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Pool Rummy: A Variation for the Adventure Lovers

If you’re an adventure lover then you will love playing this variant of rummy – pool rummy because it keeps you on the edge of your seat! A variant of 13 card rummy, pool rummy requires a fixed fee for a player to enter a game. Players are eliminated if the accumulated points they earn reach 101 in 101 Pool Points and 201 in 201 Pool Points.

The Objective

The objective of pool rummy is to have the least score on the table. If you reach 101/201 points, you are eliminated from the game, the players left behind are declared the winners towards the end.

Let’s dive right into the rules of 101/201 pool rummy:

  1. Players remaining with the least score at the end of the game is declared the winner.
  2. Drop criteria :

1st Drop – 20 points; Middle Drop = 40 points; Full Count = 80 points

  1. In order to win, you require:
  • One pure sequence: Players have to build a sequence without using a joker compulsorily.
  • Another sequence: Players have to build a sequence with/without a joker which is a compulsory requirement.
  • For the remaining two groups of cards, you can either meld sets of 3 or 4 cards each
  1. The players who manage to fulfil the above criteria and declares, gets 0 points and the others get points against the invalid sets and sequences they are holding.
  2. The points are calculated at the end of every deal. A player is eliminated as and when they reach 101/201 or more points in the game.

Rules applied at the beginning of the game

  1. The game requires two packs of 53 cards each with 1 printed joker in each deck.
  2. Each player is dealt 13 cards each using a random number generator algorithm which we have a certification for.
  3. A card is chosen randomly to act as the card joker of the game. If a printed joker gets selected, then Ace of any suit is declared as the joker for that game.
  4. The first card remaining at the top of the deck after the distribution is placed in the open deck slot to mark the beginning of a game.

General gameplay rules

  1. A player shall pick a card from either the closed deck or the open deck when it’s their turn.
  2. A player should make sure they pick and drop the card at their turn within the allotted time.

Note: If he/she does not act within the allotted time, he/she will be automatically dropped.

  1. A player cannot pick a joker from the open deck unless it is the first open card.
  2. In case all the cards in the closed deck have been used, the cards in the open deck are reshuffled using the random number generator algorithm and is placed as the closed deck. The last open card in the open deck remains there.

Pool rummy is filled with high-octane action as you keep playing against the increasing points in the game.

Catch all the rummy action on RummyBaazi during the festive month of October. We are hosting depositor free entry tournaments, the guarantees of the games have been doubled. So head to our rummy tables now!

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Five Gifts From RummyBaazi For Our Baazigars This Festive Season

The festive season is the time of togetherness. You spend quality time with your family and friends, exchanging gifts. This is the time when your pockets are filled with your grandparents’ and elders’ “love”. You know what we mean! This time around, you can make your pockets deeper on RummyBaazi offering ₹4 Lakh across two tournaments for FREE. Additionally, you can also play cash games with increased prize money and claim bonuses.  

Good news for your wallets this festive season. RummyBaazi – India’s most rewarding rummy site – is gifting you five amazing promotions!

Here are all the details:

2 Lakh Dussehra Special

Now head to the rummy tables this Dussehra at 10 PM for FREE and stand a chance to win from a massive prize money of ₹2 Lakh! Registrations will start at 10 AM on 8th October, so don’t forget to book your seats!

2 Lakh Diwali Depositor FreeRoll

Welcome laxmi this Diwali by doing what we love the most, playing online rummy. Get exclusive access to 2 Lakh Diwali Depositor FreeRoll by making a minimum deposit of ₹200 using code “Luckxmi200”.

30% Instant Real Cash Bonus

Boost your deposit’s value by 30 times. Use code “Luckxmi30” on your deposit and enjoy a 30% instant REAL CASH bonus!

Increased Prize for Cash Games

Cash game lovers, it’s time for some extra fun with increased prize money. Now make way to the cash tables and make your winnings bigger.

Win 10 Times of Your Buy-Ins

We take care of all our Baazigars, even those who have just entered the waters of online rummy. Play micro tournaments for ₹1 and ₹2 and win from ₹100 and ₹200 respectively. So sharpen your skills and win real money along the way.

The month of October is filled with gifts for you to enjoy. Hit the RummyBaazi tables right away! 

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Win Ten Times With Micro Tournaments on RummyBaazi

Ever got irritated to an extent that adjusting to it became a habit? Our point being, shopkeepers' bad habit of giving toffees and chewing gums in return for a change of ₹1 or ₹2 that you no longer care about. This is costing you a chance of growing those 1 and 2 rupees by 10x.

Yes, you heard that right. A penny saved is 10x penny earned, if you are a Baazigar. As India's most rewarding Rummy website, we value even the smallest amount of money and can increase its value by 10x.

Presenting RummyBaazi’s Micro Tourneys - starting from as low as ₹1 and ₹2. Use these tournaments as a platform to sharpen your skills, getting used to winning, and gaining the expertise to join the bigger leagues and WIN big. We have unlimited rewards in store for passionate online Rummy players. Play on our website, regularly and you win cash rewards up to ₹2 Lakhs, an all-expenses-paid trip to Goa, latest gadgets, and more.

The month of October brings forth several reasons for you to make it to the RummyBaazi tables. Make a deposit of ₹200 using code “Luckxmi200” and get access to 2L Diwali Depositor FreeRoll.

Additionally, you can use code “Luckxmi30” on your deposit and enjoy a 30% instant real cash bonus!

What are you waiting for? Install our app and get to winning ways in no time.

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Put Bapu in Your Pocket

This dry day, enjoy mouth-watering real cash prizes only on RummyBaazi. You can say bye to your mid-week crisis, thanks to Bapu. Stand a chance to win from a gigantic prize pool of ₹1,00,000 by joining our Free Entry tournament on 2nd October at 10 PM. What else could make sense when there is a holiday in the middle of the week!

As October begins, the nip in the air marks the beginning of the Diwali season and we are preparing to help you celebrate Diwali like never before!

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Know Your Gaming Avatar

There is always someone whom you idolize. From an actor to a fictional character, you relate to them and see yourself in their shoes. You try to be like them in every walk of life. We have been lucky enough to find a resemblance between some of the renowned characters in the world and rummy players, who, with their style of playing have shown the same traits as these famous individuals. In this blog, we have picked the top 4 gravatars of rummy players. Drop a comment if you think you are one of them.


Batman / Batgirl

A vigilante, he/she makes sure that even if there’s a little thing that’s wrong or unjust, it does not go unnoticed. They are extra careful about ensuring that people play the game with honesty and keep the integrity of the game intact. 

