who is in such a dilemma? Guess what it’s your lucky day because we are going to share with you a solution that can remedy it. As you might have guessed from the title, it’s Online Rummy.

Playing Rummy games helps you beat stress, enhance your cognitive skills and also if you play your cards right, help you win big cash prizes & rewards. Online rummy, commonly known as a 13 card game, needs skills and a bit of luck. The cards you get are automated & are based on your luck but the gameplay relies heavily on your skill and at times bluff.

So, practising games before joining the cash tournaments should always be considered an option. Also, the best thing is that when you play online rummy after a tiring day at work, it not only vitalizes your brain but also makes you feel relaxed & rewarded. With the prevalence of the internet across the different regions in India, you can play this 13 cards game with your friends and family. 

Furthermore, you can also hit the tables when you take a break from work. Not only will it help you re-focus on the work better but also instil you with creative & strategic ideas, thereby helping you make good decisions in other aspects of life. 

Now with multiple options available in the online gaming world, making the right choice can be a little difficult. We, at RummyBaazi, believe in fair gaming & rewarding the players at every step of the way. Join us today & get up to ₹10000 on your first deposit. Code- WELCOMERB. 

Here you not only win Cash prizes but also collect reward points, using which you can claim Baazi Rewards like iPhone 12, One Plus 8, PS 5, 2 Lakh Cash Prize & more.

Beat the stress by playing on RummyBaazi.

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Tips to Get you Start Cash Tournament at an Online Rummy Game

There couldn't have been a better time to play an online rummy game. Holi weekend is coming up which means you’ll have to spend more time with family. And you know what that means? You have to get ready for playing the game of rummy with your family & friends. Are you ready for the same?

Play Cash Tournament at RummyBaazi & Win big Cash Prizes & Rewards:

How about we share some amazing tips with you on how to get ready for the Cash rummy tournament at an Online Rummy Game, preferably RummyBaazi :) & you, well you can just thank us by playing on our platform and claiming our exciting Baazi rewards like iPhone 12, One Plus 8, PS 5 and much more. 

Step 1:  Play Practice Games

Takleef kahe le rhe hai hum sikhayenge apko rummy khelnaBecome the master of rummy & beat the best by playing practice games at RummyBaazi. Before you join the big cash tournament, you may practice a few games to gain more efficiency and skills.

Step 2: Stay Hydrated & Eat Food Before you Begin

Shikanji Pijiye Rummy Khelte Time

Rummy Games can be very challenging as it demands outright attention. A big Cash tourney can last up to an hour as well. Good food and rest mean that you can survive the game without any distractions.

Step 3: Stay Optimistic

Bharosa rakhiye apne aap par Aap Bawaal Machaoyege

It's okay to not do well in the first go and completely natural to lose a few games when playing a game that requires good concentration and skills. You must, therefore stay optimistic in an online rummy game. You can play a few more practice games, Free Entry Tournaments to avoid losing any money but once you've got good rummy foundations, you may conquer the tables from the word go.

Step 4: You may Now Join your Favourite Cash Tournament and Win!

Rummy Skills Dikhao Aur Dher Saare Prizes Le Jaao!

You're now well prepared to play the 13 card Indian Rummy Game. Just believe that you've got what it takes to win big. You can participate in tournaments like 1 LAC Sunday Special, Wednesday 50K GTD, 10K Daily Depositors Freeroll, 10K Daily Leaderboard & More. 

Keep Playing & Keep Winning, only on RummyBaazi!

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How can Helper Mode help you Avoid Invalid Declarations in Online Rummy

You’ve counted your cards well and are about to make a declaration. You believe you’ve got the adequate sequences & sets and decide to place the remaining card in the finish slot to declare the game. But, oops, it’s an invalid declaration and you lose by 80 points. You feel sad. What could have been a potential win, has turned into one of the biggest losses for you. How many of you Baazigars can relate to this?

You all know that online rummy is a game of skill and requires analytical and logical ability to make quick decisions. However, at times, due to the pace of the game, it could get difficult to calculate the points and make a valid declaration at the same time. This is where “Helper Mode” can be of immense help.

Launched in November 2020, Helper Mode has made online rummy gaming on India’s most rewarding rummy platform, “RummyBaazi”, more entertaining & rewarding. The function lets you see the total points in hand & ungrouped cards.

Note: If you’ve bad hands, it’s better to opt for First Drop. You would only lose by 20 points.

How to Opt for Helper Mode?

Don’t worry, we got you covered, Baazigars. All you need to do is join a game of online rummy. You can choose to play a Free Entry Tournament or participate in the practice games, or join any cash table on RummyBaazi.

Once you’re on the table, without wasting any more time, tap on the settings menu to toggle on the Helper mode. Once the Helper Mode is on, you would be able to view all the invalid sets and the total count of the cards in hand.

While this step wouldn’t guarantee winning as it depends on a lot of other factors like skills, practice, good hands, among other things, however, using Helper Mode can help you avoid invalid declarations.

We, at RummyBaazi, believe in fair gameplay & Helper Mode is one of our many ways of thanking ya’ll for choosing our platform to play online rummy.

So, what are you waiting for? Join your favourite online rummy game, turn on the helper mode, make a valid declaration to win big, only on RummyBaazi!

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Online Rummy Tips and Tricks to Win Cash games

Love playing 13 cards games but finding it hard to win against the Pros? Well, you’re not the first lot. As a beginner, you are likely to lose or find it difficult to win in the first few games. This applies to all skill-based aspects of life. For instance, when you first learned to cook, were you able to get all the ingredients right? When you got your first bicycle as a child, were you able to ride it successfully? The probability of such a success would always be on the lower side. The same is the case with Online Rummy (13 cards rummy). Not only do you require to play more games but also have to be more observant and quick in your approach.

But what if there were some tricks which would help you win big Cash Prizes & rewards quickly? While it’s important to play more games, our tips & tricks will help you stay a step ahead of all the other players, especially against the Pros at RummyBaazi.

Check out these Rummy tips & tricks:

1. Start with Practice Games

Start with Practice Games

In Online Rummy, or for that matter, any other skill-based games & sports, the practice would be a key factor. Compare it with the game of Cricket. Unless, our favourite cricketers like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, wouldn’t spend time via the practice sessions, they might find it hard to score those centuries we love to cherish. Strengthen your memory by Playing Practice Games First- this will help you master the art of tracking discarded cards

2. Discard High Value Cards

Discard High Value Cards

Generally, the cards higher than 8 such as 9,10, or face cards (Ace, Jack, Queen and King) should be discarded first, if they aren’t helping you make a direct set or sequence. It will help you reduce your point load in your hand. 

3. Use Jokers in Place of High Value Cards

Use Joker in Place of High Value Cards

Joker is that trump card that can help you win games from nowhere. While it’s mandatory to have one Pure Sequence but you still need to form other sequences and sets to win the game of online rummy. This is where Joker can be of immense help. For instance, if you’ve cards like 9,10, you can instead of discarding them, use a Joker/ Wild Joker to form an impure sequence. Using a Joker card will help you in reducing the overall points as it carries zero points.

4. Keep a Close Eye on Opponents’ Moves

 Keep a Close Eye on Opponent Moves

To have a fair chance of winning a game, keep an eye on the moves of your opponents. Like we said in the beginning, you have to be observant and quick. This will give an idea of which sequences or sets they intend to form, thereby increasing your chances of winning the game. 

Did you like these tips? While it’s not possible to cover all the Rummy tips & tricks in one page, y'all must have got an idea of what we have in store for you. For more such unique tips and tricks, follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

Go now, use these tips in your next game. Maybe a big reward like iPhone 12, PS 5, One Plus 8 awaits you! Visit the Baazi Rewards section under your Account to view your reward points and gaming level. 

Keep Playing, Keep Winning, only on RummyBaazi.

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We Indians love our music and when we mix it up with our favourite card game, the combination gets lethal! Perhaps, this has been a go to combo for a big chunk of 13 card rummy game lovers during lockdown because music and games can turn around any situation and make your otherwise dull and boring week-days fun!

So let us try an interesting activity today and see if we were to express our feelings while playing 13 card games online on RummyBaazi, what would be your playlist to describe your truest emotions during the game? 

Let’s go through some of the situations that you often face at the tables of 13 card rummy games online and tickle our funny bones!

  1. When you got out-bluffed by your opponent at a rummy table

Kuch na kaho kuch bhi na kaho

  1. When you were about to declare & your internet goes wonky

Chan se toote koi sapna

  1. When you needed a joker to complete a sequence & declare and it pops in the open deck

DJ wale babu mera gaana bajado

  1. You, one night before your favourite online rummy tournament going live

Mujhe neend na aaye mujhe chain na aaye

  1. When the exact same card you needed comes up from the closed deck

Aaj me upar aasman niche

  1. When you get the worst hand possible & you’re torn between dropping the game or give it a try

Kya kare kya na kare ye kaisi mushkil haaye

  1. When you successfully pulled off a bluff against your opponent

Mujhko pehchan lo me hu don

Which of the above songs do you think were the most appropriate as per the situations given?

While you get busy sorting your playlist for the day, let us help you sort your winnings. We have a brand new one on the block that is making headlines this week! 

Mid Stake Mania Khelo, Har Roz 10 Hazar Mese Jeeto!

The cash game action in this month is making all the headlines as players win from a whopper of a total prize worth 10,000 EVERY DAY! 

Here’s how you can add your name to the Top 10 ranks of the mid stakes zone and win BIG:

  • Visit the cash tables of 13 card rummy game in the lobby

  • You can join the games by wagering with the points valued at 1, 2 and 5 only. 

  • The ranks of the participants will be based on the coins generated in the respective categories. 

To know more, visit:  Rummy Monthly Promotions

So what’s the wait? Join the 13 card rummy action once again and win from 10,000 EVERY DAY! While you are at it, tournament lovers, do not forget to try out awesome 5K Reward Points tourney to win from 5000 cash prize for FREE! The action runs 6 days of the week at 8PM except on Sundays.

This February, Go Crazy!

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Do What You love This February! Join the Best-in-class Online Rummy Promotions

The month of love has started and everyone wants to spend their time doing what they love. If you are an online rummy lover, be rest assured that you will be on a fun ride all month long! Come join India’s Most Rewarding and Trusted website, RummyBaazi and enjoy games from a stellar line-up of online rummy promotions throughout the month!

Spanking new rummy tournaments entailing cut throat competition and incredible winnings for each one of you, join the action and beef up your winnings daily this season on RummyBaazi. It’s time to get cracking with this month’s rollouts!

Pick your Favourite and Win Big in Online Rummy

We all know that happy are those who do exactly what their heart says. So listen to what your heart’s telling you and enjoy online rummy games across stakes and rummy variants only on RummyBaazi!

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Studying the personalities of people around you has been one of the most intriguing activities for humans. Many experts from the field of science, like neurologists and psychiatrists have come up with several studies and theories since hundreds of years. We are going to do something similar today! We’re going to study the personalities of people and see who would have a blast at the online rummy tables! Don’t mix it with judging because we are not going to make any assumptions here! 


Category of people Love Online Rummy

Take that as an informal disclaimer and now let’s dive right into the details of the fun-activity that we’re doing today!


Regular gamers would love to play online rummy for free purely because of the nature of the game. You need to develop a set of skills to achieve mastery which includes learning the basic rules of online rummy, building a strategy to beat your opponents each time, how to carry out a crisis management job and more. Online rummy is pure entertainment which comes with rewards. Which online gamer wouldn’t like that!


The thrill-seekers, the one who love the adrenaline rush would love to play online rummy. The fact that a player has to make decisions in a split of a second, pick and discard their cards with a proper strategy is something adrenaline junkies would love. The list doesn’t end there, that along with keeping an eye on their opponent, makes it all the more exciting!


People who love introducing order into the spaces they move, work, stay, relax, would definitely love playing online rummy. In online rummy, a player is needed to put their cards into sets and sequences as per their rank and suits. Doing all that while and winning real money for it, would be a dream any perfectionist would have! 


The people who have planner-personalities along with being competitive would relate to this category we’re looking into today. 

Developing an overall strategy, planning specific moves as per their opponent’s skill-level, thinking on their feet and making effective decisions play an important part in making the game more exciting!

Someone who loves planning and strategizing against their opponents fall under this category. People with such characteristics would love playing online rummy for free and/or for real money!

Which category does you and your friends fall into? Check with them and have a blast at the online rummy tables! Without blinking twice, start your online rummy playing journey with your friends at India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi!

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Can You Cheat in Online Rummy Cash Games?

This is a pressing question among online rummy fans nationwide especially for the emerging community of online rummy gamers, in other words, millennials. Online card based games have suffered a heavy cloud of criticism since their internet avatars took on the masses and it so happened, many passionate players of online rummy began to worry about the authenticity and safety of playing rummy online.

So, the question remains, can a player cheat in online rummy games? Do you really need to worry about this? It’s time to get rid of this cloud of perpetual tension once and for all.

If there’s a cheater lurking around, sorry to burst your bubble but the simple answer is NO. 

The RNG Defense Mechanism

We know this is probably over rated for some of you, but the facts doesn’t change and holds solid ground when it comes to online cash rummy games. The RNG aka the Random Number Generator mechanism is a foolproof algorithm that prevents a player from controlling or making any reasonable predictions regarding his/her cards that are going to be dealt when you play rummy online.

This algorithm is actually used across all sort of online games, not just card based games such as rummy or poker. It is responsible for generating different kind of random elements and events in online video games. The RNG algorithm uses specific codes using mathematical algorithms that include divisions, substractions, multiplications and so on to constantly create random sequence of numbers. So, whenever you play online rummy cash games on RummyBaazi, the numbers dealt to any player are random in nature and do not follow any pattern of predictability.

Can You Cheat the RNG?

There have been apprehensions among the internet gaming community and online rummy cash gamers about the authenticity of this algorithm and if it can be hacked. In theory, it could be hacked, yes.

However, this possibility can be thwarted by employing an independent third party that can test and verify your algorithm and certify if the process is fair and not influenced by any external variables such as pay-off sizes, number of credits in play and so on. Therefore, RummyBaazi, as an online company is not responsible for these operations during or after a hand is dealt. 

Our website uses the Public Domain RNG Algorithm for all online gaming applications to establish the veracity of online rummy games and the same is certified by an authorized independent organization called BMM Testlabs as per international rules and norms. 

The Final Truth

To sum up, on RummyBaazi, we assure you of your experience when you play rummy online is anything but fair because the same gets stamped by the independent third party, so cheaters are going to fail miserably. 

We are proud to reiterate that ours is a skill gaming environment and only those with the best gaming technique and strategy can thrive on the tables of RummyBaazi. So, feel free to hit the cash tables and try our highly innovative rummy tournaments any time of the day. Check our rummy promotions page to make the most of the cash rummy games on RummyBaazi.

See You on the Other Side!

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Internet games like online rummy have become an integral part of our digital lives, be it school and college going students or adults. With the cheap smartphones and data packs in the market, people find themselves constantly looking for entertainment online.

Now imagine a life without them? Well, for regular card game players it would be a nightmare they wouldn’t want to be a part of. However, you can take a sigh of relief because in reality that will never happen. Playing card games come with easy and cheap accessibility and they are also portable in nature, which makes them a go-to game for most of us.

Myths About Online Rummy Game

The popularity of card games like online rummy in India, therefore, find themselves surrounded by myths. We have debunked a few myths before, let’s quash some more today.

  1. Card Games Make You Asocial

To begin with, card games like rummy in India have been used to socialise since decades and centuries. Rummy and poker are a part of our festivities such as Diwali, Holi along with family gatherings and college house parties. 

Our love for games like online rummy and free home games got us hooked and plan more such fun times ahead. So, rather than making us asocial, rummy has helped us in becoming more social.

  1. You Get Hooked to Online Rummy

Another myth about card games online is that they are addictive in nature. However, having experience in this field, we feel that we just need to have a strong will power. We should know how to prioritise our recreational time and work/family time and things will fall into place for you!

If a person tends to get hooked to online Indian rummy games, they can also get addicted to listening to music or browsing on social media. Online rummy games and other card games are made purely for recreational purposes. They offer you a good break from your work. Take it this way.

  1. Card Games Are a Waste of Time and Money

What is life without any fun and entertainment, we say! Playing free rummy or real money online rummy like all other games offers the players a break from their daily lives; a 10 minute break at work, filling the travelling time to work with some fun!

Besides, you get to sharpen your skills and start playing real money online rummy in India, you can also win real cash and exciting gifts. So whether you play free online rummy or real money rummy, it’s a win-win situation for all!

Embark on your journey to playing card games like online rummy in India worry free. Start at India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site in India, RummyBaazi. See you at the tables!

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Can Online Rummy be Enjoyed by Seasoned Player only?

If you are still getting a better hold of online rummy then you must be researching a lot about the sport. The fact that online rummy is a skill-based game must have been introduced to you. It needs a seasoned player to be continuously good at online rummy. 

While that fact stands true under all circumstances, we would also like to tell you that all skilled players were once beginners at a given time. Being a newbie is not a big deal, but it’s important to keep climbing up the skills ladder.

Here are the four player levels that you need to scale:

  1. Beginner’s Level

  2. Intermediate Level

  3. Advanced Level

  4. Expert Level

Here are 3 initial steps on how to play online rummy at the Beginner’s Level:

Steps to Play Online Rummy

  1. Learning from written material (blogs and articles)

The first and foremost thing to do is consume some detailed articles and blogs on how to play rummy online. India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi also share blog posts for our players to learn from and develop their skills. Expand your wealth of knowledge about online rummy through our blogs and articles and you can always clear your queries on the internet.  

  1. Learning via audio-visuals (tutorials)

Another stream of knowledge about the basic rules of online rummy and also advanced strategy blogs can be learned from audio-visuals a.k.a. tutorials. If you are not someone who can read long 1000 words text, then this your deal. Keep watching tutorial videos before playing rummy online. 

