21 Card Rummy

21 Card Rummy Game

There is a game on RummyBaazi called 21 cards Rummy, which is a Points Rummy variant. It is also known as Rummy 21. This twenty one card game is played among 6 players but is interesting enough to also be played between 2 players. Jokers are of utmost importance in this popular rummy variant. The players must utilise the two types of Jokers, which are the Up and Down jokers.

Along with them are the Printed and Wildcard Jokers, which are generally seen in the classic rummy games. The idea is to form at least 3 pure sequences of a minimum of 3 cards each. The players can arrange the remaining cards in impure sequences and sets.

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21 Card Rummy Rules -

1. The Upper joker in 21 cards rummy rules is a number above the Wildcard Joker. It is also of the same suit as the Wildcard Joker. For instance, the Upper joker will be the 7 of hearts if a player's card is 6 of the hearts, which will be the Wildcard joker.

2. The Down joker, also called the Lower joker, is numerically lower than the Wildcard joker, as the name suggests, and is also, importantly, the same suit as the Wildcard joker. For example, the Down joker would be 9 of spades if the Wildcard joker is the 10 of spades.

3. The players need to note something important while playing 21 card rummy to complete a set or a sequence, the Upper and Lower jokers can also be utilised to replace a card on the deck. In the twenty one card rummy game, the Wildcard joker is also counted as part of a pure sequence, unlike the other variants of Rummy. For instance, if the 6 of Diamonds, 7 of Diamonds, 8 of Diamonds form a pure sequence, and the 7 of Diamonds turn out to be a Wildcard joker, then it will still be considered a pure sequence.

4. Another thing that sets the 21 cards rummy game apart from other rummy variants is the concept of Value cards. The Value cards are cards that are of the same suits and value as the Upper, Down and the Wildcard jokers. The players can declare them as such at the last minute. For example, one instance could be the drawing of 3 of clubs, 4 of clubs, and 5 of clubs - the 5 of clubs turns out to be a Wildcard joker in this sequence.

Following are the Instructions on How to Play the 21 Card Rummy Game -

1. Each player is given 21 cards out of the 52 cards plus jokers with which they will have to make 3 decks.

2. The 3 decks must include valid sets and pure sequences of Value cards, Printed or Wildcard jokers, Upper and Lower jokers, Dublees or Tunnelas.

3. A Tunnela is a pure sequence. A Dublee is when two cards of similar value and suit, like a 4 of hearts and a 4 of diamonds. Two Printed jokers can also make a Dublee.

4. The Tunnelas and Dublees must be arranged in a pure sequence. The players must declare three Tunnelas and eight Dublees and Jokers each.

5. Just like the classic one, 21 card Rummy also has the concept of picking and discarding the cards.

Here's How the Players Score in the 21 Card Game of Online Rummy -

1. A card of Upper and Lower jokers each and a card of the same suit equal 100 points.

2. Two cards of the Upper and Lower jokers each and two cards of the same suit give the player 300 points.

3. The player earns 500 points for three cards of the Upper and Lower cards each and three cards of the same suit.

4. The points for Value cards are -

5. In 21 card Rummy, players make a set of cards. This type of set is called a Marriage Hand. For making a Marriage Hand in the 21 card Rummy, the players get 100 points. A marriage hand is when three cards match in terms of value and suits.

6. Unlike the classic Rummy, in 21 cards rummy, the players can lose points during a game if they choose to drop the game. So, the players must be mindful because it's risky. The players lose a lot of points when they drop, and they can also end up losing the game if they drop the game frequently. This is how the drop points are calculated -

7. The players lose points in other cases as well, which are -

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