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Checklist to Prepare Yourself to Win From 7 LAKH!

Do you consider yourself a strategic thinker? Does planning and organizing things and events release feel-good hormones in you? If yes, here’s a fool-proof plan for you to win from ₹7 LAKH only on RummyBaazi!

Here’s your Plan Of Action to end the month with big winnings:


To- Do- List

Wear your favourite lucky t-shirt

Make sure you have an active Wifi connection

Buy a stock of your favourite munchies

Make the best use of the 2-minute-break

Good vibes!

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Songs for Different Moments in An Online Rummy Game

When words fail to express, you resort to music. The only different is that when you are sad you listen to the lyrics and when you are happy, you feel the beats. Just like life, an online rummy game is also full of several happy and sad moments. Here are the songs that we think can describe these situations better. Can’t relate? Just let us know in the comments section that which songs, according to you, describe these moments better. 

 1. When the KYC gets approved - Apna Time Aaega


2. When you pick a card from the closed deck and it’s a Joker   Dene Wale Jab Bhi Deta

3. When you discard a useful card by mistake Jag Soona Soona

 4 When someone makes a wrong showBhootni Ke

 5. When all the players drop the game and you end up winning the hand -– Badshah O Badshah


 So you want to feel like a Badshah? That’s really very easy. Sign up on RummyBaazi, India’s most rewarding Rummy website and win and withdraw real cash in real time. From micro tournaments starting from INR 1 to several big and small FREE entry tournaments during the day and then on to mega leagues with guarantees in Lakhs, you can play Rummy 24x7 and WIN big on RummyBaazi. Get a welcome bonus of INR 100 on your first sign up. Use code WELCOMERB.

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Payday Comes A Little Early This Month

Life has blessed us with many little joys. A majority of them can't be predicted as to when and how you are going to experience that feeling of joy, but there's one that you possibly know that it is surely going to happen. We are talking about the message of your salary getting credited. We know how that feels and that's why we are here; to bless you with that one little joy of life. Yes, this month-end, payday is coming a little earlier.

Actually, it's not just payday. It's your chance to become a lakhpati. On the 29th and 30th of September, 2019, we are hosting our exclusive Depositors FreeRoll tournaments with a GTD of up to 7 lakhs. With as nominal as just INR 200 and 500, you can win up to 2 Lakhs and 5 Lakhs. Upon depositing INR 200 and using code 2LSetHai, you will get a FREE ticket to the 2 Lakh tourney and depositing INR 500 along with using the code 5LSetHai will get you the ticket to the 5 Lakh tournament. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and get depositing. If you haven't downloaded our app, click here and get an additional welcome bonus of INR 100 on using the code WELCOMERB.

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Four Reasons to be a Baazigar on RummyBaazi

Online rummy in India is becoming the latest rage because it takes you back to the good old childhood days when you played the game with your family during summer vacations. Now your most-loved game is offered to you along with massive real cash prizes – it is as irresistible as it could get!

Here are a few promotions on RummyBaazi that will definitely make you a Baazigar:

Free Entry Tournaments

Now win from ₹22,000 spread across various free entry tournaments EVERY DAY! This means you can join our ₹10,000, ₹2000 and ₹1000 free entry tournaments for FREE and win real cash prizes.

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Online Rummy Just Got More Fun to Play

RummyBaazi has aimed to stand out in the Indian online rummy industry. Offering rummy variants and formats for every kind of player – recreational or professional – we have made it a point to make the game more interesting for everyone.

The Fun Factor on the RummyBaazi App

To spice up your gaming experience on RB, we have added more than 15 avatars which you can choose from, like the serious Brahmin, Batman, Batwoman, Sherlock Holmes, Salman Khan, Willy Wonka and many more. Another fun element is our live chatbox which includes several funny emojis.

Here are some moments that you can enjoy while playing real money games on RummyBaazi:

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Introducing One Rupee Micro Tournaments That Let You Win Real Money

Leaving the Re 1 change on the counter because you don’t want to own a collection of candies and chewing gums? Do you feel that a Re 1 coin can hardly buy you anything? On RummyBaazi, you can win 100 times of the Re 1 that you spend. Play Micro Tournaments only on RummyBaazi.com and win real cash prizes for just Re 1!

Since its inception, RummyBaazi has aimed to offer variants and formats of the game for all kinds of players. After announcing doubled guarantees for our free entry tournaments, we are now presenting you Micro Tournaments. We bet you can’t find a better deal in Re 1!

Here is all that you can’t buy with Re 1:

A packet of milk

Water or no water, you can buy a packet of milk for at least Re 21.

A lemon

With or without an argument with sabji wale bhaiya, you can make a lemonade with a minimum Re 5.

A cup of piping hot tea

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Festive Season Coming Soon: Ready to Own Those Card Parties?

The festive season is just around the corner and our favourite card parties too. Want to be the top player this Diwali season? Come sharpen your skills on RummyBaazi.com and challenge your fiercest opponents on the rummy tables!

While you’re preparing to take down your rummy foe, you can also win real cash prizes. Don’t worry, we’ve curated a perfect list for you to gear up for the battle. Check it out!

Free Entry Tournaments

We’ve doubled the guarantees of our ₹1000 and ₹5000 tournaments to ₹2000 and ₹10000 respectively. So hit the tables and win for FREE!

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Go Claim Your Baazi Reward Now!

RummyBaazi has been blessed with players that find our platform worth coming back on. So in order to make their gaming experience all the more exciting and rewarding, we offer them our unmatchable loyalty rewards – Baazi Rewards!

Spend as much time as you can at the RummyBaazi felts and get rewarded via Baazi Rewards worth a total of ₹4 LAC. This is so, because it rewards you not on the result of the games you play on our platform, but for your loyalty towards the game. The rewards are claimed against the points you earn which comes with a 2 months expiry. This means, you can play, win and claim rewards at your convenience!

Thousands of Rewards Already Claimed

Since RummyBaazi’s inception, our players have loved playing rummy on our platform. Over 500 Amazon Fire Sticks, a 1000 fidget spinners, 200 Amazon Echo Smart Speakers with Alexa have been claimed so far, and the numbers are increasing every day!

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Kick-Start Your Journey of Becoming a Pro With These 8 Rummy Terms

Got recently introduced to online rummy? Wish to make the best use of those free games which let you win real money? If yes, then kick-start your journey of becoming an online rummy pro with a list of rummy terms that may help you learn about the game faster.

Here we go!


A deck has 52 playing cards divided into four suits – clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds. In 13-card rummy, two decks of cards are used with which includes two printed jokers each.

Open deck

The open deck is a pile of face-up cards that the players discard during a game.