  1. Learning by practice (free games)

This is basically the first step of the practical side of learning how to play rummy. With only beginner’s knowledge up your sleeves you will tend to make more mistakes and lose more money at this stage. So practice games introduces you to the practicality of online rummy without drilling a hole in your pockets.

Online rummy not only offers entertainment but it also comes with monetary benefits. However, in order to enter the intermediate level you need to start with practice games.

Why play action games when you can play skill-based games and win real money! Follow these easy steps and switch to real money rummy games now. Gather all the tips and tricks and get gaming! 

The beginner’s favourite, Free entry tournaments are running full throttle every hour on the RummyBaazi app. Play them, hone your skills and have fun all along. Once you are ready for the real deal, use those RCB winnings to play cash games of different exciting variants of online rummy real rummy only on India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site. Until then, keep the fun alive at the tables!

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We might have mixed feelings towards the year 2020, but your favourite online rummy app wants to change that this year. RummyBaazi, India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy App wants you to take charge and start 2021 on a high note! 

RummyBaazi has an action-packed line up of online rummy promotions which will blow your mind and fill your pockets like never before. From guarantees as HIGH as 1 LAC to Free Entry Tournaments offering prizes worth 15K and everything in between, you have got everything just a click away! 

Here are the details of the online rummy promotions for you to start 2021 with fireworks: 

Start the Year with a Bang

Well, we are called the most rewarding rummy site in India for a reason. Come make 2021 your year! Cut-throat competition, bigger guarantees and spectacular rewards, 2021 online rummy promotions are laced with simply the best of the best! Get your game on at the RummyBaazi tables, play rummy cash games and tournaments across stakes and variants and win massive cash prizes.

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We might have mixed feelings towards the year 2020, but your favourite online rummy app wants to change that this year. RummyBaazi, India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy App wants you to take charge and start 2021 on a high note! 

RummyBaazi has an action-packed line up of online rummy promotions which will blow your mind and fill your pockets like never before. From guarantees as HIGH as 1 LAC to Free Entry Tournaments offering prizes worth 15K and everything in between, you have got everything just a click away! 

Here are the details of the online rummy promotions for you to start your year with fireworks: 

Start Year with a Bang

Well, we are called the most rewarding rummy site in India for a reason. Come make 2021 your year! Get your game on at the RummyBaazi tables, play rummy cash games and tournaments across stakes and variants and win massive cash prizes.

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Are you an avid rummy player? Have you spent your vacations playing rummy as a child? Now you finally have a chance to play your favourite game online however, you have some doubts around the legal status of the game. 

Well, you have come to right place to clear your doubts. Let us bridge the gap between your favourite card game, online rummy and you! Here is a quick Q&A Session that will clear all your doubts on the legal status of rummy:

Is online rummy legal in India?

In 1968, the honourable Supreme Court of India ruled that Rummy is a skill-based game that relies on several core concepts of Mathematics and Game Theory. The game is further protected under the relevant scope of Article 19[1] (g). 

The apex court of the country later observed that:

  • A competition where success or victory depends on a significant degree of skill cannot be termed as ‘gambling’. 
  • In case of online rummy, while there may be an element of chance, it is largely based on a player’s skills even after real money is involved.

How do you define a game of chance?

As per the Indian law, gambling is considered an act of wagering of money or something of value on an event that may have an uncertain outcome or result. Such games whose outcomes are largely dependent on chance are prohibited by law. 

How is rummy a game of skill?

A victory in Rummy largely depends on a player’s intelligence, sharp memory and decision-making skills and not on the knowledge of the game’s rules only. These along with sharp observation skills, emotional stability and self-confidence helps a player in consistently winning at the online rummy tables. Hence, rummy is a game of skill as per the law.

To Put Everything in a Nutshell:

  1. Online rummy is a skill-based game. 

  2. All skill-based games are legal in India, even when played for cash. 

  3. All penal restrictions apply only to games of chance.

However, we further want to inform that in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha and Telangana players are not allowed to play online rummy for cash. Players residing from these states can play free online rummy games. 

Now that all our doubts are out of window, start your online rummy journey with India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi! We have some super rewarding online rummy tournaments lined up for you: 

Online Rummy Tournaments

We are sure that we have sent all your worries down the drain by now. It’s time to set the online rummy tables on fire!

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While you are busy showing off your moves at the online rummy tables, there might be a few options you may have missed during your games. We will reveal those options today so that you get to try some new moves and strategies and surprise your opponents when you play rummy online on RummyBaazi.

Use Drop Button in Three Ways

The Drop Button

When you join a table to play rummy online on RummyBaazi, you will notice a “Drop” button at the bottom corner of the table. Clicking on this option allows you to drop out of the current game. However, there are three different scenarios that occur when you choose this option.

First Drop

A player typically uses the drop button in online rummy games when he/she gets a gutter hand that has minimum possibility to help you win the game. On the occasion you receive an absolutely gutter hand, you can immediately drop out of the game at the first turn without even picking a card. This will cost you 20 penalty points.

Second Drop

When you receive a losing hand and use the Drop button after the first turn of cards, it is called a Second Drop. Hitting a second drop will cost a player twice the first drop, i.e. 40 penalty points.

Consecutive Misses

If a player deliberately misses one turn after another for three consecutive turns in online rummy games, he/she is dropped out of the game altogether.

Leaving the Table

If you decide to leave the game after drawing one card from the closed deck when you play rummy online for real money, it will be accounted as a Middle drop and you incur 40 points. If you drop without drawing any card at all, you will be penalized with 20 points.

Discard Section

The discard section is displayed at the tables beside each player when you play rummy online for real money on RummyBaazi. It shows each and every card that has been thrown into the open pile by all your opponents. Use this option to get an idea of the combinations that your opponents are attempting during the game. This way, you won’t throw any cards by mistake that might help your opponents to finish their game.

Open Pile

Open pile is the section where all players throw away their unwanted cards at the center of the table. Did you know you can pick cards from this pile to make combinations in online rummy games?

When you play rummy online for real money, you can pick cards from the open pile that has been discarded by the opponent who played right before your turn. However, you cannot pick discarded cards that have been thrown by other opponents earlier than the one who played before you.

Therefore, rummy players are advised to keep a sharp eye on the open pile just so you can pick any important card that your opponent throws away for free. It just so happens that sometimes players who are preoccupied with their own hand only often throws away trump cards by mistake! You wouldn’t want to miss on such opportunities especially when you play rummy online for real money.

Bonus Cards

Bonus cards are simply the trump cards you receive when you play rummy online. The fun part is that there is more than one kind which can get confusing and become a missed opportunity in online rummy games. While the printed jokers are obvious and hard to miss, the numbered jokers could be easily missed as an ordinary card.

Numbered bonus cards change in every new deal. Same reason you must note this bonus card at the beginning of each game so that you do not forget it and toss it away accidentally. And before you know it, someone else stole your lucky card right in front of you!

We hope you take these options into consideration next time you hit the online rummy tables on RummyBaazi. Go surprise yourself!

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Are you new to playing online rummy? Are you finding it hard to convert your play into real money? If that is the case, we are here to change that for you! To start off at the right foot, let’s keep you updated about how the pros are maintaining their numero uno rank. 

Everyone can learn how to play online rummy, however there are only a few who can beat their opponents most of the time. So here are a few pro tips to get you to your A-game!

How to Effectively Pin Down your Opponent at a Rummy Table

Now that you are up to speed, hit online rummy tables at India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi. You’ve got everything from online rummy tournaments offering prizes as high 1 LAC to Happy Hours on cash tables where you can win rewards like iPhone 12, OnePlus 8, PS 5 and more! See you at the tables!

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All good things come to an end, that’s NOT how it works on RummyBaazi! Roll up your sleeves because we will be rolling with you straight up till New Year’s Eve so that you get to finish this year on an incredible note. 

Listing them one by one, we say you take a good look at these offers because we got a bouquet full of online rummy promotions, awesome rummy tournaments lined up for you. Here we go!

Buckle up for 12 Hours of Non Stop Fun

The action is unstoppable because the josh is high! Be on the cash tables or online rummy tournaments, the choice is yours. So, what’s there to think about? Clear your schedule, showcase your moves and join the pro league of gamers this December with these awesome online rummy promotions only to go home with grand winnings and even bigger Baazi Rewards!

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Are you struggling to earn real money in online rummy cash games? Do not fret, we have got you fully covered. We bring you five inventive ways to earn real money by playing rummy online on your favorite real money rummy app, RummyBaazi. It’s time to end this year with a bang, so go get your share before someone else does!

Assuming all of you intend to end this year with a bang, we are locking in your time with some of 2020’s best options to dabble with and we want you to try them all simply because they are all so drool-worthy!

Here’s the best of the month tailor made for you into just a 2 minute read.


As you may gather from above, if you play rummy online on RummyBaazi’s real money rummy app, you are guaranteed some definite perks. You won’t find such clever tools and means to play more games at minimum cost and earn real money without directly spending a single penny from your pocket. 

All said and done, we did our bit to create unique opportunities that allow you to earn real money in online rummy cash games and tournaments the clever way. It’s your job to make the most of these stellar opportunities to keep the fun going without digging hole in your pocket and play more for really less today.

It’s the final month, take the smart route to earn real money and win BIG right away!

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Are you looking for some safe and exciting options to win real money online? Do you want your extra time to be spent on something productive yet fun? Well, we have got a perfect solution for you! Sit back and relax as you’re going to get introduced to the most trusted and rewarding Rummy site in India, RummyBaazi. 

We all can agree on the fact that we’re all stuck inside our houses and there’s hardly anything interesting enough to spare your time on. However we have got something up our sleeve! We have an impeccable plan laid out for you to start a thrilling run to winning real money online on RummyBaazi.

Start Winning with these Games


  • Practice Games

The first and the most intelligent step is to start playing practice games on RummyBaazi. Theoretical knowledge can only introduce you to online rummy. However, it is only by practicing it would potentially train you to even beat the experts at the tables. Make practice games a starting point and if you give enough time to practice then you’ll be playing cash rummy games in no time!

  • Free Entry Tournaments

Your next should our blockbuster games, the Free Entry Tournaments. These games help you understand the psyche of a regular online rummy player; the way the players think and react at the tables. With Free Entry rummy tournaments, you can also win Real Chip Bonus (RCB) which can be used to join other online rummy cash games and tournaments. 

So you can actually play free games, develop your skills and earn RCB to play cash rummy games – now that’s a deal you wouldn’t want to miss!

  • Micro Tournaments

If you make it to this step, we think you’ve already made it! Micro tournaments are basically online rummy tournaments that can be joined for buy-ins as LOW as INR 1. Micro online rummy tournaments are just one step behind from the tourneys regulars play. 

These games help you understand the nitty-gritty of real money online rummy tournaments without major holes in your pockets. 

Get the basics right, follow our Plan of Action and you’ll be ready to win real money online on RummyBaazi in a week’s time! 

See you soon at the cash rummy tables!

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Are You Using These Rummy Promo Codes to Earn More Money?

Are you looking to earn more money on RummyBaazi but don’t know exactly how? Will it please you if we say we have some special rummy promo code offers that could help you double your earnings and profits in online rummy games? If that’s a double nod coming from you, let us offer you some awesome rummy coupons that can help you score some extra runs for this time for FREE.

Earn Double on RummyBaazi

Whether you are new or a regular on RummyBaazi, we have something for each one of you. Here’s the entire list of rummy promo codes running live this month.

Karo Double Kamai on RummyBaazi

Welcome Bonus

Welcome all new Baazigars to a brand new experience! Kick-start your rummy run on our app by making your first deposit and win instant bonus money!

How to Get Instant Bonus?

  • Make a minimum deposit of minimum 100 Rupees using RummyBaazi promo code, WELCOMERB.
  • Win instant bonus up to 3000
  • Bonus will be earned in the form of real chip bonus (RCB)
  • Use the RCB you earned to play rummy cash games of all rummy variants on RummyBaazi

Sign Up Bonus

Also, new users will get additional 25 Rupees free cash on Sign up! No rummy promo code is required here.

Ek Ke Sath Ek Muft

Love our freerolls? If you haven’t tried them, it’s time you hop on the freeroll train because you stand to win two free tournament tickets with ONE exclusive RummyBaazi promo code.

How to Get Free Tickets?

  • Make a minimum deposit of just 200 rupees using RummyBaazi promo code, “Daily20K
  • Get a free ticket to the Daily 20K Freeroll
  • Also, first time depositors on RummyBaazi will get another FREE ticket to the next available tournament. Kill two birds with one stone!
  • Tournament goes live every day at 10PM

Free Ticket to Wednesday 50K GTD

Get to play this monster sized tournament for free with our rummy coupons.

  • Make a minimum deposit of 1000 Rupees using our RummyBaazi promo code, “WED50K” 
  • Get a free ticket to the Wednesday 50K GTD
  • Tournament goes live every Wednesday at 8PM
  • Use the deposit money to play rummy cash games on RummyBaazi

Free Ticket to 1LAC Sunday Special

If you are aiming high this festive season, take a clever shot at the Weekend Blockbuster with our rummy coupons.

  • Make a minimum deposit of 2500 rupees on RummyBaazi using rummy promo code, “SunLakhpati”
  • Get a free ticket to the 1LAC Sunday Special
  • Use the deposit to play many more cash games and tournaments of any stake on our app
  • The 1LAC Sunday Special goes live every Sunday at 8PM 

Feeling pumped up already? Put your skills to smart use with our RummyBaazi promo codes and double up the profits this month on India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site. We promise to bring you more such amazing offers every month on your favorite rummy app, RummyBaazi.

See you at the tables!

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Online Rummy Bankroll: Management Skills & Tips for Every Rummy Player

Online rummy games when played for real money just happen to double the thrill and fun for every rummy fan. However, the fun can only sustain if you know how to manage your funds. So, in order to keep your run consistent and not end up broke when playing rummy for real money, players need to pay attention to rummy bankroll management.

At RummyBaazi, we are going to tell you not just how to keep the money flowing but also share some insider tips that will help you boost your win rate too! To begin with, the amount of money that you dedicate to play online rummy games is called bankroll.

Bankroll Management Tips

Rummy Bankroll Management Tips

We have already established the fact that rummy is a fun skilled based game whose popularity has spiked due to the introduction of winning real money. Players at RummyBaazi can not only enjoy the game for the sake of fun and entertainment but also because they can earn money on the go. However, the excitement must not get the better of you because playing online rummy cash games means business. 

So, here are some crucial tips that will keep you in the game for the long haul.

Change Your Approach

Players need to be very careful with their bankroll management practices when playing online rummy cash games right from the start. The concept of bankroll management in online rummy games is essentially to max your investment through your knowledge and skills in the game. Most amateurs keep adding money in their bankroll when they lose a game or two. That’s a wrong approach.

The correct way to build your online rummy bankroll is to focus and work on your rummy skills and then use your skills to multiply your money and avoid starting from zero every time. Skills are the only certain element that can boost your rummy bankroll from scratch. So, don’t lose patience and seek immediate monetary gains, rather focus on your game and your rummy bankroll shall automatically see a healthy boost in due course of time.

Even when you win a certain amount of money in any online rummy tournament, we suggest keep a certain portion in your bankroll and use it to play your next big tournament you have had your eyes on. This way. You won’t have to put in additional money in future rummy cash games and tournaments.

Pick Your Game Wisely

You got to be smarter than the rest when you play rummy cash games because you are just one among hundreds and thousands. In order to do so, you have to be selective regarding the tournaments you pick if you really want to win more cash games and subsequently, protect your online rummy bankroll.

The golden rule here is to select those rummy tournaments that are not a stretch on your online rummy bankroll and allow you to play with the amount of pressure you can possibly handle according to your skillset. Once you fare better at the current stakes, you can always take it up a notch.

Use RummyBaazi Promotions

RummyBaazi’s all online game promotions are privy to all rummy players playing on our app and all of them are player-driven. Be it our Diwali Cash Fest or tournament options available for the widest range of stakes, explore them with care and pick the one that not always offers the highest prize pool but the one that resonates with your skillset, guarantees maximum value for your money and helps you exercise better rummy bankroll management.

The options are plenty! Let us jot down a few for your clarity.

For new players

Free entry tournaments, play them for free, learn the tricks of the trade, understand the nuances of tournaments and have fun.

For new real money players

Play our micro stakes tournaments for minimum risk as low as one rupee and get a hang of the nature of real money tournaments. Micro 100 GTD, Value 500 GTD are few options you could try today.

For transitioning players

Play low stakes tournaments such as Baazi 2K and Prime 4K for buy-ins ranging between 50-100 rupees and win real money to build up a decent rummy bankroll from scratch. 

For mid stakes players

For those who play in the mid stakes zone, we have some exciting options this month. Play the 20K Daily Depositor or the Wednesday 50K GTD for buy-ins ranging from 200 to 500 rupees.

For the Pros

Play for glory and earn huge winnings with our 1LAC Sunday Special every Sunday for slashed buy-ins of just 500 rupees and size up your online rummy bankroll like never before!

We are certain now that you will make the right investments on RummyBaazi and create a winning streak you can be proud of. See you at the tables!

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You Can’t Miss These Online Rummy Promotions at RummyBaazi This Festive Season

With a nip in the air and the sun getting softer, the festive season is also bringing with it some massively rewarding online rummy promotions on RummyBaazi! The party season is here and what better way to celebrate togetherness than playing our favourite card game, online rummy.

We have already given you the MEGA list but we want you to get hold of the most lucrative rummy promotion of all and not spending a minute thinking more about it and just get on with it. We mean, Diwali season is never complete without some good old cash rummy games and you don’t want to miss the one hosted at RummyBaazi!


Diwali Cash Fest

This one is for the online Points rummy fans. It is a target-based online rummy promotion which is applicable on multiple stakes Points rummy cash tables.  Play as many points cash rummy games as you can, earn Reward Points and reach newer and higher targets! Play more, win maximum from cash prizes worth 4 LAC!

