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Upgrade to the international level of online rummy gaming! We are here to supercharge your way to play Indian rummy games by rewarding you with every cash game you play with us, no matter what the result is. Please continue reading this page to know how we are making a paradigm shift in the way you look at this amazing skill-based game, starting today- and how you can make the most of it. + Read More...

We offer attractive deals every day, new tournaments and events every week, and several major series every year. We are geared up to launch several flagship online rummy tournaments in India to spice-up our core offerings in the near future too. Meanwhile, you could get started with your first free or rummy online cash game with us now.

This is how we intend to make your online gaming experience a lot better than you are accustomed to.

1. Refer a friend

(Get a Referral Bonus of INR 1500 per successful referral on RummyBaazi)

Rummy is twice the fun with friends and family members. A legal game of skill, it becomes even more rewarding as you share your passion with those near you. We suggest you visit our dedicated page for 'Refer A Friend' to know how you can make the most your friendship and our referral incentives together.

2. Baazi Rewards

(The Loyalty Rewards Program that pays you for your passion for the game)

This unique system of Loyalty Reward System would be segregated into 20 highly rewarding levels, starting from 0 (Zero) and going all the way up to 50000. The top prize for the for the last level is worth INR 2LAC GTD!

3. Deposit Bonus

(Get started on a winning note with your very first deposit with us)

You would get a code as per your respective VIP Level. This would get you at least 20% Bonus at the Bronze Level (or Level 0) and the same shall go up to 50% Bonus at the Platinum Level.

… and this is just the beginning of an incredible online gaming experience with us!

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We appreciate your passion for India’s most loved game! If you’re new to rummy, we have curated some amazing game-based tutorial content and videos to get you up and running in next to no time. As for the starters, we suggest you learn to play rummy by watching our exclusive video alongside. It will walk you through the game, its rules and the way you should approach it for best results. Once through, you may navigate to our detailed presentation on the subject here.

If you’re an experienced player, you can completely skip this section and navigate to our Promotions and Download sections. We also suggest you visit our Baazi Rewards page to know how you can get the maximum returns on every rummy online cash game that you play on our platform.

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