Closed deck

The closed deck is a pile of face-down cards, meaning that they are not disclosed until a player picks it upon their turn.

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Enjoy Big Winnings With Exclusive Depositor FreeRoll Tournaments

Bored of the usual online rummy games? Your deposits can get you access to exclusive depositor's freeroll tournaments

Firstly, what exactly are depositor's freeroll tournaments? Depositor freeroll tournaments are rummy tournaments in which you get an entry only by making a deposit. This deposit is made using a unique code with a one-time validity that lets you play in an exclusive game hosted only for depositor's. 

One deposit, several benefits. You can win from massive real cash prizes by playing in a depositor freeroll. The deposit you made can be used to enter other exciting games we host.

What’s in store for you

RummyBaazi - India’s most rewarding rummy website will be hosting two depositor's freeroll tournaments- 5 LAC depositor's FreeRoll (29th September, 10 PM) and 2 LAC depositor's FreeRoll (30th September, 10 PM). 

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How to Play A Weak Hand in Online Rummy.

Facing a bad day at the rummy tables? Are your cards not helping you win that massive amount of real cash? Do you think that your cards cannot resurrect you from a major downswing? You are at mistake if you think so. 

Here’s how you can avoid a major downswing on your favourite online rummy app, RummyBaazi:

Get rid of the high-cards

In Points Rummy, the main aim is to reduce the points to zero in order to win a game. If you think your hand deserves to go in the gutter, it’s better to let go of the high-cards because they carry a high value. Try building melds with cards that carry less value in this situation.

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This is How You Can Withdraw Your Big Winnings on RummyBaazi!

All right guys, let’s just face it. There’s no use showing off your rummy skills to people if you are not winning enough real cash. More importantly, how much and how often you withdraw while playing the game you love, takes up the prime limelight.

Need some help regarding our withdrawal system? Looking forward to encash your hard earned winnings? Well, look nowhere else as we guide you through the process of transferring real cash from your RummyBaazi account to your bank account.

1, Bank Details & KYC Verification

Your security is of utmost importance to us. Your KYC documents are the most authentic form of identification & it’s of paramount importance for you to verify your KYC details on our platform. To help you through that make sure you read this article. Your Bank details hold an equal priority, so double check before you put in those numbers.

2, Minimum Deposit limit

To encash your hard earned winnings, make sure you have deposited a minimum amount of ₹25 in your RummyBaazi account.

3, It takes 24 hours to make it happen

Your request for withdrawal gets duly processed from our end within a time period of 24 hours. If in case, there’s a delay you can reach out to us at support@rummybaazi.com

4, Daily withdrawal frequency limit

Hold your horses champ! You can request a maximum of three withdrawals in 24 hours so make sure you make your party plans accordingly. There is no limit on the amount of withdrawal you request for. However, the TDS Policy applies to withdrawal amounts equal to or above ₹10,000.

5, Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)

When you withdraw any amount more than ₹9,999 a TDS deduction of 30% gets implemented on the same as per the Income Tax Laws. 

6, Instant Bonus

When you deposit using a cash bonus & end up winning, then you can withdraw your winnings as per the number of coins you generate while playing the game. This means that withdrawals all at once, do not get processed when the game is played using the instant bonus.

7, Minimum Withdrawable Amount

You are allowed to withdraw a minimum amount of ₹100 in one go. That equals a happy meal, dude! Good job.

Feeling better? Let’s hope the above procedure helps you in getting your bills paid on time & with ease. Keep playing on RummyBaazi & win big daily.

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Enjoy Double Winnings in September

RummyBaazi is gearing up to double the thrill on the tables by double the prize money this September. As we see our RummyBaazi family increasing by the day, we are working towards bringing the best promotions for our players. This month, we have tailored a schedule of games with exciting formats that are extremely lucrative. 

This September SabKuchSetHai

We are making sure that September is your month by offering an array of mind-boggling promotions. Here’s all you would want to know about the amazing promotions:

Doubled Guarantees

The guarantees of Free Entry Tournaments which featured prize money of ₹1000 has been doubled to ₹2000 and ₹5000 has been doubled to ₹10000!

The prize money dedicated for the Cash Games has also been increased. This means you can climb up the levels on Baazi Rewards much faster!

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Say Bye to Your Morning Blues With RummyBaazi New Games

 Are you bored of your morning routine? Is your daily newspaper becoming a bit stale? Are you looking for something that can help keep you upbeat for the day? If yes, we have a solution to add some freshness with your morning cup of tea or coffee.

RummyBaazi - India’s most rewarding rummy website - is introducing early morning Free Entry Tournaments and Cash Games!

Enjoy hot & crispy bonus chips every morning!

You can log in to RummyBaazi as early as seven o’clock in the morning and win huge bonuses playing different games. The breakfast menu features two formats of the game:

Free Entry Tournaments

Now win some extra bucks as you start your day. Play tournaments between 7 AM and 10 AM daily and stand a chance to win from guaranteed prize money worth ₹1000 and ₹2000.

Cash Games

Why lounge and waste time when you can play cash games starting from only ₹5? It’s the best solution to your boredom because it is your gateway to Baazi Rewards .

Baazi Rewards is our loyalty rewards program which works on the fundamental- “more play, more rewards.” The more cash games you play, the bigger and the better the rewards become!

Check out some of the amazing rewards that you can claim:

        At Level 1, you can claim 150 bonus with 20 reward points.

        At Level 4, you can claim Adichai Rainbow Fidget Spinner for 75 reward points.

        Level 13 lets you win Amazon Fire Stick with 1500 reward points.

        Reach Level 15 and you can claim Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa for 2500 reward points.

        At Level 17, you can be ₹25,000 richer with 10000 reward points.

        With 20000 reward points, you can avail our Goa Package for 3 days/4 nights at Level 18.

        At Level 20, you can claim a massive real cash prize worth ₹2,00,000 with 50000 reward points.

Say goodbye to boredom in the morning by saying hello to our early morning Free Entry Tournaments and Cash Games. See you at the tables! 

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Boost Your Rummy Bankroll with 1 LAC Freedom Free-Roll!

This August, we brought you a series of Free Entry Tournaments through-out the month with a guaranteed prize pool worth an amazing ₹7.3 lakhs.

In case you somehow missed out on this mega-deal or haven't got a chance to play, there's no need to worry because we still have some amazing news in store for you. 


Independence Day may have passed, but freedom free-rolls haven't! We've saved the biggest and best for last - on 31st August, we running the 1 LAC Freedom FreeRoll, so sharpen your skills and make sure you’re in the game!


