Common Characteristics of Card Game Players

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05 August 2019

Rummy champions Rummy champions

Rummy has been a part of our childhood years. Watching the men and women in our family play with equal fondness, we have developed a knack for it. However, that is not enough to become a Rummy champion. It requires focus, knowledge of the game and of course the skill to read the mind of the opponents at the table. By watching some of the legendary Rummy players, we have jotted down a few characteristics that can make a common man, a real Baazigar.


The most important characteristic that propels a normal player to a champ is his/her confidence. They have the ability to think quickly and make decisions without hesitating. Their knowledge of the game is such that they figure out how the game will pan, right after the first move is made.


Determination is another characteristic that differentiates exceptional players from the average ones. It’s their experience that has taught them to find their way out of adverse situations and win against all odds. 

Winning Attitude

By playing rummy consistently, they have acquired the winning attitude. They think of winning and not beating others; and it shows because they win consistently, regardless of the table they join.


It’s the focus of the Rummy players that gives them an edge over other players at the table. Their head is always in the game, hence they can gauge the next move and plan their strategy accordingly. When they are at the table, nothing can distract them. An online rummy pro needs much higher skills to be able to be a vigilant one on the tables. 


Rummy players are always hungry for more, be it winning or gaining more knowledge to better their art of playing Rummy. They are passionate and leave no stone unturned to retain their title of Real Baazigar.

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