Here are three easy steps to know how Diwali Cash Fest rummy promotion works:

  • Play online rummy cash games of Points Rummy.
  • Hit different RP-based targets levels across micro, low, mid, and high categories.
  • Each player can earn Real Cash Bonus worth up to 4 LAC!

Here where you can learn more about Diwali Cash Fest: Monthly Promotions

50K Wednesday Tourney

Drive away your mid-week blues with this Wednesday online rummy tournament. Now enjoy BIG winnings even on Wednesday only on RummyBaazi!

How to join this highly rewarding tournament? Make an entry via a buy-in worth INR 500 or you can alternatively get a free ticket to the rummy tournament using code ‘WED50K’ on a deposit of INR 1000. Players can use the deposit to play more cash rummy games for FREE!

1K RP Tournament

Real money gaming can’t get any better! Here is another perk for all online cash rummy game players. Play cash games at RummyBaazi, earn Reward Points along for free with your cash winnings and join new tournaments with those RPs. 

Now, win from INR 1000 without spending real money. Join 1K RP online rummy tournament for just 1 Reward Point every day at 5PM. 

Here are some online rummy strategy tips for you to ace these exceedingly rewarding promotions:

  • Make each move as if your opponent’s only job is to decode your actions. Do not pick cards from the discard pile unless you are just a card away from melding a set or a sequence. 
  • Keep checking your points and keep working on decreasing them. Try not to keep high value cards. Keep them only if you are close to using them to build a set or sequence. 
  • Follow the BRB (black-red-black) pattern to set your cards in order to drive away even the tiniest bit of confusion. Since online rummy is a fast-paced game, players are expected make decisions in a fraction of a second and you don’t want to make silly mistakes.  

Just few days to go for our favourite festival to colour our world with bright shades of red, gold and silver along with the hustle bustle in the markets. We think it all completes with some exciting gaming sessions at the Most Rewarding and Trusted Rummy Site, RummyBaazi!

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Score Big Time with RummyBaazi’s Diwali Online Rummy Promotions

How’s the josh guys? 

Are you feeling the changing vibes of the season already? If not, RummyBaazi is back once again with some very special goodies all up for grabs this month to spike your love for online rummy games and saying so, we humbly invite you to celebrate Diwali with us! 

Brand new rummy tournaments, exclusive cash promotions and special rummy deposit codes have been released for all online rummy fans on the website. We suggest you grab your rightful share of the piece starting today.

Here’s a complete list of our Diwali special offerings this November.

Diwali Cash Fest- 1st-30th November

A player driven online rummy promotion, play online rummy cash games of Points Rummy variant and collect Reward Points for free. Play for any stake and collect these Reward Points to hit the desired targets during the Diwali Cash Fest and win real cash bonus worth up to 4LAC.

How to Join the fest?

  • Simply play cash rummy games of Points Rummy on the RB app

  • Meet the specified targets of Reward Points across these stakes (micro, low, mid & high)

  • Win real cash bonus (RCB) up to 4LAC throughout the month

To check the targets for cash games across all stakes, visit the Monthly Promotions page.

National Rummy League (NRL), 8th November

Welcome to the tables of India’s biggest online rummy league ever! Join the National Rummy League this month and stand to win from this 50K prize pool for buy-ins the size of peanuts!

There are two ways to join this tournament, one through your skills, the other through a special rummy deposit code!

OPTION 1: Play either Baazi 2K or Prime 4K tourney and win a free ticket to the NRL by securing a position either on the top 5 or the top 10 positions of these tourneys respectively.

OPTION 2: Get a direct free entry to the NRL for a minimum deposit of 500 rupees using rummy deposit code, “NRL500”.

50K Wednesday Special

Introducing the brand new mid-week special that shall light up your weekdays for good! It’s time to get rid of Wednesday blues and rather jam with your fellow mates in this online rummy tournament and win some handsome money every Wednesday at 8PM sharp. Two entry options are released for this tourney as well.

How to Play?

  • Play for a direct buy-in of just 250 rupees OR

  • Get a free ticket to the tournament through a direct deposit of 1000 rupees using rummy deposit code, “MIDWED”

  • Hit the tables every Wednesday evening to claim your share!

20K Daily Depositor Freeroll

If you are a diehard fan of freerolls, come and get your daily dose of rummy action for the tiniest buy-ins! RummyBaazi continues to host its Prime Time Classic online rummy tournament that lets you multiply your money up to 100x daily!

Check out how to play this freeroll and win thousands!

  • Deposit a minimum of INR 200 using rummy deposit code, “Daily20K” and get a free ticket.

  • Those making their first deposit on RummyBaazi will get a free ticket to the next available tourney.

  • Get grinding to enjoy 40 minutes of relentless action every evening at 10PM sharp

1LAC Sunday Special

If thousands do not satiate your appetite, hit the tables every Sunday to collect big winnings in a single shot. So, let the Diwali fever kick in this weekend as you stun your opponents with your killer skills in this mega online rummy tournament and bring home some good old money.

How to Play?

  • Play for a direct buy-in of just 500 rupees OR

  • Get a free tournament ticket by making a minimum deposit of 2500 rupees using rummy deposit code, “SunLakhpati”

  • Join your mates at the rummy tables every Sunday at 8PM

Daily 10K RP Tournament

It’s okay if you do not wish to spend even a single dime, we have got you covered with this original online rummy promotion. RummyBaazi’s new regular 10K RP tournament now hits the tables daily wherein you can collect real money winnings from a 10K prize pool at ZERO cost six days of the week!

How to Play?

  • Simply use 10 Reward Points from your account to play the 10K RP rummy tournament

  • Reward Points (RP) can be earned for free by playing rummy cash games of any variant on the RB app

  • Play the online rummy tournament live from Monday-Saturday at 8PM every week

  • If you get eliminated, you can re-enter the tourney for just 100 rupees

  • Play without spending any real money to win from the 10K prize pool all week long

So, take your pick from these stellar online rummy promotions and get jamming on the tables when the clock hits the slated hours. All the best!

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5 Things to do If You Feel Challenged at Online Rummy Cash Tables

What fun there is than facing a challenge and handling it like a pro! A game of online rummy is all about facing challenges and overcoming them with your unbeatable skills. However, no matter how good your online rummy skills are, the games would not turn out to be in your favour each time. This is when one of the most pressing question comes in the forefront: What should a player do if they are facing difficulties at the online rummy cash tables? 

Before discussing the remedy of your problem, let us first narrow down the list of common rummy mistakes most often commit at the tables.

  • After winning several hands in online rummy cash games consecutively, many players tend to play relentlessly, hoping to win. However, it does not work like that. Even the biggest, unbeatable players lose several games in their lifetime.
  • Players don’t pay attention on what their opponents are up to.

  • Players don’t shuffle their melded hands.

  • Players don’t know when to drop out of the game.

  • Playing can’t strike a balance between their family time and gaming time.

How we can Resolve these Common Rummy Mistakes

How to resolve common rummy mistakes

Switch to a Smaller Table

If you find yourself losing several games, switch to smaller stake tables. This will reduce some burden for you and you can continue to enjoy the sport.

Take a Break from Online Rummy

If you still find yourself losing huge amounts of money even after switching to smaller online rummy cash tables, take a break. This is a clear sign of fatigue and it is always better to freshen up from time to time. 

Take Out Time for your Family/Friends

Try to have a balanced life between playing online rummy cash games and spending time with your family and friends. Keep a check on yourself and try to fulfil all your responsibilities towards your family.

Set Limits on your Deposits

You can limit your time and money you spend on the online rummy cash tables. With a special feature on the RummyBaazi app, you can set limits on your deposit under our responsible gaming initiative. You can easily set limits on a weekly or monthly basis so that you don’t spend more than your pocket allows.

Switch to Free Games for Sometime

Players can always take some time off from online rummy cash games. Play free online rummy games, get your skills sharpened and you can always come back to rummy real cash games. 

Take the Smart Route to the National Rummy League!

Well, now if you face a challenging situation at online rummy cash game tables, you know what to do next. RummyBaazi is turning up the fever at the tournament zone with the National Rummy League (NRL) that goes live on 8th November! 

Play the Baazi 2K or the Prime 4K daily and if you climb to the top 5 or the top 10 of these respective online rummy tournaments, you win a free ticket to the NRL. So, if the mundane cash games are getting at you, take the safe route to bigger winnings!

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Why Practice Online Rummy Games are a Blessing for New Players!

Online rummy is increasingly becoming the most sensational place for online gamers in India. People in our country are curious and excited to be a part of this trend. Since Indians have always loved playing cards, transitioning to online rummy was a cake walk for all of us.

Learning the basic rules online rummy is easy. However, it takes time to acquire advanced level of skills, which is why practice games are the best platform for you to develop your strategy before entering real money online rummy arena. Online rummy practice games are the perfect stepping stones to transitioning to play rummy online for real money rummy. Here’s how:

What Beginners Can Learn Through Practice Games

Learn the Basics

Everyone who is trying to learn how to play online rummy can consume information from blogs and audio-visuals but it is by playing only through which a player can truly learn the sport. 

Practice makes a man perfect. While theoretical knowledge can give you an introduction, practical skills will only be honed if you play online rummy regularly. 

Learn and Try Out Secret Tips and Tricks

Well, it is always better to make mistakes when you don’t have much to lose. What we mean to say is what better way to develop your own online rummy strategy than practice games!

Practice well before entering the real gaming arena of online rummy cash games. Develop a set of skills and strategy to become unbeatable at the cash tables.  

Go from Newbie Skill Level to Advance Skill Level

By playing practice games, you can upgrade your skill level to the advanced level without losing real money. Practical skills trumps all when it comes to strategy-based card games. Keep playing, learn online rummy to change your strategy as per the opponents you have at the table, learn to manage finances and keep a track of your points.

Learn How to Manage your Finances

Practice games can help you manage your finances well before you play online rummy cash games. Being new to online rummy, it is natural to make mistakes. Therefore, practice games are the best platform for the newbies to learn how to manage their finances. This way, playing online rummy cash games would be a cake walk for them. 

Practice Games- your Stepping Stone to Cash Games

To start your real money winning streak, the best prep option are practice games. The chances of making big mistakes with your money at stake comes down to almost zero. So, make mistakes as you learn online rummy on the practice game tables.

Drive away all your fears and start playing practice games on India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi now!

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Which Kind of Hand Can Make or Break Your Game in Online Rummy Games?

In online rummy games, it is extremely crucial to understand where you stand in the game based on the hand you are dealt with. A perfect, winning hand doesn’t just fall into your lap, you need to have a set of superior rummy skills to read your hand correctly and act accordingly. 

While it is extremely important that you are dealt good hands, the ability to calculate the odds of winning is also significant. A good player needs to calculate the probability, look for the possible permutation and combinations and then make their moves.

Types of Hands in Online Rummy Games

Types of Hands in Online Rummy Game

Unbeatable hand: 2 Pure Sequences + 1 or more Sequence + 1 Set

Most players dream of hitting an invincible hand like this one in online rummy tournaments! If you find yourself holding this hand, you are surely beating your opponent with a huge margin from which they cannot recover. Two or three moves and you could take a massive jump to higher ranks while playing online rummy tournaments and cash games. You hit this hand and there will be no other player who could beat you!

Strong Hand: 1 Pure Sequence + 1 or more Sequences + 1 or more Set

Although this hand is not as strong as the hand we discussed about above, you can affectively beat your opponents within three of four moves. A player just needs the right online rummy strategy to go ahead with. If you hit such a strong hand, you just need to focus on making another pure or impure sequence and meld the rest of the cards with the help of jokers. 

Good Hand: 1 Pure Sequence + 1 or more Sets

All online rummy experts say that there is no harm is sticking around for a couple of hands if you already have a pure sequence in the beginning of the game. So that would be the smartest strategic move to make if you hit a hand which already has a pure sequence. 

Here’s a helpful link about online rummy strategy tips.

Decent or Average Hand: 1 Sequence + No Sets

Handling such cards gets tricky on the online rummy tournaments and cash games. It’s difficult to decide when to drop and when to stick around. An expert advice as a part of online rummy strategy tips would be if you don’t have a pure sequence, stay for a couple of rounds and drop out if don’t see any significant improvement in your hand. 

Gutter Hand: No Sequence + No Set

Dropping the game right away should not be your first option even if you hit a muck hand. Staying around for one or two hands have the potential to make the game go topsy-turvy for your opponents. 

However, the right thing to do is to drop if that doesn’t happen anytime soon. In this case, you should simply attempt disaster management in order to decrease the impact of your loss. 

Here’s a helpful link on deciding when to drop in online rummy games.

Now that you are well-versed with the kinds of hands you deal with at the online rummy tables, hit RummyBaazi to start your real money winning streak in three thrilling variants of online rummy games today!

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5 Things To Do To Earn Real Cash in Online Rummy at RummyBaazi

The online rummy industry in Indiais growing by leaps and bounds. With players earning massive amounts of real money to rewards like iPhone 11, a paid trip to Goa, JBL Bluetooth Speakers and more, there’s a relentless flow of action at the online rummy tables!

Want to join and win huge real money prizes? Don’t worry, you are not late to the party! Here’s what you can do to kick-start your real money online rummy winning streak on RummyBaazi.

5 Online Rummy Tips to Start Your Winning Journey

Online Rummy

Acquire Thorough Knowledge of the Sport

Every battle can be won with a sharp mind and the same applies to your run at the online rummy tables! Learn the intricacies to play online rummy in India and develop an invincible armour to be an attacker at the online rummy tables. Unless you know about the basic rules of online rummy and strategy, then you won’t be able to play against different types of players at the tables. 

Here’s where you can learn the details of the game: How to Play Online Rummy

Fire-up the Analytical Side of Your Brain

Online rummy is all about reads and analysis and constant efforts on making your hand better. A good online rummy player has to be quick on their feet. Play online rummy to sharpen your cognitive skills and take your opponents by the horns!

Pick Your Variant Wisely

While we offer an array of online rummy variants, we suggest all players should try all of them and stick to the one they are good at. So, study the variants properly to ace it and seal a steady flow of winnings!

Develop a Dynamic Set of Strategies

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome! Online rummy tables offer a dynamic environment to play online rummy against live opponents. You need to sit down and formulate an unbeatable online rummy strategy to take down all kinds of opponents. Learn online rummy from your opponents’ shortcomings and their smart moves. Observe them and be open to evolving your strategy. 

Learn When to Drop

Sometimes dropping out of a game is the best help you can offer to yourself, however, you need to get better at reading your cards. Whether they are a gutter hand that cannot restore your game or they just need one or two rounds which can be revived. 

If you are not able to meld a pure sequence when you play online rummy after two or three rounds or when you don’t have a joker to make a set or a sequence, drop the game. 

Here’s a helpful link to learn online rummy in depth and when to drop: When to Drop in Your Favour

Up your game and get started at India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi to win massive real cash prizes. We are currently hosting a month-long online rummy promotions, Cash Dash with prizes worth 30 LAC! Go hit the tables now.

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Which Online Rummy Variant Suits Your Personality?

Picking a variant to stick to has posed as a challenge for almost every online rummy player. A player should first know their strengths and weaknesses while picking their favourite online rummy variant. Get well versed with your personality traits and you are already on the path of making it big at the rummy tables. 

Let’s delve into the intricacies of online rummy variants and how to play online rummy rules!

Types of Online Rummy Games:

Types of Rummy Games

Points Rummy

This variant starts off and ends like an express train but also lets you enjoy every moment throughout the game. Play online rummy and pick this variant if sitting idle is a major pet peeve for you and you consider yourself as a workaholic.

A deal ends super quick in this online rummy variant and you can go ahead and play other games forever without getting bored. Someone who loves to get multiple things done at the same time is most likely to multi-task, so this is their game to conquer!

Pool Rummy

For players who can play long, unending games and have the patience and time to spare should play online pool rummy. It’s a lengthy online rummy variant so somebody who can sit tight and enjoy the non-stop excitement should be at this table. 

This online rummy variant has two further sub-formats: 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. One of the basic rules of pool rummy is that the winner is declared only after all players are eliminated barring one. The last soldier remaining wins the battle! So, if you have grinding abilities and can sit for long lessons, this online rummy variant is for you. 

Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy has a lengthier format and has a set number of deals, unlike online Points rummy. The sub-variations of this online rummy variant are: Best of 2, Best of 3. The how to play deal rummy rule book says that a player has to win more games on an average to beat his/her opponents. 

For instance, Deals Rummy is played with chips and so, the last remaining player who manages to win maximum number of his/her opponent’s chips, wins the game.

The risk of losing even one deal sets you on an excitement-filled game time which can effectively glue you to your gaming seats. However, you should pick this one only if you are an adventure lover and have the spare time to enjoy the game. 

Now that you know which online rummy variants shall suit your personality traits, let us introduce you to our rewarding online rummy promotions!

  • 25K Daily Depositor Freeroll: 

    Make a deposit of INR 200 using code Daily25K and get your entry ticket to this daily online rummy tournament happening at 10 PM. 

  • 10K Rewards Points Tournament:

    This unique online rummy tournament can be joined for just 10 Reward Points (RP). Without spending any real cash you can win from a massive prize pool of INR 10,000! The tourney happens every day from Monday to Saturday at 8 PM.

  • 1K Rewards Points Tournament:

    This is the micro version of the 10K Rewards Points Tourney. You can join for just 1 RP to play and win from INR 1,000! Join the game every day at 5 PM and win big. 

  • 1 LAC Sunday Special:

    Win big every Sunday with 1 LAC Sunday Special. Make a deposit of INR 2,500 using code SUNLAKHPATI for a ticket to this online rummy tournament. Tune in at 8 PM to welcome your big winnings!

Apart from tourneys, India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi also hosts cash games and free entry tournaments. Visit our lobby now to get started!

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How Safe Is It To Play Online Rummy On RummyBaazi?