Here are the details for the event: 

  • Tourney Type - Free
  • Min Players - 100
  • Registration Starts: 31st Aug 10am
  • Tournament Starts: 31st Aug 10pm.

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Rummy Winnings: Keep Calm and KYC

Why use your rummy skills for nothing when you can win and withdraw real money in a safe environment?

In order to enjoy your winnings, the filling in of the KYC details  is mandatory on our website.

KYC - Know Your Customer - can seem complicated if you haven’t heard of it before, but we’ve made it easy so that your winnings in the game can become a reality!

Here is how you can get your KYC done in a jiffy: 

  • Step one: Enter basic information about yourself such as your full name, phone number, date of birth, address
  • Step two: Upload a scanned copy of your Aadhaar Card and PAN Card. If you do not have an Aadhaar Card, you can simply upload a scanned copy of your passport and driving license. 
  • Step three: Change your password once again after the above steps.This step exists to increase the security level of your player account. 

By following the simple steps mentioned above, you will add fulfilment and fun to this leisurely game. The process is surely nothing you could find yourself caught up with. This means you can claim your real cash prizes in a safe environment.

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Did You Know You Can Win From 7.3 Lakhs on RummyBaazi!

In order to commemorate the 73rd year of our Independence, we are hosting several Free Entry Tournaments throughout the month of August. These tournaments will feature a combined guaranteed prize money worth a massive ₹7.3 Lakhs!

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Baazi Games All Set To Host #Khushiyonkibaazi

Your Baazi, Their Betterment

As we celebrate the day of freedom and independence, let us all come together to create a world with equal opportunities. Let us aim to make this world a better place. This Independence Day, let us meld our cards for the greater good!

Earlier this year, Baazi Games (parent company of RummyBaazi, PokerBaazi & BalleBaazi) helped raise funds to sponsor the education of 40 girls in partnership with KHUSHII, an NGO that works towards empowering women. This time, we are furthering our initiative and will be sponsoring the education of 10 more girls.

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Checklist For Playing Rummy on Your Mobile

Have you caught wind of the world of online rummy and are contemplating downloading the game application on your mobile device? Contemplating the safety of it? Here are some guidelines to help you make this decision. Playing games on smartphones provide time flexibility, improved game-play, and ease of access. 

Device Compatibility

Ensure your device and operating system are compatible with the gaming application. If you intend to access card games on your smartphone, you should select an app that is compatible across various platforms so that when you purchase a new device of another operating system, you will face no issues downloading the same application on the phone and your game progress is saved.

A Secure App

Apart from a rummy game being free to download for android and iOS, you should also verify if the app is secured. Spend time to read the privacy policy, terms and conditions, and access points of the applications before making your decision. 

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Free Entry Tournaments- Taking You Out From The Broke Phase!

Why Be #BrokeAndProud!

Are your college days turning into boring days? Is your pocket money vanishing before you even realize? Is canteen wale bhaiya’s affection towards you decreasing day by day? This is your chance to resurrect your student days. Play RummyBaazi’s Free Entry Tournaments and stand a chance to win from real cash prizes worth INR 1000 & INR 5000. Make way to RummyBaazi’s felts if you want to win real cash prizes every day, without any stops!

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Common Characteristics of Card Game Players

Rummy has been a part of our childhood years. Watching the men and women in our family play with equal fondness, we have developed a knack for it. However, that is not enough to become a Rummy champion. It requires focus, knowledge of the game and of course the skill to read the mind of the opponents at the table. By watching some of the legendary Rummy players, we have jotted down a few characteristics that can make a common man, a real Baazigar.


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Common Mistakes To Avoid on the Rummy Tables!

How Not To Be a Rookie Player!

Practice makes perfect proves true in the case of online rummy. To be a seasoned rummy player you have to practise and be patient and determined. Rummy comes easy to most people, but if you observe closely you will notice that not many are good at it.

Players only look for the ‘dos’ to be a good player but overlook the ‘don’ts’ that newbies make. Here are a few mistakes that online rummy players make that you can learn from:

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Online or Offline, Rummy is a Winner!

The battle is real!

Card games have always been an integral part of any get-together. People love to play these games no matter where they are; clubs, workplaces, commutes or cozy corners at home – card games rock! What makes card games, especially rummy, so gripping? Is it just the entertainment quotient? Or, the fact that it tests your cognitive abilities in myriad ways! Well, has to be a combination of both. 

Rummy was always a game to be played with friends and family to begin with, but with time, it evolved into tournaments where one could win grand prizes. 

That was the beginning of a pathbreaking change that gave us today’s digital rummy, as the tech-savvy version of the traditional game. The core of the game remains unchanged, but offline and online rummy act as two sides of the same coin. For a rummy-lover, it is always going to be hard to pick one. Both versions have their perks and shortcomings. 

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Childhood Games like Rummy that We All Played and Loved

As children, we really looked forward to Summer Vacations. We slept till we wished, played until dark and then played some more. As the summer vacations are on, let’s revisit those good old days by remembering the childhood games that we all played and loved.


Who isn’t familiar with this strategy board game? Played by two to four players, each player had to race his/her tokens (four) as per the dice rolls, before the other players.


Played by two teams with any number of members, a pile of flat stones had to be hit with a ball and then re-stacked as the keeper from the other team went to fetch the ball and tried to hit the guy (who hit the pile) or his/her team members to earn a point, before he/she re-stacked the pile. 

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This Childhood Game Can Now Make You Earn an Extra Buck

Childhood Days Are Back!

The word, ‘Rummy’, must bring back a whole lot of memories. You must have watched your Dad play with his friends or maybe your mum bringing out her special deck of cards at her kitty parties and of course during Diwali, when all your family members joined the celebration and your house became ‘the’ place to be at for amazing card parties. Right? So what if we tell you that we have actually managed to keep Rummy alive in the digital age? Yes, you heard that right.  

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Tips To Help You Win In A Game Of Online Rummy

Waiting for your sister and friends to finish their homework, your father to finish the day’s accounts and your mother to finish her chores? Fret not; because India’s favourite card game is now available online with multiple games running all day long!

 Rummy enthusiasts of all ages may now experience the game online and deploy strategies to get the best of their opponents. Having established Rummy to be a skill-based game, you know you can’t leave it all to luck, you need to have a few strategies in play to help you win because mind it the online players are also equally competitive as your grandmother!  Considering there is real money up for grabs, you better be taking notes on these tips that will help minimize your losses. 

