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About Us - India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website

Powerstart your way to an incredible online card gaming experience on India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website! We are and we are your preferred online gaming platform to play Indian rummy games and other similarly-placed popular online games in India.

We respect and project Rummy as a skill-based game that has much to offer in the form of superior Mathematical and Psychological skills and enhanced Analytical prowess. This endeavour seconds a superset of several soft skills like reverse psychology, self-confidence, and emotional stability. Every practice and real cash game on RummyBaazi is built on the philosophy of rewarding skills and integrity in the highest possible terms on every instance.

A unique aspect of our player-centric endeavours is that we will reward you dearly for your passion for the game- and this is applicable to every rummy online cash game. It means that you would earn rewards for your gameplay on every instance, even when you do not win!

You would score a certain number of reward points for every rummy cash game that you play on RummyBaazi. These reward points shall keep on accruing without any expiry date. It means that you can look at the end of the race and win your preferred prize by consistently working on your game over time. This is one of the major reasons to play Indian rummy games on RummyBaazi.

RummyBaazi is your one-stop online rummy games provider because it offers you a safe and secure online gaming platform to showcase your gaming skills. It is the most rewarding online rummy website in India that peps-up its class-leading offerings across several notable domains like an internationally-certified Random Number Generator, a ‘Made in India’ gaming software, the option of Private Tables, amazing First Deposit Deals, and Daily Instant Cash Bonus Codes. These superlative offerings are further powered by our top of the line free and paid offerings in the world’s most popular rummy variant, the 13-Card Rummy Game Online.

Should you have questions, we also offer an encyclopedic knowledge base and multi-tiered Customer Support at your disposal so that you could have a seamless experience of playing rummy online in India on our amazing platform.

Who are we?

Established in 2018, is a promising online venture of Baazi Games, a major disruptive entity in India’s nascent online gaming industry. The latter has a proven track record of providing excellent online gaming experience over the past few years and it offers several prominent online poker tournaments, fantasy leagues, and other popular sports ventures. We are the sister-concern of PokerBaazi, India’s Most Trusted Poker Website that is known for its multiple class-leading offerings in the online poker gaming space since its inception in 2014. respects and projects rummy as a skill-based game and serves its popular online variants in the same regard.

Why you should learn Indian rummy online?

Rummy necessitates an upsurge in several admirable skills like reverse psychology, analytic thinking, decision making, and Risk and Asset Management, and is powered by a pronounced insight into human psychology. A skilled rummy player is adept at analyzing a situation from his opponent’s perspective and taking real-time crucial decisions while dissociating his emotions. Rummy completely supports the fact that it is exactly how you even win at life- by playing your best and being unfazed with the odds stacked against you. This is one good reason why you should learn to play Indian rummy online, starting today!

Advantage You!

We offer a seamless and 360-degree experience of online gaming on our highly secure platform without compromising speed or fun. We further cap our class-leading offerings in the following preferred domains to help you with your rummy online cash game.

We offer 13-card rummy games online in India across 101 and 201 Pool, and Best of 2 and Best of 3 variants for you. You can always take your pick and choose the one that you prefer playing the most. With us, you always have the freedom to be you!

Each aforementioned Free Online Rummy Game and Rummy Cash Game Online ranks among some of the most popular games in India.

We shall also launch another top variant of the game, called the 21 cards rummy, in a not-so-distant future. We would let you know as and when we get on-air with it. We suggest you sign up for our Newsletter to get notified about it and all our promotional offers in real-time.

We are a cut above the usual market dynamics. We incentivize you for your passion for the game and this practice is independent of the result of your game. You would win a certain and minimum amount of rewards points post the successful conclusion of every game and/or level. Our goodies come in three variants- Bonus Codes, Refer a Friend and Loyalty Rewards Program (called Baazi Rewards). This marks a pioneering move in today’s market scenario and we know you’ll love it!

Our gaming services are powered by a class-leading system of Loyalty Rewards Program called Baazi Rewards that incentivize you for your passion for the game. We reward you certain points for the duration of time that you play a rummy cash game on our gaming platform.

Please note that our Loyalty Rewards Program (Baazi Rewards) and its structure are completely unrelated to whether you are winning at a rummy cash game or not, and that there is no expiry date for encashing the reward points.

Your personal and financial identity is safe with us at all times. Our state-of-the-art security features work round the clock to protect your personal and financial information from misuse. Just like our sister concern PokerBaazi, we are also powered by an internationally-certified gaming software to delight you with the best possible experience of playing rummy online in India.

We offer attractive instant cash bonus codes at regular intervals to pep-up your passion for the game. In addition to that, we also feature top promotional online rummy bonus offers and benefits on a daily and/or weekly basis.

You can win up to 50% bonus daily depending on your game levels. There are five VIP Levels in all, each with their own set of points and prizes that you can win. Best thing is, there is no validity or expiry date for them, which means you can play and progress at your own pace.

We understand that your gaming experience is a closed function of speed and safety. We have thus put in place several safe, secure and ultra-fast banking and payment gateways to ensure quick and hassle-free transactions every single time. We also offer blazing fast real-time deposit and withdrawal experiences in all instances.

Rummy is twice the fun with friends and family. We offer attractive referral schemes and bonuses under our ‘Refer A Friend’ offer so that you can have a nice time playing rummy with your near and dear ones every day.

You can earn up to 60k monthly bonus by successful referring your friends to RummyBaazi. We suggest you visit our exclusive ‘Rummy Promotions’ page to know more about our play rummy referral code.

We know of your desire to play a game of rummy with your friends and family at your place. That’s why we offer our Private Tables in which you can invite players of your choice to have a game or two with them. It’s safe, secure and a lot of fun!

No matter what time of the day or night it is, we’re listening. We offer a highly competent and adept, multi-layered Customer Care Service to answer any query or to offer assistance that you might need. All you need to do is to drop us a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

PS: We shall also launch another popular variant of this card game, the 21 cards rummy games, in near foreseeable future along with other most popular online games in India. We shall break the news on the internet and encourage you to sign-up to our Newsletter today so you’re among the first ones to know about it!

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