The Indian online rummy industry has been working to provide a fair and safe gaming environment for players nationwide. Ensuring a secure gaming space has therefore, been a constant endeavour for RummyBaazi. Apart from using a certified software, RummyBaazi has introduced some strict guidelines to offer the most rewarding online rummy experience to its players.

To evict all chances of unusual activities on our online rummy platform, we keep monitoring our players and their activities round-the-clock. To restrict unfair practices, we prohibit any two players to play online rummy from the same IP address on RummyBaazi.

The following are the filters that are applicable on all player profiles on our online rummy platform. We advise all players to follow these guidelines to enjoy responsible and fair gaming on RummyBaazi.

Responsible Gaming Guidelines

Safe Online Rummy

1. Age Verification

All RummyBaazi players are required to produce a valid proof of their age before they play real money online rummy cash games. We strictly restrict under-age gaming and in case, our team comes across any dishonest or fraudulent behavior, the player’s account and winnings will be forfeited immediately and he/she might face criminal prosecution.

2. Setting Limits on Your Real Money Deposits

We encourage our players to monitor their budget sensibly. Our online rummy platform allows players to restrict their weekly and/or monthly real money rummy deposit limits.

Setting these limits acts against the development of obsessive and/or compulsive behavior in a player and helps you become a responsible and sensible player that can, in turn, also further your wins when you play online rummy on RummyBaazi.

3. Stop Fraudulent and Criminal Behaviour

Any registered RummyBaazi player suspected of collusion is permanently blocked from playing all games of rummy online on our platform with immediate effect without prior notice.

Strict anti-money laundering policies and procedures are in place as per the law-enforcement agencies to ensure that you play your favorite card game within the ambit of Indian laws.

 4. Prompt and Accurate Customer Payments

All payments and transactions made by our online rummy players are carried through via a secure and 256 bit encrypted medium to ensure safer transactions and keep your precious money secure in your account.

We make every possible effort to make RummyBaazi the safest online rummy platform wherein you can, not just learn, play rummy online but also be rest assured that your wins are strictly yours and there shall be no discrepancy in the delivery of your dues! The online rummy portal has a dedicated space to manage your funds and rewards. 

 5. Fair and Certified Code

RummyBaazi has a safe and secure software certified by a third party vendor that’s further certified as per international rules and norms. This technology enables the cards to be picked randomly when you play rummy online and nothing can be handled manually on our website and/or apps.

RummyBaazi employs an algorithm called Public Domain RNG Algorithm for our gaming platforms which is certified by BMM Testlabs. This algorithm is created as per international rules and norms to ascertain fair play under all circumstances.

Also Read : Legality to Play Online Rummy

6. TDS Policy

TDS in winnings is deducted as per the Income Tax Act 1961. We have a dedicated page explaining the common tax policy of all real money rummy games for our online players on RummyBaazi.

Special Tips for Our Players:

  • Treat online rummy games just as any other game you like to play passionately.
  • Make sure that your passion for the game doesn’t hinder your daily activities and personal and professional lives.
  • Monitor your time spent on playing online rummy games and take sufficient time to learn how to play rummy with the help of our Free Entry tournaments and play money games.
  • Make your weekly and/or monthly online rummy budget and strictly adhere to it.
  • Approach online rummy games from an optimistic viewpoint.
  • Take a break if you are facing a major tilt situation. 

Now, that we’ve kicked all your worries out of the window, learn and play rummy online only on India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi now!

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Online Rummy in India: The GameChanger in the Internet of Games

When we talk about internet gaming, India has been swift in grasping the nuances and evolving dynamics of key factors that influence the gaming nature and trends of the demographic. Online rummy games has been a key player in pushing the Indian gaming sector to newer heights by tapping into the second largest internet population in the world.

In this blog, we shall try and understand the riveting journey of online rummy and how it found a new home in the hearts of people through the digital medium.

Online Rummy in India

  • The Youngest Ever Market

The Indian market is brimming with a steadily growing number of internet users in the 21st century and a great portion of the market pertains to the age group of 18-40. With the affordability of smartphones and convenient data plans, penetrating the market has become easier than before. A recent report by the Economic times stated the number of internet users shall nearly double from 451 million users in 2019 to 829 million by 2021. This gigantic number is a clear indication of the bright future and fastest growth ever in the realm of internet card games like online rummy in India.

  • Digital Payments

Online payments since the time of demonetization have become more prevalent and popular and the number of digital payment users is likely to grow in millions even further in the times to roll. This shall further contribute to the faster expansion of internet real money games like online rummy among Indian users. As the gaming community comes to terms with the changing dynamics, money earning games rapidly continue to become the new norm that has experienced a solid uptick since the pandemic.

  • India’s love for Card games

Indians cannot deny their love for card games like rummy. Who knew this love would be replaced by online rummy card games and place it in the list of highest grossing online games today? Several interlinked factors however are responsible for this tremendous success. Now, people can play the online version of rummy with new features, exciting games and tournaments and contest their skills for real money. Optimized mobile speed combined with seamless gaming, user friendly interface and top of the line rewards further tend to incentive people’s love for online rummy games today.

  • The Lockdown Boon

While the world economies took a major hit during the pandemic and faced recession in many parts of the globe, common citizens being confined within their homes turned to online rummy games and other skill games to kill their boredom during quarantine.

Amid a nationwide lockdown, mobile games have seen a surge in the number of downloads during the pandemic. Gaming operators have utilized these times to acquire a huge chunk of new players through exciting promotions and player-friendly games and tournaments and the new numbers are expected to grow even more in the coming weeks.

The feasibility of playing online rummy on smartphones from the comfort of home and earning real money any given time has been a major driver for acquisition during the lockdown. Even the WHO encouraged people to stay home during the pandemic and play video games.  As such, the average time spent by an online rummy player has also increased during these times. So, user relationships built now can have a great positive impact on the future of online rummy games in India.

  • Responsible Gaming

India has specific laws when it comes to real money online games, so, it becomes vital for gaming operators to apply them to offer legit service and also promote responsible gaming while doing so. RummyBaazi pays special attention to responsible gaming and takes distinct measures to promote a healthy gaming environment to sustain its player base for the long haul.

We employ anti-collusion measures to detect suspicious behavior and conduct round the clock monitoring of all online rummy games to promote a healthy gaming environment. We prohibit under age gaming and offer limits on deposits and withdrawals to discourage any form of obsession for online rummy among our players.

Future of Online Rummy in India look like...

The future of card games like online rummy in India is bright and booming. RummyBaazi continues its attempt to uplift the level of gaming by setting higher standards of gaming every time. Regular software updates, higher number of player centric tournaments, new line of features and our top notch Baazi Loyalty Rewards Program are some key components of our platform that makes RummyBaazi connect truly with the audience in real time.

So, continue to spread the love and carve winning memories of your favorite card game of all times only on India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi.

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Check Out What Player Stage Are You At In Online Rummy

Are you someone who’s starting off at the online rummy front in India or are you working on putting your opponents in a tricky situation and love every second of it? Well, we are here to figure it all out and let you find a perfect road map to winning big!

Locating yourself correctly on the player cycle can significantly help you in planning your online rummy strategy and let you be ahead in the game the whole time!

Let’s See Where You can Put Yourself on the Online Rummy Player Journey. 

  • Newbie

    Players who have recently started to play online rummy in India can be put under this category and are usually called beginners or novices. These players have limited knowledge of the sport but do have the zeal to learn and improve their skills and their gameplay reflects the same.
    Being new to something isn’t a crime and we are here to let you climb up that ladder to becoming a pro
  • Intermediate

    These are the online rummy players who are persistent but someone who hasn’t yet had a significant win or a significant loss. While they are better than the beginners, they are yet to make big wins a frequent occurrence through a full proof online rummy strategy. What keeps them going is their persistence and the eagerness to sharpen their skills.

  • Aggressive

    Aggressive players are a passionate lot in the types of online rummy player list. What they lack at the skills front, they make it up with aggression at this stage. Their reluctance to drop from a game despite having below average cards shows that they need to polish their skills; know when to drop and get back in the game with the right attitude and approach.
    However, by making some improvements these players can make it to the next level. 

  • Recreational

    These types of players play online rummy on and off, whenever they get free time. They usually play online rummy in India for fun and win some bucks out of it. A few of them stick around because of the thrill and money, but their wins aren’t frequent.
    To be at the top of your game, you need to keep practicing and study online rummy strategy thoroughly.  

  • Pro

    These rummy players are practically invincible with their top notch online rummy strategy, skills and the right attitude to take down any and every kind of opponent.
    The pros or rummy experts are those who know when to leave and when to stay in the game. These players prey on the lack of skills the players we discussed above possess.

 All this doesn’t come that easy. It takes several years of determination and dedication to be at this stage. These are the five types of online rummy players you could face at the tables. Where do you put yourself on this list?

Types of Rummy Player

While you are at it, we give you reasons why you should up your game at India’s Most Trusted and Legal Website, RummyBaazi.

Check Out the Major Reasons Here

Legal and Trusted:

As per the Hon. Supreme Court of India, any game of skill that relies of mathematical and game theories should be legal. Online rummy’s legality has since then (1968) been cleared off. RummyBaazi prides itself to be India’s most trusted and legal website by following all the norms and practices of legal and responsible gaming.

Lightning Fast Withdrawal Process:

RummyBaazi is the most rewarding rummy site in India and we can’t be that unless our players get to enjoy their winnings as soon as they can. So we make sure our online rummy players receive their winnings in their account within 24 hours.

Multiple Payment Gateways:

Enjoying RummyBaazi’s promo codes are super easy. Deposits on RummyBaazi are done in a blink of an eye as payments can be done via several e-wallets such as PhonePe, BHIM, Airtel Money, Freecharge, Mobikwik and Google Pay.

24x7 Support for 24x7 Gaming:

RummyBaazi is one of the Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Sites in India because of our dedicated Customer Support Team. We work 24x7, 365 days a year to solve your queries and concerns at the earliest!

So what’s stopping from starting your online rummy run in India? Hit the tables at RummyBaazi now.

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Avoid These 5 Mistakes to Level up Your Online Rummy Game Today

We all know practice surely makes you perfect and that proves true in the case of online rummy. To be an unbeatable rummy player, you need to sharpen your skills and be determined at it. We believe every person can learn how to play online rummy but not all players are really GOOD at it.

Let’s upgrade your skills by pointing out all the erroneous moves online rummy players make on the tables. Here are some interesting online rummy tips and common mistakes that we can rule out to up your game.

General Mistakes To Avoid in Game of Online Rummy

Wrong Declaration

Players need to follow the rules of melding a valid hand. First you need to build a pure sequence, and then valid sets and sequences to make a valid declaration.

To know the basic rules of online rummy, click here: How to Play Online Rummy.

Using Cards from the Discard Pile

Another common online rummy mistake is to pick cards from a discard pile. It’s a huge tell you give away if you choose to do this. Now your opponents have a solid idea about which set or sequence you are aiming to build. So try not to pick cards from the discard pile, unless you are just a single card away from melding a set or a sequence.

Not Focusing on Building Your First Sequence

This one is a classic rookie online rummy player’s mistake. Melding a pure sequence should be your priority however, several new players tend to forget this. One of very important online rummy tips is to first do away with your pure sequence and then go ahead in the game. This way, you would not make a wrong declaration.

10K RP Tournament 

Not Serving Your Opponent Enough

Even the best online players ignore these top of the line online rummy tips and commit this rookie mistake. It’s mostly because of the nature and pace of online rummy cash games and tournaments that keeps you on your toes all the time. You need to make quick decisions on which card to discard and which one to keep in seconds all the while keeping an eye at your opponent’s game.

Hoarding too Many Jokers

It is a natural trait in all online rummy players to stock as many jokers as they can to make it easy to meld valid sets and sequences. However, it can become the reason of your doom as well. Any smart online rummy player would make the pure sequence their first priority and avoid wasting time juggling their jokers to experiment with their combinations.

Learn these online rummy tips and take it to your grave and bring them to the felts to crack your opponent’s game.

So, now that you have up your game, hit the tables at India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi. Win from over 15 LAC through our gigantic Leaderboard prizes and thousands more from various online rummy tournaments on RummyBaazi.

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Win Prizes Of 15LAC in Online Rummy Cash Games This July on RummyBaazi

Welcome all to a brand new series of online rummy tournaments, cash games, new rummy promo codes and super exciting rewards. This July, India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi has upped the ante by introducing even taller leaderboards for all rummy cash players nationwide. So, if you thought the June Cash Bonanza was the peak, brace yourselves for some top of the line offerings this month.  

Let’s surf through these fresh online rummy promotions right on so that you enjoy a head-start in this thrilling race of growing minds!

Online Rummy Promotions for July Month

3 Towering Leaderboards (1st-10th July, 11th-20th July, 21st-31st July)

The June Cash Bonanza had been a major highlight in the month of June and scores of online rummy fans maxed it out to make impressive coin collections. Those of you who are still on it, worry not because your efforts shall continue to be rewarded through the fresh set of 3 towering leaderboards with bigger than ever prizes for all cash players of online rummy.

These 3 leaderboards shall offer prizes in the “High” and “Mid” category and will go live one after another for a period of 10 days each. The “top 40” players will be rewarded in the Mid Category and the “top 30” will be rewarded in the High Category.

Do we need to remind you that ranking higher in the Leaderboards will also bring you closer to your favorite Baazi Rewards? So, chop chop!

Here’s an overview of the earning potential in the Leaderboards of July.

High Stakes Leaderboard

Mid Stakes Leaderboard

Rummy Promo Codes for Leaderboards

Here comes the cherry on the pie. The three gigantic Leaderboards we just mentioned comes armed with 3 special RummyBaazi promo codes to give all online rummy cash players additional perks in the form of instant bonuses of 20% that flies all the way up to 20,000!. The best part is you can use each code TWICE to make deposits and earn bonus money throughout the validity period on RummyBaazi. That means you can enjoy a total bonus money of up to 40,000 each week during this grand promotion.

The earning criteria for bonus money is to make a minimum deposit of INR 1000 on the RummyBaazi account. As said earlier, the maximum bonus on each rummy promo code is capped at 20,000. Here are the codes.


RummyBaazi Bonus code

Bonus Amount

Validity Period

Leaderboard 1


20% INSTANT BONUS up to 20,000

1st-10th July

Leaderboard 2


20% INSTANT BONUS up to 20,000

11th-20th July

Leaderboard 3


20% INSTANT BONUS up to 20,000

21st-31st July

10K RP Tournament

This special 10K RP tournament is worth all the rage as it gives you free earnings in online rummy tournaments for no deposits or buy-ins at all! There is a buy-in of course but it doesn’t cost you real money, only 10 Reward Points!

So, use those Reward Points lying lazy in your RummyBaazi account to play this 10K online rummy tournament and win real cash prizes for free! Moreover, just in case you get eliminated at any point, you can re-enter the tourney for just another 100 rupees. It’s the best deal ever!

The 10 RP tournament runs live all 6 days of the week except Sundays at 8PM all month long. So, get ready to smash the felts and bring home your rightful share.

RummyBaazi July Promotions

1LAC Sunday Special

Last but not the least, it’s a call to attention to all online rummy pros and regulars who like to score big every time. Step in on the high stakes field of RummyBaazi to play for a prize pool of 1LAC at a micro cost of just INR 1000 any Sunday of the month at 8PM. The positive response from all our online rummy fans have motivated us to stream this tournament even further to allow you to ramp up your winnings uninterrupted.

The free entry option to the 1LAC Sunday Specal remains open through a deposit of INR 2500 using rummy promo code, “SunLakhpati”.

So, what’s keeping you away from the felts? Join in the fun and play to win BIG today! For more such awesome promotions, visit our Monthly Promotions page.

All the best!!!

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Smart Habits of a Winning Player in Online Rummy

The growth and popularity of 13 card online rummy games have been tremendous in India since it hit the online gaming space. This century old card game has captured young minds due to its various elements that not just makes the play around exciting but lets you evolve into a smarter being with time.

Indeed, regular rummy players have developed some core habits over time that sets them apart from the occasional bees hovering on the tables. So, if you want to be a winning player in online rummy games, these are the habits of players who take the game seriously in order to secure a consistent run.

Key Habits of A Winner

Develop Hawk Eyed Vision

In order to thrive in online rummy games and tournaments, you need to constantly keep a hawk eye on your opponents as to what cards they are picking and discarding from the open deck. This gives you an informational edge over your opponents on what sets and sequences they are attempting so that you do not throw away any cards blindly that could fill the gaps in their game.

This demands an increased level of concentration at the table which means players should not try to juggle between multiple things at a time and enjoy minor distractions but concentrate their efforts solely on the table. In short, all eyes on the table!

Know When to Drop

When you play rummy online for real money, knowing when to drop is an essential element of the game that pros take into consideration every time they hit the tables. There arises different circumstances in which dropping the game in time is a way to exercise damage control. If you do not drop in time, you will end up incurring a hefty penalty score that reflects poorly on your bankroll.

Since dropping the game at different stages of the game costs you different number of points, you must calculate the odds of winning the game at the very beginning by taking note of your cards and drop in time in case you hit a gutter hand.

Online Rummy Winner's Habits

Become a Smart Planner

Anyone who plays rummy online must understand the importance of planning one’s moves very carefully at every turn of the game. Sorting the cards real quick and clean in order of better probability of securing quick and easy combinations is key to becoming a winner in online rummy games.

To be in better control of your game, pros constantly re-arrange their cards according to changing circumstances. In a skill game like online rummy, you always need to be one step ahead of your opponents and as such, continually need to evaluate your game to take the winner’s seat. Hence, it’s a given that playing rummy online definitely makes you a better planner.

Know When to Quit

A key habit of every professional online rummy player is to know when to call it a day. Every player, even a pro has his bad days in a game. So, if you happen to lose a couple of games today, it is always better you take a break and visit the tables another day.