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A Chance to Have a RUM-TIME

RummyBaazi Announces 25k Guaranteed Cash Tournament

India’s beloved card game, Rummy, has grown leaps and bounds adapting to it’s latest online avatar. Online Rummy platforms have got players’ eyes glistening with the thirst for more. Done with the practice games? Contemplating clocking the real cash in? Want to move up in stakes? Is cash game variance worse than your mood swings? Well, RummyBaazi.com has something in store for you!


RummyBaazi.com, India’s most rewarding rummy website, is certainly keeping their word and rewarding their players by announcing their first ever Rs.25000/- Guaranteed Cash Tournament! Why consider a tournament you might ponder, here are the reasons why:


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5 Things You Need to Know About Online Rummy

You Wouldn’t Want to Miss This!

Online gaming has made it possible to enjoy a plethora of games on one’s smartphone and kill time from anywhere. With a stable data connection, you can have an amazing time with your friends and family, regardless of your location. But not every game that’s available at the app stores can offer you the experience that you desire. While some are ad-ridden, some are full of bugs. Moreover, not everyone can find an app that suits their tastes and preferences as well.

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5 Lessons of Life That You Learn by Playing Online Rummy

 Adversities in life never come knocking your door. They just barge in to catch you off-guard. While there is a large pool of literature consisting of the works of great intellectuals, not many people find this way appealing.

Here is an easy way to inculcate a few life lessons by playing a game of rummy.

Be Focused

In rummy, in order to beat your opponent, you have to have a rock-solid focus on your goal. Lethargy, mismanagement brings chaos. You have to set your objectives well in advance and prioritize each move. In life, you have to set your goals, stick to them and review your decisions to meet them.

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Know How To Defeat Different Kinds of Rummy Players!

Keep a Close Eye to Win Big!

India’s favourite card game, Rummy is now a thrilling online activity. With online platforms offering lucrative gratifications, the game and its gamers are evolving. Each player has his/her own style of playing the game that they use to outwit their opponents. With skills and strategies being deployed, here’s a look at the different types of Rummy players you encounter online.


The Beginners/ Newbies

Every sport has this kind and rummy is no exception! The beginners or newbies or noobs as you please to call them, have just ventured into the felts and are mostly inexperienced. Easy to spot, beginners are only trying to find their way around the game. They are keen on understanding the rules, variants and different formats. You can frequently spot them in free rummy games, freeroll tournaments and low stakes cash games. Mostly found betting in a conservative fashion, the beginners end up leaving a table after losing the first few hands. Besides, they don’t want to be a sitting duck for skilled and professional players. 


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How To Switch From Free To Cash Rummy Games Online

Sitting on the Fence? Go Take the Plunge!

If you are reading this article, chances are you’ve savored the success of free online rummy. Considering the stigma attached to this card based game and real cash, it’s no surprise there is a hesitation to make the switch from free online rummy to real cash rummy. Whether you choose to play real cash rummy recreational or turn into a professional, here are a few tips that will help you make that transition seamlessly.

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Rummy Variants From Around the World

Card games take different formats and rules across the world but are certainly universally enjoyed! Rummy is one such popular game played across the world. The basic goal in any form of rummy is to build melds that consists of sets, three or four of a kind of the same rank; or runs, three or more cards in sequence, of the same suit.

 While history has several versions of the origin of the game, games scholar David Parlett believes the Mexican game of Conquian is considered ancestral to all rummy games, which itself is derived from a Chinese game called Khanhoo. The Rummy principle of drawing and discarding with a view to melding is said to have appeared in Chinese card games at least in the early 19th century.


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Rummybaazi Lets You Play For Free, Win And Redeem Instantly!

Real Cash Prizes for Free!

Fed up of using your amazing rummy skills only for entertainment? Is your exceptionality not receiving the deserved acknowledgment? We think you have landed on the right gaming website/app. Presenting RummyBaazi.com- India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website. It’s the place where you will win loads while applying only your skills!

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Why Is Rummy India’s Most Loved Card Game?

India’s fascination with cards dates back a long time! From the age of Kings and Queens till today, Indians have always believed in fate and are more than eager to try out their luck, whatever chance they get. Also, Indians have loved playing games that involve strategizing and anticipating the opponent’s next move. Ever wonder why? If you jog your memory a bit, you’d remember that the epic battle of Kurukshetra was fought with strategy rather than with sheer strength. The stories of the politics involved, and the strategies used have been famous for generations. And that is exactly the kind of thrill rummy provides! While our luck would determine what cards we receive when they are first dealt out, all we have to do is turn a game around by our sheer wit and calculations!

When people start playing rummy, they usually expect to face a game that arouses their marginal interest but find themselves enthralled by the game soon after. Nowadays, it’s so easy to actually play the card game. You don’t have to go to a library or to a board-game store to buy the physical rummy, but rather just search the keywords “play rummy online” and you’ll see how easily you can find some games to play with random people.


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Three Reasons to Choose Rummybaazi, India Most Rewarding Rummy Website

The ‘junglees’ have fallen back, the so-called ‘ace’ is trying to save face because India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website, RummyBaazi is here to change the way online rummy game is played. 

RummyBaazi, from the house of Baazi Games, is something that you have always wanted to experience. By gathering together some of the most-renowned rummy players, we have developed this game for people who share the same passion. Have a look at what the free online rummy game has in store for you.

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Big Winnings, Instant Withdrawals - Only on RummyBaazi!

Think that you have seen the best of Indian money earning apps? Think again, because you are yet to experience the best ever. Never before have such huge prizes been guaranteed in a free online rummy game - Baazi Games. They are here to #BreakTheIllusion with RummyBaazi, India’s most rewarding online Rummy website

How is RummyBaazi different than other 13 Card Rummy Game Apps? 

From cash games to big ticket online tournaments, there’s no other competitor in the market with so many game variations. Furthermore, we are the only ones to guarantee real money withdrawals, as soon as you win. NO FAKE PROMISES. NO DELAYS. ONLY HARD CASH. 

Sign up now and get bonus promo chips.

Is It Legal? 

RummyBaazi is a cent per cent legal app with the benchmark security and trust of BaaziGames. Our online rummy app is user-friendly, ad-free and easy to understand. 

A Bonus Bonanza

On every deposit, you can get a bonus amount by using a special super code, which will be credited once you have reached a particular VIP level. Here are the bonus percentages allocated to every level, as per the deposits made: 

Bronze - 20% to a maximum of ₹300

Silver - 25% to a maximum of ₹750

Gold - 30% to a maximum of ₹1,350

Diamond - 40% to a maximum of ₹3,600

Platinum - 50% to a maximum of ₹7,500 

In addition to the bonus, a fixed amount of coins will also be credited at different VIP levels. 

