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101 Pool Rummy: The Variation With a Twist

Pool Rummy is a variation of rummy with a stand out twist to the mother variant of 13 card Rummy. It is an interesting version of 13 card Indian rummy wherein players play a fixed entry fee that collectively forms the prize pool. The idea is to pool in money from all participants which is awarded to the winner of the game.

101 Pool Rummy Game Terminology

The name of this version, 101 refers to the fixed cut-off point beyond which all competitors get eliminated without question. Therefore, anyone who reaches 101 points or more in the scoreboard gets busted automatically when they play 101 Pool rummy online. The participant that scores the least number of points becomes the winner.

If you wish to know how the prize money is calculated, the format looks somewhat like this.

Prize Money= (Entry Fee x Number of Registered Participants) - Rake

How to Play 101 Pool Rummy?

You can play the online variant of 101 Pool Rummy with a minimum of 2 to six players with 2 decks of playing cards.

On RummyBaazi, you must pay a fixed amount of money to play the game. Like the mother variant of 13 Card Rummy, when you play 101 Pool Rummy online, all players receive 13 cards each to play with.

When you play 101 Pool Rummy online, a joker card is randomly decided upon at the start of every game and can be any card from the 52 deck of cards. It is placed cut up on the table. Players can use these jokers to substitute any missing cards in sets and sequences.

Printed Joker

The printed joker is also a form of bonus card that can be used in a similar manner to substitute any missing card in a combination.

Gameplay in 101 Pool Rummy

According to 101 Pool Rummy rules, every player in 101 Pool Rummy must draw face down cards from the closed deck, use them to form their units and throw away another in the open pile to maintain the balance of the use of cards. Players must form a pure sequence accompanied by an impure sequence to make a valid declaration in 101 Pool Rummy.

Pure Sequence

Three or more cards of the same suit arranged serially without the help of a joker. KsQsJs

Impure Sequence

Three or more cards arranged serially with a joker


A set is three or more cards of the same rank but of different suits.

Auto Drop

Participants are permitted to drop in 101 Pool Rummy online games on RummyBaazi by clicking the Drop button. Players receive different penalty points for dropping at various stages of the competition.

First Drop

If a player drops out of the game without picking a card, he/she will receive 20 points as penalty.

Middle Drop

If a player drops out of the game after picking a card in the second turn, he/she will receive 40 points.

Full Drop

Any drop you make after the Middle drop qualifies as a Full Drop. A Full Drop will cost you a total of 80 points.

Elimination: 101 Pool Rummy rules state that a participant shall be removed from the game as soon as he/she reaches the cut-off mark of 101 points.

Objective: Make Sequences and/or sets of all the 13 playing cards in hand and make a valid declaration.

101 Pool Rummy Rules

101 Pool Rummy Scoring System

All face cards such as King, Queen, Jack and Ace carry 10 points each. The remaining cards reflect points of their face value. This means all cards numbered 4 carry 4 points and the same shall reflect on the scoreboard. Players who failed to make their valid declarations will receive penalty points for their un-melded cards in the dealthat will add up to their individual total score in case the game is played for more than a single deal.

The winner will receive the prize money as reflected in the calculation above.

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