It is very important that you play rummy online with a fresh bent of mind when your brain is operating to its full strength. Pursuing losses in any game of skill is a foolish move and will only end up hurting your bankroll.

Adopt these habits the next time you play rummy online and you shall become a winning player in no time. Meanwhile begin your pro run with our latest rummy tournaments and enjoy your favorite game in all its glory.

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Online Cash Rummy Games: Gateway to the Brand New Daily 20K RP Tournament

Online cash rummy games carry their own charm. They are fast paced wherein players enjoy the freedom to join any table, earn some quick money and leave whenever you want. We know how much our rummy fans love playing online cash games of rummy.

So, this time around, RummyBaazi has introduced a brand new online rummy tournament that shall bear fruits for all the hours you have put in on cash rummy games on RummyBaazi.

Introducing the Daily 20K Reward Points Tournament!

Tada! Welcome all online cash rummy game fans to the spanking new felts of the Daily 20K RP Tournament where players stand to win real cash prizes worth 20K every day. Wondering what the name stands for, though?

Stay tuned, you shall know soon enough!

Tournament Features:

  • It’s a brand new release where players can enjoy a daily dose of action in this tournament from Monday to Saturday at 9PM.
  • A one of kind tournament where players can use 20 Reward Points to enter this tourney without real money and stand to win real cash prizes worth 20K all six days of the week!
  • Players also have the option to re-enter the RP tournament for a buy-in of just 100 Rupees in case they get eliminated.
  • The Daily 20K RP tournament goes live from 12th June onwards and registration for the same begins on 9th June.
  • A truly rare opportunity where online cash rummy game players can play for real prize money by simply putting in 20 Reward Points they have accumulated for free all this time by hitting the cash tables.

Tournament Highlights

So, time to hone your skills and oil your brain cells because opportunities like these do not come knocking twice! This is your chance to translate your cash rummy game skills to some really big real money prizes every day by entering this rare tournament and win real money for absolutely no extra cost!

If you haven’t met the desired points still, join the cash tables right away and start collecting those gems real quick. Those of you who are out of the loop on this one, here are few online cash game tables you can start playing on RummyBaazi an win Reward points right away.

Remember, all online rummy cash game fans can play three exciting variants of online rummy every day- Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy and Points Rummy.

Online Cash Games and Stakes on RummyBaazi

Points Rummy

Players can play online cash games of Points Rummy for buy-ins of INR 4 - 3200! Table stakes range between at 0.5-40.

Pool Rummy

Rummy fans can play online rummy cash games of two variants of Pool Rummy- 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy.

Pool Rummy



101 Pool Rummy Stakes



201 Pool Rummy Stakes

 INR 5


Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy cash games are available for Best of 2 and Best of 3 Deals. Table stakes vary accordingly.

Deals Rummy



Best of 2 Deals Stakes

 INR 5


Best of 3 Deals Stakes

 INR 5


Now, the best part of the whole game is here. You have already seen the various table options, so it’s time to choose your stakes carefully, hit the games of your choice, and start winning big today.

The Final Turn:

  • Play as many online rummy cash games on RummyBaazi of any stakes of your choice.
  • Earn coins on every cash game on RummyBaazi.
  • Every 15 coins generate one Reward Point on RummyBaazi.
  • Collect just 20 Reward Points and play the 20K Daily RP tournament for free and win real cash prizes worth 20K.
  • Also, use these Reward Points to earn massive Baazi Rewards such as holiday packages, flagship smartphones, trending gadgets and real cash prizes!

Doesn’t the charm of online rummy cash games on RummyBaazi keep growing every day?

So, relieve yourselves from the mundane chores and free your mind during prime time the tables and join the action every night and collect unlimited winnings!!!

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Online Rummy: Why Free Entry Tournaments Could Be Your Road to Big Wins!

Do you love card games? Are you looking for a productive pastime during these difficult times? Well, why don’t you learn to play online rummy tournaments on RummyBaazi today? You can walk away with real money prizes worth INR 16,000 for FREE every day only on India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site.

Online rummy is a skill based card game that can get you glued to your phones for days because it promises to offer thrill, excitement and real money every time you invest your skills. It is a package that people who don’t even know how to play rummy and its rules can find themselves in love with the sport!

Here’s a helpful link to the basic rules of online rummy: How to Play Online Rummy Like a Pro!

With New Skills, Win Thousands and Enjoy the Thrill!

Learning to play online rummy tournaments and cash games are easy as pie as they come with simple rules and goals. So, if you have the basics in place, you can start off right away.

Free Entry Online Rummy Tournaments are Your Best Bet

Free Entry Tournaments on RummyBaazi are the gateway for ultra-beginners like you to win loads for free! Enjoy two 5K Free Entry Tournaments and two 3K Free Entry Tournaments every day of the week this June! Long story short, with this online rummy promotion, you get to win from thousands EVERY DAY, make your presence at the tables and everything else comes for FREE!

With that in mind, we think it’s a clear no-brainer. Hit us up at the Free Entry online rummy tournament tables and enjoy prizes worth INR 4.8 LAC this month. Join us and fall in love with yourself and our favourite sport.

RummyBaazi’s online rummy free tournaments are hosted live four times every day of the month- 3K FETs run at 9AM, 12PM and 5K FETs shoots at 3PM and 6PM. Trust us when we say, these one of a kind online rummy tournaments are here to change the gaming scape of India forever.

Rummy Player Pro 

Why RummyBaazi?

Legal and Trusted

As per the Hon. Supreme Court of India’s ruling in 1968, rummy has been classified as a game of skill that relies on several theories of Mathematics and Game Theory. Since then, the legality of both online and live rummy has been declared and the growth of the Indian online rummy industry over the years stands as a testimony of the same.

A part of the house of Baazi Games, RummyBaazi is a sister company of the industry’s eminent players: BalleBaazi and PokerBaazi. Following their footsteps, RummyBaazi has been developed to offer cent-per-cent legal online gaming in India. Besides the state laws of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha and Telangana that prohibit cash games in their zones, citizens of all other states can learn online rummy and play for cash worry free.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Once you learn online rummy and get a good hold on your skills, then advancing towards real money gaming on RummyBaazi would be the easiest choice you could make. Simply say goodbye to any kind of inconveniences with real money rummy gaming with us.

We keep offering different rummy promo codes for our Baazigars which you can enjoy using through several payment gateways. Currently, we allow transactions on our app using e-wallets such as PhonePe, BHIM, Airtel Money, Freecharge, Mobikwik, and GooglePay.

On RummyBaazi, deposit hassle-free, play worry-free!

Lightning Fast Withdrawal Process

Leading the industry by example, RummyBaazi promises to clear all withdrawal requests within 24 hours. Our efficient and friendly Customer Support Team is undoubtedly one of the major reasons behind making us India’s most trusted and legal rummy site. So get your lion-mode on at the felts, we have got your back for the rest!

Win Vacations, Gadgets and Lots More

Our trailblazing cash promotion is our Loyalty Rewards program called, Baazi Rewards. Power-through your way to higher levels of the Baazi Rewards and claim bigger and better prizes!

Baazi Rewards offers prizes such as a trip to Goa worth 70K, luxurious iPhone 11 Pro, Vivo Smartphone, JBL Speakers and real cash prizes up to INR 2 LAC! This unmatched Rewards program works on the online rummy cash tables and does not even count your winnings or losses!

RummyBaazi is a complete package for you to learn online rummy, get your game on at India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site and start winning in Lakhs!

All the best.

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As Indian Boxing Champ Vijender Singh Joins the RB Club, We Take A Stroll Down the Memory Lane!

On 8th April of 2019, RummyBaazi celebrated its 1st Anniversary with its nationwide community of rummy fans. Being the most recent vertical of Baazi Games, the online rummy portal had been established with the core aim to transform skill based online gaming in India by introducing a seamless player centric experience with the best in app features.

India as a country has an amazing appetite for skill based games and RummyBaazi took the opportunity to offer a healthy eco system that has been able to prosper due to this very reason. It has been a highly successful endeavor for us as within such a short span of time as we managed to create a 500K+ active community of fervent online rummy fans all across India. We thank you once again!

Vijender Singh Joins the RummyBaazi Community as its Brand Ambassador

Latest on the RummyBaazi block is Indian professional boxing champ and Olympics Bronze Medalist who recently joined hands with the portal as its first ever Brand Ambassador. A champion with a winning attitude, RummyBaazi is truly delighted to have Vijender Singh on board as he inherently embodies the values that the online rummy portal and its player community stands for.

The champ comments, “It gives me great pleasure to be associated with a young brand like that’s giving a big push to sports in the country. Since 2018, I have been associated with PokerBaazi and now I have taken my association with Baazi Games further and I am excited to begin the second phase of our collaboration.

Innovation is the Key to Success

RummyBaazi as a brand has always strived for innovation by enhancing the virtual gaming experience continuously. Some of the various features that have contributed towards fine tuning our performance for all our players are worth a look if you are new to the portal.

Player Centric Tournaments of Marvelous Stakes

RummyBaazi takes pride in hosting player centric tournaments for players of all measures with a unique step by step growth approach to help create a steady upward graph for rummy fans. Tournaments of micro, low, mid, and high stakes are released to offer unlimited opportunities to allow players to enjoy an unhindered performance. Its Sunday Special continues to be a major highlight attracting the highest number of entries till date.

User Friendly Interface and Smooth Gameplay

RummyBaazi’s pleasing user interface has been loved by online rummy players that forges a highly innovative gaming experience with add on features like in chat options with live players and hilarious emojis all capped under an app that’s lightweight and as breezy as Sunday mornings.

Faster Withdrawals and Instant Query Resolution

The online rummy portal continues to stand apart by strengthening its customer service through blazing fast withdrawals and instant query resolutions. Players can reach out to us through email and Facebook any given time and be rest assured in case of any game related query.


Responsible Gaming

Upholding a player’s trust has been a core principle of RummyBaazi in the light of which it practices responsible gaming by adopting multiple measures. It executes round the clock monitoring of all online rummy games and uses anti-collusion techniques to detect any unfair practices. It further complies with the Indian laws to safeguard all player’s personal and financial information through high-level encryption security software.

Exciting Promotions: Happy Hours, Sunday Special and Unlimited bonuses

RummyBaazi prides itself by offering top of the line player-centric online rummy games and promotions that run all month long on our portal. From Happy Hours to Weekly Bonuses worth 10,000 to the latest June Cash Bonanza, RummyBaazi has disrupted the market dynamics in virtual gaming relentlessly.

Baazi Rewards Loyalty Program

Baazi Rewards is one of our prime offerings that has been a game changer in rewarding our rummy fans for all the love they pour in on our portal. Baazi Rewards is RummyBaazi’s life time Loyalty Program wherein online rummy players can play online rummy cash games and win premium rewards that include the likes of travel packages worth 70K, trending gadgets, flagship smartphones and real cash prizes worth up to 2 LAC.

What Rummy Fans Can Expect in the Future?

As RummyBaazi pulls out all the stops to entice its players and keep them hooked to the classic card game, its future in the realm of innovation shall continue uninterrupted. Players can expect bigger online rummy tournaments and even newer and faster game variants in the near future that shall remarkably widen a player’s winning potential and gaming choices even more so.

Moreover, the tech experts of RummyBaazi are working towards completely revamping the gaming platform and the UI to offer faster, smoother and uninterrupted gaming with never seen before features.

With plenty of works in store and an international sports icon standing behind the game, RummyBaazi is stoked than ever to offer a relentless line up of complete entertainment and adventure and attain newer heights by strengthening the player base of online rummy games in India.

Stay tuned for more and keep the action coming!!!

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Win Unlimited Money and Instant Bonuses this June on RummyBaazi’s Online Rummy Promotions

The monsoon season is just around the corner and your favourite online rummy app, India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Website is back with another set of monumental monthly promotions for you! From the most rewarding cash promotions to the most lucrative and thrilling online rummy tournaments, the list is not ending this time. So brace yourselves and be ready to win from LACS this summer!

A new cash game promotion has been added to the likes of the list of unmatchable promotions we offer. An Everest sized Leaderboard as tall as 12 LAC has been introduced for mid stakes and high stakes online rummy players, an exclusive offer for RummyBaazi players to win BIG once again.

Let’s See What's in Store For You

June Cash Bonanza: Win from 12 LAC by Hitting the Cash-Game Track!

Fasten your seat belts and brace yourselves as we’re about to skyrocket your cash game winnings this June! Just hit the online rummy cash games, rank high on the two colossal Leaderboards and win from 12,00,000!

June Promotions

It’s an online rummy promotion no new rummy sites in India could match! Mostly because you can play at your pace with no RummyBaazi promo code needed and no conditions applied!

For all the juice on this promotion, visit: RummyBaazi Announces ‘June Cash Bonanza’ with Leaderboard Prizes worth up to 12,00,000!

Enjoy 15% Bonus Every Week to Start Your Winning Streak!

Chun chun ke karo code use throughout the month of June and get bonus up to 10,000 every week! Get ready to be showered upon with bonus real money worth thousands. What you’re looking at is a chance to receive instant bonus up to 40,000, this month with our special RummyBaazi promo codes that shall be released once every week.

Tune in on the RB app to get the latest weekly promo codes on RummyBaazi, make a minimum deposit of INR 500 or more and get up to 10,000 bonus instantly.

Note: Each RummyBaazi weekly promo code can be availed ONCE every week.

Boredom Ends Every Weekend with 1 LAC Sunday Special!

Earn special rummy winnings every Sunday only on India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site. Cool off some heat this summer with your brand-new winnings on RummyBaazi, 1 LAC Sunday Special that hits the tables every Sunday at 8 PM. Send your opponents on a run for their money by joining for a buy-in of just INR 1,000.

You can also make a minimum deposit of INR 2500 using RummyBaazi promo code, “SunLakhpati” and get a free ticket to the Sunday Special

Special 10K GTD: Prizes Worth 10,000 on Offer, For you to Devour!

Test your skills as many times you want and win from INR 10,000 guaranteed prize money from Monday to Saturday at 8PM on the Special 10KGTD. Join in for just INR 300 and aim to claim the lion’s share from that huge INR 10,000 worth of prizes all six days of the week only on RummyBaazi!

Get Set, Go with Free Entry Tournaments

If you haven’t checked the waters of online rummy yet then this is the where you should be. Learn how to play rummy for free and win prizes worth thousands.

Currently, RummyBaazi hosts 5K Free Entry Tournament and 3K Free Entry Tournaments twice each, every day at 9AM, 12PM, 3PM and 6PM. So you have hands full of opportunities to learn the basic rules of online rummy, polish those skills with practice and win prizes while at it!

The lockdown might be over, but we all still have some extra hours to enjoy some game time. Why not play online rummy on RummyBaazi, make use of our RummyBaazi promo codes and win real money! Let’s try to maintain some sanity in these tough times, and lighten up the air with some good old online gaming. See you at the tables guys!

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Awesome Hacks to Double Your Win Rate in Online Rummy Games

Have you been struggling at the tables of online rummy off late? With so much going on in our lives right now, it’s not surprising if some of you have been finding difficulty meeting your rummy goals. Do not worry, today, we have some awesome hacks for you to nail our top of the line online rummy tournaments and make the most all our RummyBaazi promotions without struggle.

We have a fine list of online rummy hacks and tips to improve your game and crack any level of competition in online rummy games every single time you hit our tables. 

Key Hacks in Your Online Rummy Strategy 

We know the stakes are high especially during the lockdown and the competition is getting steep due to an increased number of players in this period. However, our guarantees are bigger too, so don’t pull yourselves down because it’s time to apply some stellar hacks in your online rummy strategy to outwit your opponents and climb to the leaderboard top.

  • Aim to Make a Pure Sequence

Assuming you already know the importance of forming a pure sequence when you play online rummy games for real money, we wish to further stress that you make it a top priority right from the start because it’s your lifeline. 

Making a pure sequence successfully in the very beginning not only guarantees you a valid declaration but also reduces your penalty points in the scoreboard. Furthermore, it also allows you sufficient space hereon to make quick decisive moves, change your game when needed by using instant tricks on any turn.

  • Keep an Eagle Eye to Dominate the Game

Don’t worry, we are not asking you to magnify your vision with some weird set of eagle glasses. We are simply asking you to keep a very close eye on the moves made by your opponents so that you can stay a couple of steps ahead of them. 

You will gain a fair idea on what cards other players are looking for and you won’t be throwing away any from your hand that can fill the missing pieces in your opponent’s game. Use the same hack to only discard cards to your immediate opponents that will serve them no good and hence possibly delay them by another turn.

If this seems like a risky venture for you, start off with some practice sessions and then play online rummy for real money and hit the big guns.

  • Identical Cards are Trash

Yes, identical cards are simply of no use in any kind of rummy tournament or a cash game. It’s redundant, as you can neither use them to form either a set or a sequence. They will only add up more points in your scoreboard. So, when you sort your cards in the beginning, look closely if you got any and discard them immediately.

  • Use Hole Cards to Form Quick Sequences

This is one of the pro online rummy tips no one will tell you but the smart pants use it nevertheless. Hole cards like 4,5,6 have more odds on both ends then high value cards like J,Q,K. So, use them to form quick and bigger sequences. 

If you got a 4 and 5, you can use 2,3,6 and 7 to make a big sequence and reduce your idle cards in hand. In case, there is a missing piece in a bigger sequence, use the Joker to complete it!

Rummy Hacks

  • High Value Cards Could Be Your Key

Another one of online rummy tips straight from the pros playbook. High value cards often give rookie players the first impression of high penalty in the scoreboard and hence, tend to throw them away at the initial turns. However, there’s another way to play these cards to your favour in certain situations. 

For example, if you got at least two consecutive high value cards such as K and Q, and knowing that your opponent will most likely throw away his/her high value cards at the first couple of turns, pick theirs right away to form a quick sequence of your own. 