Silver - 500 coins

Gold - 2000 coins

Diamond - 10000 coins

Platinum - 50000 coins

For real-time withdrawals and guaranteed winnings, click here to install RummyBaazi’s Android app. Follow us on our social media channels to get more RummyBaazi Bonus and Promo codes. 

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The Battle of The Superior Form - Online Rummy or LIVE Rummy?

For some it might be just another card game. But for passionate players out there, Rummy is a serious obsession. Baazi Games recognized their urge to play and designed an online platform for their convenience. Offering an uncannily similar experience of playing with friends and family when people are together, RummyBaazi is also a notch-above when it comes to keeping the passion for the game alive, in comparison to other online Rummy websites. Here’s why India’s most rewarding Rummy website score’s a major win over LIVE Rummy.

 Play 24x7

Now you won’t have to wait for festivals or weekends to host up an exclusive card party, meet your friends and have the satisfaction of playing Rummy! Just ask for availability, join a game, and start winning. Even if your gang isn’t free, you can find thousands of Rummy fans like you and play with them, anytime, anywhere. From free games to exciting paid games, you’ve got a world of options to choose from!


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Rummy Lovers, Rejoice! India’s Most Rewarding Online Rummy Website, Rummybaazi Is Here

 As ardent fans of online gaming that gives you a chance to win money and also the most renowned and trusted inceptors, we at Baazi Games, are about to change the face of Online Rummy with our latest platform, RummyBaazi.

 What’s in it for me?

 Well, we are glad that you asked. We are equally passionate for the game and have come up with RummyBaazi because we weren’t finding what we really needed to experience Rummy at its best. For your loyalty to the game, there are guaranteed Baazi Rewards which operates on Loyalty Reward Points (LRP) which have no expiry date. This program promises prizes worth ₹4 Lakhs!  


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This One App You Need To Introduce Your Parents To!

Think that it is a task to have parents who own smartphones? Think again. Yes, we understand that there's nothing more dangerous than inquisitive parents who keep on asking about how to use an app, what does a particular feature on a phone do, etc., but not with RummyBaazi. That’s what makes it the one app that you need to introduce to your parents too.

 Guaranteed Cash Winnings

RummyBaazi is India’s most rewarding Rummy website. We host a variety of online Rummy games which include cash games, big prize money tournaments, etc. Our multiple games model allows you to play more and win more. Additionally, there’s equally high signup, deposit and referral bonuses that we guarantee.

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Play More on RummyBaazi to WIN Baazi Rewards Worth ₹2 Lakhs!

Made for the true-blue Rummy lovers, RummyBaazi, from the house of Baazi Games, offers you loyalty rewards worth ₹4 Lakhs! Now you can earn real-money and make the most of your time spent on playing online rummy games.

 About Baazi Rewards

  •  The structure is extremely simple – you just keep playing and we will keep on adding points. A few things to keep in mind:
  •  A cash game buy-in of minimum ₹100 will release 1 redeemable Reward Point (RP) and 15 non-redeemable coins
  • 50% of the RP balance will expire in case you don’t participate in a cash game for a period of 2 months
  • In case of inactivity for 2 straight months, coins will be reduced to the starting point of downgraded level
  • Rewards will be unlocked as you reach a particular RP level required to win those rewards

With so many game variations like cash games, online tournaments, etc., on offer, it becomes rather easy to enjoy and be loyal to the game; and this has been proved within a week of the launch! What’s more, Reward Points come with NO EXPIRY DATE – which means that you can play, win and claim rewards at your convenience!

 To welcome users, we are giving away a signup bonus in form of chips and 100% locked bonus of up to ₹3000. Besides, on referring a friend, both of you will get to unlock an extra bonus of ₹1500. We hope this shall you get you started on your way to winning Baazi Rewards worth ₹4 Lakhs! So install now and get rummying with RummyBaazi, India’s most rewarding online rummy app.   

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Not a Netflix Fan? We Have A Great Substitute For You

“Yo, have you watched Black Mirror?”

“You don't know what Plata O Plomo is?!”

“You don't have Netflix???”

 Too much to watch, too little time? Or you just get confused about what should you watch? Is the peer pressure of watching the latest series getting to you? Are you tired of all the suggestions that you get from people without even asking?

 Well, that makes the two of us.

 So if you are not a Netflix fan and are looking for something to kill time, better yet win money while you are at it, then we have just the solution for you.

Presenting RummyBaazi, India's Most Rewarding Online Rummy Website

 RummyBaazi, from the house of Baazi Games is here to give you something new to entertain yourself and get richer by just playing rummy online. A simple card game that you learnt in your childhood can get you ₹4 Lakhs in its online avatar. From redeemable points and coins with no expiry date to sign-up and deposit bonuses, we promise that the rewards won’t stop ever for the fans of RummyBaazi.


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Hate Being Cashless At Month Ends? We Have A Solution For You

Are you avoiding partying with your friends or compromising with your habit of catching the Friday night late show due to shortage of cash at month ends? You won’t have to do that anymore. Baazi Games are here to the rescue with RummyBaazi, India’s most rewarding online rummy website that lets you withdraw money instantly.

 WIN Without Putting Anything on The Line 

Besides the sign-up bonus that you can use to WIN more, you can literally WIN without putting anything from your pocket. Just sign-up and get chips along with a welcome bonus of ₹3,000, which should be enough to get you on your winning ways.

Let’s Up The Ante, You Say? You Got It. 

On referring a friend, you both get a bonus of ₹1,500 each. For loyal fans of the game, we have the renowned Baazi Rewards Loyalty Program that gives you a chance to win prizes worth ₹4 Lakhs. This program runs on Loyalty Reward Points (with NO EXPIRY!) which you earn while playing on RummyBaazi.com.

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3 Things Every Hostel/College Student Needs on Their Phone

They say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So if you are the Jack who needs to de-stress and chill from your hectic study schedule, here are three types of apps that are an absolute must for you to have on your phone.

An App That Helps You Relax

There are enough and more apps that can help you calm down and rejuvenate your senses. Besides using the dose of music, you can opt for an app that helps you in meditation or use one with relaxing sounds/visuals.

 An App That Entertains

There is a need for you to make time for leisure. Other than the pre-installed apps like YouTube, you can go for online movie/web series streaming apps to give wings to your imagination. There are many renowned platforms with great content that can help you see the world, right from your phone.

 An App That Lets You Make Money

Ever heard of an app that lets you WIN money without having to invest anything? See for yourselves by installing RummyBaazi, India’s most rewarding Rummy website. To start playing, all you have to do is signup as we are giving away usable chips and a welcome bonus of up to ₹3,000 to get you Rummying. The best part about Rummy Baazi is that you can withdraw your winnings, instantly.

