13 Card Rummy

13 card rummy is the most popular and common Indian variation of rummy. New and experienced players both find 13 card rummy one of the simplest forms of rummy. The rules of the 13 cards Indian rummy are easy to understand, and the game itself is pretty fun too. The players present at the table get 13 cards each, as the name of the game suggests, and they have to classify those cards into valid sets and pure sequences to win. The online experience is better with these rules. The players must play this rummy with 13 cards on the RummyBaazi app to get the best experience online. It can be downloaded from the official RummyBaazi website. With the 13 cards rummy online, the players play with real participants, which is akin to playing with someone you know.

Players without much experience in the field of rummy may want to know what the rummy rules 13 card game are, along with the terminology of the online 13 card game and not surprisingly, it is pretty similar to that of classic rummy.

Here's an introduction to the different varieties of the 13 card rummy game. The players can choose to play from any one of these online:

Pools Rummy

A popular variant of the Indian rummy, it is played as 201 pool and 101 pool rummy, which means that the player to reach the maximum points gets disqualified. The player that doesn't get any point or gets the least points is the winner, just like in Deals Rummy.

Points Rummy

This rummy variant is played for a predetermined value. The winner doesn’t get any points in this version either and the points are added to the players losing the game. The points are calculated based on cards that are not made into impure sequences.

Deals Rummy

This game includes chips. Each player gets chips in the beginning. The player that eventually receives the most chips wins the Deals Rummy game. The fewer points the winner has, the more chips they receive.

21-Card Rummy

This game is quite similar to the 13 card Indian rummy. But there are some differences. This game uses 3 decks. It is necessary, in this game, for players to make 3 pure sequences. This game includes value cards which operate as the joker cards and are worth a lot of points. All of this makes the 21 card rummy as interesting as the 13 card one.

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