Mind you, this online rummy strategy is typically not advisable if you do not receive the needed cards post two turns, in which case, you get rid of them the first chance you get. 

We hope you apply these hacks as a part of your current online rummy tips and strategy and trust us, you will see significant improvement in your next game. Visit our monthly promotions to find the complete list of tournaments for the month and play online rummy for real money and size up your winnings big time!

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Make the Most of Lockdown 3.0 with These 6 Rewarding Online Rummy Promotions!

While it is not a race at being the most productive during this lockdown, taking up a new hobby does make these gloomy times a little better. That is where India’s most trusted and rewarding rummy site, RummyBaazi comes into the picture. Together, we can all make it till the end. So, let us be proactive in trying to enjoy our days, and what better way than by playing online rummy

Here’s What RummyBaazi has in Store for You

1 LAC GTD Sunday Special

One of our best-selling online rummy promotions, 1 LAC GTD Sunday Special tournament is back for all you rummy lovers! After a fantastic run during April, this online rummy tournament is back to keep rewarding you every Sunday. 

All you have to do is make a deposit of INR 2500 or more using RummyBaazi promo code: SunLakhpati. Another option to play the Sunday Special is through a direct buy-in of just INR 1000! There you go, take this opportunity to max your money up to 1000x times!

3 LAC Special Freeroll

Well, special online rummy tournaments call for special entry criterion which is you need to earn 500 coins on RB cash tables and get your ticket to the tourney. The very 1st batch of 2000 players to earn 500 coins throughout the course of the month shall receive direct tickets to the 3LAC Special Freeroll. The tourney is scheduled to go live on 31st May at 9PM. You don’t want to lag behind. Hit those online rummy cash tables right away!

30K Daily Depositor Freeroll

Win from 30K, every day at 9PM! Yes, you heard that right. Win from a massive guarantee worth 30,000 every day only on RummyBaazi. All you need to do is make a quick deposit of INR300 using RummyBaazi promo code: Daily30K and win big DAILY!

Online Rummy Promotions

Weekly Coins Leaderboard

For all you cash game lovers, this is going to be THE ONLINE RUMMY PROMOTION you always wanted! All you have to do is to hit the online rummy cash game tables, earn coins, rank higher on the Leaderboard and win rewards worth up to INR 10,000!

Must Visit: RummyBaazi Monthly Promotions

Special 10K GTD

Har baar, jeeto 10 hazaar! Enjoy winnings from a guarantee of INR 10,000 from Monday to Saturday at 8PM with this online rummy tournament. Make a buy-in of INR 300 and claim your share from that attractive prize money of INR 10,000!

Instant Bonus of 40% up to 10,000

All our rummy players are Very Important Players for us. So here’s another gem of an online rummy cash game promotion that is going to make you go crazy! Opt-in with a RummyBaazi promo code: VIPONLY on a deposit of INR 200 or more and get up to 40% instant real cash bonus! 

Note: This rummy promo code can be used once every day throughout the month of May. 

Here’s a helpful link to know on which VIP Level you’re on: Your key to becoming a VIP member on RummyBaazi!

BONUS: Four 5K Free Entry Tournaments

If you like free online rummy tournaments, then this is a done deal for you already! Play 5K Free Entry tournaments every day at 9AM, 12PM, 3PM and 6PM respectively. This means you can win from 20,000 every day for FREE! So, let’s brighten up these tough times with some free online rummy tournaments, shall we?

Let’s agree on the fact that this is the best hobby you could take up during the lockdown and even earn some bucks while at it. Let’s make it rewarding with India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Website, RummyBaazi.

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Online Rummy Cash Games are Your Key to Becoming a VIP Member & Earn Whopping Bonuses!

While each one of is struggling to stay alive and well with strict social distancing, lockdown 3.0 is a harsh reality that may be pushing some of us to the edge. It is vital that we keep ourselves mentally charged and make our days productive and inspire each other to stay creative and churn maximum value from this lockdown. RummyBaazi is striving to follow this norm by offering more value to its online rummy players during these testing times.

We want you to snap out of your isolation spell and go online and play your favorite game of rummy today and get the money flowing through your stellar skills. This brand new month, utilize our special monthly online rummy offers to stay on top of your game and make each hand count.

Introducing Instant Bonus Offers up to a Whopping 40%

RummyBaazi, India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website aims to stay true to its name by launching brand new online rummy offers to offer you maximum returns on every penny you spend playing online rummy on the portal.

This is the best time so far to play online rummy cash games on RummyBaazi and enjoy instant bonus up to 10,000 this month of May. Being a regular on RummyBaazi has its own set of perks and this online rummy offer resonates this idea even more so. Anxious already?

Instant Bonus Cash

All right, let’s break this down right away.

  • All rummy players are encouraged to play online rummy cash games as many as they want so as to achieve new VIP levels and unlock an instant bonus of up to a whopping 40%.
  • To receive this bonus amount, simply make a minimum deposit of INR 200 or more using RummyBaazi super code, “VIPONLY, and get instant bonus up to a generous 40% based on the VIP level you are currently at.
  • Players need to earn between 0-50,000 coins by hitting cash tables of online rummy to reach higher VIP levels.
  • The VIP Levels are categorize into- Bronze (default), Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum. The higher you get, the bigger is your bonus amount.
  • Players can achieve these exclusive levels only by playing online rummy cash games on RummyBaazi. Tournaments are not a part of this promotion.
  • The VIP code can be used only once every day through the month of May.

It’s raining cash all day long on RummyBaazi. So claim them all before it’s too late. Here’s a break-up of the bonus amount according to the VIP level.





 5% (Up to 3000)



 10% (Up to 5000) 



 20% (Up to 5000) 



 30% (Up to 7000) 



 40% (Up to 10,000


As you can see, no matter which VIP level you are at, all online rummy players will receive guaranteed cashback at each level. This superb promotion gives all cash game lovers a solid reason to pour their love for online rummy this month by playing as many games of their choice and win real money BIG TIME.

The even better part of this online rummy offer is that players can use their bonus money to play more online rummy games and speed up their way to win even BIGGER prizes from the Baazi Rewards treasure chest. So, chop chop!

Rummy fans can play online rummy cash games on RummyBaazi across three variants.

  • Deals Rummy
  • Points Rummy
  • Pool Rummy

All these variants are up and running on the portal all day long, so players can switch between these games to break the monotony and ramp up your gaming adventure.

How to Play Online Cash Games on RummyBaazi?

If you have just recently joined our portal, here’s an overview of how to play online rummy cash games on RummyBaazi. Your favorite game is just two minutes away!

  • Click on ‘My Account’ on the RB app on your smartphone or your PC OR click on “Add Cash Instantly” tab in the game app lobby.
  • Click the highlighted tab, ‘Add Cash’ to add money in your account.
  •  In the next pop up screens, fill in your contact information.
  • Once done, confirm your approval to our ‘Terms of Service. Next, click on ’Submit’ to initiate your payment.
  • You will be automatically redirected to your banking website through our secure server. Feel free to enter an amount of your choice, a minimum deposit of INR 25 needs to be made to activate your RummyBaazi cash account.
  • You can enter any valid promo code such as our current “VIPONLY” super code in the space below on the same page and enjoy our online rummy offers.
  • Opt-in your preferred mode of payment and fill in the necessary details, click “Add Cash”.
  • Please wait patiently until the payment has been processed. Do not press ‘back’ or ‘refresh’ button.
  • On completion of payment, you will receive a confirmation SMS and email from RummyBaazi.

That’s it, you are ready to choose your favorite online rummy variant and get gaming right away on India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site.

Visit our monthly promotion page to get hold of more such amazing online rummy offers and stellar line of rummy tournaments hosted live only on RummyBaazi!

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6 Reasons to Play Online Rummy Cash Games on RummyBaazi

While everyone is going gaga over our rummy tournaments, you can make a smart move and win unlimited real cash prizes with cash games! Since we have a lot of time on us during quarantine, why not maximise our winnings with online cash games which run throughout the day. So hop on board and enjoy some lucrative and delicious fruits of online rummy cash games.

6 Absolutely Rewarding Reasons to Play Rummy Cash Games

Three Exciting Cash Game Variants

These are treats served on a platter especially for our Baazigars and online rummy cash game lovers. Tune in to RummyBaazi’s game lobby and you will find three variants of online rummy with their own different formats. Here, you can juggle between Pool Rummy, Points Rummy and Deal Rummy all day long and win real money!

Surprise Bonus Offers

We know you love to play online cash rummy games. So giving back to our loved Baazigars, we keep offering them special bonus offers. Since it’s our birthday month, we are giving away 354% bonus EVERY WEEK! You’ve got over a week to avail those weekly rummy promotions codes, so chop chop.

Join for Buy-ins Starting at Just INR 4

If you are new online rummy cash games, you can start off with games with smaller buy-ins. You can join points rummy cash tables for buy-ins as LOW as INR 4 and still win plenty of real money.

Must Read: How to Play Online Rummy like a Pro!

100% Welcome Bonus for New Players

As a welcome gift, we give 100% instant real cash bonus to all our new online rummy players on their first deposit. Make a deposit of INR 25 or more using code, WELCOMERB and get 100% bonus instantly!

Lightning Fast Withdrawal Process

India’s most rewarding rummy website, RummyBaazi makes sure that you win big and enjoy your winnings within 24 hours. All withdrawal requests made by players are processed and cleared within a day in a safe and secure environment. So, get our online cash games app today on your smartphone and play worry free!

24*7 Customer Support

To help solve your queries and concerns, our hardworking Customer Support Team is available for your 24*7 even during lockdown. We work 365 days a year and even on bank holidays! So bank on us and play online cash rummy games right away to win BIG today!

Now that you are well-versed with the perks of being an online rummy player on RummyBaazi, let’s see what we have in store for you other than cash games!

1 LAC GTD Sunday Special

Har Sunday, jeeto lakhon mein se! Make a deposit of INR 1000 or more using code ‘SunLakhpati’ and get your ticket to this online rummy cash tournament. It rolls every Sunday at 8 PM and we have heard our Baazigars win some 1 LAC worth of prizes! And we don’t think you would want to miss this.

30K Daily Depositor Freeroll

Win from INR 30000 every day with this online rummy tournament for cash. All you have to do is make a deposit of INR 300 or more using code ‘Daily30K’ and get your ticket to this rewarding online rummy cash game!

Be on cloud 9 every night at 9 as this rummy tournament goes live every day at 9PM. Join the fun and win big daily!

Five 5K Free Entry Tournaments

If you like to play freeroll even more than online cash rummy games, then this is your deal. Currently, we are hosting 5K Free Entry Tournaments at 8 AM, 9 AM, 3 PM, 5 PM and 6 PM EVERY DAY.

Do you know what this means? It means that you can win from a whopping 25000 worth of prizes EVERY DAY!

What’s the wait! Join India’s most rewarding and trusted rummy site, RummyBaazi and download our online cash games app right away to turn the tables!

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Birthday Special: Claim 30 Special Online Rummy Offers All 30 days of the Month!

We’re turning one and our online rummy party isn’t ending soon. So, hop in and enjoy the perks of being RummyBaazi’s Baazigars every day during our birthday month. It’s going to be one hell of a birthday bash!

For all you rummy lovers, take this time to level up and brush your skills so as to reap some major rewards and real cash prizes.  We are promising you 30 offers for 30 days during our birthday month. Indeed, it’s a great time to be our Baazigar than during this time!

Browse Through to Know Sweet Yum Yums of our Online Rummy Special Offers:

Monday: Free Ticket to Super 7K

Winning from INR 7,000 every Monday is just a code away! Use promotion code MONey on a minimum deposit of INR 500 and get a ticket to Super 7K. Don’t forget that although this tourney rolls out from Monday to Saturday at 7PM, the code goes live only on Mondays. You’ve got your cue, so make your deposit and get your free ticket now!

Tuesday: 50% Locked Bonus

Make a boss move and slay Tuesdays with this deposit code (TUEslay)! Just use this code on your deposit every Tuesday and join online cash rummy games and tournaments to win real cash prizes.

Wednesday: Free Ticket to Special 10K

Winning from a prize amount worth 10 grand is pretty sick and you can do that by just using a code! Make a deposit of INR 600 or more using code: WOWed and get a free ticket to Special 10K GTD. This online rummy tournament goes live from Monday to Saturday at 8 PM.



Thursday: 30% Instant Bonus

Now play online rummy for cash the smart way! Use code: THUmbsup on a minimum deposit of INR 500 and get 30% instant real cash bonus on your deposit. This way, you get to enjoy the bonus, the deposit you made and the winnings you could take home by using all of that. Now that’s a no-brainer!

Friday: 25% Instant Bonus

Boost your Friday feels by 25% with this online rummy promotion code: TGIF25. Deposit INR 500 or more and use your special 25% instant real bonus to join some crazy online cash games and tournaments only on RummyBaazi!

Saturday: 200% Locked Bonus

Ready to get 200% charged for a fun online rummy weekend party? Well, you can’t resist this offer. Make a deposit using code SATuryay and enjoy 200% locked bonus every Saturday. Use this generous bonus to join some exciting online cash games of rummy and double every penny with your stellar skills!

Sunday: 40% Instant Bonus 

Well, what’s a Sunday without a special something! So, make a deposit of INR 2000 or more and you get to enjoy 40% instant Real Cash Bonus! Yes, that’s almost double the return of your deposit, in short, a massive win win! 

Besides this whopper list of special bonus offers, we have a little surprise for our online rummy freeroll lovers. We are hosting 5 Free Entry Online Rummy Tournaments EVERY DAY of 5K each throughout the month. This means you can collect a total win of up to 7,50,000 Real Cash Bonus every month for FREE!

Meanwhile, for all our rummy fans of cash games, the party continues on the daily cash tables. The Weekly Coins Leaderboard shall continue to benefit all players during the month of April wherein you may win prizes worth 10,000 every week!

So, whether you are a cash game player or tourney lover, India’s Most Trusted Rummy Site, RummyBaazi has got your back! Play online rummy for cash or for free and kick-out your quarantine blues the fun way!

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Things to Do Besides Online Rummy to Stay in High Spirits During Lockdown

Since organizations are allowing their employees to work from home to maintain social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s some spare time to let in some positivity during this crisis. Firstly, let’s acknowledge the fact that none of us are used to being at home for such a long period of time. This is why we need to look for some great pastimes like binge-watching movies, play online cash games of rummy or even childhood board games to let in some good old fun vibes.

We have some awesome online rummy games for you but we have saved the best for the last. So, to begin, here are some fun things you can do during the quarantine spell besides online cash games of rummy.

7 Fun Things to Do :

Binge watch series/movies

Now is the perfect time to check some headers from your binge-watch list which was just getting longer every day. Hit those streaming apps, grab some nachos or some other snack and gear up for some ‘me time’.

Nurture some greens

Well, the spring season is here and nature is claiming mother earth once again so why not decorate your kitchen garden with some seasonal plants. Dust off those gardening tools and get started.

Go back to your forgotten hobbies

This will surely help you in reliving your childhood days. Hitting those sketch pencils or paint colors will surely bring back some good memories and kill some time for you.

Spend some quality time with family

At the risk of sounding utopian, family time can be a whole lot of fun. Bring back those board games, Monopoly, Scrabble or even your childhood favorite, carrom or ludo.. Reconnect with your precious ones over game time or evening tea time.

Movie/Series Marathon

We all love our Harry Potters, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Gangs of Wasseypurs, Sacred Games and more. Well, what better time than this to become a movie nerd again. Time to brush up those fictional facts, mate!

Indoor workouts

We’ve all been there, planning a workout session starting from next week. The present times are just the perfect time to chisel those muscles, welcome your healthy self and counter the physical lockdown mode.

Play Online Rummy

Let’s set some #QuarantineGoals and work towards flattening the curve. Bust some stress with your favorite card game, online rummy on India’s most trusted and rewarding site, RummyBaazi. Even some of the experts are saying that online rummy is proving to be one of the perfect pastimes for online gamers.

Browse Through to See What We Have in Store for You:

  1. 25K Daily Depositor Freeroll

Make way to India’s most trusted and rewarding rummy website, RummyBaazi’s tournament lobby, you’ll find the 25K Daily Depositor FreeRoll that lets you win big EVERY DAY at 9 PM! All you need to do is use a rummy promo code: 200ka20K making a minimum deposit of INR 200 and get an entry to our daily special depositor freeroll!

With this special freeroll, you stand a chance to win from INR 25,000 DAILY! But that’s not the only reward this tourney offers. The cash deposit you made can be used to join several other tourneys and online cash games. There’s no limit to your winnings on RummyBaazi!

  1. 50K GTD Sunday Special

We know staying in quarantine can be a little intimidating, so here’s another online rummy tournament you can amuse yourself with and win some real money.

Opt-in with a rummy promotions code: 50KSunday on a minimum deposit of INR 2000 or book your seat by buying-in for INR 500. The rummy tournament goes live every Sunday at 8 PM, so hit the table and win your share from INR 50,000!

  1. 10K Free Entry Tournaments

If you’re looking to first learn how to play online rummy, then this is your game. Since we have all the time of our lives to learn new things, play online rummy for free, gather all the knowledge and then join rummy tournaments for cash.

Currently, we are hosting four 10K Free Entry Tournaments on RummyBaazi EVERY DAY. These online rummy tournaments roll out at 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM, and 7 PM respectively. This means you can win a real cash bonus from the 40K prize pool every day for FREE!

All of this within the comfort of your four walls!

So let’s pump in some good vibes into our lives by making every day count. Try to do as many productive things as you can. Work on your health, develop taste for a new hobby, learn how to play an online game and most important of all, maintain social distance.

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Online Rummy to The Rescue During the Covid-19 Pandemic

As the Covid-19 pandemic has locked us all inside our houses, the online gaming industry is offering some respite to all kinds of working professionals and students. As the situation continues to be grim, games like online rummy and poker are proving to be a great pastime for the Indian workforce.