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5 Must Have Features in Your Favourite Online Rummy App

Love making cash by playing your favourite Rummy game online, but still think that there’s something missing? Are you looking for an online Rummy app that lets you do more and WIN more without compromising? Then here’s a holistic free online Rummy game for you. 

  Presenting RummyBaazi, India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website

 From multiple bonuses to loyalty rewards, Baazi Games’ RummyBaazi has it all and a lot more. Here are the top 5 features of RummyBaazi that have been integrated in the app, especially for you.

 1.  Instant Withdrawals

 Unlike other online rummy websites, we don’t like to keep you waiting for withdrawals. Whether it is a cash game or a high-stake tournament, you WIN, you withdraw. 

 2.  Signup and Deposit Bonus

Besides the signup bonus in form of chips, we also have an exclusive welcome bonus of up to ₹3,000 which you can unlock by playing your first game. You also get a certain percentage of deposit amount as bonus, credited back to your RummyBaazi amount. 

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RummyBaazi: The Portal to Play Rummy Online For Real Money in India

Would you like to play rummy online to win real money in India? If so, this is your time to break through the ordinary and switch to India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website to translate your passion for the game into some BIG rewards. We are talking about RummyBaazi (RB), a budding venture of Baazi Games Pvt Ltd., one of the leading online gaming service providers in the country. The latter is the parent concern of online gaming giants called PokerBaazi and BalleBaazi.

RummyBaazi: Pop your game with highly-rewarding experiences!

Being a brainchild of Baazi Group, RB hinges on a class-leading online gaming experience comprising of a secure gaming environment and an exciting loyalty reward structure. These two attributes are explained below:


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Now Win Bonuses While Enjoying gaming on RummyBaazi.com!

Card games are a way of life in a country like India, her history rich with cultures traversing with travelers coming from Persia, Afghanistan, Europe, China and many more countries. However, with card games like rummy going online, the thrill is only a byproduct in the process.

It is truly an adrenaline-pumping machine, as now the country’s favourite card game is available online. With online rummy coupons available for Indians, they look at it as a treat!

How to Use Online Rummy Coupons in India?

If a player is hunting for thrill coupled with excitement and satisfaction of winning big, then RummyBaazi is their ultimate solution.

All one could do is make a cash deposit on the RummyBaazi application and use our deposit code to earn extra real money. Playing rummy online for real money in India does make things serious but we can say with the assurance that winning huge amounts feels rewarding and satisfying.

We have got your back! RummyBaazi hosts FreeRolls for their players who are not yet confident enough with their skills and are second-guessing their decision of playing rummy. Playing FreeRolls would definitely add to yourexperience and enhance your rummy skills.

Why is RummyBaazi the Most Rewarding Rummy Website?

RummyBaazi is a new venture of Baazi Games which is now proudly operating PokerBaazi and BalleBaazi. India’s most rewarding rummy website, RummyBaazi is set to satiate the players’ ‘rummy pangs’ this March. Following the exemplary footsteps of PokerBaazi, they are launching their loyalty rewards program called the Baazi Rewards with prizes worth INR 2 LAC approximately!

This program enables players to turn their defeat into victory, this means that even if they lose, they win reward points to claim a certain reward!

Following is a list of treats you will enjoy when you log in to RummyBaazi.com:

  • Sign-up bonus code once you create an ID on the website
  • Use the deposit code you receive on sign-up and earn extra money
  • Win rewards on Baazi Reward
  • Refer a friend and earn bonus

Come March and you will find out that this is one of the best online rummy website in India because it offers a welcome code the moment you sign up. It is like a joyride where you win treats with every step you take! Take one step ahead of referring a friend and you go two steps ahead as this move will help you earn a bonus of INR 1500 for you and your friend!

How does Baazi Rewards on RummyBaazi work?

To kick-start the most satisfying gaming experience, a player could either make cash deposits or play FreeRolls to earn real money and rewards! To put things in perspective, every INR 100 cash game you play, you earn 15 coins earning 1 reward point. The more you play, the more you earn reward points, regardless of victories or defeats. The highest level on Baazi Rewards is Level 20 with a reward point count of 50000! You would be amazed to know that these reward points are worth INR 2 LAC and are redeemable! 

All these offers and codes make rewarding an understatement as these enable one to play and earn real money online in India. It seems like RummyBaazi has truly created a nexus of bonuses with exciting offers at every breath you take. RummyBaazi indeed fulfills the criteria of being the best online rummy website in India.

Valentine’s Day has long gone, but you may find your love this month on RummyBaazi.com. Trust us, it would be hard taking your eyes off it!

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Rummy- How and Where to Play Online Rummy Cash Games?

Our country is known for being rich in its culture and card games such as rummy going online are one of the part and parcel of this process. With online tutorials being published frequently, Indians have embraced online rummy wholeheartedly.

How to learn online rummy fast and free?

RummyBaazi is Baazi Games’ latest venture which is aiming to cater to the rising love for online rummy. Rummy lovers are now looking to learn Indian rummy and various different forms of the game. Therefore, in order to solve the difficulties faced by the players, we are making it a point to create a holistic educative webpage.

Just like any other skill-based game, online rummy requires skill, smart employment of memory and complete involvement in the game. Learning Indian online rummy is like trying to understand mathematics. It does not come to you without practice.

However, to have a beginning, following are a few tips and tricks to look at before starting a game of rummy:

  • Try to create a process: Get yourself your pure sequence first and then proceed ahead in the game.
  • Do not retain for long: Try to discard cards which carry high value. Do not linger for long with a specific card. On the other hand, look for smart cards, such as 7 or 8 which can be melded with different cards. Such as a 7 can be melded in sequences 7-8-9, 6-7-8 or 5-6-7.
  • Use the jokers judiciously: If a player is done with their pure sequence, then the second priority for him/her is to meld a non-pure sequence using the joker as soon as possible.

While the above points stand as a mere introduction, our website will contain a detailed explanation of how to learn online rummy fast and free.

If an occasional player feels incompetent to play online rummy cash games, then he/she can play freerolls on RummyBaazi.com and practice to sharpen their skills. Following the legacy of PokerBaazi.com, we are aiming to becomeIndia’s best 13 card rummy gaming website. The goal is to be trustworthy and exciting all at the same time. 

To ensure the completion of this task, our wish is to become your primary gaming app. However, this humongous target can be achieved only with the players’ love. To facilitate this process, we are working hard each day to help you learn Indian rummy in an easy manner. Trying to keep up with the exemplary footsteps of PokerBaazi.com, RB’s motive is to become India’s best 13 card rummy website. We rest our case here in anticipation of your support.