As social distancing has become the need of the hour, we are glad to be able to offer services that can facilitate this requirement in our own capacity so that you can continue to play online cash games of rummy and give your stressed minds the much needed break.

Firstly, let’s clear out some doubts and do away with the unnecessary panic the fake news is spreading. Here’s what you should do to #FlattenTheCurve and lessen the effect of the virus:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Cover your nose and mouth while sneezing and coughing with your elbow.
  • Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of a respiratory illness such as dry cough, breathlessness and sneezing.
  • Do not venture out of your domestic space unless you are in need of some essential goods or services.
  • For online rummy players: Keep sanitizing surfaces you use for playing such as your smartphones, laptops, desktop and the desk.

How to Lighten Up The Air in Quarantine?

 Tips Virus

In the wake of this pandemic, resorting to online rummy is proving to be of great help. Brighten up those dreary breaks from work by playing online cash games of rummy on RB. Your favourite online real money rummy app, RummyBaazi is making sure the fun doesn’t stop. We are hosting online cash rummy games and tournaments round the clock. So, hit those tables to get through these difficult times.

Browse through to know the details of the online rummy promotions currently running live:

25K Daily Depositor Free Entry Tournaments

Make way to India’s most rewarding rummy website, RummyBaazi’s tournament lobby to find the 25K Daily Depositor FreeRoll that lets you win big EVERY DAY at 9 PM! All you need to do is use a rummy promo code200ka20K making a minimum deposit of INR 200 and get an entry to our daily special depositor freeroll!

With this daily special depositor freeroll, you stand a chance to win from INR up to 25,000 DAILY! But that’s not the only reward this tourney offers. The cash deposit you made can be used to join several other tourneys and online cash games. There’s no limit to your winnings on RummyBaazi!

50K RB Sunday Special

We know staying in quarantine can be a little intimidating, so here’s another online rummy tournament on our real money rummy app to amuse yourself with and win some real money.

Opt-in with a rummy promotions code: 50KSunday on a minimum deposit of INR 2000 or book your seat by buying-in for INR 500. The rummy tournament goes live every Sunday at 8 PM, so hit the table and win from this amazing prize pool of INR 50,000!

Happy Hours (Special Edition)

Play rummy online for cash during Happy Hours Special Edition on the portal or the RB app and win up to 3X Reward Points (RP). Now, what are these Reward Points? These points are the key to help you climb higher on our Loyalty Rewards Program (Baazi Rewards) levels and get hold of the exciting prizes we offer. The list includes JBL Bluetooth Speaker, OnePlus 7T, iPhone 11 Pro, Vivo Smartphone and real cash prizes worth INR 50,000 and INR 2,00,000!

Playing cash games is the most inexpensive deal on our platform. Join online rummy cash games for buy-ins as LOW as INR 4 to earn real cash winnings and step closer to your favourite Baazi Rewards.

How Exactly Does The Baazi Rewards Work?

  • Hit as many online cash games as you can.
  • Each coin you earn helps you generate Reward Points.
  • Earn Reward Points and unlock different levels to claim your favourite rewards.

What Happy Hours does is that it helps you generate these coins faster by up to 3 times.

Check out some hacks on winning those coveted prizes faster here: RummyBaazi is on Rewarding Spree During 24*7 Happy Hours!

When in quarantine, why not brighten things up with online rummy. Let’s pledge to spread positivity and adopt social distancing!

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How to Win Loyalty Rewards Playing Online Rummy on RummyBaazi?

Leading the Indian online rummy industry in several aspects, RummyBaazi is known for rewarding players in an unconventional way. From offering a brand-new OnePlus 7T for just INR 70 to offering real cash prizes worth INR 25K every day, RummyBaazi (RB) has been setting benchmarks for the industry with its trendsetting offerings.

Apart from these monthly promotions, we offer you Baazi Rewards – a class-apart Loyalty Rewards program. Now, spend as much time as you want at the RummyBaazi felts and get rewarded via Baazi Rewards worth a total of INR 4 LAC.

This is really achievable because it rewards you not on the result of the games you play on our platform, but on your pure loyalty for rummy. The rewards are claimed against the points you earn which comes with a 2 month-long expiry period. This means, you can play, win and claim rewards at your convenience!

How Does Baazi Rewards Work?

Baazi Rewards Work

  1. Hit as many online cash games as you can.
  2. Each coin you earn helps you generate Reward Points.
  3. Earn Reward Points and unlock different levels to claim your favourite rewards.

With our latest online rummy cash game promotion - Happy Hours (Special Edition) - you can generate reward points up to 3 times faster!

Following is the time configuration for the Happy Hours:

  1. 03:00 Hrs. to 11:00 Hrs.: 3x Reward points
  2. 11:00 Hrs. to 18:00 Hrs.: 2x Reward points
  3. 18:00 Hrs. to 03:00 Hrs.: 1.5x Reward points

Don’t know how to play rummy online on RummyBaazi? Here’s a helpful link: How to play 13 card online rummy like a pro!

Check out what our beloved Baazigars had to say about their experience with Baazi Rewards:

  1. Jitendra Dube a.k.a “Jitendradube” on getting a JBL Bluetooth Speaker

“I've been playing on RummyBaazi for 6 months and I find their promotions very interesting and exciting. I have always loved rummy and the RummyBaazi app makes it so much more fun! Happy Hours has spiced up the online rummy gaming arena. I was stoked on getting a brand new JBL Speaker!

  1. Govardhan “gogu9639” Buridi on winning a Vivo smartphone worth 15K 

“I love to play online rummy on RummyBaazi, they have the smoothest and fastest withdrawal process. The Happy Hours have proved to be a game changer for players nationwide. Besides, their Customer Support Team is very prompt in clearing any kind of confusion.”

  1. Gaurav “Rickybaliyan” Chaudhary on claiming a JBL Bluetooth Speaker

“My friends and I were thrilled to know that I got a JBL Speaker just by playing online rummy on RB. Playing online rummy on RB is pretty rewarding. They have the best interface to offer that’s clutter-free and super smooth. I don't have to struggle to look for any kind of information.”

  1. Thavathirunesan Jayasankar a.k.a “Kapilta” on getting a JBL Bluetooth Speaker

“Rummy has been my favourite card game of all times and with the recent release of the Happy Hours, I’m loving each game I play. RummyBaazi is a superb gaming platform. I like their interface, it is very smooth, responsive and has great emojis and chat options! It’s 24*7 fun.”

  1. Vaibhav Vishe a.k.a “Vaibhavv” on winning a JBL Bluetooth Speaker

“RummyBaazi is an amazing real money gaming app. Playing rummy on their platform is stimulating and productive. Their withdrawal and deposit process is very simple, quick and easy to understand. Personally, I love Baazi Rewards where I can win phones, vacations and much more and Happy Hours has made it all the more fun!

Apart from JBL Bluetooth Speakers and OnePlus 7T smartphone, Baazi Rewards also offers prizes like iPhone 11 Pro, Vivo smartphone, a trip to Goa, cash prizes worth INR 50,000 and INR 2 LAC!

All you need to do is hit those online rummy cash games only on India’s most trusted and legal website, RummyBaazi to start your winning streak!

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Why Should Rummybaazi Be Your One Stop Shop To Play Online Rummy?

Planning to go out on a fancy date or a trip during the coming long-weekend but your pocket money has already backed-off? Well, things can surely workout for you with the most rewarding rummy site in India, RummyBaazi. 

Play online rummy for cash and say hello to your sick weekend plans! Here are some reasons why you should kick-start your online rummy journey on India’s most trusted and rewarding rummy website, RummyBaazi.

4 Reasons to Play on Rummybaazi

Legal and Trusted

Back in 1968, the Hon. Supreme Court of India declared that rummy is a game of skill that relies on several theories of Mathematics and Game Theory. Since then, both live and online rummy games legality has been cleared off and the growth of the Indian online rummy industry is a testament of our love for rummy.

RummyBaazi comes from the house of Baazi Games, an eminent name in the industry which is also credited for the inception of PokerBaazi and BalleBaazi. Just like our sister companies, RummyBaazi is developed to offer cent-per-cent legal online gaming.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Get started with real money online rummy gaming without any inconveniences. Use our promo codes as we offer several payment gateways to ensure a smooth deposit process. Currently, we allow transactions on our app using e-wallets such as PhonePe, BHIM, Airtel Money, Freecharge, Mobikwik, and Google Pay.
On RummyBaazi, deposit hassle-free, play worry-free!

Lightning fast Withdrawal process

Leading the way for several online rummy sites in India, RummyBaazi clears all withdrawal requests within 24 hours. Our dedicated Customer Support and Operations Team makes sure that India’s most rewarding and trusted rummy website lets their players enjoy their winnings as soon as possible.

Win Vacations, Gadgets and Lots more

Unlike most online rummy sites in India, RummyBaazi rewards their players for their passion for the game through its Baazi Rewards.

Baazi Rewards is our Loyalty Rewards Program that offers prizes such as a trip to Goa, brand-new iPhone 11 Pro, Vivo Smartphone, JBL Speakers and real cash prizes up to INR 2 LAC! This amazing Rewards program operates only on cash games, regardless of winnings or defeats. So hit as many online rummy cash games as you can and claim your favourite rewards.

Karo Shri Ganesh by Playing Online Rummy for Cash

One of India’s most trusted and rewarding rummy websites, RummyBaazi has three exciting online rummy promotions for you this month. You win a game, you lose a game, you still walk away with prizes! Just remember, all you have to do is play online rummy cash games.

Get to the epi-centre of rummy action with these promotions:

Happy Hours 2.0

Playing online rummy for cash becomes all the more rewarding with Happy Hours. Play online rummy cash games during the following time slots and earn up to 3X Reward Points (RP).

  1. 00:00 Hrs. to 03:00 Hrs.: 2x Reward points
  2. 03:00 Hrs. to 10:00 Hrs.: 3x Reward points
  3. 12:00 Hrs. to 15:00 Hrs.: 1.5x Reward points
  4. 17:00 Hrs. to 20:00 Hrs.: 1.5x Reward points

If you’re new to rummy, visit: How to play online rummy like a pro!

New on RummyBaazi? Make your first deposit using code WELCOMERB and enjoy 100% Instant Real Cash bonus. Cash tables par bonus udhao, Happy Hours 2.0 mein 3X tak Reward Points kamao!

Weekly Coins Leaderboard

Generate coins, get leaderboard points and win cash prizes from 1 LAC this month! Play rummy cash games, rank high on the Weekly Coins Leaderboard and win from 1 LAC real cash prizes. And if you hit the cash tables during the Happy Hours, you get to climb those ranks up to 3X faster – now that’s irresistible!

However, no need to stress over Happy Hours because Happy Hours or no happy hours you’re surely leaving a game with rewards.

Apart from cash games, you can enjoy our online rummy tournaments for cash with prize guarantees as high as INR 50,000 for buy-ins starting at just INR 1! Yes, you heard that right. You can play online rummy tournaments for as LOW as INR 1 and win real money only on RummyBaazi.

Agar pocket money ho gayi saaf, toh kya karenge papa maaf? Keep calm and play online rummy cash games on RummyBaazi and win BIG.

See you at the tables.

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Enjoy The Most Exciting of Them All – Pool Rummy!

If your Insta bio says that you’re an adventure lover and you’re actually that (*wink emoji*) then you’re up for a great time at the rummy tables. Among all the rummy variations, Pool Rummy offers you adventure on a platter. It gives you an edge-of-the-seat, nail-biting experience during each online rummy gaming session.

What is Pool Rummy?

At the beginning of each online rummy gaming session, each player ‘pools in’ or ‘chips in’ to start the game. Further, there are two formats of this rummy variant: 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. A game is called off when all the players (except one) are eliminated after reaching 101 or 201 points. The last player remaining on the table is declared the winner.

What are the Basic Rules of Pool Rummy?

  • Each player pools in a pre-defined value to start the game. This creates the prize pool for the game.
  • All the players on the table get 13 cards each using our Random Number Generator (RNG) software.
  • After the distribution of the cards, the first card of the deck is placed on the open deck slot to mark the start of the game.
  • The remaining cards are placed faced-down as the closed deck.
  • A wild joker is randomly chosen as the joker for the game.
  • Players are eliminated once they reach the maximum point value according to that particular variant. For example, in 201 pools rummy, a player is eliminated once he/she reaches 201 points.
  • The objective of the game for a player is to meld their 13 cards into two pure sequences and the rest into valid sets and/or sequences.
  • Note: Since 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy requires more than one deck of cards, a set like 4h – 4h – 4c will not be considered as a valid set.

Here’s a helpful link on the basics of 13 card rummy: How to play rummy like a pro!

How does the Drop Option Works?

A player can choose to drop during any hand throughout a single gaming session. Here’s how it works:

Win gadgets, vacations and more 3 times faster!

RummyBaazi’s online cash games is the hottest topic in the rummy town right now. Join cash games during ‘Happy Hours’ on RummyBaazi and climb the Baazi Reward levels up to 3 times faster! This applies to all the online rummy variants’ cash tables.

Now what are Baazi Rewards? They are our loyalty rewards program that offer exciting prizes for your passion for the game. The list of rewards has recently been upgraded with latest gadgets and bigger real cash prizes such as JBL speakers, Vivo smartphone, iPhone 11 Pro, a trip to Goa, real money up to ₹2 LAC and much more!

We know you want to know everything about RummyBaazi’s Happy Hours! Here you go: 

Play between

Earn Extra Reward Points

5 PM - 8 PM

1.5 times

12 AM - 3 AM

2 times

3 AM - 10 AM

3 times


Check here: Download Rummy App Now 

Adventure-filled gaming sessions along with exciting rewards await you only on the most rewarding rummy site in India, RummyBaazi. You’ve got to be on the RummyBaazi tables!

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Get Introduced To Online Rummy & Win Real Cash!

The latest technology has gifted us a new version of our favourite childhood game, 13 card rummy and it has become a rage in the Indian online rummy community! Rummy lovers across the country are enjoying their favourite card game and winning real money.

We’re saying why be a victim of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Join the trend with the most rewarding rummy site, RummyBaazi!

Here’s A Quick Introduction to the Basic Rules of 13 Cards Rummy:

  • In 13 card rummy, each player is dealt with 13 cards each and a random card is picked as the wild joker or joker for the game.
  • A player needs to arrange these cards in sets and sequences, also called a meld.
  • During each turn, a player needs to pick a card either from the discard pile or the closed pile.
  • Upon arranging these cards, the player needs to discard a card into the discard pile. This is done to ensure that at the end of each hand, a player is left with 13 cards only.
  • To win the game, a player must meld a pure sequence (without a joker) and the remaining in valid sets and sequences.
  • As per the Indian rummy rules, the player who manages to declare his/her hand first upon melding valid sets and sequences is declared the winner!

Now that you know the basic rules of rummy, let’s get you introduced to the exciting online rummy variations!

Rummy Variations

1. Points Rummy

Points Rummy also called the ’80 Points Rummy’ is one of the most played variation of online rummy. In this rummy variation, a player plays for points for an already defined value.  It rides on the primary rummy rule of that the points have to come down to zero for any player to win a game.

Currently, RummyBaazi runs several cash games and tournaments under the same format with promised winnings in Lakhs!

2. Deals Rummy

This variant of rummy is played with chips that carry a value. At the beginning of each game, all the players are given equal number of chips. In Deals Rummy, the winner of the game gets the chips of the losing players. At the end, whoever possesses the highest number of chips is declared the winner!

3. Pool Rummy

This variant of rummy is played when all the players chip in or ‘pool in’ to start the game. There are two further variants of Pool Rummy: 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. In this format, a game ends when all the players but one, are eliminated by reaching the 101 or 201 points.

Enjoy all these rummy variants on India’s most rewarding rummy site, RummyBaazi.

Win Gadgets, Trips and More 3 Times Faster on Cash Games!

RummyBaazi’s online cash games is the hottest topic in the rummy town right now. Join cash games during ‘Happy Hours’ on RummyBaazi and climb the Baazi Reward levels up to 3 times faster!

If you don’t know what Baazi Rewards are, they are our loyalty rewards program that offer exciting prizes for your passion for the game. The list of rewards has recently been upgraded with latest gadgets and bigger real cash prizes such as JBL speakers, Vivo smartphone, iPhone 11 Pro, a trip to Goa and much more!

We know you want to know everything about RummyBaazi’s Happy Hours! Here you go: 

Play Between

Earn Extra Reward Points

5 PM - 8 PM

1.5 times

12 AM - 3 AM

2 times

3 AM - 10 AM

3 times


Get started with the best site to play online rummy in India, RummyBaazi and win in lakhs EVERY DAY!

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What Is The Legal Status Of Online Rummy In India?

Rummy has been one of the most beloved card game for Indians. While some play online rummy during leisure hours, some for their passion for the sport and some making it their full-time career, online rummy has been welcomed to our lives with open arms.

However, even after several operators popping up creating the Indian online rummy industry, this debate is still on.

Is It Legal To Play Online Rummy For Cash?

Well, yes according to the Supreme Court! The debate of online rummy’s legality rides on the question of whether the game is based on chance or skill. As per the Hon. Supreme Court of India, all games of skill are legal in our country even if they are played for real cash.

You might ask what does that mean? It means that online rummy can be enjoyed only if you possess a set of skills. The apex court of our country says that this game rides on its predominant quality of skill against chance. The skill factor is more substantial that the chance factor.

In 1968, (Hon.) Supreme Court of India specifically ruled that Rummy is a game of skill that relies on several core concepts of Mathematics and Game Theory. Fifty years on, India has come terms to this welcome decision and several enthusiasts are taking to this game to enhance their skills.

To Simple Put, The Supreme Court of India’s Verdict On Online Gaming Says:

  1. That rummy is a game of skill and not of chance.
  2. That all games of skills are not illegal, even when played for cash.
  3. That all penal restrictions apply only to games of chance.


Now that your worries are clarified, here’s where you can learn how to play online rummy: How to play online rummy like pro!

Get Started With India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site!

When it comes to giving rewards, RummyBaazi leads the Indian online rummy industry by example. With cash games and online rummy tournaments offered for different stakes and huge prizes, there’s plenty for our players to enjoy on the rummy tables.

Here are some of the live rummy promotions on your favourite app, RummyBaazi:

  • Harvest big winnings with 1 LAC Pongal Special Tourney

We have a surprise for all our Pongal-loving players! RummyBaazi will be hosting 1 LAC Pongal Special FreeRoll on 15th January at 9 PM. Come and celebrate the festival of abundance and prosperity by joining this tourney for free and win from INR 1 LAC!

  • 25K Daily Depositor FreeRoll

Be at cloud 9, every night at 9. Make a minimum deposit of INR 200 using code ‘200ka25K’ and get a direct entry to this online rummy tournament. Play and earn real money from a prize money worth INR 25,000. But that’s not the only reward this tourney offers. The cash deposit you made can be used to join several other tourneys and online cash games. There’s no limit to your winnings on RummyBaazi!

  • Claim Prizes from the Upgraded Baazi Rewards Levels

Baazi Rewards is RummyBaazi’s industry-leading rewards program that has gotten a recent upgrade with new and exciting prizes. So hit as many online cash games as you can and claim the latest additions to the rewards list such as an iPhone 11 Pro, OnePlus 7T, a trip to Goa worth INR 70,000, JBL Speaker, Vivo smartphone worth INR 15,000 and real cash prizes.

  • Climb up the Baazi Reward Levels 3x Faster during Happy Hours!

Good news for all online cash game lovers! You’ve got another reason to play online rummy on RummyBaazi. Play between the following happy hours and climb the Baazi Reward levels up to 3x faster:


Hours Played in a day

Extra Reward Points earned

5 PM - 8 PM

1.5 x no. of hands played

12 AM - 3 AM

2 x no. of hands played

3 AM - 10 AM

3x no. of hands played


  •  Weekend Wonder: 50K RB Special Sunday

We’ve sorted your weekend ka dhamaal with an online rummy promotion that does kamaal! Make a minimum deposit of INR 2000 using rummy promo code ‘50KSunday’ and get an entry to 50K RB Special Sunday tourney to be held every Sunday at 8 PM.

Play rummy for real money worry-free only on the most trusted and rewarding rummy site of India, RummyBaazi. See you at the tables!

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RummyBaazi: The Best Portal to Play Rummy Online For Real Money in India

Would you like to play online rummy to win real money in India? If so, this is your time to break through the ordinary and switch to India's Most Rewarding Rummy Website to translate your passion for the game into some BIG rewards. We are talking about RummyBaazi (RB), a budding venture of Baazi Games Pvt Ltd., one of the leading online gaming service providers in the country. The latter is the parent concern of online gaming giants, PokerBaazi and BalleBaazi.

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Get Rewarded Like Never Before This Festive Season

Are you a competitive person? Does winning at everything is what you’re known for? If yes, then we’ve got online rummy games that will let you win Real Cash Prizes! RummyBaazi is currently playing host to more than 5 LAC registered players and the numbers are increasing rapidly.

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The Art of Rummy

“I’ve Been Hearing A Lot about Rummy and How Rewarding It Is!”

Yes! Playing rummy can be an edge-of-the-seat, hold-your-breath experience if you know how to play your cards right (no pun intended). But if you don’t know your way around rummy, have no worries, because we at RummyBaazi, one of India’s most beloved rummy playing online destination, are here to teach you the ins and outs of the card game.

Playing rummy can be a source of fun and relaxation, and a lot of Indians choose it as their hobby, while some others treat it as a passion. Then, there are those who dedicate their life to the game, building a career out of it and winning big enough to enjoy a life of comfort. But no matter which kind of rummy player you are, being good at rummy gives you a chance to have a good time while also leveling up your life. Provided you have the skill for it, of course.

“Skill? Isn’t Rummy a Game of Chance?”


Or at least The Supreme Court of India doesn’t think so. Clarifying its position of game of rummy, it clearly said that rummy was a “game of skill.” What does that mean? It means that rummy needs a skill set to win, which makes in different from a “game of chance” that a landmark Supreme Court verdict in 1996 said is different from a “game of skill” and that betting and wagering on games of chance is what constitutes “gambling.”

To quote the Supreme Court directly, “The expression `gaming' in the two Acts has to be interpreted in the light of the law laid-down by this Court in the two Chamarbaugwala cases, wherein it has been authoritatively held that a competition which substantially depends on skill is not gambling. Gaming is the act or practice of gambling on a game of chance. It is staking on chance where chance is the controlling factor. `Gaming' in the two Acts would, therefore, mean wagering or betting on games of chance. It would not include games of skill like horse-racing.”

 Under the Constitution of India, ‘Betting and Gambling’ is a subject of the state and consequently, games of skill are not in the realm of the applicability of Indian laws prohibiting betting and gambling in all Indian states, with only a few notable exceptions. Because of ambiguity in the laws, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha and Telangana as of today, are the only six states in India where players are not allowed to play rummy.

The different rulings of the Supreme Court of India and other Gaming Acts of India can therefore be succinctly put in the following three point:

  • That rummy is a game of skill and not a game of chance.
  • That games of skill, even when played for cash are not illegal.
  • That the penal stipulations of the relevant acts do not apply to games of skill.
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Know Your Gaming Avatar

There is always someone whom you idolize. From an actor to a fictional character, you relate to them and see yourself in their shoes. You try to be like them in every walk of life. We have been lucky enough to find a resemblance between some of the renowned characters in the world and rummy players, who, with their style of playing have shown the same traits as these famous individuals. In this blog, we have picked the top 4 gravatars of rummy players. Drop a comment if you think you are one of them.

Batman / Batgirl

A vigilante, he/she makes sure that even if there’s a little thing that’s wrong or unjust, it does not go unnoticed. They are extra careful about ensuring that people play the game with honesty and keep the integrity of the game intact. 

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Four Reasons to be a Baazigar on RummyBaazi

Online rummy in India is becoming the latest rage because it takes you back to the good old childhood days when you played the game with your family during summer vacations. Now your most-loved game is offered to you along with massive real cash prizes – it is as irresistible as it could get!

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Online Rummy Just Got More Fun to Play

RummyBaazi has aimed to stand out in the Indian online rummy industry. Offering rummy variants and formats for every kind of player – recreational or professional – we have made it a point to make the game more interesting for everyone.

The Fun Factor on the RummyBaazi App

To spice up your gaming experience on RB, we have added more than 15 avatars which you can choose from, like the serious Brahmin, Batman, Batwoman, Sherlock Holmes, Salman Khan, Willy Wonka and many more. Another fun element is our live chatbox which includes several funny emojis.

Here are some moments that you can enjoy while playing real money games on RummyBaazi:

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Festive Season Coming Soon: Ready to Own Those Card Parties?

The festive season is just around the corner and our favourite card parties too. Want to be the top player this Diwali season? Come sharpen your skills on and challenge your fiercest opponents on the rummy tables!

While you’re preparing to take down your rummy foe, you can also win real cash prizes. Don’t worry, we’ve curated a perfect list for you to gear up for the battle. Check it out!

Free Entry Tournaments

We’ve doubled the guarantees of our ₹1000 and ₹5000 tournaments to ₹2000 and ₹10000 respectively. So hit the tables and win for FREE!

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This is How You Can Withdraw Your Big Winnings on RummyBaazi!

All right guys, let’s just face it. There’s no use showing off your rummy skills to people if you are not winning enough real cash. More importantly, how much and how often you withdraw while playing the game you love, takes up the prime limelight.

Need some help regarding our withdrawal system? Looking forward to encash your hard earned winnings? Well, look nowhere else as we guide you through the process of transferring real cash from your RummyBaazi account to your bank account.

1, Bank Details & KYC Verification

Your security is of utmost importance to us. Your KYC documents are the most authentic form of identification & it’s of paramount importance for you to verify your KYC details on our platform. To help you through that make sure you read this article. Your Bank details hold an equal priority, so double check before you put in those numbers.

2, Minimum Deposit limit

To encash your hard earned winnings, make sure you have deposited a minimum amount of ₹25 in your RummyBaazi account.

3, It takes 24 hours to make it happen

Your request for withdrawal gets duly processed from our end within a time period of 24 hours. If in case, there’s a delay you can reach out to us at

4, Daily withdrawal frequency limit

Hold your horses champ! You can request a maximum of three withdrawals in 24 hours so make sure you make your party plans accordingly. There is no limit on the amount of withdrawal you request for. However, the TDS Policy applies to withdrawal amounts equal to or above ₹10,000.

5, Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)

When you withdraw any amount more than ₹9,999 a TDS deduction of 30% gets implemented on the same as per the Income Tax Laws. 

6, Instant Bonus

When you deposit using a cash bonus & end up winning, then you can withdraw your winnings as per the number of coins you generate while playing the game. This means that withdrawals all at once, do not get processed when the game is played using the instant bonus.

7, Minimum Withdrawable Amount

You are allowed to withdraw a minimum amount of ₹100 in one go. That equals a happy meal, dude! Good job.

Feeling better? Let’s hope the above procedure helps you in getting your bills paid on time & with ease. Keep playing on RummyBaazi & win big daily.

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Boost Your Rummy Bankroll with 1 LAC Freedom Free-Roll!

This August, we brought you a series of Free Entry Tournaments through-out the month with a guaranteed prize pool worth an amazing ₹7.3 lakhs.

In case you somehow missed out on this mega-deal or haven't got a chance to play, there's no need to worry because we still have some amazing news in store for you. 

Independence Day may have passed, but freedom free-rolls haven't! We've saved the biggest and best for last - on 31st August, we running the 1 LAC Freedom FreeRoll, so sharpen your skills and make sure you’re in the game!

Here are the details for the event: 

  • Tourney Type - Free
  • Min Players - 100
  • Registration Starts: 31st Aug 10am
  • Tournament Starts: 31st Aug 10pm.
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Baazi Games All Set To Host #Khushiyonkibaazi

Your Baazi, Their Betterment

As we celebrate the day of freedom and independence, let us all come together to create a world with equal opportunities. Let us aim to make this world a better place. This Independence Day, let us meld our cards for the greater good!

Earlier this year, Baazi Games (parent company of RummyBaazi, PokerBaazi & BalleBaazi) helped raise funds to sponsor the education of 40 girls in partnership with KHUSHII, an NGO that works towards empowering women. This time, we are furthering our initiative and will be sponsoring the education of 10 more girls.

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Online or Offline, Rummy is a Winner!

The battle is real!

Card games have always been an integral part of any get-together. People love to play these games no matter where they are; clubs, workplaces, commutes or cozy corners at home – card games rock! What makes card games, especially rummy, so gripping? Is it just the entertainment quotient? Or, the fact that it tests your cognitive abilities in myriad ways! Well, has to be a combination of both. 

Rummy was always a game to be played with friends and family to begin with, but with time, it evolved into tournaments where one could win grand prizes. 

That was the beginning of a pathbreaking change that gave us today’s digital rummy, as the tech-savvy version of the traditional game. The core of the game remains unchanged, but offline and online rummy act as two sides of the same coin. For a rummy-lover, it is always going to be hard to pick one. Both versions have their perks and shortcomings. 

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5 Lessons of Life That You Learn by Playing Online Rummy

 Adversities in life never come knocking your door. They just barge in to catch you off-guard. While there is a large pool of literature consisting of the works of great intellectuals, not many people find this way appealing.

Here is an easy way to inculcate a few life lessons by playing a game of rummy.

Be Focused

In rummy, in order to beat your opponent, you have to have a rock-solid focus on your goal. Lethargy, mismanagement brings chaos. You have to set your objectives well in advance and prioritize each move. In life, you have to set your goals, stick to them and review your decisions to meet them.

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Rummy Variants From Around the World

Card games take different formats and rules across the world but are certainly universally enjoyed! Rummy is one such popular game played across the world. The basic goal in any form of rummy is to build melds that consists of sets, three or four of a kind of the same rank; or runs, three or more cards in sequence, of the same suit.

 While history has several versions of the origin of the game, games scholar David Parlett believes the Mexican game of Conquian is considered ancestral to all rummy games, which itself is derived from a Chinese game called Khanhoo. The Rummy principle of drawing and discarding with a view to melding is said to have appeared in Chinese card games at least in the early 19th century.


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The Battle of The Superior Form - Online Rummy or LIVE Rummy?

For some it might be just another card game. But for passionate players out there, Rummy is a serious obsession. Baazi Games recognized their urge to play and designed an online platform for their convenience. Offering an uncannily similar experience of playing with friends and family when people are together, RummyBaazi is also a notch-above when it comes to keeping the passion for the game alive, in comparison to other online Rummy websites. Here’s why India’s most rewarding Rummy website score’s a major win over LIVE Rummy.

 Play 24x7

Now you won’t have to wait for festivals or weekends to host up an exclusive card party, meet your friends and have the satisfaction of playing Rummy! Just ask for availability, join a game, and start winning. Even if your gang isn’t free, you can find thousands of Rummy fans like you and play with them, anytime, anywhere. From free games to exciting paid games, you’ve got a world of options to choose from!

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Rummy Lovers, Rejoice! India’s Most Rewarding Online Rummy Website, Rummybaazi Is Here

 As ardent fans of online gaming that gives you a chance to win money and also the most renowned and trusted inceptors, we at Baazi Games, are about to change the face of Online Rummy with our latest platform, RummyBaazi.

 What’s in it for me?

 Well, we are glad that you asked. We are equally passionate for the game and have come up with RummyBaazi because we weren’t finding what we really needed to experience Rummy at its best. For your loyalty to the game, there are guaranteed Baazi Rewards which operates on Loyalty Reward Points (LRP) which have no expiry date. This program promises prizes worth ₹4 Lakhs!  


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Not a Netflix Fan? We Have A Great Substitute For You

“Yo, have you watched Black Mirror?”

“You don't know what Plata O Plomo is?!”

“You don't have Netflix???”

 Too much to watch, too little time? Or you just get confused about what should you watch? Is the peer pressure of watching the latest series getting to you? Are you tired of all the suggestions that you get from people without even asking?

 Well, that makes the two of us.

 So if you are not a Netflix fan and are looking for something to kill time, better yet win money while you are at it, then we have just the solution for you.

Presenting RummyBaazi, India's Most Rewarding Online Rummy Website

 RummyBaazi, from the house of Baazi Games is here to give you something new to entertain yourself and get richer by just playing rummy online. A simple card game that you learnt in your childhood can get you ₹4 Lakhs in its online avatar. From redeemable points and coins with no expiry date to sign-up and deposit bonuses, we promise that the rewards won’t stop ever for the fans of RummyBaazi.


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Free Entry Tournaments on RummyBaazi Can Do Wonders

Rummy has been enjoyed as a social gathering card game. It has played the role of being a binding agent if one talks about the impact it has on the groups playing it. Indians have been playing various forms of this skill-based card game which seems to have come naturally to them. However, going back to the introduction of this game to our subcontinent, we have acquired the skills through the course of time.

Master of All That’s Rummy!

It is not the end of the world if one has never played rummy in their lives. If one does not possess the required knowledge, he/she can visit’s How to Play webpage to give a kick-start to an enthralling gaming experience.

We support the saying that practice makes a man perfect. So, to polish one’s rummy skills a player can simply join our free online rummy games and win not less but big money on the way. Aiming to be the best free online rummy gaming website in India, RummyBaazi will be hosting Free Entry Tournaments which would empower the players who are less confident about their skills. Be a master and not a jack in free online rummy games!

Bridging the Gap: A Few Online Rummy Card Game Tips : 

Rummy Tips

The following points can make your freeroll online rummy experience worth your while:

  • Try to create a process: Get yourself your pure sequence first and then proceed ahead in the game.
  • Use the jokers judiciously: If a player is done with their pure sequence, then the second priority for him/her is to meld a non-pure sequence using the joker as soon as possible.
  • Do not retain for long: Try to discard cards which carry high value. Do not linger for long with a specific card. On the other hand, look for smart cards, such as a 7 or an 8 which can be melded with different cards. A 7 can be melded in sequences 7-8-9, 6-7-8 or 5-6-7.
  • Try to keep mid-value cards: Due to their value, these cards can be melded into several combinations of sets and sequences. Another reason is that since your opponents will be discarding high-value cards, it will be easier for you to build melds in such a situation. 
  • Opt for fishing: This might be a slightly tricky aspect of the game, but if a player manages to master this technique, it could make him/her a pro. All one has to do is discard the card which one needs. For example, a player needs a 10 and discards the same. So, the opponent might think that it is safe to discard a 10.

The above points might help a player if they feel they lack the knowledge of the game. Although free online rummy requires the use of sharp memory, observation skills and deep involvement of a player, we can say this with the assurance that practice can do wonders.

Search for the best free online rummy gaming website in India could now come to an end as offers games for all kinds of players. Currently, RummyBaazi offers several formats and variants of 13 cards rummy with prizes as HIGH as INR 10,000 in a single game.

Our class-leading loyalty rewards program, Baazi Rewards is also something our Baazigars love. Join as many cash games as you can, climb up the Baazi Reward levels and claim awesome prizes.

 Here are some of the irresistible prizes you wouldn’t want to miss on Baazi Rewards:

Rummy Game Price

  • 1,300 Real Cash Bonus on Level 9 with 400 points.
  • Amazon Fire Stick on Level 13 with 1500 points.
  • Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa on Level 15 with 2500 points.
  • ₹25,000 real money on Level 17 with 10000 points. 
  • Goa package for 3 days/4 nights on Level 18 with 20000 points.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 on Level 19 with 30000 points.
  • ₹2,00,000 real money on Level 20 with 50000 points. 

India’s most rewarding website, RummyBaazi awaits your arrival. Join the tables to win MASSIVE!

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