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Get access toFree Online Rummy Cash Games at RummyBaazi!

Our country is known for being rich in its culture and card games such as rummy going online arepart and parcel of this process. With online tutorials being published frequently, Indians have embraced online rummy wholeheartedly. There are several interested players who are still hesitant to play and feel that they lack the knowledge. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back!

How to learn online rummy fast and free?

RummyBaazi is Baazi Games’ latest venture which is aiming to cater to the rising love for online rummy. Rummy lovers are now looking to learn Indian rummy and various different forms of the game. Therefore, in order to do away with the worries faced by the players, we are making it a point to create a holistic educative webpage.

Just like any other skill-based game, online rummy requires skill, smart employment of memory and complete involvement in the game. Learning Indian online rummy is like trying to understand mathematics. It does not come to you without practice.

So, to kick-start the process,the following are a few tips and tricks to check out before starting a game of rummy:

  • Try to create a process: Get yourself your pure sequence first and then proceed ahead in the game.
  • Do not retain for long: Try to discard cards which carry high value. Do not linger for long with a specific card. On the other hand, look for smart cards, such as 7 or 8 which can be melded with different cards. Such as a 7 can be melded in sequences 7-8-9, 6-7-8 or 5-6-7.
  • Use the jokers judiciously: If a player is done with their pure sequence, then the second priority for him/her is to meld a non-pure sequence using the joker as soon as possible.

While the above points stand as a brief introduction, our website will contain a detailed explanation of how to learn online rummy fast and free.

If an occasional player feels incompetent to play online rummy cash games, then he/she can play FreeRolls on RummyBaazi.com and practice to sharpen their skills. Following the legacy of PokerBaazi.com, we are aiming to becomeIndia’s best 13 card rummy gaming website. The goal is to be trustworthy and exciting all at the same time. 

However, the humongous target and aim to be your primary gaming app canonly be achieved with your love.We are doing our best to educate people about the game, and will be providing players with the best deals in the country. You could log in and sign up right away to claim your first bonus!

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Free Entry Tournaments on RummyBaazi Can Do Wonders

Rummy has been enjoyed as a social gathering card game. It has played the role of being a binding agent if one talks about the impact it has on the groups playing it. Indians have been playing various forms of this skill-based card game which seems to have come naturally to them. However, going back to the introduction of this game to our subcontinent, we have acquired the skills through the course of time.

Master of All That’s Rummy!

It is not the end of the world if one has never played rummy in their lives. If one does not possess the required knowledge, he/she can visit RummyBaazi.com’s How to Play webpage to give a kick-start to an enthralling gaming experience.

We support the saying that practice makes a man perfect. So, to polish one’s rummy skills he/she can simply play our free online rummy games and win not less but big money on the way. Aiming to be the best free online rummy gaming website in India, RummyBaazi will be hosting FreeRoll games which would empower the players who are less confident about their skills. Be a master and not a jack in free online rummy games!

Bridging the Gap: A Few Online Rummy Card Game Tips

The following points can make your freeroll online rummy experience worth your while:

  • Try to create a process: Get yourself your pure sequence first and then proceed ahead in the game.
  • Use the jokers judiciously: If a player is done with their pure sequence, then the second priority for him/her is to meld a non-pure sequence using the joker as soon as possible.
  • Do not retain for long: Try to discard cards which carry high value. Do not linger for long with a specific card. On the other hand, look for smart cards, such as 7 or 8 which can be melded with different cards. Such as a 7 can be melded in sequences 7-8-9, 6-7-8 or 5-6-7.
  • Opt for fishing: This might be a slightly tricky aspect of the game, but if a player manages to master this technique, it could make him/her a pro. All one has to do is discard the card which one needs. For example, a player needs a 10 and discards the same. So, the opponent might think that it is safe to discard a 10.

The above points might help one out if they feel they lack the knowledge of the game. Althoughfree online rummy requires theuse of sharp memory, observation skills and involvement of a player, we can say this with the assurance that practice can do wonders.

The search for best free online rummy gaming website in India could now come to an end as RummyBaazi.com will soon hit your desktop and mobile screens. For rummy lovers, it will surely be a delightful experience. For new players, the thrill and excitement await you!

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Did You Know RummyBaazi.com Teaches You How To Be The Best?

Playing card games have acted as a social-adhesive in the past and are still an integral way of socializing in India. Middle-aged females and males usually indulge in such gamesduring festivals such as Diwali and Holi. Rummy- an extremely popular skill-based card game is probably one top names on this list. The origin of the game is a tad-bit vague as it has variations such as Shanghai Rummy, Goa Rummy and many more.

Traditionally the game has been played in the 13 cards format with variations coming across every 100 kilometers roughly. Apart from board games, our country can be classified as a card gaming one, with more than 60% of the population knowing how to play different card games. However, if you believe you belong to the minority, then here is a brief introduction to the game.

How to Play Rummy with Different Variations:

13 Cards Format

Under this format 2-6 players play on a table, each being dealt 13 cards. A player has to meld or group the cards into valid sequences and sets by picking from the pile and discarding from the 13 cards set. This variation allows the use of joker cards. These can be used as substitutes of any card just like wild- cards in other card games.

The sequence and sets can be classified into categories namely, pure sequence, impure sequence, pure set, and impure set. For example, h2-h3-h4 is a pure sequence however s6-s7-s8-Joker is an impure sequence. Example of a pure set is s9-c9-d9-h9 is a pure set while s9-c9-d9-Joker is an impure set.

So, the main aim is to simply meld the cards and reduce the points to zero. These points carry negative value.

India’s next big rummy application, RummyBaazi.com, an addition in the Baazi Games Networks will be launching their application using this format.

21 Cards Format

This format is said to be much more popular in India played around the major festivals. Unlike other formats, this game format requires 3 decks of cards and each player gets 21 cards. A player has to form at least 3 pure runs and meld the remaining into proper sets or sequences.

Furthermore, apart from the joker, this variation uses value cards which carry additional points. These points are issued according to the time at which a player is through a session. So, a drop in the beginning results in a 30 points penalty, without adding the value card points. A drop in the middle of the game consequently takes away 75 points as a penalty but includes value card points.

We hope that we managed to answer your basic questions on how to play rummy. Baazi Games has brought their revolutionary productions such as PokerBaazi and BalleBaazi and is geared-up to launch RummyBaazi. After getting a taste of their Baazigars’ love and support, we have realized the significance of the game for families in India.

This revolution is set to take over your minds soon. Get ready to devour the beast which is scheduled to be unleashed in the month of March!

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